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  1. Respected Amlesh Ji, I do not have answers to your question. But I do feel the need to say something. I do feel if the husband is good enough the wife too will be good. Every human has flaws...be it man or woman, so the couple has to work on perfecting the flaws. Namaste.
  2. God is epitome of goodness. Evil things exists...but do we put enough efforts to refrain ourselves from committing evil and/or being in the presence of evil? Ponder that.. Good or bad...there is always a lesson to learn from it. Namaste.
  3. Dear astrologybeliever, I am not an astrologer. I would like to suggest you, to go and see a skin doctor as soon as possible. They know what is best for you. Namaste.
  4. Shalini Ji, Namaskar. I am not an astrologer. Based on your description, I can sense something is amiss. I really think that you should see a doctor, a skin doctor as soon as possible. Perhaps it is not solely a skin problem at all...so it is better for you to seek medical help to combat this problem. I leave it to the respected astrologers here to recommend remedies for your present condition. May god bless you. Namaste.
  5. Respected Melvin Ji, I reckon from your previous post that you are a Christian. Coming back to your question, though I lack experience and knowledge pertaining this matter, in my opinion, if your conviction towards your religion and god is strong , liberation as told by your religion is around the corner. If you have strong faith, there is no need to ask others about your own faith. For me god is for all, if one is sincere and devoted enough, god will surely grant you liberation or any other thing as stated in your scriptures. These are my thoughts, and if any of the lines above offended anyone, I apologize in advance. Namaste.
  6. Dear Aboutson, I am not an astrologer, so sorry if you find me intruding your thread here. I really think, astrology cannot do much help. After reading through your post, it is very clear things are worse. So you cannot expect your son will change the very next day after doing astrological remedies. It will take time, that too depends on god. Jee Ji has given valuable suggestions indeed, but it really depends on your son to change. Transformation induced by pressure do not stay long. Your son should change for his own sake. I understand your feelings about your son. All you can do is to pray to god. Whatever it is, be positive and always be there for your son. Namaste.
  7. Respected members, God is the amalgamation of truth-knowledge and bliss. Any man-discovered truths or "sciences" cannot be equal to the knowledge god has. The dispenser of knowledge for the benefit of mankind is god. Whatever achievements man has now is all from god as the precursor of thoughts in man to analyze, discover and experiment ,that gives birth to "science",was and is being planted by god. Religion is metaphysical, and it is beyond the comprehension of laymen. Only the very blessed in this present birth get to know god....the amalgamation of truth-knowledge-bliss. Namaste.
  8. Namaskar Jee Ji, To an extent VA does provide answers to problems. But people fail to realize that the answer to any problems in their lives depends on THEMSELVES. Many people want instant remedies to overcome problem WITHOUT EFFORT. I guess the right way to handle a problem is to tackle it, not running away from it. Nothing is impossible in this world, I guess we only lack the capacity, creativity and intellect. Come what may, we should overcome any problems with our best efforts possible and leave it to god. Though I have no knowledge of VA, I do know that a matter of minutes ( time of birth), even if the were born the same day. Even if they were born the same time...their accumulated karmas are different. So one may suffer and one may lead a good life. God created us for a reason. He does not sit there and watch us suffer. He is always there for us. The only thing is...god helps people who help themselves first. I hope I do not cross my limits of explaining things that are not in my best knowledge. I do hope with the my little help, you could understand a few points. I do hope senior astrologers here can answer your questions the way you expect the answers to be. Namaste.
  9. Respected members, Reading all the posts above does make me realize this (abortion) is an issue which causes immense concern. I just hope everyone that are in dilemma of going through abortion, will get divine grace and help on thinking what to do, just as Melvin Ji had experienced. Namaste.
  10. Sephiroth Ji, Yes, what you said above is so true. Thanks.
  11. Respected Raghuji. Thank you for your thoughts. So far all the reply posts made me think deep about bhakti and blind faith. Whatever they are, whomever they be, they all indirectly impart valueable knowledge in the spirituality field. I have nothing but respect and gratitude to you and all the members of the forum for making me understand complex and substantial issues. Namaste.
  12. Respected Members, I am amazed how diverse bhakti and blind faith can be when hearing the explanations by Theist Ji, Bhaktajan Ji, Hindustani Ji and many more others. It reflects that I still have lots to learn to be in your levels. It paves me way to introspect myself. Thank you again all. May god bless you and all.
  13. Thank you galaxy18 for intiating this topic. Well I do not condone abortion due to frivalous sex, abortion due to not wanting the child and and abortion due the thought of terminating the pregnancy as they wish as one might think it is her right to keep or not to keep the child . I do believe we do not have the rights to take other people's lives. But if the mother's pregnancy will endanger herself or the baby is deformed or will likely have diseases that beforehand known by mother and father through scans and tests etc....what do fellow members think about the scenario? For me if such the case, the mother should abort. Though I do not know the consequence of the actions, I mean, does it accumulate bad karma too?
