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  1. You know ... everyone here who said they "believe" in a specific "God", when someone ask them to proof that "God" exist, they will be dumbfonded. It is same for Hindus, Christians and Muslims. However, ONLY truth faithful one are those who understand God and its Actions (lilla as Hindus called it). God's action with Man - some studies it as History. Some studies it as strategy (in life), some studies it as theology and some studies it simply for faithful reasons. In short, everyone studies it. Only the lazy ones claims they believe in a God but fail to study Him or understand Him.
  2. Why rely on ISCKON only? Where are the rest? And India is not a Hindu country, it is a Secularist country and Hindusm is dying there. People are starving and homeless while India ready to spend 2.2 BILLION dollars to shoot a man to space. Hindusm teaches you that?
  3. Karma is Cause and Effect, NOT Cause and Blame. Hindus themselves have allowed themselves to be fooled by other religion in name of peace and tolerance, so it is about time they stop fooling themselves and start educating the World about Hindusm - including how to Live like one. No, this is not paranoid ... this is fact. People are out to get Hindusm - and those people are Christians, Muslims and Atheists. Be warn for tomorrow, it is no one else's fault but your own if you do not teach yourself and your children about Hindusm.
  4. I was reading this news on .com when something occured to me (out of the blue actually). Source : http://news./s/nm/20061109/sc_nm/space_saturn_dc By Will Dunham Thu Nov 9, 5:32 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A colossal, swirling storm with a well-developed eye is churning at Saturn's south pole, the first time a truly hurricane-like storm has been detected on a planet other than Earth, The storm on the giant, ringed planet is about 5,000 miles wide, measuring roughly two thirds the diameter of Earth, with winds howling clockwise at 350 mph (550 kph). Jupiter's Great Red Spot, which swirls counterclockwise, is far bigger, but is less like a hurricane because it lacks the typical eye and eye wall. The images -- essentially a 14-frame movie -- were captured over a period of three hours on October 11 by the U.S. space agency's Cassini spacecraft as it passed about 210,000 miles from the planet as part of its exploration of Saturn and its moons. What if the Churning of the Milky Ocean as stated in Purana is actually a cosmic event which occurs in every planet like what happening in Saturn and Jupiter? Maybe in Earth, it was closer to the Sun so the energy it needs to generate life as in Cambrian Explosion is obtained easily, thus it is short in duration compared to Jupiter. What if this sort of "storms" are actually another event for generating life as in Cambrian Explosion? If it is true, then we could see the same event elsewhere on the Cosmos where Life could exist. PS : Did I mention that comments are welcomed?
  5. In those days, people believe in Boons and Curse so a wise men who have accumulated enough merits could use it the same way people cast spells today, to cast curses onto others. Nowadays, black magic is real in some part of the world while in other, so-called "Civilized" parts, Magic is considered as something supernatural. In short, the mind of a person CAN BE USED to inflict damage to others if the mind is trained hard enough. Check Stigmata on the Net to know how the Mind can inflict wounds upon oneself.
  6. Sigh ... I'm probably speaking to someone who lives under a nutshell. Here's what is happening in the World - for your information as well as for those who are reading this thread. What is happening with Yoga and other Hindu exercises and practise? In the West, Yoga Studios are very famous and many westerners comes to learn its beneficts for their body. Besides Yoga, Ayurveda is also making Westerns turn their attention toward more homeopathic approach in life. In Malaysia alone, in a small area of Petaling Jaya (which is roughly 30% of Bombay/Mumbai), I have seen AT LEAST 3 Yoga Studios available for Malaysia of ALL sort of Life. And don't be so boostful. Do you know WHAT makes me ache in the heart? This studios are run by NON-Hindus, giving beneficts to Non-Hindus organisations and foundation and for benefits of non-Hindu beliefs. In society where Christians condemns Hindusm in the open, they stealing Hindu culture right under your nose. In the West, Ayurvedic remedies are been studied and patented by Western Phamautetical companies. Millions, if not Billions of dollars worth of patents are been stolen by West EVER YEAR. Malaysia happened to be one of the first countries in Asia to condemn this practise back in 1992 and stopped Westerners from continue to steal from Malaysian rainforest. A lot of people, including from Japan and China have developed Interest in Yoga, BUT this is not expoited by Hindus BECAUSE some idiot kept barking that to learn this, you need to go and find some Guruji and bang your head onto his feet. You do that, while foreigners continues to steal from your children and later charge them for what supposed to be free and part of their heritage. So stop hiding behind a nutshell called India and see the Whole Wide World. There is a World outside India and if you kept hiding in there, you will soon be left behind. PS : I have personally asked about Yoga by Japanese colleaques who come to work on contract basics (my company is Japanese based so they will come from overseas for a year or so). Many of them are interested and I have seen them practise it at their homes. It is beautiful to see something so classical, beneficial and beautiful to be used by foreigners and not Indians alone. Don't you agree?
  7. You know ... sometimes, Hindus could be so blinded by simple fact and can easily suggest running off to an "expert". Can't you people think for yourselves? Sport - good for your body and used to regulate energy. Meditation - good for the mind and used to help control the mind and the heart. Religion - good for the soul and promote Spiritualism. You go anywhere also, you will be told the same thing - whether it is a guru ji or a Yogi. So why tell some guy to run off to find some Yogi when they could do it on their own? Celibacy is not a dangerous or powerful weapon. It is something man can handle on his own by practising Meditation, Sports (including Martial Arts) and Religion without help of some gurus.
  8. Hmph ... is this thread some sort of campaign to help the terrorists? Frankly speaking, I could support Bush and his Administration if it means they are fighting and killing off the Terrorists and their foolish beliefs.
