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  1. because it is a dangerous surgery. no body wants to get an abortion! it is never used as prevention it witnesses that many young poeple dont have control over their impulses and life. But i still want to know were you draw the lines? what about the rape victim or the 13 year old girl?
  2. I cant see nothing wrong in act of abortion BUT offcause it should be avoided at all cost. Is mastrubating also killing life or using condoms? Im thinking you guys are a bit fanatical on the matter... what about the rape victim do you think she should have the child? or the mother who are going to give birth to a severly deformed baby? You cant talk about a human beeing when the abortion is made it is not that state. But i do want to clearly point out that the rise in abortion of teens is extremely disturbing but it just shows how degraded the world is.
  3. Why are cows still considered holy to this day? i cant see why they are more worth than other milk bearing animals or just other animals? I understand their importance in ancient india for their milk but why now?
  4. you actually find the same intolerant stuff in the Torah Deuteronomy 13:13-17 "If you hear that in one of the towns, there are men who are telling people to go and worship other gods, it is your duty to look into the matter and examine it. If it is proved and confirmed, you must put the inhabitants of that town to the sword. You must lay the town under the curse of destruction, the town and everything in it. You must pile up all its loot in the public square and burn the town and all its loot. That town is to be a ruin for all time, and never rebuilt
  5. Okay i had kind of had an other impression of arrenged marriages, i see this is how you date in india hehe
  6. Durgaputra: Yes i think that arrenged Mary is not a happy marrige, just look at how bad it went here? Yes you may learn to apprciate each other over time just like when you are forced to live with anybody else. But the principle behind arrenged mary is clearly egoistic from the parents side. They give away their daughter to a respectable familie in their own caste they form their daughter in their own image! i think it is a thing of past times just like caste racism. But i dont know if this is the right place to discuss this. Janaki: What ever you do dont let unjust behaviour of others dictate what you do.
  7. yaaay an improvement in USA, im hoping he will break even more with the conservative christians. @suchandra why is abortion bad? does life start at sexual intercourse?
  8. Nice movie, but its diffrent to mo to comprehend a movie where the laws of nature is broken all the time, like the idol drinking alkohol and the spirits physically taking the offerings. How much is real?
  9. I am very sorry for your situation i dont know anything about astrology, but i would like to give my advice Think this as a new beginning dont look back! this marrige was bound to end up bad. It was best for your life that you and you husband are away from each other. A releationship must be between two person who love each other for who they are! not two person and their parents. Arrenged marrige is NEVER a happy marrige, you could learn to live with each but you will never experience true love that way. I think it is very important you abondon your husband or you will never truly be happy but live under the will of your husband and his parents never allowing your personality to grow and evolve. Consider the terrible things he done to you and how insensitive he is about your feelings not even helping you when you are treatet unfair! a real man always stands up for his wife and protects her! He has truely shown his true nature which is he dont care for you! It is definitly hard breaking up with traditions but you must do it for your own good, no matter what your parents say! It is your life, not anyone elses. I pray for the best and hope you will find happiness in life.
  10. i understand why many poeple are atheist if their only idea of what god could be limits to the Abrahamic version of god which is rather unlogical as she points out her self. When i think about it i have never heard a serious atheist argumenting why buddhism or hinduism is bad for society, it seems like they only know the religion of their culture..
  11. wow really interesting stuff on the rig veda!
  12. looking forward this litterature is just amazing beyond words and so diffrent from anything ive read before!
  13. I would like to know alot more about hinduism but i dont know where to start the list of books is GIGANTIC! So i would like some help to which books i should read first in order to get the best understanding. I have all ready read Bhagavad Gita and im reading the story of Rama right now, but what books are the next? Mahabarata, the vedas or something else?
  14. What a self righteous attitude... look there are many masters with the spiritual wisdom of Prabhupada througout whole india but in diffrent schools.
