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  1. Please restructure your question.You assumed that they were lying and tarnishing the image of Hinduism.If you do not know approach with humility.Sri.Raghavendra entered the pit alive which is called Jiva samadhi.No one claimed that he is alive in flesh and blood.But our body comprises of 16 rays of life of which some would remain in case of saints in the place where they are buried.Hence such a saint's soul anaswers your prayers.Even in Shankara sampradaya belonging to Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam a sage by name Sri.Bodhendra entered into Jiva samadhi near Kumbakonam where even the devout who are fortunate can listen to chants of Ram nama coming from his samadhi in nights.
  2. Kundli matching was never prescribed.We have invented one more use for astrology.So go ahead and follow whatever is best according to you
  3. Since Guru would aspect the 8th house till the first half of 2010 he would control the effects.Also Kal sapr dosh as per traditional texts would have effect till the 35th year of any person.It may hinder your efforts till then and afterwards it loses its strength.Marriagw ould be delayed
  4. If you are looking for Veda education alone there are a number of Patasals run by Shri kanchi Kamakoti shankara mutt at Kanchi,Kumbakonam etc.But if you looking for Oriental school which along side teaches modern education along with vedic studies,there is one school in Chennai in West Mambalam run by Sri Ahobila mutt (Vaishnava sect) and also Bangalore has one CBSE school with Vedic studies run by Kanchi shankara mutt as a residential school
  5. You are quite right. In the south religion and mantras are still preserved in the old pristine ways and we should also take into account that the north,East,west all suffered much due to Mughal invasion which had probably resulted in dilution of rigidity in scriptural sanctity.
  6. Please tell me what exactly is the problem.It is curable as sign dispositor of 6th house is disposed in 12th ,the nivrtti sthan of rog sthan.Please recite adithya hrudyam and perform laghuSurya namaskar.Also you can consume juice of red hibiscus flowers to strengthen your heart
  7. I cast your char and found the planets you mentioned are in 8th house and not in 5th house as mentioned by you.Anyway As saturn is transititng the eighth from lagna and that too of an inimical house he gave difficulties.Guru in 9th from radical moon will help now
  8. In my reading you may conceive now when Jupiter is in aquarius.Reg you Husbands horoscope you have not given time.All the best
  9. Please let me know whether your are reciting for any specific objective like getting a good wife?If so you need to lead a clean life without vices for the mantra to yield results
  10. Similar to Tulsi,Bilwa leaves are to be plucked reciting mantras
  11. Kul devatha is to do more with traditions than with Shastras.It depends on family practices and pradeshachar and not related to Vedas
  12. The standard version for recitation was recorded as an LP and CD by Late.M.S.Subbulakshmi and it was a smashing hit in the south.It is available under Saregama label
  13. I cast his chart and found that his venus-Venus to be a period where he would have some gains from unexpected sources and his career may stabilise being disposed in 6th which is 9th from 10th.Also the exchange between 6th and 8th lords confers Vipareetha raja yoga which would manifest during the subperiod of Jupiter
  14. Ceratinly you need initiation as otherwise it would spell diaster.There is even a method called siddharikoshta to check whether any particular mantra suits an individual.This however is not applicable to mahamantras
  15. You are quite right.iam shocked and surprised that people take to srividhya without a guru which may spell diaster if not properly guided by a Guru.
  16. I cast your chart and found that the seventh lord is associated with 6th lord though he is the karaka for marriage,but again associted with Rahu.I suggest you recite 48th sloka of Sri.Soundraya lahari composed by Adhisankara and offer hot milk mixed with sugar after recting the above for 108 times daily.You are likely to get married by this aug/Sept.All the best
  17. Please do not analyse charts of children below five years as now they are not independant and only after they complet 5 years should you ananlyse their charts
  18. Basically the chart shows Sarpha dosh(having killed serpents and also a mild pitru dosh in the family)Did anybody have an unnatural death in your family?It may then manifest as pitru dosh.Please reply me or send me a private mail to sundarananth59@gmail.com
  19. Please indicate time ,place also to cast the chart
  20. Generally Surya-Shani combination would cause difference of opinion with father and paternal relations.,However birth time needed to analyse the chart
  21. The position of saturn or any planet need not be considered for choosing a stone.But however Sapphire should be chosen carefully preferably after a trial because they have powers to make or mar a person
  22. I cast your chart and went thro your horoscope.Basically when planets are behind Mars they are supposed to be defeated in Graha Yudh.Hence theyw ould be ineffective.Hence I would suggest your wearing a coral which should weigh not less than 3 carots with open cutting.This shall ensure your success.Even you dashams confirms it.All the best
  23. It only requires us to accept things that happen by itself according to karma as God's will without being proactive in aspiring for any material benefits.That does not mean being a sanyasi
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