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  1. Beware of Kali Temples - blood,alcohol and cigarette offerings bring on generational curses Jai Shree Krishna, Please be aware of the so called Kali Temple that are being erected in many locations in Trinidad and around the world. This gruesome and evil acts of pure evil are are done for materials gains,once sacrifices like the above are done a generation becomes cursed and suffer from horrible diseases,cancer,mental problems,alcoholism,temper tantrums and deformities("cokee eyes" and "brokoo feet" both being local terms we can relate too). Devotees please be aware these evil forces are not Mother Kali or Kalbhiro,these are evil forces called Dankinis. Dankinis delight in animal flesh,cigarettes and alcohol when they possess devotees they normally consume raw puncheon rum and smoke three cigarettes at a time. The Kali Temples normally called these evil forces Mother and Masters. The bad thing is when devotion is done to these forces you get everything you want, but payback is very tough,sometimes it involves the lives of your family and your mental state of mind. These evil institution that defame and shame Mother Kali with their evil possessions are killing ( Sanatan Dharma ) Hinduism. If you care for your family stay away from these places,it is the work of the devil,you can sense the darkness as soon as you enter into their temples. Devotees of Lord Krishna,Vaisnavites Offering of blood to God wrong..........God is love when we suffer innocent creature, the wrath and hurt of the Divine mother will destroy us. Alcohol offering is wrong..............it a weapon that the devil uses to destroy lives, families and to perpetrate evil and immoral acts. Mother Kali is Govinda - Anandini the bliss of Lord Krishna,she who is most kind and loving.......she does not delight in hurting creation....she is here to spread the love and message of Lord Krishna. Mother Kali is not blood thirsty she is love thirsty,when she consumed the blood it was to rid the world of evil.When sacrifices are performed, every drop of blood that falls attracts and installs demons in the lives of the person performing the puja,their family and the village. Devotees follow your hearts,this cannot be right. If you are using alcohol and or blood sacrifices in your puja to Kalbhiro or Mother Kali stop now.......shanti this by performing a Geeta Path Puja,contact your Pundit immediately.If your pundit leads you on the evil path of blood,alcohol and cigarettes immediately seek another pundit. Too many evil acts are coming from these institiutions,please save yourselves and your family. Surrender to Lord Krishna,chant his name with love and he will deliver you. He is the only hope when the evils of Kali Yuga is unbearable like the sad and horrible pictures above. I feel the pain an disgust of beloved Mother Kali,Maa help them and show them the way. All Glories to Shree Krishna Govinda Anandini Radha Rani Ki Jai. Yours in Shree Krishna's service, Pundit Hemraj Donny Samlal Maharaj.
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