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  1. om gurubhyo namah namaste thanks for all the info. i have taken the birth time to be 7:25:36 when i wrote you the previous mail with the assumption the birth could be cesarian. i wanted confirmation before proceeding further. Now that you have confirmed the medical intervention and hence i stick to this. more than regular vimsottari. dwisaptatisama dasa can be applied in your case since 7th lord is in lagna. Dwi-saptati sama dasa (applicable if lagna lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in lagna): Ven MD: 2003-04-11 - 2012-04-10 Antardasas in this MD: Ven: 2003-04-11 - 2004-05-26 Sat: 2004-05-26 - 2005-07-13 Rah: 2005-07-13 - 2006-08-29 Sun: 2006-08-29 - 2007-10-14 .. BP COULD HAVE STARTED HERE Moon: 2007-10-14 - 2008-11-27 .. YOU CAME TO know the problem in this period Mars: 2008-11-27 - 2010-01-11 .. BP LIKELY TO INCREASE Merc: 2010-01-11 - 2011-02-24 .. MERC IS Aatma karaka.. Jup: 2011-02-24 - 2012-04-10 .. possible time of marriage. you are young to get married. pl concentrate on carreer prospects and educating yourself more. How long you have been bald ?.. did you not try any doctor for treatment.. ofcourse it will be a costly affair and sucess is not assured. what details you gave to khakapujander naadi for casting horoscope ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai.
  2. om gurubhyo namah namaste hello highly stressful period will be upto may 2009. you need to develop courage. if the loss is in the area of relationship, try to forget as you are too young to understand the relalities in relationships. Relationships are like bubbles and not handled carefully, shall break in no time. your atma karaka is moon. moon is in its weakest place and aspected by three malefics. you need to understand this. meditation, counselling and prayers are very important. please concentrate on the future than the love that was lost. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai
  3. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste Dear Shri.ramakrishnahari, can you please ask your mother if there was any intervention from the medical team at the time of your birth ? this fact can help me in fixing your lagna. you are running sun dasa and saturn antar. no wonder you are under stress from all sides. your ishta devata , irrespective of birth time change is lordess Gauri. Please chant om gauriyai namah 324 times after lighting a lamp for carrer problems pl chant " om mahalakshmiyayai namah " if you can give dates pertaining to events, it would be of help. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai.
  4. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste Dear sow.Deepa.bhandarai is your husband separated from you either from june 005 or june 2006 ? also you have said ketu antar gave you problem. it was way back in 1999. Am i right in saying that ? was the diseased area around the uterus ? sat and mars aspecting your lagna is bad. mercury dasa is on and you were born during its kaala. jupiter is a bhadaka to kanya lagna. daily during jupiter's hora chant "om vikatayayai namah " placing a sankalpa requesting to remove the bhadaka effects. the thithi lord mars is enemical to the kaala lord whose dasa is running right now. also mars is placed in 7th from upapada lagna aspected by rahu. mars is placed in mercury's house too , where he is totally uncomfortable. On saptami and pournami coinciding with tuesday , observe fast from sunrise to sunset. donate a food packet to a needy. in 2008................. saptami/tuesdays.. may 27., jun -10. oct 21 pournami/tuesday.. may 20., oct-14 pl dont miss these days also on all tuesdays, during saturn hora pl chant " om mahalakshmiyayai namah " 324 times. If you are at home during this hora light a lamp and chant. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai.
  5. om gurubhyo namah namaste hello did you have any stress relating to any friendship in the past three months ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai
  6. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear smt deepa bhandari your brother is running a very bad period till aug 2009. no one can help if he is on to futures trading. the loss will be quick and in large amont. ask him to consult an expert in the field and quickly come out for some time. his atmakaraka mars is placed in uncomfortable mithuna along with saturn. mars placed in eleventh to AL, the desire of the soul is to earn monye through speculation. uffortunately, the amatya karaka is placed 8 th to AL, and placed in sixth from his lagna , though exalted. he may not listen to your advice but please tell him what is in store for him plainly If he can chant the following it will be better 1. om kaaliyai namah 2. om saambasadhashivayayai namah 3. om agnaye namah each mantra may pl be chanted 324 times after lighting a lamp may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai.
