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  1. Thank you I dont need any more help for this post
  2. Hi this is Alana Student (please help). Sorry I can't help you with your request but I wanted to thank you for the information you provided for me on mental health. The information you have provided is plenty and if there is ever something I can help you with I will gladly try. I posted this reply because I'm unfamiliar with this sight and how to contact you. Well thanx again Alana
  3. Hi I'm doing an cert in mental health and I would appreciate it a great deal if anybody could tell me in indian culture. What are their beleifs on mental illness . How do they treat mental health disorder? and how do they they recognise and promote mental health? The assignment is due April 3rd please answer this before then thanks for your help Alana. I'm also asking this for my own interests. I am curious about indian culture and would like to learn more about it. Yours Sincerely Alana
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