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  1. Chanting the names of God is no part of Christianity? . . .
  2. If someone somewhere in the world needs to have knowledge about the Vedas ---where do they Go to learn about the most authentic persons & places to learn the Vedas? University Professors? Goverment Commodants? Social Workers? The answer: The Hare Krsihnas and or ISKCON. You are welcomed anytime you can escape your prior commitments. tell them bhaktajan sent you, Bhaktajan
  3. I am the only Hare Krishna who leaves posts here --and I do not comment on Gaudiya Vaishnaism.
  4. Please factor in the fruits of his actions. A scene from Mr Jackson's music video "Thriller":
  5. There is a yardstick to measure bhakti or any other metaphysical endeavours: "The Human Condition & the Experience of Man(kind)" --we are all really biological beasts doing 4 activities [yet our ego manaically lumps it into an "I did it My Way" ethos] ---all our everyday mundane acts ARE a testiment to the metaphysical World ---and how we are stuck-in-it up to our entire existence. The metaphysical and mystic and awesome & dumbfounding events happening with no insight knowledge by the onlooker. We must receive a sastris injunction and then purposely apply it and view its reactions & contrasting qualities. "We learn by the carrot or the stick."
  6. "Faith is blind" is a poetic construct. "Faith is reliance on others to have done their duty faithfully." Ie: I have blind faith that the Office-Building will stand without collapse . . . because the Professional builders were overseen & inforced by Government regulations. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Q. How to make our bhakti to god untainted by blind faith? A. The principles of a) knowledge and b) detachment gained from . . . "Knowledge & detachment" is a very deep & heavy topic! "Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water--- After enlightenment chop wood and carry water."
  7. "Faith is blind, per definition.." Yeah But, No But, Yeah But, No But . . . the starting point in acquiring any knowledge is Blind-faith. Only after gaining education, insight, savvy & 'street-smarts' ---then one slowly rises to the level of independent thinking. Next time you alit upon an aircraft ---check your faith in the overhead compartment and buckle that seat belt and "enjoy" the view ---your aeronautical engineering Diploma will transform into real 'fox-hole' faith.
  8. Name the Goal and then name the degree of Preparation required --and then the quantity of real-world experience . . . then "Correct Faith" (or "Partial Faith", or "False Faith") transforms itself into "Conviction with its appropriate Code-of-Conduct". Blind faith is the starting point in acquiring any expert knowledge --later it matures . . . until a person is expected to Charitably-Share-the-Benefit-of-One's own-Knowledge-with-others. MAybe the idea is What is the difference between "Cheating, white lies, self-interest vs Bhakti-Yoga disciplines". The path of salvation from (SAMSARA) fully depends on the principles of knowledge and detachment gained from serving the Lord (via a bonefide representative).
  9. A flute, excavated in September 2008 from a German cave, is the oldest handmade musical instrument ever found, archaeologists said. Archaeologist Nicholas Conrad, displaying the flute at a press conference on June 24, assembled the flute from 12 pieces of griffon vulture bone scattered in the Hohle Fels cave. Conrad says the 8.6-inch flute was crafted 35,000 years ago.
