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  1. The elephant tusk is hard and sharp, the elephant ear is soft and the flopsy. Both are correct experience of elephant but both are the incomplete. Though incomplete, still true. Elephant tusk not cancel out elephant ear.
  2. They are the Vedantic becaiuse they are both draw supports from the Vedantic portions of the Vedas.
  3. Where is aying this? Show me? Please do not be quote from Exodus.
  4. This is right. But become beware that in the Sanskirtic pronounction of Rama the last "a' is not being the same as first "a". It is being shorter and first "a" is being longer. Prpoerly transcripted with dash above the 'a". One should also be knowing that sylabol with long vowl is getting more stress force when said than the other sylabols. Also I am hearing my PunditJi pronouciating Vedas and the last "a" is not said when end of recitation. Like if the group of mantras is end with "vidhema" the last of mantras will finish as "vidhem" with uttan or the upward sound for "m".
  5. This is being Srila PrabhupadJi's STANDARD:-
  6. This is good beginnings for the page 2 in discussions. Thank you too much AtmaJi. Cryings.
  7. Karthik uyou are very embarassing me as you have one indian names also. You are showing nothing. Jesus is not being found in Exodus which is being the ages before Jesus. For Jesus you must be looking Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You must now be apologizing.
  8. All are mentioning the crucifying. Versions may be differ but theme is same same. Like different versions about Lord Chaitanya. Are you rejecting Lord's Lila simply because different versions. Core is same same. Like many peoples seeing one elephant from the different angles each. Versions will be differing. YOur thinking is that if many versions therefore you will not take elephant seriously. This is being miraclous logic!!!
  9. The literal meaning is being the direct meaning. Lord Jesus is literally feeling separations like Lord Chaitanya is literally feeling same. Are you have some problem with the separation being as spiritual reality? Mayavadis having same problem.
  10. If you are liking Lord Jesus, please be praying to MIRIAM Mater for the nine days while avoiding the womens. Taking only the flat breads, grape juices and little parsley with little bit curds for nine dyas pray to Mater offering her the blue flowers. Wear the brown colours. Best locations: the desolate chappel in the Rockie Mounts. Please be leaving astrology to the stars. They can afford same. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 07-11-2002).]
  11. MooJi, most certainly the BIRTH related. Most who are being the born are having the blocks. Some are not knowing it. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 07-11-2002).]
  12. Regarding your wondering about this, why not "sleep on it"?
  13. If the relationship is being casual, why mention? Even topmost eternal relationships is the unmentionable. Radhika is too quite about same with her family. Secret devotions.
  14. You are saying the little house on the prairie. Where are seeing this house. How you get on it? Is dreaming?
  15. My GuruJi is beams without any force.
  16. This is not being so funny but true. I am thinking of all those peoples I was rejected in my life. Which ones were sended by Lord. GauracandraJi, are there anyones in this forums you are rejected thinking them not from Lord?
  17. I am give old friend the pick up. Not to be paying back but because of the friendship. Am I missing joke?
  18. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 07-07-2002).]
  19. Where is the liitle house please?
  20. My meanings is that if intuition is leading to Lord it will be verified as the real. But when intuitions is leading to the other points and the conclusions not related to Lord there will be always some doubting about that intuitions. If we are focus on Lord our intuitions will be finding their fulfillments. Think you not Avinash Ji?
  21. JRdd's story is show us that Lord's pain beckons the new way of loving devotions. Without headache who could have thought that putting foot dust on Lords head would be the devotion? Like this also the pains in our life. They are Lords blessing to beckon us to the new ways of devotion. Same same Jesus on the Cross. What pain and what new forms of compassion followed same. Are you getting me Cow Ji?
  22. If intuition is not reminding us to be knowing Lord it is not being the pure intuition. This is my newest thoughts on this subjects.
  23. Yes you are being quite right. My intuition told me not to crtisize you but I was ignoring same. What a shame!
  24. AvinashJi, why you not making the capital T for ThesitJi? Nobody decided he become the cow. We had the group intuitions that is his eternal ID. Such was our agreement. If we are wrong it is ahrmless jokings. On the subject of jokings are anyone aware how much intuition is being involved in getting the joke? We are all seem to be discuss intuition in light of high wisdom, but what about the laughings?
  25. This is beautiful.I am cry too. There is the dried ink of the written but the tears of the smitten are never drying. Always making moist Lord's heart. Thank you Yashoda dd.
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