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  1. Namaste! that would be yajna or यज्ञ
  2. You can likely get a copy of what you want and bring it to any tattoo artist. They will be able to do it in that fashion. what would you like?
  3. Namaste Heidi I'm glad the name worked out. I could have sworn that I replied to this before but it must have not gone through. Strange... Let me know if you got it. If not, I'll try again.
  4. ॐ बोलो श्री सत गुरु भगवान की जै
  5. I checked and discovered the biturbo is pronounced bee-turbo. See what happens when you assume LOL. That still begs the question of ser as in sergio. so... make it either बिसेर्का ser sounding like air or बिसर्का ser sounding like are. This also changes my previous post of Bibo making it बिबो Would you agree, Sant and Marko?
  6. Thank you sant, you may be right. However, as Marko wrote, the bi in biserka sounds like the bi in "biturbo". I assume this sounds like bi in bicycle or bite and not bi as in bitumen or bit. I believe I am right with the sa matra as well since sergio is more like serengeti and not sarcasm. I do consent the matra for kaa. These are the arguable differences and So... Marko, if the bi sounds like bit and the ser sounds like sar then sant is correct and use this... बिसर्का If it sounds like bite and ser (like share replacing the sh with s) then use this...बईसेर्का. That is unless Marko's significant other has a version of the name vishaka, then that changes everything. Good luck Marko and feel free to clarify our questions. Thanks again Sant...as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.
  7. Marko = मार्को Bibo = बईबो Biserka = बईसेर्क
  8. The problem is that history has shown that islam as a whole doesn't fit with your version of it. I appreciate how you read into the teachings of islam, it would be nice if it would be shared on a greater scale.
  9. If you'd like to start a new thread...go to the main heading ie. if it pertains to Sanskrit click on the sanskrit main thread. It will give you an option for starting a new thread. Good luck. I'd like to see what you have to offer
  10. Interestingly, Indian Culture has a long history of innovation and "evolution". Indian Culture promotes dynamics. Support its dynamics and you support the Culture. If we solely support its history we wont be chaste to its dynamics.
  11. औदर्य संग sang is the last word meaning gathering. However, phonetically, Fellowship will be written फ़ेलोशिप
  12. मईखल and जोन्ज़ Hope this helps, Knights, Narasingh
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