  15. a shamanic view: http://www.urbanshamanism.com/Glossary/GlossaryD_F.html#dreams
  16. I got to get my self some Stanislav Grof' books man. Can you explain to me what kundalini awakening is like cause i really dont know hehe. thats pretty intense while chanting hare krishna? and the morning glory seeds actualy seems like a pretty good suggestion on what plant it could have been from and i seems fantastic that the use might not have died out but strange no one have encountered some of the soma users they must be very secret about it.
  17. but you havent answered if the chanting of gods names in their tounge is not as good as when we chant og sing gods names. Can you denie that the poeple of the forest dont have contact to god just because they dont follow vedic tradition on the exact methods. why is calling themself a shaman for ahakara why is it anymore attechment to the ego than calling your self a baba or a hare krishna devotee? you are implying that the only true way to god is through the methods you find true and thats wrong
  18. But they allready chant gods names but in their own tounge not in sanskrit. I think their songs about god will work the same way for them as Hare Krishna for us. And dont you think that a person can have valid connection to god without chanting Hare Krishna but meditates or some other form of practice maybe soma or mushrooms? as long he have god in his heart what ever he call god? dont worry hehe im not planning on going to india to take up some sort of spiritual path not finding something through mushrooms if i wantet that i was going to live in the jungle hehe. hehe i was not planning for looking after it would maybe have been a bit optimistic! im going to India because i want to experience to learn to practise some varity of hinduism and experience the great nature. But i will definitly chant Hare Krishna or singing praises to the lord while walking in the Himalayas haha cognitive set back from psychedelics? i only had good effects from it but i only take a trip in like once in 3 month.
  19. How does i not understand what is spiritual and what is material i cant really say anything to it as you dont adress anything? Did the soma drinkers not understand what was spiritual and material even though they worshipped a sacred medicine (or drug as you would call it) I also think the symbiosis of man and nature that the shamanistic traditions around almost all of the world still practice it is not as sophisticatet as the vedic tradition in terms of how deep it has gone into counciousness yes, but still higly spiritual but on another way that the vedic tradition. i dont quite understand what Prabhupada said here? what does he mean by they are living for ten thousand years? I thank you for your advice and expressing such clear arguments on the matter. I know that i personaly got plantet the seed of spirituality by sacreds plants.When i look at my self and see what realisations i have had after taking these medicines (ayahuasca, mescaline and mushrooms) I went from not really caring about nature it was just something that was there like most other stuff in life just is there, being a atheist, thought science could explain everything etc just to name a few things! All of these have changed completly! thanks to what these medicines startet in my mind it was like the push my mind needed. Thats why i love them and call them sacred I also see them important to the overall counciousness of the world. If i could be helped towards a spiritual life i think many poeple could by a eye opener experience to many poeple. The concepts of rebirth and how "chanting names"/"sitting still long time a row" is very hard to swallow for the majority of poeple and just stick with the material life they could need a eye opener before melting together with matierial life it is alot easier to comprehend any form of spiritual thought if you just once have experienced the your very core scientific and materialistic thoughts shakened. Just like the eleusinian mysteries of ancient greece was meant to elevate all sorts of poeple into the divine. We could do the same thing, to open poeple up to the beauty of life! It would be to benefit ISCKON and every hindu or buddhist group around the world if the old cermonies of sacred plants was restored. I my self take off to india and sees were fate carries me, when i am done with the obligations i have now.
  20. I dont see why chanting of should be better of other forms of spiritual practice, some work for some poeple and other work for other poeple, thats basicly my point.
  21. why would god take away the greatest and most benefical plant on the planet?
  22. but then poppy would be the soma plant and the rig veda says that the stalks of the soma plant was pressed so it would not make sense i think. And as said before the soma connectet the preist to the some higher plane maybe the higher planes and ephedra is just a simple stimulant with very little spiritual potiential.
  23. can someone explain whats happening on the photos and why the child is dressed like an devotee?
  24. Bija thank you very much for the link!! it seems very interesting!
  25. I actually agree with your points but im not so much into the vedic religion as you so i dont know what you see as spiritualty and stuff like that. so i guess we kind of misunderstood each other! I just take my thoughts and channel them out on this forum to get them redefined and improved! since i have no way of meeting a guru at the present moment (i live on the country side in Denmark )
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