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  1. They are comparing the cooked tomatar with the raw tomatar and therefore I am thinking this is not a good comparison.They should be comparing cooked tomatar with raw tomatar that is left in 36 degrees celsius condition in a mild acid for a couple of hours as tthis is what is happening in the person's gastro intestinal tract. When they are be able to simulate the "cooking" that happens to a raw food in the gastro intestinal tract and then test the accessibility of the nutrimnets of the tomatar so "cooked" then we will be getting a fairer comparison. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 04-24-2002).]
  2. It is being a big box of CUCUMBERS. But oh my goodness gracious me they are being all gone bad by now. I will be throwing them out but first I am saving the cardboard box they were rotting in.
  3. AbhiJi, it is being known as "simultaneously one and different" as proposal by the Mahaprabhu Krishna Chaitanya. Very difficult for the understanding because it is being only realised in the state of the liberating realisation.
  4. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 04-24-2002).]
  5. So is not somebody wanting to ask me "What is for the first prize"?
  6. you are doing very nicely now. variety is the spice of life. First prize must be going to Abhi. Well done Abhi! [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 04-19-2002).]
  7. Is it that you are all eating too many cucumbres because there is being too much of the repeating here. When I am coming to this topic again I am wanting to be seeing some different pwoints being risen. Otherwise I will be having no more choice but to be reporting your behaviours to the top.
  8. SironaJi, if you are not able to be having the respect for the group to be discussing with them your questions directly then your question on what to be doing is already being amswered. One must be first meditating with the Guru before one is meditating with the group. If Guru is not being there or anywhere near then one may first be meditating with the Guru Roop. For this any picture of Guru will do nicely. Pranams.
  9. Masterji! I am just now thinking the cosmic form is being rarer as you say and therebuy most indigestable whereas the supreme form is being well done and therefour more relishable. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 04-11-2002).]
  10. I was once living with natural healing woman who was quite old and she was being one colour threpist also I was overcoming the hepatitis from India and she asked me see in my third eye the deep red like cherry colour for the liver. So I am making one vizualiztion for you being as one suggestion by way of example only. As you are breathing in to count of 4 imagine you are scenting something in Braj like the sscent of wet dust or the tulasi rani or even some floweres. Then hold the breathinh for a count of 4 and imagine that whatever it is you smelling has been touched by Lord on His walkings and rovings. As you are now breathing out imagine that the scent is the scent that is coming from His deep red dhoti which touched whatever you have smelled and let this colour permeate you liver for a count of 8 or more. Do this 12 times at leat 3 times a day. I am hoping this example is not causing the offenses to your spirit but if cannt accept please try some other visual involving the deep red with the 4:4:8+ breathing cycals. Let us all be the breathrens in the devotion.Jaya Hanuman!
  11. Sister Prabhu I am thinking you are a real devotee muskaraiding as a matirealist because you are having all the trappings of the devotees including the modesty which as you know is the suttlest and most perilous trap.
  12. I am noticing this much in many persons that as the spiritual outcome increases the material income decreases. Someone in my family is telling me that Mata Laxshmi becomes jealous of devotees when they are becoming too dear to Krishna. could this be true? [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 04-07-2002).]
  13. Jayaradhe prabhu, perhaps, is not your shame being the pervarted reflection of Lord's shame for allowing your suffering under the conditions you are finding your good self? If we are greatfully accepting even our minus situations as being the blessing from Lord, He becomes no more ashamed and then will be looking at us again and then we will be feeling the connection once more.
  14. Jayaradhe prabhu if you are not finishing this painting still it must be becaise peace is not come to our world still. that is not your doing. Pranams.
  15. It might be tht its is being the name which will be following you back to Braj. Perhaps?
  16. Such wondering and insitefull writings JRdd prabhu
  17. Jayaradhe Mataji you said your liver is nearly all going. It is being said the the liver is holding ones anger. So I am thinking as soon as your anger is all gone Lord will be there to take you. Until then you must have been praying like the baby because just now it is like you are talking as the saints. Perhaps Hanumanji will be bringing you some nice fruits soon. I will pray also.
  18. Abhi: "Krishna KRISHNAAAAAAAAA!!" Krishna: "Abhi nahin. Jao !"
  19. Shashi

    am I in?

    Are the lights being on but there is nobody in house? [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-07-2002).]
  20. gHari Prabhuji, shame on you, you are never mentioning the dvaita vedants of Madhavaji which is being a major school. Are you forgetting? [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 04-02-2002).]
  21. Tarunji my feeling is being that you are rashnalicing and so answering is hot and cold. I am wanting the nice answer from Mataji.
  22. When it is coming to the question of who is Srila Prabhupad my judgement is being that when it is comes to the Gurus Prabhupad is IT. Mataji Suryaz I make emphasise there is not being any gambling in this judgement. When you are coming foolly upon the Hindu parthways you will be understanding why SP is IT. This way IT is not being anymore the impersnal pronoun.
  23. Oh Jagatji what about the word IT to be also covering the persons? My younger brother is suggesting a variety to it as ET.
  24. Sorry prabhuji but I am not able to bet with you. our family Guruji having prohibited the gambling as well as meating and intoxicating and unmarried loving.
  25. In our culture bhoga is becoming prasad only after Lord is accepting it. So how is Smt Suryaz can prepare the evening prasad? Is it she is keeping Lord in the kitchen and commanding him to accept her cookery?
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