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  1. Men went to the moon, and men have gone to Vrindavana, India. But they need eyes to see what is there. Without eyes we see a sand trap and monkeys. The man whose lotus feet felt the foot dust of Radha and Krsna and the cowherd boys remains puzzled by those who can see only monkeys and sand. I fear our Prabhupada lived far from our world of gunas and darkness, not really knowing just how dull we really are. http://geocities.com/caitanyamahaprabhu/moonthing1.htm
  2. A little K.I.S.S. for you: We have three things forever, eternally and they are: 1 ..... Our self, 2 ..... God, 3 ..... Our devotion to God. These three we have forever. Everything else is inconsequential, not eternal. If you are serious, this is the book to begin with ... http://vedabase.net/bg/en
  3. Who is going to believe such a story? With no money in his pockets, and no pockets even, the exalted Prabhupada hops a ride on a steamer and lands in New York. He walks around the Big Apple's parks singing a song like the Pied Piper, and soon the whole western rat race is singing that song. Could such a fairy-tale myth ever be credible? How fortunate we are this wonderful man left his peaceful heaven to cross the universe to save our souls. Amen
  4. Sweet Sarva gattah, I rarely make myself understood and this topic is more complex than most. And I may be missing something right before my eyes. Yet, those responses did not seem to address my logic concerns, but were actually the reason I initially wrote a comment. Each of them assumes that Arjuna's and Lord Krishna's statements about knowing the future mean that the "future is set". I do not see that as necessarily logical. That is, I think it is possible to see the future without that future being predestined or set in stone. Almost paradoxically like the chicken or the egg but, they see the future because that is what will happen in the future, due to my use or abuse of free will; not because that is what must happen. That is just what will happen. And from Sri Krsna's transcendental platform He can see it all, all of time, all the drama of loving jivas coming to Him, learning how to love Him, climbing mountains to get to Him, desperate to have Him. If it is all set in stone then there is no real self or real free will - everything is mechanical. We would have no choice at all because all is set in stone, predetermined what words I will type, when I will call out to Krsna, when I will remember the Absolute. Love would become mechanical and mundane. I do not recall Srila Prabhupada ever advocating predestination. The future is not set. I can go back to Godhead anytime I really want to. These chains are not rooted in my real self. They will fall away like dust if I can just stand up - just wake up. Stand and fight! It is not fruitless.
  5. This idea of predetermination, the future being already set, I'd have to see a direct quote from Srila Prabhupada before I'd even consider it. To me, Krsna's knowing the future does not imply necessarily that the future is set. That is a trivial conclusion. I think Krsna is greater than that. If it is all mechanical, even bhakti, then there can be no joy in the world for Sri Krsna; and that is not my perception. I do not think we want to obliterate the self like this. Bheda is not illusion - it is acintya but real, for both us and Sri Krsna. Stand and fight!
  6. I find the real puzzle is "How does Krsna create something different from Himself?" - unique beings with free will, personality, this tatastha energy, tatastha magic that seems so real, even to Him. Yet we're just a part of Him somehow, and somehow, different. Acintya. I'm very glad it's this way, no matter where I am, in this or any other world.
  7. I saw the thread name and delighted thought "Ah some Hari Nama, at last!"
  8. The worst part is that in quotes we find a pantheon of mythological gods. Sheesh. They better find someone with their head screwed on to publicize the place.
  9. <CENTER><H1><font color=blue>M O R E T O Y S</font></H1></CENTER> Now!
  10. Nice to hear from you again, Erik.
  11. I'm sorry for the word jugglers, but I read the words left by Srila Sridhara and I am at his feet. He speaks directly to the inner chambers of my being. He is my brother, my father, my friend. I pity those who would speak ill of him for they are clearly deaf ... and dumb. Speaking ill of him serves only to document the disqualification of the speaker. Otherwise such activities are a waste. I reject any such unfortunate wretch.
  12. What a nice guy. Just a little weapons suggestion though: if truly you "have an instinctive tendency to be prudent", then don't use the shotgun.
  13. Aw, you promised not to respond to my posts. Can I not trust you? BTW, your buckshot hasn't come anywhere near me yet. You see, I'm a bit of an enigma - definitely not your stereotypical religious whacko. Oh, and you might like to know: your power-tripping really doesn't make you look superior. If you impress yourself with those material qualifications, then you establish yourself as inferior in every way, even materially. Just a little FYI.