  10. This is such cultural bias ---Our "Ancient Lores of Antiquity" is better than your "Ancient Lores of Antiquity". Oh, The Vedas ---are not about Trans-Alaskan-to-Mexico-to-Peru-type Shaman or Trans-Polynesian-Austrialian-Pan-African-Soothsayers or Trans-Siberia-Sino-Turk-Ural-Romanian-Druid-type conjurers . . . we're talking about mystic yogis of the Emperor Dynasties that ruled the Known-worlds in the antiquity of many milleniums past, in epochs long lost to the collect memory of all cultures and especially frontier neatherlands. (According to my records --per Bhagavata-purana) This Hariscandra was a descendant of the Surya-Dynasty and lived during the last Satya-Yuga 4 Million (4,000,000) years ago. The Vedas purport to expond the awesome & legendary lives of Proto-Warrior-Sage lost Empires and the secrets of "how they did it". The famous Alexandria-Library may have had ancient technologies that were lost for milleniums ---but the Vedas do not hide the "amazing" pastimes of Sages, Mystics & "kung-fu-esque" warrior-sage Ministers-of-State that impress any reader beyond any other surviving Writ of Aniquity that just so happens to have been perserved by none-other-than Brahmanas par excellence. The purpose of those exquisite sublime "Brahmins' sacrifices" ---were performed by extraordinary Mystic Humans of the Golden age ---all explicitly designed to exhibit Brahminical Prowess ---and bring the man back to life with in sight of all present. Also, as usual with stories from the puranas ---the persons & palces & times were prompted by goals that are beyond are preview ---and many times requires scholarly research among other "related-by-six-degrees-of seperation" family-of-Purana volumes. We are not talking about Russia's Stalin marching his Army & Missiles past the Kremlin, but rather, the Vedas are talking about events involving Grand ascended Masters of a Stratum that is sure to impress the onlooker from any nation, along with a ethos that set the standards of What is what & Who's Who among the Sage-Kings and their Sage councilors. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Or, on the other side of the same coin . . . ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: No responsible & respectible & sane Government Head would allow a Public or Privately Owned AirLine Transportation Corporation to gamble on the chance to operate their Passenger [and Frieght too] AirPlanes WITHOUT THE PROPER COVERAGE OF INSURANCE ---so that, in the event of a total lose . . . "Not to worry man" . . . a New Plane can promptly replace the lost ones . . . and then every one else can return back to work-as-usual. With New & Improved Models de jour into the Bargin.
  11. [Wow You guys are so off topic] ... so, here's my 2 cents: I once posted that as far as faith goes, in regards to my own death: "My only prayer is that God will grant me the few moments, before my own death --to allow me the opportunity to say contrition" ---so as to 'reconcile' my minds thoughts et al. [i am really referring to an untimely, unexpected and sudden catastrophic passing**] **This is the purpose of life where usually an entire Life-Time is afforded to each human --to cultivate a service mentality that revolves around contrition (prayascitta).
  12. Here's the obsticle I see: [Ancientmariner should find this provocative] GOLD AS THE STANDARD FOR CURRENCY IS INACCURATE If my weekly labor earns me € 669 per week or $ 942 per week --then I've earned a HALF-OUNCE OF GOLD. Therein is the problem --GOLD is HEAVY METAL. I don't need to equate my blood, sweat & toil all for a 1/2 ounce [14 grams] of "smelted geological ore deposits" --I'd perfer a retirement plan & modern shelter & first rate education & medical coverage & affordable prime foodstuffs ---but nooooooooooooooooo, we better eat our pudding made of "smelted geological ore deposits" [...better than mud cookies in Haiti...]. Remember to count your blessings and guard your Gold deposits. If the denizens of mars painted their homes with gold-plating ---we'd simply steel all of it --just to get the chicks. ..................... Ok I vented my anger a bit ... There must be a "RE-VALUATION of Labor" as the standard of currency. For example, If Home, Food, Shelter, Transpotation, medicine, entertainment, school fees, & Bank loans total ie: 50,000/year ---I'll abbreviate this as the 'HFSTMESBLS per Person Ratio''--- then the "Standard-of-living" arithmatic should be based on this the 'HFSTMESBLS per Person Ratio'. Thus, the weekly "Labor(ious) Output by a Man/Woman" would be equated to "How Quickly" & "How Newly Updated" the wage-earners "Personal Acqusitions [anarthas]" would be. 35 Hour work week = a percentage of the 'HFSTMESBLS per Person Ratio' versus Casino Rules of logistics of win or lose average. I am not speaking of socialistic economics --I am NOT talking about the status quo of: "anti-quality-of-life-standards-for-all-except-those-who-can-pay-with-earning-made-off-the-underclasses". Modern society boasts of technology & 'Free Public-Schooling' but cannot arrange for the rule of "basic neccesities for all" AS THE BASIS OF MONETARY CURRENCY [aka Earned-Work-Units - EWUs]. That is why University Grads are unemployed by a Market that is NOT set up to do humanitarian work as its prime Creed, rather it's, 'to the victor goes the spoils'. The Today's Current Price of Gold is: Euro € 669 per ounce [1/2 ounce = € 335] USD $ 942 per ounce [1/2 ounce = $ 942]
