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    Unfortunately, the US president bush is an outlaw. He disregards the entire content of the US Coinstitution, and actually believes he is transcendental to any laws of the country he pretends to represent. He is liable for impeachment proceedings, and he is also liable in front of the world court to stand trial for major war crimes. He is not president by the will of the american people, in fact, the leader of Iran has more authority to claim leadership of Iran than bush and his criminal administration have to lay claim on America. I really hope that people from other nations recognize this person for who he is, and never make deals with such a devil.


    India needs no permission from US to have and even use nuclear weapons. India has the right to arrange agreements with anyone they choose to. India is an independent nation who threw the british out 60 years ago. But independence (and related freedom) is easily lost, as the american populace may soon attest to. "Outrageous" and "shameless" are diplomatic terms used by the political opposition of America, the democratic party. Other terms for his behavior are used by a huge and growing segment of american society, who will no longer tolerate this blatant fascist takeover by the oil barons and elitist corporate functionaries.


    Haribol, ys, mahaksadasa


    The future of America depends on nations like India to hold onto their freedom, their democracy, their independence. Treaties and other such things are not legal from the executive branch of the government, by US Constitution, please dont enter into any agreeements with such demogogues.


    Yes you are right!!!! This is the reason I am trying to get hold of a copy of the recent deal,, so that could arrange a protest...Difficult to get but!!!!!


    I/we are not against US or for that matter any other country in this world (except pakistan)...:smash:


    Hari hari bol


    The funny things is ... people who leaves India high and dry after getting their education in India could start groups calls themselves Hindus overseas and begins to potray their own belief on what Hindusm stands for.


    IF I were the President of India (and most people should be thankful I'm not, especially Pakistan), then I could pass Law that those who leave India and settle elsewhere ARE NOT INDIANS and have NO RIGHT TO SPEAK ABOUT HINDUSM.


    Thats true... even i feel irritated about the media in India which potrays sometimes /always the old Indians (who left india long back) as still indians... I agree about what u say about calling Indians not Indians once they settle in any part other than India....


    Hari bol


    Please accept my obeisance’s!!!! wauw

    I didn’t expect so many reactions, thank you so much- it really helped me and gave me lots of inspiration. You somehow gave me my trust back, and my fear is slowly decreasing. I really liked the quotes you referred to the sastra`s- really interesting :-)





    Dont worry Zara, once the devotee always the devotee, once you have taken shelter , now Krishna will take care, there is not even a micron of doubt about that... However you imoure you are, krishna knows that you are his and he is yours thats for sure...:)


    hari bol


    Sure it will ... :rolleyes:


    India could continue to invest millions of dollars in Education and College for her people, who get degrees, master and Ph.D and this jokers will run out of her to USA where they can make thousand of dollars month, forget about India and STILL call themselves Hindus to hide their shame. :eek4:


    Ask yourselves first if Hindus have respect for India first, or not. Don't expect foreigners to respect India if Hindus do not do so themselves.


    Countries which like USA are foreigners. At best, they can be friend and at worst, they can be invaders. But they can NEVER be your brothers and sisters. Remember that and India will not be invaded for the second time.


    Partly true¬¬¬, its all in the system now, just like the child behaves exactly like the way its been taught by its parents.... The society itslef thinks of some prime thing in going abraod and making money... they never care for the Hindu religion for such a decision.. The religion has got its own place in India.. they aviod whenever they want .. Here in India Money not only matters but also it speaks, listens , moves , runs and what not... and to earn quick bucks naturally people find a better place....


    The self esteem is dead for this people.....About invaders, they would actaully have nothing to take except bunch of population, which anyways going abroad without invasion...:rolleyes:


    hari bol


    Probably not Krsnadasa,

    America as a nation based on economic development and sense gratification with so called fundamental Christian values would more than likely just see India at present as a friend in the war against the common enemy of so called terrorism which is really the threat of Islam taking over the world by any means. Americans are afraid their hold on power and control of the world economies is dwindling and their popularity is being diminuished in the world family of Nations. It's suffering an identity crisis that being the best and most powerful in most things doesn't always equate to being the most popular, so in a sense they are searching for friends and allies who they might have some common interest with. As they say it gets lonely at the top.

