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  1. Dear Dhruv Bhura ji, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage after my last post, so I was not looking at this thread after that. But however, I will take care of this next time. Do you also reply to astrology queries? I have posted one on the Jyotisha forum, and would be grateful for your reply. Regards, ps
  2. POB of husband is Bournemouthe in UK with above position (lat, long) Is there any kaal sarp yoga/shani dosha in our horoscopes? Also, I would be really grateful if somebody would please reply to my above queries. Thanks in advance..
  3. Respected Astrologers, Pls give your opinion about : 1. our married life, 2. chance of having progeny (currently no issues), 3. when we would have own grihasti (currently joint family), 4. any change of place (currently based in delhi), 5. my career (currently having no job), and 6. when we would have freedom from influence/control of other people on our married life, assets and finances. Husband's Birth Details DOB 14-5-73 4:50 pm (16:50 hrs) uk - Latitude: 50° 43'North Longitude: 1° 53'West ........................................... My Details DOB 3-Oct-76 3:25 am purnea , bihar Regards.
  4. How does one get away from a claustrophobic environment? Its because of people who cannot stay in their own space and there is constant intrusion into privacy and personal decisions and domination. This is extremely suffocating. Cicumstances prevent from going far away.
  5. What is the mantra for healthy and safe pregnancy and protection from evil eye?
  6. I am a Pranic Healer, Reiki practitioner who have been doing various forms of guided meditations, including Kundalini meditation, and japas. My problems seem to be increasing in all fronts, and now I feel I am trapped from all sides. Meditations give me temporary bliss these days. I now realise by studying about Kundalini, that it could be Kundalini syndrome as I have been suffering from the following in the recent months. 1. Involuntary jerky movement of legs while I sleep 2. Serious relationship issues, and no solution to get out of them 3. Pricky sensation along the spine in the back and shoulders, Itching, stinging or crawling sensations 4. Severe depression, to the point of having suicidal thoughts 5. Now reaching a lack of faith in all systems 6. Feeling that other beings in this universe are controlling me, troubling me. 7. Lack of focus, passion in doing anything 8. Pain in shoulders and back 9. Fatigue 10. Emotional outbursts, moodiness, unprovoked grief, fear, rage, depression I feel this is because of rapid materialization of negative karma. Am I right? How can this be solved? How can I go back to having a normal life-career, marriage, own home etc.? Right now everything is seemingly taken away from me. Pls help.
  7. Dhruv Ji, Thanks for the mantra. This was an enlightening reply. I believe, when no other form of healing works, it has to be some sort of karmic repurcussion, or rapid materialization of negative karma. kundaliniyogi - Chanting of Thiru Neel Kantam gives immense peace. Thanks! Regards,
  8. Some people in my life are giving me lots of trouble inspite of me doing all duties towards them. I have lost all patience and feel I cant take it anymore. I cannot come out of the situation however hard I try, and feel trapped. Yesterday, I had an insight that I had wronged some people in a previous life, and they have come back in my current life to take revenge. Since knowing this, I am feeling extremely disturbed and trapped. Please let me know a powerful beej mantra or some other means to get forgiveness for my past life karma and immediate relief from bad spirits. Please help.
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