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  1. the separation of 8 years was because of the rift caused by my inlaws but now things are different ,so what time peroid do you predict that i can join him .Would be really grateful if you can also tell me what sort of married life will i have and about my progeny.
  2. is it saturn or ketu mahadasa ? plesae help and suggest remedies ......eagerly waiting for the response.
  3. Date of Birth : 15 // AUGUST // Y1972 Time of Birth : 12 : 15 PM Place of Birth : JAMSHEDPUR,JHARKHAND I was informed that i have a saturn mahadasa and would like to know was there a delay in me joining him and which would be the right time for me to join him? pls help me webyogi ....
  4. Webyogi , pls help when will i join my husband ?
  5. my dob is 15th aug 1972 ,tob :12:15pm ,pob: jamshedpur. i got married on 24th may 2001 but have not been able to join my husband who stays in US. would like to know when i will be able to join him and why was this separation ? also our married life was disturbed by our inlaws.pls help
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