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  1. "At that time global population may be 1 Cr (for example) and what is the current population. " I dont believe this,bcoz many civilizations have ended and earth has each story about various disastrous calamities it faced according to each religion. Scientists are now in an opinion that Ramayan and Maha Bharath wars were like WORLD WARS! "And your entire life they are predicting from 1 leaf (1/5*6 inches ). Which is not possible" Agastya muni -a great maharishi who has even advised and gave guidance to rama!why does it sound irrational that he can write down one's fate in a plam leaf? By theway palm leaves contain ONLY Principles-through whihc nadi astrologer translates. palm leaves of nadi are in thousands and each se tof palm leaves have a distict thumb impression like- Nadimani vatta rekha..etc... Based on the thumb impression that set is found and the astrologer uses it to find out whihc is yours. In standra astrology ,also like navasma,dasamsha,..etc.. there is a branch realted to nadi-but that knowledge is not public. Lastly,there can be mistake in usage of shastra /or interpreting it -but shastra is not and will never be false. Pls try a reliable nadi astrologer and test again. Gudluk
  2. Dear Jumble, Your question is very apt. 1. One of the greatest riches of our country is( guess what? ) -Our Rishi's! These are those highly elevated spirts who have gone beyond the feelings of suffering and pain-BUT if u cud notice ,before every avatar the violence was soo extreme that even our rishi's couldnt tolerate! They had to go to vaikunta to ask themselves to visnhu!! So in that case we can take this as a refernce and can imagine that WE R STILL NOT EXPERIENCE REAL SUFFERING!! 2.Besides i have a situation to explain. Havent we heard stories of women who were BRUTALLY GANG raped?? Do u think their pain was less than Sri rama krishna paramhansa'S cry for divine mother?? I dont think the greatest of the great saints faced soo much fear as does a chicken which is cut to its throat in mutton shop-do u think it didnt ask god's help??? In that case why is it that only saints or noble people experience him?? its bcoz these noble souls ask for help from god with -BELIEF AND WITH HOPE AND WITH ASSERTAINITY THAT THERE GOD IS THEIR REAL HELP.I beliave once such a real prayer comes from every one-this world will be saved. 3. Sri krishna came to world so did many sparklesfrom that highest invisiblesoul-but even during the time of krishnaor rama or naarasinha ,i dont think entireworld was happy.Are we sure that no creature slept with hunger when krishna was on earth? or when rama wason earth? well.. that means there are some problems which shouldbe managed by us and some should be left to divine WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WE PRAYED THAT ENTIRE WORLDSHOULD BE HAPPY?????? lETS THINK ON IT AGAIN
  3. ur rite ayush ji.Let me hope things will work out soon. HOPE!what a word u have mentioned-until i do what r suggested by u with this feeling nothing works. Sure just a matter of time to get the result:)
  4. sure ronin. This is a nice suggestion what u gave
  5. Why making things soo complicated about black magic? i tried it my self and i Guarentee this pls try this- Go to hanuman temple and light ghee lamp in front of the lord and chant - Bajrang baan.
  6. Even i have got ketu in 9th house!! Some body pls let me know does this apply in my case tooo!! 'Ketu in the 9th house, makes the father go far away or not present. if present, then it will create pain in the chest or some kind of surgery in the chest area.'
  7. Dreams represent our mental conflicts and subconcious thoughts which are dependenton our moods and our habits. If u can see ,our rate of inhalation gets deeper whenwe r in a deep sleep. U can understand from your experience that when ever u force your self out of dream -this first conciuos effort u make is to will out of dream and u do that by exerting pressure and inhaling and then-u force your eyes open. It all related with breath. I suggest u a this simple and very effective solution -- 1.Have a good measure of perfume (made of NIGHT JASMINE ONLY) sprayed generously in your bedroom and when u sleep feel the scent entering you and just enjoy its scent while u sleep. 2.Apply(can even massage) sesame oil to your feet before u sleep. U find the difference very soon
  8. Hmm your are right Atul ji. Even I dont think donating things should do any harm (thats what i feel too). I ll try to pacify saturn.I will start it 4m saturday. I am carrying on with few studies in this free time atul ji,BUT i know i shud not be sitting so for long time. expecting to steer my career soon
  9. Dear CSR ji i am clear with ur explanation. Thanks a lot sir -- I now understand that sun god has to worshipped not just for the reason u specified but also for my profession. Both problems of mine(in two diferent posts) have ended with a soultion and im thankful for this to both of you.