  7. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.pallavai thanks for the info. your huband has rejected pitris in the past birth. It is their curse which is on. Pl ask him to do "argya ", that is offerring of water to Lord Surya and pitiris chanting " tat savitur varenayam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhyonah prachodayat " at least 24 times. the initial part of this gayatri mantra can be given during upadesa only and hence ommitted. The above mantra is without the initial part. Yet he can chant this. Apart from it, pl ask him to chant the following 324 times after lighting a lamp. 1. OM ARYAMANE NAMAH 2. OM PITRYBHYO NAMAH both your charts have minus points as far as the issue of children. I am concerned why you initially postponed willfully the birth of children. This is the case with many young people. Did you conceive in the past five years ? If possible pl provide the date of marriage and muhutha timing ( typing of mangalsutra. is the birth time of your husband a confirmed one ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai
  8. om grubhyo namah namaste dear smt.pallavi you have not mentioned the place of birth in andrapradesh. still certain things could be seen from your horoscope. you were born during sukra kaala. sukra is your putra karaka and ishta devata too. please chant " om mahalakshmiyayai namah " 324 times daily after lighting a lamp with ghee. also pl do fasting on prathamai and navami thithi days from sunrise to sunset. donate a food packet to a poor on the same day. if you have any difficulty in finding the thithi's pl write to me for the exact dates. try to get closeset time of birth of your husband, if possible. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai
  9. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.sri yes. you are running moon dasa who is your kaala lord. meanwhile it is left to you to make money or rise in profession if you are sure a switch over can do that. regarding marriage, it is better to wait till feb 2011 , since mars is your atmakaraka and rahu antar will end only by then. rahu is the 64th navamsa lord and mars placed with ul in both rasi and navamsa in the house of mercury is not comfortable. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  10. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear indulkekhadasi you are running sagittarius drig dasa right now. virgo and gemini dasas will follow. your spriritual pursuit will get intensified from 2012 onwards. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  11. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear Shri.Sri, after sep 2009, the period is conducive for higer studies. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  12. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.ashwin, sorry , i did not browse for the past 40 hrs. if you are using free software named jhora, the mantra pada is shown as A5. the software is available at "VedicAsrtologer.org" take the fifth lord and find out how many houses it has moved from the fifth house. move through the same number of houses from there and mark the rasi as A5. If this arrives either at the place where the fifth lord is located or seventh from it, then move througn another ten houses from there and mark A5. all arudha padas are arrived like this. may mother bless all regards, sasisekaran chennai.
  13. Om gurubhyo namah namaste Dear Kapil stones are for stony people. you put the stone, forget the lord and leave it to him with a belief that he would save you. Spending a few ruppee is not enough. unless some one specially assigns kaala or time for God, creating space within the heart, mind and soul HE hardly gets moved. kaala is saturn and space is jupiter. if you dont give room or space within you for the lord, other things are waste. Even Sage parasara recommends mantras over stones. Please consider the vedas and its teachings before you dwell upon astrology may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai.