  14. Maybe we end up arguing like little girls about this stuff because both sides present their position as fact. Let's face it - if Babaji can't say it, then nobody can. How is it we are so positive? Are we trivializing it - relying on words and logic? When we got to Goloka did we say "Hey, I've never been here before" or "Back at last - there are my slippers"? This controversy so sounds like the bheda and abheda, dvaita-advaita debate: 1. It says bheda here, here and here! I will ignore all abheda references. 2. It says abheda there, there and there! (I will ignore all bheda references) 3. Both are correct, inconceivably. I will embrace all references in the Vedas - otherwise it is offensive.
  15. Does that story sound like sleeper-vadi to anyone else?
  16. Yes, that is what impressed me, almost bringing a tear to the eye as I imagined the conversation. It is such a wonderful way to start a life. You must be doing a good job, Dad. Prabhupada was still, seventy years later, so thankful that his dear father had given him Jagannatha Ratha-Yatra as a childhood playtime pastime.
  17. Golly, he may be learned real good, but a simple deconstruction of the motivation for an article which maybe he didn't pen transformed him instantaneously into Linda Blair before our astonished eyes. I would have guessed that either reading comprehension skills or simple logic skills were missing to generate such an unexpected violent response, not to be expected from a larned-good man. I'm still amazed at the venom that came out of that sweet-soundly diplomatic mouth. But I guess in perspective, I should be amazed by the diplomacy that initially came out of that duplicitous heart. That must have been quite a stretch, failing only in the last breath. So what the hell did he want to talk about anyway - his frustration at not finding satisfactory scriptural reference for a 10,000 year Golden Age of Sankirtana? Does it really matter to him that he find it? Will he then take life seriously - or does he expect us to spend our time cruising the Vedas to amuse his intellectual jollies? I'm okay with what Prabhupada wrote. If he has a problem then .... golly gee, gosh darn, that's so unfortunate, but the caravan rolls on.
  18. God is one. Then religion is one. And that is Surrender to God. The more surrendered we become, the closer we get. That is the path. Because of our varied skills and weaknesses we will travel that path of surrender on a variety of vehicles. Day to day, moment to moment, life to life we will ride customized versions of different vehicles like karma-yoga, impersonalism, atheism, apathy, guna-shuffle, bhakti-yoga, Islam A&B, Christianity XYZ, dhyana-yoga, Melvinism, Gaudiya schism branches ABFKOGRZ, and on and on, as many as there are jivas. But there is one path, one religion - no need to kill anybody.
  19. It's difficult to know what to do and I must admit it's been some time since I've seen an article by Melvin or his alter-egos, but maybe one day he will realize that in addition to publishing the works of Prabhupada his true mission is to follow those words. Then it will all be worthwhile. Then Melvin will actually serve his remote kingdom of Cebu. After seven years though, one might have lost all hope for a Madhai-Jagai reformation anytime soon. However, given the volume of recent posts and now the advent of new alter-egos I can only guess that he has gone off the deep end of sanity again. The "User CP" button under the top Audarya logo will allow you to edit your list of IGNORE user names. This will silence Melvin, Krsnaraj1, Mel9, Naradadeva, Marco, Mateo, and anyone else that you find simply painful to your growth.
  20. And I think that's fine. I'm on the fence too; I can't put everyone in the same box. I don't bow down until my body bows down. Sometimes I don't even know until after why I did. Certainly I won't fool Krsna by trying to be something I'm not.
  21. Mel's been here for over seven years, on and off, working on his English, playing with his computer, and reading and pasting Gaudiya writings. One day he may encounter that change of heart that is described in the first chapter of the Srimad-Bhagavatam. And why not? For a few years Mel may have had an imaginary friend here called viji_53 It seems there were a number of imaginary friends according to Jahnava-Nitai's comments on this 2001 thread and also in these <a href=http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/search.php?searchid=86872 target=new>summary threads throughout the years.</a>
  22. Balarama, Ramacandra, Baladeva, Rama, Ram ... are all glorious names of Sri Rama. Even Nityananda can be considered a name of Lord Balarama. The potency of chanting "Rama": http://vedabase.net/cc/madhya/9/32/en If you know the story of Ravana kidnapping Mother Sita you will enjoy this verse: http://vedabase.net/cc/madhya/1/117/en That story starts here: http://vedabase.net/cc/madhya/9/202/en
  23. http://chantandbehappy.com/bin/prabhupada/music/01_Group_Japa.ram
  24. Thank you. You see, you can surrender to Krsna's desire.
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