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  1. the recitation of the Bhagvad Gita. Though not the thorough version, the character of arjuna makes a very artistic evolution from distress and confusion to surrender and enlightenment. Nitish Bharadwaj took on a pivitol and sensitive role of excecuting a stern yet teaching persona. So this must have to be my favorite. Oh I also like the raas song of Krishna lila The Rukmaniji letter song to Krishna ok i will stop! Jai Shri Krishna
  2. have the doctors prescribed calcium supplements such as calcitral. this is used for people with calcium deficiency and helps people from developing osteoporosis. I don't know what has happened but thought I would share this. I will ask my mentor at college and see what he says. Hope all gets better. Jai Shri Krishna
  3. even at the end of time if God wants to shower his grace on you, he will find any way to do so. What a lucky lady to have left this body with the Lord's name on her lips...it is one of the most difficult tasks of life if you haven't started from a young age. jai shri krishna
  4. all of this has to do with fear and ignorance on the worshippers part. we have had people in our village offer lambs sacrifice to Devi and Hanumanji during Navratri because some baba told the family that the family was cursed because Mata rani was mad at them. The otherwise vegetarian family resorts to killing a lamb because of sheer ignorance. I shouldn't but when i heard this, i laughed for a good ten minutes. first devi loves all her children equally and second hanumanji is a narayan bhakt and would not condone violence. so the point was...people do things because they fear and are told to do so by fakers but once we know the truth we should not reverse ourselves. My mom tried and tried talking to them but they were stubborn. oh well, our family makes it clear that we don't need the prasad because we don't allow meat in our homes. Jai shri krishna
  5. you inquiry seems to be "how to find a guru?" our soul has to be ready for the knowledge and our pores filled with the thirst for Krishna...the guru comes automatically because Krishna says it is time to enlighten. remember the Guru removes ignorance, not only imparts knowledge. one of our visible gurus in this kaliyug is the sun...the sun shines light to all without judging religion or color. was that not a lesson to learn. If Srila Prabhupada has impacted your life such, then you must be make yourself ready so he can send a true guru to you. jai shri krishna
  6. this was definitly a point worth noting...once theistji said that in the attempt to explain things to others we sometimes forget the point...which is to discuss the Lord...so thank you for your in sight and please tell us when you feel that we are missing the point. nevertheless, discussion is wonderful and we have some very intelligent and knowledgable people on this forum...so welcome! Jai Shri Krishna
  7. anytime thehat...thank you for such a compliment. jai shri krishna
  8. we haven't tried the medicines but have incorporated his pranayam and yoga into our lives...let me tell you that it makes a drastic difference in your health within 3 months. my father suffered from ulceritis and he is totally cured...of course he follows a good diet and excersise but with the addition of pranayam his natural glow has returned. I was not able to help more...sorry for that Jai shri krishna
  9. I am sorry to hear this about your grandfather...even though we understand that life and death is an inevitable cycle, the humanity in us can't tolerate the pains we experience of others. When my own grandfather was in the same state my father read the shrimad bhagvat out loud and our entire family would spend the evenings with him. There was a noticable peace in my grandfathers eyes when he heard katha. also we would sing bhajans and kept a pure, stress free enviornment around him. I will vouhce that it really bought a smile to his face in the midst of the physical pain he was feeling. Nevertheless, please chant the Lord's name...even if one starts Krishna conciousness on there death bed...it is carried with them to there next journey and this seed will grow into a full plant that reaches straight back to godhead. Jai Shri Krishna
  10. all persons have a different way of loving the Lord. I agree with tirisilex in that it may be repetative if you are "forcing" yourself to love god. To me krishna devotion is doing things to increase you love for him...like chanting or turing on a bhajan cd. At times when preparing food in the kitchen my family likes to turn on katha tapes and watch Shrimad bhagwat katha while cooking. So many ways you can think of Krishna but only do so to increase your love. He had given us the freedom to love him as we choose and think of him as we choose. we are not perfected devotees so we have to relate our spiritual growth to what we know of the surroundings. tv, internet, music, all can be related to Krishna...I listen to hindi songs on occasion and that doesn't make me a fallen soul but the word of the song I relate to krishna...thats how i love him. so in conclusion, make you progression interesting and creative...Krishna is a lot of joy and doesn't have to be a chore. Jai Shri Krishna
  11. I have differing opinions. I believe it would be a noble cause to take an animal that was sick or being mistreated and nurse it back to health and send it to its natural surroundings. But then again I feel we are capturing animals for our own entertainment and amusement and this is not right. I mean you can always adopt one and let it go into its natural surroundings. Jai Shri Krishna
  12. your welcome...you had no need to thank me, it is a good topic you are covering because the subject needs some dialouge. Again, if you ever need anything else please come and talk to us. We will try to help you to the best of our ability. Jai Shri Krishna
  13. If you are asking about the mass population in general and how they feel about mental health. The majority of the population stand on a see saw in the sense that they do not understand mental health. For example an autistic child may be considered unruly and spoilt but the thought that the child may have a problem may not cross the minds of the parents or other adults in his/her life. If we talk about depression or anxiety...there is still a large notion of just sucking it up. Few people even approach a doctor to diagnose the problem let alone take medication to treat depression and anxiety. It may seem that mental health is not widely accepted or recognised amongst the Indians but then again daily life isn't all that easy either. Most kids are trained from childhood to be very responsible regarding there education and family obligations. For example, a young woman will be bought up to know that one day she is to become the member of her husbands family and is taught to live with and assimilate with a whole new life. In the midst of such transformation, anxiety related to this new world may be seen as minor stress and most women just let it go and cope. Now if we are talking in the sense of religion, many people would consider mental illness just another facotr in God's will. Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism as the west calls it puts a very firm emphasis on the law of karma. you will reap what you sow. in the religious institute our focus is on improving the soul's character to cancel out the effects of previous life's karmas. In this state if someone with a mental health condition was to know Krishna, he would not consider it a sickness but a blessing. After all we are developing the soul and not the physical body. This seems like much information and it is a background of what i have experienced. If this is the track you are looking for let us know and we will elaborate on your query. I hope this helps and good luck on your project.
