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  1. Dear Guruji what is Kuja -Rahu Sandh Shanthi? what is the purpose of this shanthi? Rahu in 5th House with 7th Lord Moon in Tarus. Mars in 9th House with Venus in Virgo. Sincerely,
  2. Dear Sir,I am feeling the great stress and pain in my life, I am getting lot of comments about my friends regarding I am going absent mind, thinking a lot, .... praying god,spending much time lin istening devotional songs,reading Hanuman Chalisa, Suryashtakam ,reading astrology books, struggling lot to come out of from that situation,unable to find peace in my heart... could you please give me suggestion to obtain peace, stability in mind.How can I come out from this dilema, I am trying to forget her, finding great difficulty to concentrate on work , I really appreciate your help in this matter.... Sincerely
  3. Dear Sir,Thank you very much for guidance.Yes I need to understand these facts.I am feeling pain in my heart. I will concentrate more on my career and studies. Sincerely,
  4. Sir, I fall in love at first sight,I missed her ... searched for that unknown person for entire world(Internet,Blogs,Institues,Busstops,different places), sometimes I felt am I mad? why I am searching for that woman,I spent 6 months in search,finally found.. When I did match making with that person i got 30.5 /36 . surprisingly I feel that she is the only one in mylife.I am very far away from her.She never rejected me, I still have hope ..... I am doing everything based on my 6th sense.I have not yet lost her.I love her more than anything in this world. am I going to marry her? Sincerely,
  5. Namaste,yes not only stress, I big pain in heart, I never felt that much pain in my life time...... still have that pain.. why is it so?receiving extreme thoughts...I highly appreciate your help.... Sincerely,
  6. Respected Guru,I request you to analyze and guide me about my 7th house . do I have marriage in my life? April 23,1981 ,Hyderabad,India, 03:30AM. Ascendant-Kumb, 3rdHouse - Ravi,Sukra,Budha,Kuja, 6th House -Rahu, 8th House- Sani®+Guru®, 10th House-Chandra, 12th House-Ketu.
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