  13. --Bhaktavasya das Prabhu-- A Bonefide Hare Krishna Airport Book "Distributer" "I also was one of the sankirtan devotees who went out to the O'Hare airport, although I was never a 'famous book distributor', just steady from '74-76" Bhaktavasya Prabhu, You are a genuine piece of 'Americana'. While others, during your years doing Book "Distribution", where earning their merit badges for entree to infamy --you were among the few, the proud, the most rarified humans that ever walked in the Three-Worlds & the fourteen planetary systems. It is due to your comrades-in-battle that I am aware of Srila Prabhupada, Thank you Sriman Bhaktavasya Prabhu. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I was doing service for Mother Jadurani at the Time in 1990, when Satyaraj Told me that the court order was issued to ban Hare Krishnas & others too from Book "Distribution" solicitations ---I must ask you: What insights and sentiments have you contemplated inregards to this expulsion --now that 9/11 occured? And, similarly whenever there is a plane disaster? And, similarly whenever there is any mass-tranportation disaster? The vagaries of Mass-activities that blindly fraternise with mass-karmic actions --must fascinate some one like your self with such a background in selfless propagation. Hoping you will reveal the benefits of your efforts to curtail others' bad-karma, Bhaktajan BTW, Did you ever meet Vrindapati during your time in Oklahoma?
  14. Post 154: You are the Complete Paramatma, You are the omniscient one (who reads our minds) You are the Supreme Brahman , the Supreme(para) Lord (Ishwar) You are the master of all ......................................... This reminds me of how Krsna gives the "Peace Formula (of the gyani's mind)": To understand that Godhead is: Paramisvaram, Suhrdam-sarva-bhutanam, and Hrsikesa combined. This still mystifies me.
  15. "Which is the lesser evil eating vegetables or sea weeds?" Where is evil in this Question? Sea Weed is a vegetable. {Which reminds me of a sea weed product, "Spirolina" --which reminds me of my request of you: To verify the 'pH' measurement of the human body --as a fool-proof way of insuring complete & proper functioning of the bodies 'purification' organs, ie: Liver, Kidneys, pancreas, lymphs etc . . . but apparently you are too busy, so far} Ekadasi fasts are designed to make up for the consumption of micro-organisms & insects --in grains etc.-- that we accidently eat.
  16. anyone say how to learn black magic --Yes, his name Leroy he is in prison now but as soon as he gets out . . . tantra --Yes, but you gotta pay cash. remote viewing --Yes, but then you will get alot of 'feed-back' howling. Plz help me --Yes, yo obviously need a lot of help. Let us hope the Parole board rules favorably. i want to learn it --Yes, your initiative will get you far. I'm serious!!!! --Yes, that is obvious. You bleed sincerity. Because i've been done tantras and mantras so i want to protect myself and challenge them --there is an organisation here in e=England that takes wagers & bets of any gambling proposal, so the odds that you shoot your foot off are good, so you might want to bet some cash iether way you go. may the force of the Sulphur be with you and wash off when you want it to, Bhaktajan
  17. smaranam, maybe you can provide a sparsha-by-sparsha (alphabet/dhatu/ Word-roots) analysis of the word: "Parabrahman" Will such an analysis point to the definition of "Supreme Peronality of Godhead" ? ..................................... BTW, do you not mean "paramatma" --who knows what's in your heart ?
  18. "Wine & bread" is not vegetarian??? {Are you feigning some sly reference to The Body & Blood of Christ? ala Prasadam is transformed into Sat-cit-nanda foodstuff?} What are you trying to say? You have mangled Your own statement. I cannot recognise what you are saying. I said: "did you all know that Roman & Greek Armys were maintained routinely on beans & lentles" . . . Learn any thing new lately from ME???????????? Yet? I am not 'implying' I am informing you. I posted earlier on this thread: The History of "Raw-Curing" of meats/fish. Eating such things are what you'd expect & require of Men who volunteer to fight brigands, highway robbers & homocidal marauding maniacs emerging from the wilderness or frontiers who are invading, raping & pillaging the outskirts of the city. Nowadays, that would translate into "the un-washed masses" who provide the cheap manpower labor in-abundance. 1) . . . and vegetables? {You have mangled Your own statement.} 2) Manu samhita says that "Fowl" has the least Ugra-Karma reaction --does that put the concientious meat eater's mind to rest?.