    But so saying there are a great number of the American population who are very good people that have special gifts that the rest of the world can appreciate, like all nations there is a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly.

    And there are many in America who genuinely love what India really has to offer, not just what they can exploit from her. But they are struggling like everyone on this planet to find some real identity.

    Within this struggle of insecurity to survive the material world dilemna, they are looking for ideoligies that have any relation to their own, that is that make the sort of people they are. In India, they recognize the democratic values of free will and speech to practice ones beliefs or disbeliefs, and that's reassuring in the light of dictatorial regimes elsewhere. And also adding to that is the acceptance by many in America of the various lifestye choices India has exported and vice versa India's attraction to the free economy of America and all it offers, whether it be constructive or destructive at least there is a choice.


    That's one aspect, but at the same time it recognizes Indias potential Super power status, and economic potential, and any intelligent country should be seriously considering friendship with this waking Goddess of fortune in more ways than one.


    That makes sense for me,, i guess as long as the Christainity is in power , ther is no way they would ever respect India,,, though there are a quite good number like (Mahak) who actaully respect ,,,I am not agaisnt Christainity, but I am against their way of convering people around,,, why don they mind their own business?...Then partly its coz of the bad corrupted rulers of India . whio cant bring the wealth to the poor..... well lets wait and watch,,, hopefully krishna will send some sensible one .... even he belongs to America for example whos respecting India and Indian values I would welcome him to rule my country,, provided he is a perfect devotee and well versed in sanatana scriptures.......


    Hari hari bol


    America has no ability to respect, India has no ability to accept respect. These are non-living illusions created by mental speculation.


    Many American People respect Indian People. I myself, treat Indians equally to Americans, some are wonderful, some are idiots.


    As american, I view India as a great Nation, as a great power. The culture of India is most welcome here in america. The culture of america may not be to Indias best interest, however, unless the culture of america returns to the more favorable progressive nature as, say, during the kennedy era. America has become greatly selfish in the last 40 years, and the honorable americans are considered enemies to be crushed even by those who run the nationb.


    So, be careful in who you seek respect from.


    ys, mahaksadasa


    I didnt intend to cause any offene to anyon first of all;; then India respecting American culture, the answer is YES. The appraent changes in the last 10 years is the proof for that... The female's dresses have decresed their sizes massively, the Sari has become only as custom of specail occasion... Non-driker and non-smoker can find himself withiut any friends,,,,, and if you cant speak p[roper english you will be considered a waste. well there are millions of things i can pt here to prove India actually not only respects but follows the american culture these days.....Whats not vanishing is the piousness of the people in genaral, in one or other way people tend yo pray for Gods and godesses,,Supreme one being concpyt might even offend some people here . But thats still there coz of the semi-fundamantal concepts still existing in the mind of mid aged population, which constitutes the parents of todays young genaration. But when these young genaration become tomorrows parents, I doubt if the piousness would dare to exist.


    hari bol

  7. You were not on the wrong boat before. Though the sailers had mis-intepreted the holy Quran.. Welcome on board. We reach together the ultimate aim of one's life , going back , back home, back to godhead , back to Allah, the one without a second, the all beutiful Lord Shri hari...


    Hari hari bol




    Hi all,


    I converted from Islam a few years back when i could no longer tolerate the sins of my fellow being especially when they refused to acknowledge what we were doing wrong in this world, by spreading hatred and violence. KC just really appealed to me, the non violence hindu approach, except with Krishna's message of fighting when no other solutions are possible, not like the stupid Jihad way to gain power and land. Karma also makes sense and when I was a muslim i always questioned myself why do certain people get it easier while others suffer all their life and Islam never explained this to me, also never explained to me why a 5 year old might die young and reach paradise while another might be born to a family of theives and be influenced to sin by environment etc. I am really glad I changed.