  10. Dear Ayush ji, Your explanation is soo sound and it is as if im hearing my life blue print-i have no other wodrs to say than this. One person who saw my horoscope has adivised me to wear a ruby (that was during 1999) . But after your explanation i will surely go for it. Besides ur assesment about -"you should not hope things will get corrected by themselves, they can only be done by you" is a real answer to my present situation. indeed for the past one year i have been waiting for an interview chance -but your reply makes me think that i shud re consider this and take some job before i sit here for Itcompanies to start recruitment drive. Thank you - VVV much
  11. Dear mani, The ratio u specified is safe to apply.Also make sure u have a spoon ful of ghee mixed with cold water before u have ur meal. Good luck
  12. ATUL ji AGAIN!! hOW R U SIR? Soo sorry Atul ji for replying late,Indeed i have a problem with my computer(or may be network,but the fact is i cannot log on some times) Your assesment is perfect -now i know why im stressed some times , if ur assessments carry this way then u might not have the liberty to call ur self a novice-so do think about it Atul ji your reply has created few doubts can i ask for ur suggestions ? 1.Your have written that -'Moon is also getting aspect from Malefic Saturn. Good thing is that Moon is getting aspect from jupiter but in gochar chart jupiter is debilitated and placed along with rahu' In this case do u suggest me to strengthen moon? Or do u suggest me to strengthen jupiter atul ji? Whihc is better after considering the whole chart?? 2.Secondly, about meditation ill do the way u mentioned it.I do feed poor ppl but here i have a small issue and i justneed an opinion form ppl like u - According to all kitab one who has jupiter in 7th hosue is not suppose to donate clothes =when we do charity we r not supposed to think about consequences -but jupiter represents native's father-- and imworried if i do any thing unwanted.whats ur opinion?? 3.And now coming to my profession- Well Atul ji medicine is not my full time career but i have a great interest and also advise ppl based on ayurveda-even thiking to join siddha medicine course. Coming to my profesional career -presently im jobless(nealry 2 years) -i was working as a manager and now aspiring to be Sap consultant. To make it simple -im into management. Atul ji is it right career for me?
  13. Dear CRS ji, Thanks for your initiation to reply and to your deep assesment.By d way i am just curious how u could say that im slanting towards gemini {Just to make myself aware and updated with this section of holysicence} So i have to worship to Surya bhagvan!! hmm u have a solved a big mystery in my head. thanku vv much. waiting for morning to arrive ,no sooner sun raises i will be there saluting him and welcoming him to our earth -- every day ............. Dear Ayush ji, wat u said is also rite sir-too much stress,and poor hair how can they saty with that!! But the other side of the story is i practice many ayurvedic methods prescribed in ancient scpritutes -but had one problem and that is-- the holistic approach of ayurveda links itself even with astrology and i had to know the responsible planet as well. By d way ayush ji -in the other post related to moon and rahu in 3 rd house u have asked me to explain my reation with siblings sothat u can study the matter,i amwaiting for ur reply sir http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic astrology-jyotisha/452793-what-impact-rahu-3rd-house.html
  14. Oh my god!!! Dear brothers pls dont smile reading my post and dear knowledgeable elders pls dont se this post as a post from jerk, bcoz i have been seeing how serious few problems posted in this forum are-but didnt know any better place to ask this ,so pls treat this case as an analysis when u ppl r free Today is the worst day of my life.No job for an year (im dealing that pain) ,soo much mental stress but still managing it but today................. the thunder finally struck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am even afraid to tpye what it is bcoz im sure u people will laugh .. I REALIZED IM GETING BALD!! More than 60% of my hair is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crying2: Till now i thought my family is the only one responsible for this but now i have one more person to blamed offf------- and its Dear Mr Jupiter Ji!!! Just googled and found that 'jupiter aspecting lagna' will make one bald! (and i have jupiter aspecting my lagna!!!!! ) Thoughi dont knowhowmuch truth is there in it. I know this sounds foolish to all you-But atleast i will have satisfaction if i do some thing about it . Can you all pls let me if 'Bald' combination exists(which im sure today) in my chart or not-If so is there any planet whihc i have to appease???? Dear brothers im a small ,unemployed and about to get bald man-pls show some sympathy on me and help me Dob: 8 /jan/1982 Time:2;10 pm Place:ananathapur(andra) Latitude:14 degre,41 north Longitude:77 degree 39 east Lagna: Mesh Rasi-mithun
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