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  1. Tarun you don't Understand, if you check on my website, majority of the people are not "spiritulists". That's why I consider when Jesus said "love your enemies" he didn't speak for himself, but for the non "spiritualists". Enemy could be your husband, brother, wife, not enemies with guns. You are here to burn some Karma because of your relationship with your "enemies", and everybody in India knows that.
  2. "If you try to love someone you hate, you’ll hate him even more." - from here you can see love is not enough; I consider Understanding it's more important than Love.
  3. gHari, yes, the best is the Vedic knowledge. Each Religion represent different level of Understanding.
  4. bhaktajoy - nice website "Interview with God" I posted one before: http://www.thegreatillusion.com gHari - what you said God is: He is the Cause of all Causes, and All that is. He is One Beyond a Second. He is the Unborn Primal Person, from whom everything and everyone emanates. He is the owner of everything; He is the enjoyer of everything; He is everyone's best friend. He is described as Bhagavan, which means that He possesses all six opulences in complete perfection to an absolute degree (wealth, fame, beauty, strength, knowledge, and renunciation). No one is equal to or greater than God.
  5. What you said about God, it's the same concept, in all the Religions.
  6. I consider, instead of loving our enemies, it's better to try to understand them.
  7. gHari, "destructive ideas of the strictly Advaita philosophy". Everything is exactly, the Universes are like a perfect clocks. How much you sleep, or pray can be calculated in advance. If you look in The Theosophical Society books you'll find a lot of information about lives, time frame etc. Why do you ask me if I'm God...? In my first sentence on my website: My Ego is my Student, My Spirit is my Master. For me it's very clear.
  8. Yes, we have 7 reicarnations in human body, at the begining we are "demons" at the end "saints". From Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi I learned a lot, he is one of the greatest. For me everybody who have the Knowledge is my Master. When somebody have only one Master, is far away from Knowledge.
  9. How I explain on my website: "there will be billions of people with one or two lives, and like today they are fixing the rules from TV to Religion". Srila Prabhupada is speaking about "demonic", but it's the peoblem of evolution of the people on this planet, the "quality", not the number, and in the future will be more "demonic" in the picture of the world.
  10. Because the population will be double until 2050, the future doesn’t look “brighter” than the present.
  11. We have a lot of Knowledge. Look how much Knowledge there is on these Message Boards. I think it’s good to spread this Knowledge in the World. A World with Knowledge will be a much better World. We can solve problems better than armies, politicians etc. In countries where it’s dark, we can bring light. How: - keeping workshops in those countries; - sending e-mails with websites about Knowledge; - contacting people in those countries etc.
  12. It's a very nice movie directed by Henry King, "The Song of Bernadette".
  13. It's a very nice movie directed by Henry King, "The Song of Bernadette".
  14. Before my wife die of cancer, we consider is better to start fasting, and because the cancer was everywhere special in the liver, because of fasting she didn't have any pain. Before death it's good to clean ourselves as much as possible.
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