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  1. Mataji is it OK to be playing on the mirdanga drum being made with animal skin while singing the Hare Rama?
  2. I am thinking that sugar from sugar cane is being from the flowing sap of that which has been pressed out at the sugar cane mills and after having much refined. Dear Atmaji are you thinking that the sap from sugar cane has been reffined away all its sin making the white sugar sinfree?Are you thinking that remaining molasses is having all the sin which was being there originally in the sugar cane sap?
  3. I thought you were a dedicated devotee.Shame on you.What you are saying is not clean good joke and I am too disappointed with it.
  4. I never go into the graveyard but it looks so much dramatic near the seeside cliffs.Why do ask about priates. Are you descended from them? Tarum seems like one pirate name like Amenpeter, is it not?
  5. That one is a queer commentary Ms Leyh. Was it not you who zeroed in on the politics whaen you went to the Singapore temple and then decided not to go there again because of the politics? The temples are spiritual places.
  6. please explan some more Prabhooji
  7. I think Indra made many fallibilities aginst Krishna. Its written in the holy books. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 02-08-2002).]
  8. Valaya Mataji Oh my goodness! Is this the meaning of Catch 22?
  9. You seem so humble and modest. Does the japa chanting make you like this or have you been like it always.
  10. My obeysances to you Prabhuji. I did not think I would come across such a dedicated devotee on a chat forum. Pranams Pranams. All Glories. Hari Ram.
  11. Shashi Stone the crows! GEE its beena LONG time since someone asked me that! I live near Waverley Cemetry in Sydney.
  12. No no Prefesser. They are simply saying "bugamy" all the time. What it means? Please?
  13. Do you knoW what I clean forgot the title. I'll ask some friends and then tell you. When I'll be past junior membership I will start my own topic about it. [This message has been edited by Shashi (edited 02-03-2002).]
  14. Thank you, I knew you must be a teacher. In Australia we are hearing a lot of "BUGAMY". Do you know what means that, Masterji?
  15. Mr Suryaz, I don't understand how you can agree with me as I was only asking a question and not making a conclusion. Or was this part of your joke? No offense meant.
  16. Well masterji if polygamy is many wives and polyandry is many husbands and monogamy is one wife can we say that monandry is one husband? whoever heard of it?
  17. The thing is that all cultures have a heavy materialistic side and we get so used to it that we may not notice it at the subtle level as readily as we notice it from another culture. Did anyone see that funny documentary about the african socialogist reporting on tribal practices in middle europe?
  18. Slippery fingers? I know the feeling.
  19. Just like some people become taken over by demons for a short time, do you think it can happen that the higher spiritual entity may take posessesion of some persons sometimes?
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