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  1. Saturn as lord of 7th in a karka rising chart in company of venus in the fifth has been known to given birth to individuals who will essentially be "lady killers" as the LABEL goes and will strive hard to put love (not necessarily lust, in the long run!) above even what they covet most in life! Saturn has the ability to put enormous ENERGY into where it focuses upon but that must not be taken for GRANTED!
  2. FWIW, here is another configuration Brow - sun and moon and Leo and cancer Throat - mercury; gemini and virgo Heart - venus; Libra and Taurus Solar Plexus - mars; aries and scorpio Naval - Jupiter; sagittarius and pisces Mooladhara - saturn; aquarius and capricorn Please note that crown chakra is beyond the body and astrology in this scheme. Also note that the arrangement/distribution follows the orbital distribution of planets which is basically what governs the rulership of planets over signs (Indian) and horas and weekdays. Finally, the scheme places the odd signs on the right side (Male) and even signs on the left side (female).
  3. You are the only one who has KSY and barely! Your brothers do not have KSY. Study hard, open your minds and avoid "mumbo-jumbo"!
  4. Some observations: Late July 2007 TSaturn crossed Nvenus Mid dec 2007 TSaturn retrograded stopped just shy of contacting NSun Late august 2007 TSaturn dir contacts NSun Mid-May 2009 TSaturnR approaches Sun but stops short of contacting Then moves direct Between May to September of 2009 if your health condition gets resolved or improves considerably, we can look at it again from a study perspective... Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your recovery. Also give Ashtottari a try, given that your birth is KP-daytime
  5. Being mangalik does not affect marital life, it just has to be balanced with saturn or mars in similar houses as the mangalik person. In other words, two mangaliks can marry and not know the difference. And mangal dosh is not all that scary as is made out by certain not entirely unbiased parties. The way these things work is that many instances pass by unnoticed and do not get documented or noticed or reported by any jyotish librarian, but when one case blows up, it becomes the poster child!
  6. Vargottama lagna belonging to moon afflicted by lunar nodes, gulika and neecha mangal in V9 influencing moon are some of the problems for the difficult experience you are going through. There will be moments of panic and paranoia and a sense of conspiracies against you. Unfortunately, the period for some years ahead is not very conducive for you and you must not have to go through this by yourself. I hope you are in a caring family who is concerned enough for you to get you some serious help in terms of guidance, medication and support. The best you can do for yourself is to show this reply to your father or other caring relatives. The situation is serious! Marriage will only bring in more people who will be affected by all this. This will not just be a phase that will pass when jupiter moves to the next rashi or the bhukti changes, etc!! May God bless you and those around you.
  7. Astrology aside, EIGHT years is an UNUSUALLY long time for a spouse to not be able to get entry into USA! Are you sure that all the paperwork is being filed appropriately by your spouse? How often has he visited you in these 8 years? Or is there some other (non-visa related) hurdle in the works??
  8. Despite all the modern modifications and modulations and misrepresentations made, mangal dosh has very simple and straightforward rules: -Mars will be placed in 12th, 1st, 2nd, 4th 7th or 8th in a chart -Mars or saturn if placed in these positions in spouse's chart will cancel the dosha -Mars in own, moolatrikona, exalted position will reduce the impact of the dosha if factor 2 is not met (balanced placement of mars or saturn in spouse's chart - Mangal dosh indicates that the spouse (without balanced dosha) may experience ill-health (not misfortunes, not death, not job loss, ONLY ILL HEALTH!) - If all factors pertaining to health are strong in spouse's chart (with unbalanced mangal yoga, mars and saturn blah blah blah...) then mangal dosh would not create any miasma magically! GEEZ!!!!
  9. Nisha... Sorry about this insertion by a lowly ant as opposed to the requested comment from experts as you sought. Hopefully a few did arrive in your mail-box. There is no absolute malefic or perfect benefic! If you have been an accountant for your entire past life, numbers and ledgers come easily to you and represent benefics in ....at particular example!> But if you have been an accountant all your life but really wanted to be a violin-virtuoso -- now we have a BIG Challenge and a situation where the violin or music may pose formidably as a CHALLENGE! MUSIC is not malefic! YOUR wanting to master it MAY BE! I hope this makes sense? If not, please say so. Some GURUJI may oblige...! Rohiniranjan
  10. Just responding to your header, Sir! Forty years and not married? Count your blessings! Some of the accomplished jyotishis from what I hear have not been married or got widowed and did not remarry etc and thus found all the time that is needed to serve Jyotish! Count your destined blessings! What have you done for Jyotish? Or have you??
  11. I would like to think of it as the long stick (saturn) that you would carry if your were walking on a tight-wire (mangal dosha). Nothing gets 'cancelled' but one is better balanced although still walking on the tight-wire over the raging rapids flowing underneath. I have heard the same 'analogy' for some of the other cancellations in jyotish too. {Also technically speaking, saturn in the non mangalik partner's chart is what constitutes the so called cancellation -- and not in the chart of the mangalik person}
  12. Dear Kingpin, You have obviously convinced yourself about all this occuring to you due to KSY etc so there is no point in trying to convince you otherwise. Have you noticed a worsening of this 'deadpan' feeling as I believe it is called, even more so since 3rd week of September, 2000 and increasing again since early December 2008? The last few days of December (~ 27th onwards) were unpleasant. Is your mother or someone in her family unwell or experiencing some other difficulty?
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