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    No one goes to heaven by professing to be Christians or hare krsna's either for that matter. Jesus himself says that he will reject all those that profess to be his followers but yet do not do the will of the Father.


    We should not think we are pure because we don't eat meat. The Lords mercy descends upon the fallen and not the pure. The pure don't require mercy.


    If we were more introspective we would take note of of own inner hatreds towards others and our self-righteousness in considering we are deserving of the Lord's mercy and others are not.


    The Lord will save those He wishes and he requires no reason to do so other than He wants to. Causeless mercy.


    How did Ajamila receive the mercy of Narayana? He was hardly leading a pious life when death approached him. But by some nama bhasa he was given a break. We can't discount the moments of sincere prayer and calling out to God that others do, from meateaters to prostitutes and drug addicts. The Lord measures these things as He wills.


    Good post,, but I guess If one says Krishna shows casueless mercy unto the fallen souls and deliver them, then h must be doing with everyone i guess,, why he doesnt,, thats coz he is not impartial.. Sometimes it looks (as in the case of Ajamila) that he has shown mercy even on the most falles souls.. but what here counts is his past lives deeds as well.. I guess if one counts th sins from the very first life of the spirit soul.. they could nullify or append depeding upon the pious or devotional deeds in many other lives.. Hope you got me here


    Hari hari bol


    I don't think that the Mary topic or Christianity itself is at all "spiritual".

    All that stuff is just some kind of sentimental faith.

    Spirituality is a science.

    It's not just stories and faith and sentiments.


    There is no science in Christianity.

    It's just about "fatih", but faith is just the first step in spirituality.

    If you don't get beyond faith to the science of consciousness, then it is not spirituality.


    Kali-yuga started about 5000 years ago and the Yuga-Dharma is the chanting of the Holy Name.

    Jesus manufactured some faith system, but there was no science.


    Personally, I don't see how Jesus has any connection with the Yuga-dharma that is mentioned in Vedic scriptures.


    In this age "there is no other way" than the Maha-mantra.

    Everything else is a waste of time.


    Many Christians are just going to become beef cattle or hogs or chickens in their next life.

    Their faith in Jesus will not save them from the Yamadutas.


    Yes I agree with you on this,, except that I cant say where they go after their death ,, if at all Jesus save them,,, as I have never read a page in Bible


    hari hari bol


    Hare Krishna


    All glories to Srila Prabhupad


    Everybody now here are not satisfied with what they have currently.


    for example:

    For a business man 24hrs and money which he has earned is not sufficient, for a student the time is not enough for his studies, like this we can keep on saying lot of examples.

    But actually no where anybody is satisfied by anything in this material world. We think that by doing this i will be happy and by doing that i will be sad. but really its not like that we will not be happy by anything.unless one is Chanting the holy name of the lord and accepting, applying the principles of Bhakthi one can never be satisfied and happy. So first of all we have to measure what has been rewarded to us by the Lord Krishna. we have to count our blessings. This is the greatest thinking, and one must be satisfied with what he is having with him. so we have to praise the Lord krishna for giving this very healthy body for rendering devotional service, we have to praise Srila Prabhupad for giving this great opportunity to serve the vaishnavas and Lord Krishna and also for giving his books & we have to praise the Lord Krishna for giving us the capacity to Chant his holy name.


    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


    Iam scared that if Srila Prabhupad is not here, everybody of us will be immersed in the vast material ocean.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupad.


    Hare Krishna


    Great post,, completely spiritual


    Hari hari bol


    Dear Guest, please understand that I am not part of Iskcon. I posted the concise truth of the matter by quoting Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati. You should use the link and go read Vaisnavism Real and Apparent and forget about your wikipedia.


    As far as some school in the UK that has Hindu in it's name it is probably being paid for by the Hindu community. Who knows and who cares.


    There is no animosity to Hindus from Vaisnava's or for any other religion for that matter.


    I am sure you would accept Adi Sankara as a Hindu...but is he a Vaisnava? Are polytheists worshipping Ganesha for a prosperous life Vaisnava's?


    Cobras are worhipped as they have thier lord as Adi-shesha,the gretest of the devotees, on which the Lord Visnu sits... If you are from India you would know this else I dont expect you to anyways....


    Hari hari bol


    Krishnadasa's signature




    Because we are not owls. If everyone stops speaking then there is nothing to hear.


    Yes yes you were not OWls,, you are OVER-SIGHTED blind men/or some other creature:smash: ,,, get one identity first then come on i will speak to you,,,,, without the identity nothig has significance... probably one cant even tell whether its an OWL or something wierd....