  14. om gurubhyo namah namaste Dear jim, the usual kuta matching involves moon alone. It is " a miniscule approach ". In India , while in the past, female were generally unemployed they had no other alternative but stick to the married partner. Whenever a marriage failed they used to find fault with astrologers without understanding the inherent drawbacks in using kutta matching. Kutta matching ensures the basics including the compatibility of minds. There is a general feeling that all is well if the minds unite. But that is certainly not the end but a begining. Assume a case where the couples go childless. What role the kuta would have \played that except that it bordered around the avereage and there is every room for the astrologer to escape. If and only the charts are analysed for the bhagya ( fortune ) of children one can arrive at a conclusion. Similarly what happens if the dominant partner's chart is spoiled in the area of profession, sickness or otherwise longevity. Where here kutta plays a role ? Do not rely " only on the kutta " mathcing being done either by an astrologer or a software. It is similar to taking medicine without consultinga a " QUALIFIED DOCTOR ". may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai
  15. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste Dear smt.Gudash where medical field faces difficulty , astrology comes in to explain the area of problem. generally if there are curses in the chart , one is bound to face problems in the area indicated by the curse. the curse if looked into closely, then the area is narrowed down. in both of your charts, the chief planet called atma karaka is playing its role. In your case jupiter or guru is atma karaka and it is carrying its past agenda to this janma. Jupiter is cursing in your chart. jupiter brings in vidya, children and finance ..etc. for removal of jupiter curse pl do the following. 1. Pray Lord shiva. 2. on ten consecutive mondays, do rudra abhisheka to lord shiva during 0730 hrs to 0900 hrs. On the first monday alone , donate a rudraksha mala to the lord. 3. abisheka to be performed with suddha jala, honey, cow's milk, ghee, sugarcane juice, coconut water, sandal paste, sacred ash in plenty ( shiva likes it very much ). if any of these couldnot be found , dont worry but keep me informed. 4. give bilva leaves along with regular flowers. 5. While abhisheka is being done, it would be better if extra priests chant Srirudram. During this time you and your husband need chant "om Namashivaaya " continuously. 6. The difficulty that you enter in performing the above shows the amount of curse that has manifested. If you can go through the above without any difficulty, it is an indication that the curse is being removed. more deeper analysis can be done at a later time may mother bless regards sasisekaran chennai.
  16. om gurybhyo namah namasteu dear odamwiap your chart does not appear good as for the marriage is converned. you must be carefull in choosing a partner. also immediately after marriage , lots of differences are to occur. prepare your mind now itself to tide over that. in essence you must understand a lot about give andd take in life. please pray shiva and to temple regularly. may mother bless all, regards sasisekaran
  17. AUM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste. dear shri.sunds kp systems is a mere copy from " meena nadi ". also stellar lordships in kp are limited to vimsottari system. for example aswini's lord is generally associated with ketu. but other variations of vimsottari do not consider ketu as the lord of aswini. all these have been told to us by Sage.Parasara. also kp system is a merry go round.. may mother bless all, regards sasisekaran
  18. OAUM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear shri. om123 she herself is well aware of the reasons for her problems. she has to accept 'sex' is part and parcel of married life. it binds the partners based on the viscosity of the sexual relationship. The more thick it is, the stronger the bondage is. can she say people will still get married if sex is to be totally avoided between husband and wife ? how many would enter into such an institution with that condition. this attitude may casuse further troubles , if they are sexually imbalanced. her yoni is that of dog and his is that of cat. also the sex of these animals in the yoni kutta is male. same sex yoni, especially male is worse. to look into the above more closely, study the third house of both. Third house, apart from initiative, drive, coborns, etc., shows copulation area also. It is one of the kama trikona. mars is the natural karaka for the third house. mars / venus can show above average sexual drive. In the husband's chart, while mars and venus are together placed along with 'UL' in a venusian sign, in the wife's chart they are placed 2/12. In addition to this her venus is placed in the house of sun, an uncomfortable place. also venus being her third lord , is placed in bhadaka sthana from the third house heavily afflicted by nodes and saturn in kendras to it. her 'UL' and 'AL' are placed 2/12. she rejects ul, whereas his husband thinks it is important and helps for sustenance of marriage from the fact that his 'UL' is placed eleventh to 'AL'. What a contrast ? more can be written about kama trikonas, but let her change her mind and take medical treatment to improver her stamina to stage a long lasting drama ! also she can take medical counselling regarding sexual enjoyment and the problems that are likely to occur in the absence of it. mars dasa will follow moon for her husband. He will need more of it . If she waits, the neighbour will grab it! may mother bless all, regards, sasisekaran chennai.
