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  1. is hitler ascendant in virgo or libra? does he have 4 planets in 8th house?
  2. All these ar actually wrong.
  3. I too have saturn in 12th for leo ascendant. Is this bad because 6th and 7th lord are together in 12th. Should I marry or not to marry is question my dob: 31/05/1977 11:31 am, cochin-india. I think I have a sanyasa yoga, because in malayalam astro book its written, if 7th lord and 9th lord forms a yoga, and saturn aspect 9th lord in own house - its a form of sanyasa yoga. I think I have another form of sanyasa yoga as well, mars/moon aspect each other and 9th lord in 9th. I am scared of marriage.
  4. religion to justify violence is to be banned. But why is a person opposing Gandhi put up this post? Don't follow Gandhi partially.. -Hari.
  5. I directly call him asshole, because now they are making his statue and worshipping it. Man worship is real bad. Even Gurus like Narada, Lord Siva, Brahma- just come to guide disciples. They don't ask anyone to worship them. I wish I could write another book - "Bhagavad Gita- As It is NOT" to counter comment on each verse of "Bhagavad Gita As it is".
  6. Govt of India should act to ban all copyrighted/patented "Bhagavad Gita" -as it is. Or else it will lead to world destruction. In booming american economy, people tried to patent many things, including 1s and 0s. That should not be case with religious literatures. In india the old swami couldn't get followers and went to USA and taught hippies- bhagavad gita. And with money inflow, by the strength of cash even Indians were bewildered to think he was fortune personified. Chant Hare Krishna - be happy. But don't read the asshole old man's books. Even his disciple books are better. Its high time Govt of India took action against copyrighting "bhagavad gita- as it is" for adding keyword - "as it is". Lord chaitanya took sanyasa initiation from Advaita saint. Person who bought Lord Chaitanya to this world- his name was "Advaita acharya" If you want to practise celibacy by not becoming impotent- sankara is way to follow. Also the person incharge of www (dot) krishna (dot) org sent me a mail telling Mumbai ISKCON chief- jayapataka is criminal and Bangalore ISKCON is correct. I don't find any Hare Krishnas in bangalore except some assholes selling books in saffron sometimes. In Mumbai I see lot of people- they chant in street/railway station/train, in office etc the names of Lord Vishnu which ends with Hare Krishna.. Mumbai has more Hare Krishnas in street.. This old man was born 01-sep-1896 16:00 hrs at calcutta. He has a asura yoga like Napolean.. Many good planets go to 8th house(house of death). Lagnesh saturn in 10th (I have strong enemy lagnesh sun in 10th, also my following lords are in 9th house for leo- 2,3,4,9,10,11 th lords are in 9th with 5 vargottama planets- sun,ven,mar,rah,ket). 6 out of 7 strong planets for me are in extra worldly houses of 9,10,11,12, with moon alone in 3rd. -Hari
  7. As per B V Raman things are counted from jupiter and not moon. If moon is in 6,8,12 from jupiter is sakata. Ur moon is 8th from jupiter with jupiter in 10th house in house of mercury. Only chanting Hare Krishna can break sakata yoga. My doubt for sakata is if jupiter is in moudyam - becoming combust on account of 4 degree angle difference from sun, will jupiter be able to break sakata? some say sun conjunct jupiter is good. Is it really good? Or is it bad? -Hari 31/05/1977 11:31 AM, cochin.
  8. hi, I have mercury in aries with leo ascendant. start of mercury dasa resulted in loss of property. Please comment. Will it get worse or good? dob: 31/05/1977 11:30 AM cochin thanks in advance, Hari
  9. But I will not follow Prabhupada books. -Hari Let ones faith save him.
  10. Lord Brahma didn't say any rules to chanting Hare Krishna in Kali Santarana upanishad. Where else has he mentioned the regulative rules? (meat eating, sex/illicit sex, gambling, intoxication). This is my doubt for long time.(I am not related to ISKCON, an don't believe in Prabhupada teachings). I do support Kalisantaranaupanishad - 35 million times chanting Hare Krishna. -Hari born: 31/05/1977, 11:31 AM, ernakulam,, kerala.
  11. I was a software engineer for past 10 years. my birth date/time: 31/05/1977, 11:31 AM, Ernakulam, Kerala. My father/mother did huge speculation in real estate due to which most of my money is at stake. I am not married and not concerned about it. My relatives always eat away my money all throughout. Should I show any compromise this time? Lot of my 10 years earning is lost. All that I am asking for is to return my money which I had with me in beginning of 2008. Because of this I had to leave my job as well. Should I take to something like Sanyas? one software(horoscope explorer) tells I have 4 planets in 9th house aries- mer,ven,mar,ket. But as per astrovision software ketu is in 8th. is there some sanyas yoga possible? below are positions: asc- leo rah-virgo(doubt) - 2nd moon - libra - 3rd ketu- pisces(doubt)- 8th mer,ven,mar - aries- 9th sun, jup - taurus- 10th saturn - cancer -12th Is my future bleak? Am I a bad guy or whatever? astrovision tells "I have 5 planets in vargottama. is this true? is my mercury maha dasa going to be bad? Please reply your comments. Thanks & Regards, Hari.
  12. My saturn maha dasa got over (saturn was in vipat tara). Now mercury started which is in pratyak. Is Mercury dasa going to be worse than saturn dasa? mercury is lord of 2nd/11th placed in 9th. I see breakage in profession. thanks in advance Hari. dob: 31/05/1977, 11:30 am cochin. asc- leo rah- virg- 2nd moon-libra -3rd ket-pisces-8th mer/ven/mar- aries- 9th jup/sat- taurus- 10th sat- cancer-12th
  13. Dear webyogiji, I never tried saturn Maha Mantra. Probably I will try it. Its true that when I went to sabarimala in 1996, I had improvement in my habits(became a veggie, practised celibacy etc..). Thanks & Regards, Hari Sujathan.
  14. After that divorce your wife and marry some american lady. Rest assured, you will come up someday. generally 2017-2021 will be bad for anyone because there could be much more serious global crisis by then. -Hari
  15. I think you have some bad yogas along with some good yogas like sarvanga, lakshmi, trilochana, raja yoga. but bad like Daridra/sakata. make sure you don't do mean deads(daridra yoga). Daridra is extremely bad yoga. It doesn't actually mean poverty, but a person doing mean deeds.
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