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  1. Fridays are generally good.But if you go by lunar days,it is Ashtami,Navami,Chaturdasi and Purnima and Amavasya are all prescribed for Devi Upasakas
  2. Please use greengram flour and mix it with curd and add a drop or two of lemon juice and apply it over face and wash after 15 minutes.You will have all scars of pimples and black heads gone
  3. All these sort of esoteric practices need proper guru and guidance.As someone else mentioned,in the north,east and west this has become common and all of them treat it as tantric and only in the south,they say it is vaidic.But whether it is tantric or vaidik,shastras always pronounce proper Guru should guide such mantra and tantra practices. Hence get guidanece from a Guru and do as per his instructions
  4. Hello It is pandit and not bandit which means a robber
  5. This is Jagdip's chart .I have answered in your personal mail.
  6. The practice of Dikbandha and Dik vimoka is to be followed after Asthraaya Phat.But the nyasa is to be learnt from a Guru.So please seek their help.
  7. I have already replied to an earlier thread.Please refer to that
  8. You may get a chance after 2012.But your husband's chart shows that rites for the departed are not being done properly in his family as a result of which he is suffering now.Please try to rectify the same.
  9. You are undergoing Sun's das and Moon's dasa is to follow,.But the saap of ganeshji or a Ganeshji puja has been stopped in your family which has resulted in a saap.Please check on that.I find Mars and saturn are associated in your 8th house giving you strong perversions in personal gratification which you need to control by engaging your self in good thoughts and deeds. After Moon's dasa starts you will have good time(in sept 2011). My best wishes and blessings to you.
  10. Your cousin has very good yoga like Lakshmi yoga and also the time has come for marriage between Aug and October.My best wishes and blessings to her.
  11. I analysed both the charts.Some indication of a saap by a saint or a Brahma chari is there.Were there any untimely deaths of any boys or was their rites not performed properly?You can both wear yellow topaz weighing not less than 3 carots.But at the same time please try to find out whether untimely unnatural deaths took place?you may need to rectfy the same. You would get a job shortly when Jupiter comes back to capricorn in retrogade motion
  12. For all mala mantra the beeja mantra will be there.In case of Lalitha sahasranam,the beeja mantra is Balatripura sundari mantra which is to be used for nyasa.So essentially Bala is to be obtained thro Guru for reciting Lalitha sahasranamam
  13. I cast the horoscope with the details given by you.It shows Rahu only in the 12th.That only can explain the difficulty experienced by you
  14. You are undergoing Sun's dasa which is about to end and Moon's dasa is about to start in latter half of 2009.Moon is associated with Saturn which is the reason for your depression as Moon is Manas karaka.For strengthening the Mind wear a good moti whcih should weigh 3 carots or so with open cutting.Also there seems to a Saap from a brahmachari or a saint in your family as Ketu is disposed in 9th house.Please worship Ganeshji going around in parikrama for21 times and also break a coconut before the temple for seeking his grace.You will be alright.Do have faith in God.My best wishes and blessings to you.
  15. I shall analyse and send mail tonight.Please do not despair.Leave everything to GOD
  16. Please do not commit the mistake of commiting suicide.Your problems will get accentuated.I shall try to help you.Please send me a personal message
  17. I have not analysed your chart or anything,but answering the particular question on substitute for diamond.Any gem to give good results should be more than 3 carots and affordability may be a question.Substitute for diamond would be white topaz which is comparatively cheaper
  18. I went thro your chart.Present dasa is of Rahu who is in 12th and also 10th from Moon.10th house is suffering from Dwidasa dosh.Please try to garland Durga with 18 lemon every week on saturday during Rahu kalam.After the first sat,do it also on sunday as anything started should be done on second day also. If possible try to visit a big kshetra like Kanchi or Madurai and worship Goddess with full earnest prayers.My best wishes to you.
  19. You are having a pitru dosh in chart which would cause lot of hindrances in life.This may be due to any unnaturtal death in family like accidents or suicides.The karma for them would not have been performed.Also Rahu in 10th from Moon would also create sudden setback.Please try to ascertain that whether any rites were not done for departed souls and try to correct it.You may contact me in personal mail
  20. Rahu is a secretive planet ,it gives the results of the planets associated and positioned near it.The saying Gujavat or sanivat rahu will work accordingly .He is also called Mleccha karaka and would induce thinking in a radical way or cause revolutionary thiknig inthe native during his major periods
  21. The most effective way to remove toxins form the body is to take the juice from Durva grass which is sacred to Ganeshji in the morning on empty stomach.Powders are also available,however fresh grass is better
  22. Actually the origin of garlic and onion are from an asura when the milk ocean was churned to get nectar.When the nectar was distributed one asura who took along with Devas was chopped off his head by the discus of the Lord.Then from the dripping blood which fell on earth came garlic and onion came from the phlegm from the asura.Since it had also nectar mixed they have medicinal properties,but as they are from the asura's body,they have tamasic qualites.Hence Sadhaks are asked to avoid them
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