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  1. Before prescribing any medicine,how advanced is her condition?If it is in initial stages,Homeopathy and biochemistry can cure
  2. In my childhood,when I was afflicted with Jaundice,this was done by an old lady who kept two needles on each of my temples and chanted some mantra after which the water in front of me and her turned yellow.She explained that she reduced the intensity of jaundice in me
  3. If you really want to know what shastras say about taking mantras by oneself.They describe it as a son born to out of illegal means who can do no rites to his father
  4. I cast your chart.I want to know whether there had been any abnormal deaths in your paternal side thats any of your uncles,Grandfather or his brothers died ian unnatural death?I can suggest any remedy after knowing that
  5. You can please recite the following. Vidyavantam yashas vantam lakshmivantam maam Kuru Roopam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dvisho jahi
  6. AS per your chart you are undergoing saturn's dasa who is the lord of 6th and 7th who is disposed in your lagna.Hence debts are mounting.To avoid the same,do not indulge in speculation and also try lighting Thil lamp in shiva temple with Nav graha on saturdays.Also on Chaturthi day after full moon go to a Ganesh temple and go around the deity for 21 times reciting"Om sri Ganeshaya namaha
  7. I cast your horscope which shows you are undergoing Surya dasa and of which Budha sub period is going on.You can recite Sri.Vishnu sahsranamam and also Sri Adithya hrudaya stothra which will both help you attain your goals.Vishnu sahsranam is a hymn given in Mahabharath by Bhishma.It is available as C.D and cassette by Late .M.S.Subbulakshmi.You can try reciting that which will give you good results
  8. Please beassured that Sarabheshvara ,a form Lord Siva is the most powerful murthi who can relieve you from all sorts of Black magic.His temple is in a place called Tirubhuvanam near Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu
  9. Please choose somebody from a traditional seat like Jagadguru Sankaracharya swamiji of Kanchi Kamakoti peetam or Sringeri Peetam who are real and not fake ones
  10. There is a form of Shiva called Sarabheshvara whose worship will ward off all black magic.His mantra is also very powerful,but it cannot be shared on internet
  11. There is no need for prefixing with OM
  12. You can try to get upadesh of Sudarshn mantra which will clear off any spell
  13. Are you now cured of black magic? If not I suggest you visit a place called Tirubhuvanam near Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu where a temple is there with an idol of Sarabeshvara murthi,a form of Shiva.His worship is very effective for removal of black magic
  14. I suggest that people should not use mantras for simple and normal things as hair growth.It is like using AK-47 to kill mosquitos
  15. If you are a victim of black magic,the same can be known from Kundali and also certain symptoms would manifest and no good will happen to him even if he best of period astrologically
  16. Please offer aparayer to the Devi at Tirukarugavoor near Kumbakonam in Tamilnad where the Devi is called Garbharakshambika.What you can do is keep a 1 Re coin tied in a cloth which is dipped in water soaked with turmeric or haldi.Then keep it in puja.After delivery you can visit the place and offer prayers.
  17. Please visit a website called eprarthana.com which contains lots of images.Also please try to visit a place called TIRUVALANCHULI near Tanjore in Tamilnadu which as per puranas is the rajadhani of Ganeshji
  18. To those suffering from Black magic. Please try to get a pundit recite Devi Mahatmyam or SAPTA SATI as it is called.The whole thing would require 2-3 hours recitation.The pundit should be Devi Upasak.After you listen for a minimum of nine days,you will be cured of any evils surrounding you
  19. To all job seekers.Please recite the following Devi Mantra Ya devi sarva Bhuteshu Vritti roopena samsthita Namsatasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo nama: You can recite it 108 times daily after lighting a lamp with cows ghee.This will help your getting a job shortly
  20. Black magic does exist.It needs lot of efforts to identify it first and then remove it with help from saints and proper vedic pundits.I was a victim once and I was successful in removing it thro havan and mantras.However the same cannot be shared in a forum like this.People who want help can seek advice by writing to me by mail to sundarananth59@gmail.com. However if people can come in person,it would be much better
  21. Please cast your chart by downloading Jagannatha hora from vedic astrloger.org.Then we can discuss.I can help you as I have been a serious student of astrology for so many years
  22. Everybody in this world are only HINDUS.I quote this with authority as the first religion was only the vedic within which fold the entire humanity was created.While other religions may not to it,please analyse the following. 1.All religions emanate from a founder which means that religion was not there before the founder.So what religion people were following before that?When mankind was created,God also created a religion for them to attain salvation.Hence any religion which starts from a founder was not before him. 2.Hence the only religion which was there from time immemorial is Hindusim. 3.People who are attracted towards Hinduism and its philosophy,but born in other religions now can follow the samanya dharma prescribed for entire mankind.The vishesha dharma prescribed for others cannot be practised as they have been made by God to be born to non hindu parents which we should not try to alter by converting them as Hindus.It would mean going against the wishes of God
  23. Hi,Iam also a Ganapathi Upasak.You can access a site called e-prarthana.com where lot of pictures of Ganesha are there.As an additional info,the HQ of Ganesha as per puranas is a shrine called Tiruvalanchuli near Swamimalai in Tamilnadu.This would give you an insight to Ganesa worship
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