  9. That is because you demand too much from others. Do not demand people to help you. You are in a hurry and demands people to come to you and help you. Sorry, others have better things to do with their time.
  10. How do one knows which is real knowledge and which is not?
  11. Those who support Adharmic people ARE Adharmic themselves. Thank you.
  12. Keep dreaming ... It said somewhere that the Faithless and Godless ones always afraid of Judgement. That is why they dreams of continuity of their existence and fears Judgement. Here's Scientific FACT for you and others who dreams like you : This World HAVE ALREADY SEEN SIX (that's 6 for those who do not know how to read) DOOMSDAY SENARIO where 90% to 70% of life on this Planet was DESTROYED. So fact remains - there WILL be Seven.
  13. DO NOT EQUALIZE HINDUS, JEWS, BUDDHIST OR ANYONE ELSE WITH THEM. They are PARASITES. Do you know HOW Parasite lives? It attachs itself onto the body of its victim, slowly drains blood off the victims and lives by mimicking that their are vital parts of the victim. That is Parasite. Muslims are parasite on this World.
  14. No, it is Karma. When you live as a predator - killing others and live of their remains like what Muslims did - there always will be other, bigger predators which live off killing you. The craddle of civilization - Iraq, as they call it, actually flourished in 14th to 17th century because of wealth they have stolen from Asia regions (especially trade from South East Asia and loots from India) and the knowledge that they took from this people as well. And as you may know, stolen "property" will NEVER stay in hands of the Theives.
  15. Muslims did. OR you do not care on what they did to Hindus in the past? To Hindus' history? Culture? Heritage? Hindus loves to forget ... which is why Muslims and Christians WINNING.
  16. Have Hindus forget what they did to India when they came invading? Furthermore, Saddam did horrible things to Sunnah Muslims, all in name of Religion while Syiahs WATCHED SUFFERING OF FELLOW MANKIND. So DO NOT PITY THEM. They got what they deserve and MORE COMING.
  17. Trying reading books and play games before going to bed. Tired out yer mind and sleep will come naturally.
  18. Do not accuse women for being traps, blame men for being fools for falling into the traps.
  19. http://news./s/ap/20061004/ap_on_re_as/nkorea_nuclear Hmph ... When beggers allowed to rule, they can rule with so much blind Ego. Last year, North Korea have launched two missiles which flew over South Korea and Japan and defied international outburst. When the World didn't do anything, God strick them down with natural disasters which crippled the nation for almost 3 to 6 months. And you could thought that they could learn their lesson. Obviously, Communist Atheists could do anything but learn their error of their ways. Now, they are back, testing nukes. A perfect example how demonic thinkings and leadership could bring chaos and destruction to themselves, same like in the Puranas.
  20. Repeating the Holy Names just because the father had told the son to do, will not make the son any holier, wiser or more spiritual. "Do not stretch the string too hard or it will break; Do not loosen the string too much or it will not play properly. There should be a balance as in everything" - the first lesson Gautama Buddha have learnt which made him stop doing severe tapas which weakened his body. It will be beneficial if you ponder about this. You are lucky to have a good son. I have seen many youths who goes out to pubs, smoke cigarettes, hand around with the wrong crowd, indulge themselves with sex and such. Compare to them, which one do you like? Do you prefer a youth who sits at home, within your own views and help out with household whenever he is asked? OR do you prefer a youth who goes out and do things which you will not be proud of? I too like your son - always play games in my room with my Playstation 1 and 2 and my mother always complains about it (my father doesn't bother about it). I asked the same question as above to her, as I ask you.
  21. Only fasting I know described in Gita is "Silent Fast" - fast where the person do not talk during the period of fasting. In Gita, it is said that this practise is the hardest and the most honored one. I think even Buddhist Monks does it - sitting for hours, closing their eyes in meditation or doing things without putting useless thoughts into their minds.
  22. To understand others, one must first understand oneself. How are you expect the younger generation to communicate with the older generation when you do not communicate properly among yourselves? Older generation study for sake of study (don't understand what they are studying also), pray because everyone prays (not with faith), have a lot of materialistic needs, have a lot of desires and understand less about themselves than they do others. How could they expect the younger generation to be any different? And not all games are bad and have no Spiritualism in it. A lot of Asian games (especially from Japanese companies) have good spiritual aspects to it.
  23. Correct ... and later, the memory of ISCKON will live on in minds of Westerns as proof that Hindusm failed. Westerners, especially Christians will not bothered about Santana Dharma, but will only remember the lessons and failure of ISCKON. And besides, you will never know what will happen in the next 25 years. Maybe ISCKON will successfully implement Christian ways into their teaching, creating a new form of teaching which overshadows Santana Dharma even further. You will never know.
  24. If one thousand idiots scream their lungs out in a crowd, your one "pure devotee" will be "crushed" by their noises. This is Adharmic World - people attend to do stupid things first, then seek forgiveness from others, only to repeat the same mistake over and over again. God for this sort of people are "tools" which they could seek forgiveness from. Anyone who preaches God, Karma and Redemption for the Sins committed, will be swipe aside in place of god who forgives everything. Do not be so naive in thinking that people will follow a Pure Devotee to seek redemption and betterment of their lives. People just want to live in the fast lane, enjoy themselves and "wash" away their sins by dumping it onto someone else. That someone usually is a god they fashioned themselves.
  25. Ahem ... Madness is spelled with 1 "D" not two "D"s. Anyway, very true and very sad. China is just one of the very ignorant nations of the Planet. They spent more money on military equipment than they do on safeguarding their people.
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