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  1. Hello Ashish, First of all thank you for this opportunity. Here are the details: girl 23rd july 1982 8 am mumbai boy 22 march 1982 6:57 am mumbai I want to know, 1) if the boy is manglik, does manglik dosham gets cancelld due to presence of saturn? 2) If we will be able to get married? if the boy is manglik, we will perform all the remedies and move ahead. -Thanks for your time,
  2. Hello Respected Astrologers, Please take a look at the birth details of my fiance and please tell me if he is manglik or not. Some tell me he is, some tell me the mangal dosham gets cancelled by saturn posited in the 7th house. His birth details, 22nd march, 1982 6:57 am Mumbai
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