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  1. great movie, i especialy like the host of who wants to be a millionaire One thing that i find sad is some of the reactions it got in India, i saw a bollywood star (dont remember name) saying it portraits the country as backwards poor country and that i talked down to the people in the slums by calling them slum dogs, this is offcause a misunderstanding because i really think it takes the side of the "slum dogs" .
  2. Look you GOT to look for other reasons for your strange condition, it could be due to unbalanced brain chemistry the brain is possible of making poeple belive in litteraly anything, there are many paranoid persons out there thinking they are getting followed but later realises that they where mentally sick when they get treatment. You said you are researcher so atleast research every possible possiblity before accepting a claim so unlikely.
  3. But where do i find anything on what happens when my soul needs to find a new body and what to do in that phase? I know they dont belive in the eternal soul but that dont mean they dont know anything about reincarnation? that is at least what the two religions have in common.
  4. The earthly soma must be the soma found on earth and heavnly soma is what the gods drink so it must be found on other planes as you also point out. But why should the heavnly soma be phalaris tops it cant be a earthly plant? But is this plant not a very common plant in the western world i think regonize it! if so it could be awesome! especially if it has the potency you mention. But that soma should be a quality and not a specific drink is very unlikely i think. Because the concrete pressing of the soma stalks is mentioned through out the Rgveda so if the soma plants was made from pressed stalks of a plant how can it be a quality. Ive read the whole hymn which you qoute and it praises the good qualites of herbs in general, so perhaps it is just a praise to nature because of all the usefull and holy plants it offers? Maybe the translation have lost some of the meaning? From the same hymn: 18 Of all the many Plants whose King is, Soma, Plants of hundred forms, Thou art the Plant most excellent, prompt to the wish, sweet to the heart. 19 O all ye various Herbs whose King is Soma, that o’erspread the earth, Urged onward by Bṛhaspati, combine your virtue in this Plant. why is it mentioned as a specific plant?
  5. As i read diffrent kind of spiritual litterature i have studied the Bardo Thodol or the Tibetan book of the dead a little and i find its concepts very interesting. It seems to me like it hold great wisdom on the subject of reincarnation and i havent found any text like this in any hindu scripture. But my wisdom is limited so i want to ask: Is it possible that the enlightened masters of old tibet actually gained deep insight on what happens in those important moments of the transition phase?
  6. No soma was not a quality of plants it was a plant.. what is the earthly and the heavenly soma? There is only soma. Have you tried phalaris tops? everyone knows that dmt needs a mao-inhibitor to be active? and Soma Christou....... lol god damn stoner:smash: you seriously need to care about evidence.
  7. But can urine taste good? im willing to give it a try if they make this drink haha! i hope it is going to be the bomb on the market.
  8. One thing that could be cool was sending a space ship to the moon with the top of spiritual capacities to communicate with the enities
  9. Why ? dont the circumstances around the action play a role? in the scenario with the killing of the animal the circumstances of the action plays a big role why not when talking abortion? I thought about it long but i dont know why... what about children who die of some strange birth defect a few days after they are born? whats the meaning of that. But the baby cant create any karma in the womb so what difrence does it make to the soul? but im no expert im just curious. and what does that -ji thing means some of you sometimes put after a name:idea:
  10. So if i am a african wildman and kill an animal and eat it will it create the same the karma as if i just did it for fun? Here is a question for you. We see millions of abortions every year around the world. Why do you think some souls are made to experience such a thing as being aborted if not for taking part in abortion in their past?
  11. Yes they will work every spiritual practise works with devotion. But it will not work as good as if you where a vegetarian. i have had some good experiences when chanting Hare Krishna and i eat meat and is caught in the senses. And i also think chanting will give you the will power to drop meat eventually if you really devote your self.
  12. I think you need to research a bit more some have daugthers, but the dominiance of male dieties must be found in the very male dominant old culture of India.
