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  1. Please Astrologers, give some guidance. My friend is feeling very low and sometimes thinks of killing herself. Her husband's attitude is still the same, he is out of the house for 2 months but no remorse is seen in his behaviour ! She wonders that he is ever going to improve ? She tells me that if she was alone she would have left him long ago,but because of the 2 small children,she can not decide. thanks.
  2. Thanks Bhaaskaranji and Rohini_nakstra. She knows that her husband has one good lady friend at work. She trusted him all the time and still she thinks that he is not that typer of guy ! Her only concern is his beating habit, other things she can tolerate or she has grown with !! She thinks that because of her 2 kids,aged 12 and 4 she will give him last chance,if he doesn't improve then she will seperate. Right now he is out on a bail and he will have to face the trial. Fortunately for him or unfortunately for her-only god knows- that day nothing much happened but because of her past experiences, she collected the courage to call the police. We live in North America,so now she thinks that he must have learned the lesson and will not do it again,if he does then he can lose all his licenses and will be in jail. Everyone is telling her to give him last chance, what do you think astrologacally ? Some one told her that he is undergoing'atamakarak moon dasa" and that is teaching him a lesson, so will he learn from this lesson ? And when is she going to be working ? Does she need to study to get the better job ? Right now she is not working and is dependent on him financially. She is worried that if she leaves him then her 2 sons will blame her in future for not providing the luxuries they are used to. She is very confused and cannot take any decision. She has read all those articles and thinks that he is not going to improve but family and friends are telling her to give him last chance. Please suggest some prayers or and gems or anything else for the good luck. btw they moved to the new house on 25 April and all these things happened, she thinks that the house is not lucky for her,is it right ? or any pooja she needs to do for the house ? She says that he has never forced sex,eventhough he uses "ma-bahen ki galiya". So what is his problem ? Does he suffers from some psychological disease ?
  3. On June 16 he tried to beat her again so she called the police,now he is staying with the friends. She is going through hard time in life as she lost the father in may and now this thing. Do you see any breakup in this marriage or they will reconcile and he will improve ? She is not working ,is that the reason he tries to dominate her all the time ?
  4. Namaste ushapatiji,sasisekaranji and ramachandranji She tried the suggestions you have given her but she tells me that his attitude towards her is still bad and that's the reason she has lost interest in sex, she is just giving it for the sake of saving the marriage ! Can you please PM me. And what is that "AL" and "UL" thing, she is ready to do some puja also to keep their mind cool. And please tell clearly if there is no hope in this relationship. Hari Om. Om123
  5. thanks ushapati. So is there any hope in this marriage, if she tries to give him that ? And any pooja or any gem she or he needs to improve the situation. She told me that she forgives him all the time because except this bad temperament and beating habit, he is a good person !
  6. Namaste everyone and thanks for your answers. Her DOB-8-8-65 7.05Am Ahmedabad. I hope that with this you can check it correctly. And what do you mean by "specific" behaviour ? She tells me that she gets stressed out easily and doesn't have much interest in sex, could it be the reason for his aggressive behaviour ? Thanks.
  7. I am writting this for my very close friend. Her horoscope is- Place 3-guru 4-surya 5-budh,shukra,harshal 6-mangal 7-Naptune 8-ketu 9-chandra 11-shani other places are blank. She is married for 12 years with 2 boys. Her husband's DOB is 12-10-63,Place-Petlad (Gujarat) at 5.30PM (I.S.T). Every 2-3 months her husband beats her and abuses her. She told me that it has been going on all the time. Her husband is highly educated. Conflict happens mainly when it is -full moon. She tells me that she doesn't like to have any physical relation with her husband becuse of his abusive behaviour. I know him also, he is good in society, no one can guess that he is a monster at home ! My friend is scared for her life because when he is angry he doesn't know what he talks or does ! Can you please guide her what to do ? Is there any hope in this marriage or she should just leave him and carry on with her life. Thank you very much.
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