    I am pretty new to the Internet, what kind of sites can you direct me to for interesting information on KC.


    Thank you friends.


    I think the offenses they committed against the Lord shows that they were.

    It is also a good lesson of the fine line between devotional service and anti-Krishna mentality.

    Krishna can turn a devotee into a demon if he wants to.

    Sometimes he does that to create formidable foes to do battle with.


    Krishna loves a good fight!:eek:


    Thats sounds sensibel , afterall why would Krishna come to kill insect like demons he he...


    It’s alright! How could one police the police without good basics, eh!;)

    Nothing really unique coming from me other than the language; English. All over the globe the teachers talk funny and why there are so many differences in the message.

    I think you understood the idea mentioned without being too far gone. At least I am not suggesting little blue men or Immaculate Conception.

    No speakee tat lingo …

    If you were to split everything in half as far as you can go, yep … “everyting a wave dude.’

    Like the rock thrown onto the pond ….. it continues with or without ‘you’ knowing it.

    Memories are what this body (you) experienced but yet once ‘felt’ the ‘total’ also knew. ( a conscious thought )


    Yet to understand how energy is affected by other energy upon other mass, then when a body is born within a time period or as currently suggested astrological ‘date,’ upon your conscious birth these can have effects to the born ‘personality.’

    No ‘remembered’ anything. Memories are fixed within the Glial of the brain/nervous system; fact! Everything else is immediate and if set as predetermined; instinctive; to survive or compassionate; observant to the ‘total’ or ‘other than the self.’

    It is why a baby can slap his lil’brother for a toy and the parents just says, ”don’t do that, play nice and treat him as you would like to be treated,’

    Instinctively; that baby is surviving …. But to be correct we cannot survive without the brother and why compassion became increasingly important for life to continue; so the parent within conscious understanding knows to teach the babe to create the memories none are born with.


    those who want to convey use the simplest lagauge, else they just show themsleves to be bombastic.....Itzs Coz brits who invaded using theri trickery Englsih prevails the world else????


    ...if God can do anything - if nothing is beyond Him - can He be wrong?


    I would say he is unaffected by what you think about him... Good or bad... he is transcedental... I always wondered how is it possible to measure him with this tiny mind any respect:idea: .. He cant be understood by any thought or speculation. Its he who gives that understanding by which we can understand him....


    Right and wrong, good and bad are states of mind... we should think above them...


    hari hari bol

  11. Mahakji, I am not offended by whatsoever statement you made. And be careful about offending about any demigod. Demigod literally means Deva, thats sura and demons cant be demigods, they are asuras..... Then one cant compare oneself with spiritual masters like Srila Prabhupada... If he makes any offending (though very turthful) statements he knows how to tackle the bad vibrations coming out of it,, so is to deal with the sins from his direct disciples.... But when we make any offence to demigods, it might become a great difficulty to sustain the blow , unless we become pure devotees... i have experienced it......


    Best policy is to row cooly and calmy without disturbing the water too much:)


    Hari hari bol




    Haribol. I use the word loosely. I use the word demigod to denote one of unusual presence of the six opulences. Maybe there should be another word.


    I do not contend that these "great" personalities are suras or asuras. These words denote intent or malintent of those who are described.


    Basically, all power is attributable to the Supreme Lord, as confirmed by Bhagavad Gita. Even Prahlada acknowledges that Hiranyakasipu gets all his power from Krsna.


    Sorry if my loose use of the word demigod in reference to Nehru offends you. I would also use the same points to acknowledge Hitler, Mick Jagger, any personality who exhibits unusual possession of power, wealth, wisdom, beauty, fame, and renunciation. However, the word makes better sense when describing unusual characteristic of a positive nature.


