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  1. Look guys, the equation is simple


    Create the element for destruction and it will come and kill you



    US created a Bomb and now its killing US..


    Had US not created it, perhaps ther wouldnt be any suicide attacks.

    afterall Muhammad didnt know that US in the future at all create any bombs which can be used for " Jehad"

  2. Hare Krishna,


    I had a tour to Britian sometimes back.. I just got a feeling that British especially English, still think they are the kings of the world.. Worst is when they start claiming good thats happening in India is because of Brits.....I was bewildered by the nuisance this people still have in thier minds...


    The country that you looted, raped and did all harm that a human being can ever think of has stood strong due to Krishan's grace .. And you claim its your grace.. ha ha.....


    Krishna save world, coz world is in the hands of these people now...


    hari bol


    Lord Buddha's (9th incarnation of Sri Vishnu) trick was to implement the worship of Him besides His teaching of voidism to a less intelligent audience.

    Thus people who would meditate upon Lord Buddha would make further advancement and finally come to realize that Lord Buddha is an incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, although these folks wouldnt really be able to articulate.


    Yes devaki nandan is famous for his trickery:) 3


    hari bol


    Rama hid behind a tree and then shot an arrow to kill Vali. But why did He hide? Why did he not indulge in face-to-face war?

    The answer usually given is that if Vali saw anybody, then Vali would get half strength of that person.

    But is that really the reason? Is it true that if Vali had seen Rama, then Rama would have lost half of His strength to Vali and thus Vali would have won?

    Or, is there some other reason?

    Let me make it clear that I am not asking whether it was right on Rama's part to kill Valui hiding behind a tree. That may be a good topic but that is not the intention of this thread.

    Here I only want to know what Rama did so.


    Hmm, I quite sure Rama knows it well..


    Bolo Dasharath nandana Sri Ramachachandra ki Jai


    Anyone know these folks ? Are they good people ?


    Saraswats are basically one of the oldest brahminical communities living on the banks of river saraswti until the river dried. These people then moved down to south India and now there is a big community in southern states and they worship mainly Lord Visnu and his other forms. They also follow spiritual masters who came in the lineage of Sripada Madhwa..


    Hari bol


    "I am a vengeful God". Yet Krsna tells arjuna to kill them all, even King Bhisma, Dronacarya, and Krpacarya. All this burnin and lootin is what humans understand, thus religions have plenty of that blood and guts stuff to hold our attention.


    Ya see, god is beyond good and evil, and the sectarianists will never understand, because they try to clean it up with their own bogus morality. But babies die everyday, and Krsna, who is the cause of all causes, is the perpetrater. Innocent babies die bullet ridden in their mothers' arms. Sorry, but this is not a bible thing. Krsna shows arjuna how he annihillates everything.


    Tofu is trying to mentally conjure up an image of Vishnu that is user friendly, but visnu is part of a three-fold god system, and he just acts as maintainer between the creator Brahma and the annihillator Siva, and even though he is the ultimate source of both brahma and siva, he does NOT intervene in their operations in the mahat tattwa.


    Thing is, we are not blood and guts at all, death is not a part of life, but an illusion brought about by our association with TIME. Transcendence is what is taught by those who have our best interests at heart.


    Lord Jesus Christ is Brahma, the creator and only begotton son (born directly from the body of Visnu), not Visnu, the maintainer. This is who Jesus says is His Father. Lord Jesus returns as Siva, to annihillate. In both cases, he is also MAINTAINED by Visnu, He who has sent Him.


    haribol, ys, mahaksadasa


    V. Good post, thanks,


    Hari bol


    right now humankind needs to be spending it's money and resources on salvaging mankind from inevitable ruination from global warming, depletion of petroleum reserves, disease, famine and serious issues facing the world.


    the millions of dollars wasted on useless astromony so scientists can drive Porsches and Mercedes and pay for their women and speedboats would be better spend on making Earth a better place.


    Scientists don't know exactly about atoms.


    You can't see an atom through lenses made of atoms.


    What they know about the atom is theory.


    they also think there are "quarks" in atoms that they can't even explain or discover.


    atomic science is based on a theory.


    just because they can disrupt an atom and create a nuclear reaction that doesn't mean they know everything about the atom. they don't.


    they operate off of theories.

    somtimes the theory is correct, sometimes it is not.


    all their devices for observing atoms are made of atoms.

    you can't see something smaller than an atom with devices made of many atoms together.


    there is no such thing as a picture of an atom.


    all they have is man-made models. they have never seen the sub-atomic particles of an atom.


    That was a good summary for the thread!! :D


    Dear all,

    Hari Bol, Hare Krsna


    I would like to know WHY this land of Karma is only attached to KRSNA and other gods and why not in middleeast and other european countries or the rest of the world? I mean to say is that when krsna showed the full earth in his mouth or known that he holds the full earth or the universe in his control as they say in Sanskrit "Thena vina Thruna mapi chalathe" then WHY could not he has influence over the full earth rather than only in India and have many religions. Wish the full earth had one religion no matter what Any comments on this plz do..........




    Kings in Bharath ruled the world, Bharath was the world , there was one king and one world... that must make sense for you...


    You are a idiot for sure,show me god then i will accept his existence,no need for concepts...every one can come up with concepts..


    Show me proof of Jesus,Allah,Rama,Krsnas existence....or else shut up


    Are you ready to make yourself able to see God? are you ready for set of rules and regulations to make yourself able to see God? if not then shutup and get the hell out of here... God is not sold on roads to see him whenever you want!!! even to see a neighbour u have to call him if you can come (in western countries ofcourse), then how can you think u can meet God just like that...


    One of the rare instances in which I'm ready to fully back something uttered by you.


    Answer is within and the sages found it by meditating within. There are many ways of dealing with the truth and so is the case in finding it. Sometimes the scientific way of dealing with it proves to be very attractive , but nevertheless, that tends to be very very inaccurate, reason , it builds on many assumptions and presumptions. i myself a scientist and see how the so called theories fail in time when they are not ready to deal with certain cases. On the other hand spirit is perfect and the search for it is not based on any kind of assumptions. So it does not fail in any case. And most importantly all the scriptures are written by researching on the spiritual platform (by the sages), and as result they do not depend on time and take care of all (even exceptional) cases.


    I always found it very blissful when i see someone inquiring about one's existance , its a start of one's spiritual journey, which ends only when one gets in touch with the creator ......


    Hari bol

  11. First of all never write Shankara Vs Ramanuja.. by doing so you are commiting offense on both the acharyas. They came on a particular time at particular place and to the particula sect of people to preach by Lord's wish.. There is nothing to compare.. they are transcendetal and eternal devotees of the Lord...


    Hari hari bol




    ' Ishwar is a manifestation of Brahman (the ultimate reality)'


    Hey guys, coming from a Ramanuj acharaya 's sampradaya, i have always believed that there is Naryan from whom EVERYTHING comes. There is nothing beyond this personal GOD, who has divine attributes with a divine body resifding in a divine dham. Sankaracharya proposes that this pesonal GOD comes from a divine conciousness, which i find difficult to comprehend.


    I am British (of Indian origin) and can not read/write sanskrit and therfore can not actually go and read what is written in the Upnishads. But there are lot of fellow devotees on this forum who have read these Upanishads. What are your views on this matter?


    Can there really be nothing beyond just divine conciousness?




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