    Hari hari bol


    There are Hindu forums on Audarya Fellowship if all you want to think about or discuss is Hinduism. This forum is called Spiritual Discussions. Do you think spirituality is only found in a Hindu context?


    Anyway I believe this thread was started here by someone who identifies as Hindu.


    Show me a single word showing anything spiritual in that some controversial dealings of mary's story.. He he make your facts straight before writing anything... If you say this forum is spiritual then for your kind info (indeed I dont need to tell this ) for us spiritual only that deals with Krishna and his pasttimes or atleast the spirit soul.. not some mary story which doesnt say anything about Krishna:rolleyes: ...I am certainely an OWL which measures properly before writing here anyhting ... nothing like the good sighted blind men:eek: ....


    hari hari bol


    a serious investigation of the taj mahal structure alongside a study of hindu temples and islamic styles revealed that a conversion never happened

    and if you are so damn right

    what would you do convert it back to? - we would see then what an architectural mess you would make of it


    if you hindus love it that much then u can have it

    you need as much style as you can get


    islamic architecture is amongst the finest in the world


    ask anyone who is qualified that would stop your nonsense


    Show me one proper Islamic architecture in the mid of Desert... c'mon what we can expect from the nomads,, to build huge structures or to loot and trick the peace loving Bharath's kings....And then if you are a muslim and from India u shud know that you anscestors were actaully Hindus few genarations back.. Its coz of those bloody forceful conversion to Muslim you are talking in for to muslims.:rolleyes:


    Hari hari bol


    it's an insult to India for any religious sect to claim it was "theirs" all along.


    Maybe it was a shiva temple, maybe not. But it no longer is a Shiva temple. Forget the past, because it only arouses anger over past injustices, causing us to perpetuate more injustice. It's better to leave it alone and just take it to be the pride of India. Not the pride of Muslims, the pride of Hindus, etc.


    Yeah, you are right ,, but that must be told first to Muslims I guess,,, who create chaos by being in Burkha... Its easy to say so many things by sitting at home.. Only the suffferers know the pain.. no the people like you who just blabber in such forums:mad: ......Make your facts straight first then come to teach here in this forum....We don need any so called "peace loving " teachers....If we dont raise now we will die for ever...


    hari hari bol#


    hare krishna

    dear souls......what happens to the soul when a person commits suicide? one of my friends committed suicide as she believed she could reach god.

    many of u might have attended many devotional lectures,many might have well learned masters.....does any one happen to recall any such talks

    from ur masters regarding suicide?

    please throw some light....

    hare krishna!


    They can get rid of the material body, but the subtle body still remains which remains coz of unfullfileld desires .. so Suicide is a dangerous task and such a person will be punished ...


    Hari bol


    It snows in the mountainous regions. Anything above Rishikesh will receive some snowfall in winter.


    The western gaht forests are the most beutiful ones , indeed the weather in this forests remain pretty noraml throught the year.. this is fairely new part of the country(as compared to other parts of the country) as it was lately created by Lord Prashurama after he destroyed all the kings 21 times.....


    Hari hari bol



    A rich man's son, he thinks that he will be happy independently. His father has got everything, but he goes out of home and chooses to live independently. That is a craziness. Similarly, when you come to this material world, giving up the protection of God, that is our craziness. So a crazy man must suffer. Therefore we are suffering. Yes. But you have the right to become a crazy. All right. Chant Hare Krsna - Srila Prabhupada


  12. Yes he paid the price afterall!!!



    Well at last the former president of Iraq has been dispatched to the courts of Yamaraja - about time...i bet he wishes he had made different choices now...


    This guy was like the ancient cruel king vena and he wasn't fear personfied for upstarts - he was an upstart.


    Should we pity him? No.


    God Bless America! God Bless Iraq!

  13. It all started on the day Lord left to his abode after showing his Lila... Brits and Americans were just a tool in the real play.. We pay for the Adharmic acts that we have been pefroming right through this age.. India was supposed to teach the world of how to live in this mrtyu loka to get the better in the next, but the ship is crusing in the wrong direction.. and its been guided by the corrupt politicians..When the responsible and knowledgble commit a mistake , then they have to pay to a larger extent than the ignorant ones.. this is the case with Bharatha..


    I just can hope that one day the dead consience, self esteem of the people of this holy land would revive and only then they see the truth as it is.


    Hari hari bol

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