  14. it takes a man to realise his mistake, accept it and then ask for forgiveness. To you using foul language was offensive and to correct this you have asked for forgiveness. But you have done something all people who make mistakes should do and this is to take responsibility for your actions. Just remember in life that ones duty is not another man's right. For example, it is you duty to ask for forgiveness from your cousin but it is not you right to expect forgiveness. Also its his duty to try to make this situation a thing of the past, but it is not your right to demand that he forgets this. There is only one remedy for this situation and all other tiny situations in life. Understand what you have done wrong and try not to repeat the mistake. Then always chant the Lord's name...after all if we think about all the little stifles of life, we must remember that in the end we only answer to the Lord and no on else. Jai Shri Krishna
  15. ahhh mental strain...... lol
  16. you are very passionate because you know what the affects are and more importantly you have become firm in you belief. In addition to these people being you parents, they are also knowledge seeking souls and they need time. Remember that old habits die hard and every individual soul is advancing according to his/her own understanding. What you said in anger was an outburst but also a part of your own ego. Make such encounters with others a learning experience and try to become better and make others better. Might I suggest, when you parents talk about "stopping" a certain habit or quitting, why not support them and show them articles or even videos. There is a very disturbing video in the news section on cow slaughter and this can be related to all animals, Do you think that chicken, lamb, and other animals are treated any better? There are things you can do for yourself and for your parents but please remember that each soul is individual and needs to grow in there own way...your duty is only to guide them with the knowledge you have aquired. It is not your right to expect them to follow you lead. Humitly, chanting, and practice...do all of those things and slowly enviornment will affect all those you love and obviously care about. Jai Shri Krishna
  17. your point is one to think about...the craziness is that if you follow NASA and astronomical science, new theories arise on a daily basis about the age, history and presence of the Earth. Its funny because we can not even grab hold of items that are several thousand of years old, and as many others have already said. God does what he wants...who knows maybe its best if we didn't find evidence of ancient nuclear reactors and such. Another note to ponder on: Is every kaliyug the same, do we go through the same technological advances and eventually kill our intellect, religion and each other. Sometimes I feel we bring about our own judgement day. Did the previous Kaliyug have cell phones, internet, computer and tv or was it different. I really wonder, or does it depend on the type of souls present on the earth at the moment. If anyone has any explanation please share. Jai Shri Krishna
  18. patience is a virtue my friend, and the person who will bring you joy in your grahasta and in Krishna's service will be special and good things are hidden from the world. When the time comes, Krishna himself will bring this jewel to you and then you will realise that the wait was worth it. From this journey now and the one in the future with your significant other, you have to be an example to your children and society on how to live in Krishna conciousness and still be in the household. You will find the RIGHT person. Jai Shri Krishna
  19. I could read it pretty fast too, but then I was diagnosed with mild form of dyslexia so most of the time letters flip on me anyways. lol
  20. I know but the accent and little dance was really funny...eek all I don't like about youtube is the comments that are really hurtful to not only Hindus but even to other religions. I think they need to monitor that aspect.
  21. Since I really want to see the eclipse tomorrow and it is said that in the light we can see planet Saturn, it will be the one that is just a dim glow but doesn't twinkle. I had a question for anyone who may know but I heard that you shouldn't look at an eclipse or saturn directly because of some negative effect it may have. Is there any truth or scriptural or philosophical refrences pertaining to this superstition or not. Just for some knowledge. Jai Shri krishna
  22. indulekhaji, I 100% agree with you in that Ekadashi is a day of fast and not delicacy and thats what our family practices...as you said there are way too many exceptions and loopholes that you spens more time figuring out how to eat rather than taking in the importance of the fast of our senses and mind... On that note there is a joke in gujarati about Ekadashi that I want to share...it has a lot of truth to it.... On the morning of Ekadashi, a lady was doing her Krishna pooja and her daughter in law walks into the pooja hall and says... "Ma, today is Ekadashi, what should I make" the lady answers.... "Oh, today is Ekadashi, we can't eat anything but go ahead and make buckwheat halwa, sukhi baji, and dhahi (yogurt)." The daughter in law say, "Ok mom, I will make it." The lady replys... "Today, you are going to be free because we can't eat anything today so you don't have much to cook so go ahead to the market and get farari chips, and farari khadayi" "But today is Ekadashi, so we can't eat anything" On that note my grandma would say, that a day of fast becomes a day of feast because the original Ekadashi started as a day of no food and water but eventually the rules accomodated fruits...so we always want comfort but this day is to look at ourself and improve our selfs and that can't happen without us having basic control. To the original post...keep up these recipes, they are great vegetarian options and can be used for other days as more variation for people like myself who don't have ample and regular access to International food ingredients. Jai Shri Krishna
  23. thank u so much.... Jai Shri Krishna
  24. this is a real good one, thanks for sharing this with us. Jai Shri Krishna
  25. No theistji, I never heard of this even, I guess I need to do more research...if you have any sources for me to look at please pass them on. I would appreciate it. Jai Shri Krishna
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