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  1. Kindly elaborate on your life! Where are you currently? What do you do? What have you studied? What is not going right? Please provide some details, key points in your life, etc.
  2. I am not knowledgeable on vedic/tantrik books on numerology, but I know several people who consider the Book of Numbers by Cheiro to be the most accurate book on the subject.
  3. Combination of Saturn and Moon together in 4th house is RajYoga (Moon lord of Kendra and Trikona, and Saturn lord of Kendra). This combination is not the problem, but the 7th aspect from a very strong mars, and a very strong sun is the biggest problem. There is a saying in Jyotishi that Sun and Saturn exalted, aspecting each other, destroy each other. The sun has the firepower of Mars associated with it, and in this 7th aspect of Sun vs Saturn (Fire vs Air), Sun is stronger, and hence the suggestion that the Saturn of this girl is weak, inspite of being exalted in Kendra and conjunction with Lagnesh. ACCORDING TO MY UNDERSTANDING, Saturn in her kundli is weak, and it is the lord of 7th house.
  4. Janaki, everything will return to normal after Nov 3, 2009. The problem is caused by Rahu transiting in 7th from Shani. This transit started in May 2008, and will end in Nov 2009. Rahu and Shani opposition usually creates problems. Shani is lord of 7th house. Rahu is transiting 4th from Moon, indicating loss of happiness. Hold on to Nov 3, 2009. I do not see a divorce in your horoscope. Best wishes, kingpin9969
  5. I have experienced skin problems on my face when Saturn is in the 7th and the 10th house from moon. I have Mercury in sixth house, and Saturn in 2nd, which explains the cause. Mercury gives propensity to skin problems, presence of Saturn in 2nd shows the weak spot where Shani can hurt.
  6. It has all the three yogas. Kindly elaborate on your life so we all learn.
  7. Primusjyotishi, Thank you for your reply. I am glad someone decided to help me. My worst period in life were between 2000 and 2003 when Saturn and Rahu were both in 8th from Lagna (Gochar), and 7th from Moon and Saturn. No, I have not noticed anything bad since Dec 2008. I have researched my life (Astrologically), and can reconfirm that it began when Saturn crossed the opposite point of Lagna. My mother is well, and I get along well with both my parents. Thanks,
  8. Ravi, This is a good chart for money through business. The house of income (2nd) and the house of business (7th) has the same lord Venus, and I feel that you will inherit your father's business, if he has one. It is also conjunct with Saturn (Gains, Profession). I feel that your father has a strong income stream, may be through business. Am I correct? The chances of abroad settlement seems weak because of a medium strength 4th house. (Moon in 9th aspected by Jupiter). But you never know, I am not good enough to guarantee predictions. Hope you do not find anything offensive....
  9. Progeny prospects are good. Sun in 5th will cause delay.
  10. - 9th aspect is a weak aspect of Guru. - Guru is lord of 8th and 11th houses, hence a malefic by lordship. - Guru and Mars exchange houses, indicating gain through or after marriage. - Guru usually is not benefic in the house it occupies. - Rahu Ketu axis is in the 8th house indicates marraige outside community or langugage I would also say that grandson is emotional with aspects on Moon by Shani, Rahu and being placed in a Fire sign. This may lead to severe depression if he does not marry whom he loves. (Something to keep in mind) Thanks
  11. Please feel free to say what ever you feel. I will not get offended but will feel happy, if the thread provokes interest Based on my personal experience, Mars (2nd and 7th lord), Mercury (9th and 12th lord) are strongest, and Moon (10th lord) is weakest. However, I got a job soon after graduating in engineering (good job), and am currently working as an Assistant with full scholarship in MBA. However, my problems are not financial, academic or professional in nature. I have good things in life, but feel confined, introverted, disinterested in making friends, going out, etc. They are of a complex nature, -> unhappiness, feeling restricted, not achieving my potential, disinterested in life. And this feeling was not there before. It started only after June 1999, exactly when Saturn crossed 180 degrees from Lagna. I know it is Kaal Sarpa, because I feel dead emotionally.
  12. I think you should be able to get into research in the long run, but in the short run I don't find any positive gochar or dasha that will get you your coveted job. The association of 5th lord with 10th (Mercury and Mars), along with Mars 7th from its own house, and the position of Rahu in 5th indicate a career in research. If you are hurting financially, you could take up a job, and then try for research later on.
  13. General rule of astrology: Strong Sign + Weak House = Medium Strength of Planet, provided all other factors remain the same.
  14. I think it depends on the nature of the planets involved in the opposition. Exalted Sun and Saturn opposite each other destroy each other. I think exalted Mars and Jupiter are okay...At least that is what I have observed...
  15. I feel that he will marry the girl though the relations with his mother and father will remain strong after the marriage. Reasons: 1. Mars is the lord of the seventh and twelfth house - indicating marriage in a foreign country. 2. Mars aspects the fifth house - the house of love affairs. 3. Conjunction of Mars and Venus (1st and 7th lords) indicates a coming together of opposites (Mars and Venus are antithetical to each other) through love.
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