    In my defense, Srila Prabhupada also sometimes used a looser definition of demigod as well. He derides demigod worship, referring to worship of demoniac persons who repay tribute with gift. But he never derides the worship ofr great Vaisnava Authorities like Siva, Brahma, Narada, Yama, demigods who are also authorities and mahabhagavatas of the science of Bhakti Yoga. He did not denigrate their position by referring to mick jagger as a demigod or referring to great renowned sports heroes as demigods.


    Demi god actually defines as one who is a little god because of great qualities, never to be confused with the source of his power.


    Ill still use my definition, noreena mckennett is still a goddess. But Nehru aint pretty, cant sing. He did get votes, though, ten times as many votes as any two US presidents combined in their best landslides. Hes the demigod of getting votes, even if he didnt get yours.


    haribol, ys, mahaksadasa


    for your consistant good posts. No, I have no special appreciation for nehru, he was never my leader. My post is that not just ordinary people are empowered over others, this is Krsnas arrangement.


    If we were speaking of Patrice Lumumba, I would be biased. I have favored some that many may think reprehensible, like Hugo Chavez. I never understood why amerika hated castro so much. I favor Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, and I favored Jimmy Carter.


    Not nehru, though, hes just a demi god (or demagogue, for some), but hes not ordinary, so streets named after him are fine with me.


    haribol, ys, mahaksadasa


    Naturally, one who is suffered only know the pain, for the rest it looks like a mere show....Nehru wasnt any demigo. by camparing him with a demigod one would simply offend a demigod.. Demigods are exhalted souls , great devotees.. Nehru was a low class, so is his next birth as Dog (as saw by Srila Prabhupada after hsi death)....


    I aint against him for he too is a soul, but i am agaisnt people who say bad as good and keep him as an example for the people to follow


    hari hari bol



    Hari hari bol

  13. Mahakji, what comes here is who is fighting for good and who is for bad.. Thats a typical situation of a war of dahrama, just like war in Kurukshetra.. There wasnt actauuly any selfish motive behind the war. It was faught for the cause of Good and to bring back the dharma on the planet./...


    But here the war is completely different, cant even be compared. All for selfish needs. And about the consciousness, as Lord says its covered by the mode of ignorance here.. Else why do we think at all there is such a war...If a lady avenge for killings of her kinsmen by being a suicide bomber that apparently kills so many of her own people (innocent) what consciousness do you think she has got. And tell me what kind of heaven will she reach after this , for kiiling the innocents?


    This is a pretty tight topic and difficult to discuss,,,, And i don think either parties of the war are fighting any war of dharma, so niether actually reach any of the heavens, irrespective of the consciousness;;;;


    Hari hari bol






    I sympathize with what you say, krsnadas, but Ill reprint this from another topic:


    "Lord Brahma looked at the winsome girl, and replied, "Then I must make them equal. You will not have to kill them, you will never kill gods, demons or human beings. I now create greed, envy, anger, and shame, jealousy and passion. From Your tears, I make war and disease. Do nothing, they will all come to You. You will not be the cause or the prevention of death, but You must greet all who come to You well in their hour. They will kill themselves, and only fools will weep over what none can avoid."


    so, as far as the "reward" for their participation in WAR, I would say that it all depends on their consciousness. A lowlife redneck enjoying killing "sand-------" may have a horrible hell facing him, while an old lady suicide bomber, having lost everyone she knows to bombs, may be engaged in humble service in defense of her people.


    To get angry is OK, but to act on that anger is not. Warfare fought according to religious principles is performed without anger, even though the passion of the very act may seem like actions of anger (like Bhima during Kuruksetra). When the war began, each side offered humble obiesancies, arjuna sending arrows to the feet of his teacher, Drona, and Yudhisthira asking permission from Bhisma, Drona, and Krpa to fight with them.


    So, Im not angry at our soldiers, Israelis, Palestinians, al qaida, saddam. We are all victims of our culture. Only those who value the TRUE can see beyond the modes and be balanced, as Lord Brahma teaches here.


    Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasa

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