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  1. Respected Lerned Ones, I dont know if I am at the right place or not, but I am just in need of some desperate help. Since 2011 I have been having a lot of problems in my life. 1) On 28th Jan 2011 My wife suffered a miscarriage 2) On 31st Jan 2011 I lost My job. I was jobless for 9 months and then I found a job in October 2011. For some time things were ok but we were having a lot of financial problems. Since September 2012 We started having a lot of fights and I lost my job again in May 2013. Since I have been doing odd jobs to support my family.. We have been having a lot of fights between us on petty reasons. now the fights have gone to such an extreem that my wife wants a divorce. She thinks i am not the right person for her after 10 years of being togethei have two beautiful daughters and dont want my family to break up.. Although I do not even look at other women she thinks that I am having an afair with other women. .If any of you learned ones can help me I will be very thankful to you. Some of the pandits have told me that Someone from my family hos done some black magic on me. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. MY DETAILS ARE AS BELOW Date of birth : 05 May 1981 Time of birth : 12:45 afternoon Placeof birth: Pune Maharashtra
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