  13. I meant how can you be sure that if you abort a child then you are destined to be aborted in a future life? Yes it makes some bad karma but how much? is the circumstances of the kill not important? I have never understood the law of karma as you present it i have thought it as more like a combination of negative and positive factors.
  14. How do you know that you are beeing aborted your self? i just cant think in that way if there isnt any evidence because i dont consider it particular sinfull. Not evidence of the law of karma but how sinfull this action is.
  15. hmmm, sorry but i didnt quite get that impression earlier:idea:
  16. yearh okay Denmark is known for drinking alot beer since the vikings hehe but im not a boozer though.. Theist: You are right a life is startet, but i draw the line when the fetus is still in the early stages and it is wantet unborn because of bad circumstances. I just wonder why the human life is need to be keept alive when a, lets say a rape victim is pragnant. I think the social aspect is more important that the moral. And it is more important not to ruin anybodies present lifes than ending a life in very early stages with no recollection of anything.
  17. It is in the process of becoming a human, but because it is in such a early state just like a egg or sperm cell it has not the rights of a human. yes there is some form of self just like in all other living things but in such a low way that i cant see the problem in stopping the birth before the life evolve into a human. To me it is some kind of necesary evil just like killing an animal for food when there is no plants to eat.
  18. Ohh haha you are trying to get me pissed or what? In Denmark nobody cares if the girl is a virgin before marriage, because noone is, in denmark a sexual relationship allways comes before marriage. Fine we live diffrently but show some respect! you can easly insult my way but you are very sensitive about your old values yourself!How can girls ever find someone to love the rest of her life if she cant show love? The virginity rule is good to keep your girl at home never seeing boys that might get her in love, doing her duties learning the moral codes and when she is old enough to be marriaged to some stranger for the benefit of the family she will be. This was good and practical way back in time as it insurred the girl a good life but we evolve and our way of life should too. I just say i dont give a shit about marriage all i care about is that people love each other! And sex is a way to love another person. can you tell me why keeping girls virginity before marriage is not SEXIST. And you still have not told how Abortion and Chastity is connected or how abortion is being used by poeple as prevention, or why it is a big deal to end a life before it is startet?
  19. Yes but the same can i properly say about you and your values so this dont prove your point. my posts never said anything about me being drunk or some crazy sex baboon so stop writing such shit, but okay you have removed it now fine... you cant argue against sex is natural, and a good way for human beings to show love in my opinion. But i think all you can do is tell me how ignorant i am i guess. No it is not diffrent issues, because if you get your way and abortion is illegal a person who posible can give birth to the child would be forced to have it so you would harm other people with the law! but what is most important a life that has not devolped any self or a living human life
  20. What exactly are you implying? "no offense again" yearh right... exactly we are debating and you call me a drunk sex baboon out of thin air. Try talk to the girl about how she really felt about it, she must be ruined. Offcause the child should not be blamed but the stress of the girl carrying a baby under such circumstances should offcause be avoided in self defense of the girl.
  21. And oh no my mom was not a virgin before marrige thats mean im some kind of whores child or what? I dont have a reaction personally she is a fine women still. I cant really connect a medical surgery to increase of violence i dont see how that might have a connection are you awere of what it would be like for a 13 year old girl to give birth to her rapists child? no one are but i am sure it is among the worst stresses you can put on someone and i dont want that certainly.
  22. omg what have chastity to do with Abortion?? Abortion is not a method of prevention are you crazy? no body wants an abortion. The marriage think and that the girls should be a virgin are extremely sexist old fashioned way of thinking that i think is far out. Abscense of sex is only for the ones which want good spiritual life not everybody else im happy that girls and boys have the same rights now when it comes to sex. So i dont care that todays thinking is getting dim on that one.. sex is natural as long as you can control it. and is it better for the 13 year old rape victim to bear the child than to get an abortion
  23. it is true what tell about the saddhus they get great benefits from smoking ganja.. and entheogens can certenly do stuff like clavoyance we have seen many incidents on that. Ive attached something about psychedelics and spiritual quest by Ram Dass might interest you.
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