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  1. No ego No go [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-02-2002).]
  2. You are being 100% correct AvinashJi. I am the guilty. There is absolutely being no reason for me to be doing that. So why must we be trying to find REASON for the Hare Nama? It is being self effulgent I am meaning to say if nonsense can be without reason cannot the highest also not be needing the justifications for existence?
  3. JijaJi I am not knowing who is this Kerouac fellow but I am thinking he must be wrong. I am being told that the highest a bear can becoming is Yogi.
  4. Sometimes Lord is chatting with more than one person into the same time and later we are fighting as to what He said at that one time because he was saying different thing to each one of us as He is being the personal. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-02-2002).]
  5. Maybe I am being the deceiver, Lord is not fooled, Paramatma kee jay.
  6. AvinashJi are you thinking perhaps (like I am)that this Jack Handy mite be potty? clue - think in hindi.
  7. Are you maybe thinking you are the radio station wave length? If I am hearing something I think is sounding a little bit like the mayavadi song I can switch you off simply by calling out "MasterJi".
  8. One must be relying on the inner conviction of one's own self and one's own intuition. The Buddha is having said so! [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-02-2002).]
  9. Ahh no She aint heavy She's my Mata.
  10. Ohh JagatJi is not the going to the Univarsity an elective in itself or is it being compulsory in your country? [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-01-2002).]
  11. Jagatji now is not the time as you are saying but now is being the eternity itself.
  12. Jijaji I am wandering is not the avoidance of the rituals itself a discipline also?
  13. TheistJi I am not being the bhakta but I am 100% with you on this one issue. I am not being the veganism either as I am taking the honeys and am having the leather on the mirdanga and the woolen clothing for the wintery times. I am thinking that the cows must be the worshipable creatures in their own rights and not simply being so for the utilitaRanism purpoise for the supply of foodstuffs. I am not agreeing with the other one who is saying humanities must have the animal fats somehow. Even the modern western nutrition jnanis are not saying same. Thanking you for the concern for MataJi. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 05-01-2002).]
  14. You are being bilkul 100% correct Mr AtmaJi.
  15. I am thinking you are being right we are not on one wave. Your idea of the light in the light banter must be having the narrower spectrums than the spectrums of my light in my idea of the light banter. It is yourself who is become the heavy and you are telling the others to be lightening up?
  16. MasterJi i was never saying that the disbelifs would be invalidating you but only that it would be putting you in the sadness. I am thinking when Lord comes to us the Grace is suchlike that there is arising somewhat the compassion for the others and the spirit desire to share with them. but the people are such they must demand your authority in minus of which they reject you. Your meeting with Lord is still valid as will be the sadness. Masterji you are having yourself said that Lord is all pervading so it must be that the pervading is eternal. The devottee of Lord is always being connected with Lord despite the different situations. Always in connection with the Lord in a pond the devottee is wet and in the desert sand the devotte is dry. Suchlike in the separation the devottee is being sad and in the meeting various things are happening also. Therefore why are concerning yourself fearfully with the prospective of the separation? Lord is pervading that also. This is sounding like the mayavadi positions which is viewing the different bhakti sitautions as the procedure. Like the mayavadis are telling that we only will worship Lord until we are reaching the brhamajyoti and then we must dispense with Lord. So you are telling that alone must be dispense when object is reached. Are you knot knowing that the One Supreme is sbeing supremely alone and as the sparks from Lord we too are alone?
  17. Jijaji even many of the non Mohammedan women like to wear purdah sometimes to proteckt them from the glans of the beadie eyed fellows.
  18. I am thinking that Mr AtmaJi's presentation is being most agreeabul because the it is boiling down to this - the Lord's movement is likewise the Lord - that is to say SELF EFFULGENT. So there is being no need to wonder why or purpose of same. It is self explanation. What explanation for the ripe mango needed Mr GaurachandraJI. Simply taste.
  19. It is being said that Lord's Grace is filling us so completely that our selfishness is being drownded and so the Grace is then impelling us to to selflessly share. If nobody believes you you will be in rejection by them and unabled from sharing. Such will be your fortune. MataJi then He must be pervading the separation also and therefore this is making the separation the reality also. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 04-30-2002).]
  20. I am thinking that he may be gently suggestion to you to come with him upstream tugging at your heart which is his way but I am thinking you will be in so much of the shock at his presents that you will not toke the suggestion. When he is gone you will be cursing yourself for the clumsy response and after that nobody will ever be believing that you saw him and this will make you more the lonely than ever before you saw him. You might be then spending your days listening to the trickling streams and judging the concert parformances as being the banal because their toning is not being anything like the voice you were hearing when you saw him. Mataji I am feeling very sad for you.
  21. You are having such a pompous view of Lord. I am being told that even the ar5rogant scoolars are vainly trying for His attention. These very same scoolars are not thinking themselves fallen. One day He will be looking at same. Wiil He be looking upward?
  22. Perhaps we are able to to be uniting the two aspects that God is limitless and God has the birth by the insite that GOd is not limited by the birth. Alternatuvly we could be seeing that God's birth is limitless.
  23. I would be chatting with Him about all the so called fallen devotees who are now some of them on the drugs and suchlikes, many adultrous relations and some being into blasphemies and so on. I would be kindly telling that they are still great devotees but only that they were being desparate for His personal attention and when they could not be bearing the separatness from Him any more longer that is when they are taking up their bad habits in last efforts to attract His attention by their courageful mischif. I would be kindly explaining that the love spurned does the strange effects on people.
  24. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 04-24-2002).]
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