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  1. Friends, We have lost our ancient books to invaders of India for several centuries and some of them now lying locked in libraries of several so called developed countries mainly in London. We do not even have single version of famous morning prayer. Just google it and you will find variety of this prayer. Version 1: Karagre vasate Laxmi, Kar Madhye Saraswati ; Kar-mule tu Gouri syat, prabhate Kar-darshanam Version 2: Karagre vasate Lakshmi karamadhye Saraswati Karamule tu Govindaha prabhate kara darshanam Version 3: Karagre vasate Lakshmi karamule Sarasvati Karamadhye tu Govindah prabhate karandarsanam Version 4: karAgre vasate lakShmI, kara-madhye saraswatI | Kara mooletu Govindam prabhate kara darshanam Version 5: ....................................................................| Kara moole sthita brahma Is there anybody have an authentic version with a specific reference to a text to benefit our society?Thx, Vijay Thatte
  2. Dear Vikrant, Thanks so much for this great easy to understand advise. Warm Regards, Vijay
  3. Thanks so much suvarchas and Kali_Upasaka for the advise. I am most greatful for the advise on Dikbandha and Dik vimoka.
  4. Thank you very much suvarchas for the reply on Bija mantra. I have found performing Nyasa in another link, religiousworlds.com Perform the nyasa using thumb and middle fingers: 1. Aim Klim Sauh Shri Mahatripurasundari Hridayaya Namah 2. Aim Hrim Shrim Shri Mahatripurasundari Shirase Svaha 3. Aim Hrim Shrim Shri Mahatripurasundari Shikayai Vashat 4. Aim Hrim Shrim Shri Mahatripurasundari Kavachaya Hum 5. Aim Hrim Shrim Shri Mahatripurasundari Netratrayaya Vaushat 6. Aim Hrim Shrim Shri Mahatripurasundari Astraya Phat After the Nyasa Guru Mantra japa done. After Japa repeat above 5 mantra with last 6th mantra as "Diguimokaha" insted of "Astraya Phat". Any advise? Thanks for the guidence. Vijay
  5. Please advise, If we have spacific Karanyasa and Anganysa for Sri Lalita Sahasranama manra japa or can I use Anganyasa and Karanyasa of Gayatri mantra used during Sandhya Vandanam? Thanks very much for the guidence, Vijay
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