  19. The Milky way forms the spine-line of the dolphin shaped "sisumara" description: SB 5.23.5 This form of the çiçumära has its head downward and its body coiled. On the end of its tail is the planet of Dhruva, on the body of its tail are the planets of the demigods Prajäpati, Agni, Indra and Dharma, and at the base of its tail are the planets of the demigods Dhätä and Vidhätä. Where the hips might be on the çiçumära are the seven saintly sages like Vasiñöha and Aìgirä. The coiled body of the Çiçumära-cakra turns toward its right side, on which the fourteen constellations from Abhijit to Punarvasu are located. On its left side are the fourteen stars from Puñyä to Uttaräñäòhä. Thus its body is balanced because its sides are occupied by an equal number of stars. On the back of the çiçumära is the group of stars known as Ajavéthé, and on its abdomen is the Ganges that flows in the sky [the Milky Way].
  20. "my approach to the issue has been fanatical and self-righteous" --but this was your unique & endearing attractive quality.
  21. In most civilizations since Ancient times, we could see that relying on . . . but, did you all know that Roman & Greek Armys were maintained routinely on beans & lentles, and not flesh food, espcially when traveling on expeditions & War campaigns?
  22. Christians eat animal meat simply because [it was part of their local culture] Jesus taught his disciples that what goes inside the mouth isn`t sinful but that which comes from the heart [this is a reference to Kosher food rules --the kind that WE find oxyomoronic/self-contraditory/without much merit as to "accruing-good-Karma" ---the reference is to the mocking & persecution from the Upper-Caste Priest Class of Jesus's Person & Teachings]. But there`s not a verse in the New Testament of the Bible that says Jesus ate animal meat but fish [WHICH VERSE? PLEASE POST IT . . . I will find the exact word in Aramaic or Greek or Hebrew . . . and I will Post it --and I wager that it is not written that Jesus "partook of flesh" eating . . . tbc . . . ] Confusing isn`t it?
  23. 7. Hinduism was influenced by other religions --[This is like saying "Shakespeare was influenced by ebonics"] The arab-culture invented the Zero? --And then did what with it? The arab-culture formulated the the present day western symbols for numbers, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10? --And then . . . did what with it? I have noticed that arabic script does NOT use the "Arabic Numerals" presently [Am I correct?]. The arab-culture caused Europe's expeditions & Colonisation of the east? --And then . . . did what with it? The arab-culture invented the word Arayan? --And then, did what with it? Western history seems to start where aniquity ended, No? --And then . . . what did the Middle East & Muslim Conquests do to the Ancient Wonders of the Ancient World? What is overlooked in the formation of the western history is "migration of manpower & industry" east to west over the topography from the Ganges in the east --past the Middle --on ward to the west --and then west again to the Pacific --and then west again to Japan's eastern shores. Also, What is overlooked in the formation of the western history is how invading "Hordes of Barbarians into Imperial Roman Territories" --was composed of "fortune-hunters". Such "Fortune-Seekers" were outside the jurisdiction of any ruling body except their War-lords schemes ---this was the status quo of the ancient world . . . except for regions occupied by orderly 'civilisation' and thus, metropolises. "Fortune-Seekers" of the ancient world --when hoarded together form giant wolf-packs with a 'Mob-mentality' --seeking to overthrow the status quo for self-enrichment.
  24. Aho. So the term constantly said in regards to 'hope', as translated into english from the Arabic, on the News Broadcasts, is: "God willing" . . . no more a sincere sentiment ever said --but always difficult to cope with. "If God willing . . . ", Bhaktajan
  25. If I remember correctly, the Vietnam attack Helicopter squadron commander said in the 1979 movie, "Apocalypse Now" --"I love the smell of prosciutto in the Morning". It's the story of an Army General gone insane --who is stalked by a special agent assassin . . . My point is 'It takes one to know one' ---or else it just goes by without being noticed. The gross acts are carried out by a culture of gross afficinados. If this is cryptic --I apollogise. But a dead carcass is very evident of how it symbolises the culture from which it sprang . . .
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