  19. AUM GURYBHYO NAMAH namaste dear om123, your friend's husband's atma karaka is moon. moon is in gandanta aspected by sat and rahu. moreover, moon dasa is running. it ends on june 2009. he is also under sade sati. if your friend can wait , she may do so. but why you have not given her details ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai.
  20. AUM GURYBHYO NAMAH namaste dear indinrj you are god fearing/loving person since the most benefic planet jupiter is in close conjunction with your lagna. It is highly auspicious. but your lagna is hemmed between malefics sat/ketu and mars. it is a bandana yoga. your moon is placed in 'aardra' shastiamsa. aardra means moist. no wonder you are moved and your eyes turn moist. sun is your atmakaraka. hence you have to shed your ego. the ego is the one which makes you say things which other's counter. sun is placed in 3rd house, the house of initiative and drive. The drive makes you utter words and the bandana yoga puts you in awkward situations since without thinking you take a stand on issues. how to over come this : use your guru (jupiter) placed in lagna. dont be judgemental always. unless you are supposed to express , use words very catiously and sparingly. to calm down your mana ( mind ) please chant the following 324 times after lighting a lamp "om pitrubhyo namah " also whenever you are free and relaxed chant the above mantra. for problem related to your relationship, chant the following evey monday between 6 to 7 am . "om savitre namah" how much close is you think that your real time of birth is to the one you have given ? may mother bless all, regards, sasisekaran chennai.
  21. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear kapil his mantra pada is aspected by sat and rahu in transit. that is why i feel he may not chant. but try. regarding the period, sat antar should have given him the problem for the reasons said in the earlier mail. the curse is manifesting in this janma as per the karmic clock. may mother bless all, regards sasisekaran chennai
  22. hello shl153 nothing great in my prediction about your marriage and divorce. in another forum, same case has been presented with those details, but persumably by the wife. wife , in the other mails says she is unable to live without her husband. if that is true, why dont both of shed your egos and join and live together , than seeking astro remedie? forget about one's horoscope damaging the life of the other. if the karma is so , it is tough to stop. hence have faith in you and you love the other person. life will be pleasant. may mother and allah bless all, regards, sasisekaran chennai
  23. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste ( dear Shri.USR.. kindly excuse me for butting in ) Dear Shri.sunder rangarajan sat/ven/mars can bring in problem. mars is your atmakaraka. you were born in venus kaala sat is your 7 th and 8th lord also if your birth time is right, saturn is your 64 th navamsa lord if you were born after some medical intervention, then moving the time by about 1 min 45 secs , the events may be tested if the shift validates. may mother bless all. regards, sasisekaran chennai.
  24. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear shri.kapil, i would like to add few points regarding your friend's chart. mercury and mars have exchanged signs in shasthamsa , chart meant for disease. mercury is also the 8th lord , showing " Rina " .. past birth shortcomings. mercury is in 'kinnara' shastiamsa .. a malefic one. 'kinnara' means ...deformed .. looking into navamsa, his ak is placed in vrichika. mercury is placed 12 th to him. mercury is his ishta devata. pl ask him to chant daily the following 324 times after lighting a lamp "OM VISHNAVE NAMAH" mantras are superior to gem stones. pl ask him to chant mantras also. mercury in ' shastiamsa ' is found with ketu and aspected by saturn. the mistake ( ketu ) he has committed in the past birth ( shastiamsa shows that ) was either he forgot (saturn ) or teased his mother ( moon ) in public. saturn(retro) in his chart is also chara matru karaka showing the link to his mother in the past birth. i doubt if he will say the mantra. but it is our duty to give mantra. the rest is with the lord and your friend. can you please find out from him if the problem started sometime in 1993 ? pl reply may mother bless all, sasisekaran chennai.
  25. Dear shri.Amit, yes i used the correct details. pl look at the lagnga deg i stated in the previous mail. " as virgo- 3 deg 56 mins., " thanks for other infos. may mother bless all. regards sasisekaran chennai
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