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  1. According to wisdoms stated in this thread you must be having such big personality not containable within the situations of your currant existance.
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    According to wisdoms stated in this thread you must be having such big personality not containable within the situations of your currant existance.
  3. Other than the milk thistle, the globe artichoke which is also being somewhat thistle like plant is excellence for liver renaisance. You may be trying to eat two or three per diem of these flowers steamed. Also if you are not able to tolerate the oils well for the essaential fatty acids, please be trying apprpriate dozes of the spirulina and the bali greens powder. Most importantly, please be accepting my warm well wishes!!
  4. Parbhuji, I am thinking your Lord has fallen on your tongue.
  5. No needing for the request.Your internal form is being already in order.Always dressed.
  6. Are you being morning or evening raga?
  7. I am always wondering why the neophytes are asking the questions, the answers to which they are having the little chances of understanding.
  8. I am thinking that Blessed Self would have being familiar with same but is not being here at these forum.
  9. Do not be sad PaulJi. Just think Lordships got DOUBLE offerings that day. All in your own home! Haribol!
  10. Same thing like going one guru to another all the times all while Guru is at home starving or at the doors needing cloth or care. Lord is also waiting for scholars in the deepside of their humble ignorances. Be the humble bee not the bumble bee JagatJi!
  11. First try being yourself.It will be hurting little bit at first but will be hurting everyones less at the end. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-09-2002).]
  12. My panditJi who is being helping me to be finetuning my sayings for this forums as per translatery of philosophical meanings but not for day to day chatters is saying I may be expressing my reply to J N DasJi as such:- <u>FAULTLESS ELUCIDATION !</U>
  13. There are being many deep meanings therewith. BhaktavasyaJi you are banging the nail rite on the head.
  14. Shoossh ! Avinash Bubbee ! Behave yourself or I wiil be telling your auntyJi in Ahmedabad. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-09-2002).]
  15. This one I am not getting.
  16. MaitreyaJi? Why are you having spelt "Madhu" wrongly as "Mudha"? [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-08-2002).]
  17. OKAY. Thank you. Whatever is being safer. US it is then!
  18. Haribol Jayaradhe Didi!!! So you are well enough to be considering for the others with love and compassions? This is being called perfect health. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-09-2002).]
  19. We are not having such problems in Australia. As one bank customer all charges whether local or foreign denominations for the international draft are being costing us only 12dollars. So is it being alrite in some future times if we are sending draft check in rupees to this adrress: Bhaktivedanta Ashram, c/o Kamala Kanta Sahu At - Kuansh, P.O. - Bhadrak, District - Bhadrak Pin - 756 100 Orissa ?
  20. JN DasJi This are being some good pictures also the picture of you? is surprising me as I am thinking you will not be doing the hands on but more the administrations. That is nice to. So how can anybody be making the IRREGULAR donations by the mail and not credit card. Wiil you send receipt for donors satisfaction that moneys reached safely? Also my husband is asking if donations are being tax exempt for Australia?
  21. On one hand you are demanding the improvements in speaking English BUT on the other you are saying "irregardless" which is being with double negative. The "ir" is being redumbent as it is being meaning the same as the "less". Rati indeed!
  22. That is being given in the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English to be illustrating one of the valid and variety uses of BUT. JagatJi, you may please be contacting them directly and making your argumentations with their Board of professors? I am being so sure they will be most welcoming the English speaking expert with the Indian names. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-06-2002).]
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