  14. Bhaktajan Ji, Thank you for your input. It makes me think a bit clearer. I have a question for you and all members here. How to make our bhakti to god untainted by blind faith? It is very hard as there is no yardstick to measure bhakti or any other metaphysical endeavours as well as there is no devices to detect blind faith.
  15. HindustanI Ji, Yes the meaning that you gave does differentiate the terms well. Thanks.
  16. Respected Members, This is the response to the question by Kaisersose Ji. In my opinion, bhakti is the intense love to god. How do I define blind faith....hmm well I put it as a state where, a person is having faith in something without fully understanding the object that he or she has faith to. Faith for me is to believe confidently and whole-heartedly about a set of principles, tenets of religion, god etc. I might perceive the concept (bahkti and blind faith) differently from the learned ones that is why I asked the members. I do find, in both cases, i.e. bhakti or blind faith, the individual is never bothered about his/her actions because the immense conviction and confidence towards the the faith he or she has. Sometimes there is a negative impact too, if one is not careful. I wish some one can enlighten me on this two terms. Theist Ji, thanks for your input, it does make me think in another perspective. Thank you to Kaisersose Ji too. Thank you all.
  17. Respected Members of the forum, Nowadays there are lots of confusions arising from our ignorance of the basic fundamentals of any religion that we are following. I am no different too. My question is, what is the difference between bakthi and blind faith? Secondly, how to make bhakti pure without shadows of blind faith in it? Namaste.
  18. kshama


    Sant Ji, As Amlesh Ji said, this is an interesting subject matter. Well I am not sure about naag and nagins, but nagaloka is there. So I am pretty much convinced such entitites does exist. I do think, in pursuit of getting naga mani or whatever it is, people seem to put the snakes in danger or kill it. Because of such greed, I do think (imagining) the snakes take revenge. When I was a kid, I watched Sridevi Ji performance in Nagina... one of the song itself has a moral or two in it. I think snakes are creations of god that should be left alone. We do not know for sure what kind of snakes they are (either normal ones or some divine ones). And another thing, cruelty to animals adds up our bad karmas. Above comments are just my thoughts, I have no intentions to hurt the sentiments of others or attribute any beliefs for the rest to follow or etc. Below I let the famous Hindi song lyrics speak for itself. Namaste. Main teri dushman dushman tu mera -main nagan tu safera) - 2) - 2 janam janam se tera mera bair o rabba khair Main teri dushman dushman tu mera (main nagan tu safera) - 2) aaj ka badala main bas lungi chhed naa mujhako main das lungi - 2 jantar mantar jadu tone ye to mere khel khilone Mujhapar chalega naa jor tera - 2 (main nagan tu safera) - 2 chhed ke apani bean kaa lehra - 2 tune bithaya mujhapar pehara basame nahi main anewali main nahi dhokha khanewali aya hai jogi banake lutera (main nagan tu safera) - 2 sabaki juba par meri kahani mera dasa hua mange na pani - 2 tera tamasha sab dekhenge kya hota hai aab dekhenge dekhega tu na kal ka savera (main nagan tu safera) - 2 Main teri dushman dushman tu mera (main nagan tu safera) - 2 janam janam se tera mera bair o rabba khair Main teri dushman dushman tu mera (main nagan tu safera)
  19. Dear Jee Ji, Namaskar. I am not an astrologer. I feel blessed to know a few people here that are very knowledgeable in Vedic astrology (VA). VA is like the ocean. The knowledge of VA from the rishis of yore, were passed carefully from generation to generation. I think only a few ancient texts survived now. So most astrologers predict based on what they learn and from innate gift that god gives to them to make prediction. I must tell you not all can be astrologers and make predictions. Anyone can learn VA but probably cannot predict precisely well. There are many noted astrologers online, there are many blessed and knowledgeable senior astrologers and dedicated learners of the art, here, in this forum too. Apart from that I do believe there are good astrologers everywhere, even in your vicinity, but you might not met him/her yet. Basically if you meet a good astrologer, from the placements of the planets in houses and the like, instantly he/she could see the problem. Health issues too can be detected and narrowed to exact point of organ or that is affected with ailments. Again I must stress that, not all can tell this. Well we are what we are now because of our past karmas. Through VA, remedies are done to pacify the afflicted planets and to an extent reduce the severity of the adversity that one is deemed to face. Generally people only turn to god when they are in pain, sickness and sorrow. Only an iota of men, from the oceans of men remember god when they are in comfort. People that are not that comfortable do find way to reason their sufferring by blaming god, claiming science is doing no good (when the fact is we are at the best comfort thanks to science, though, there are setbacks) or blaming VA not efficient enough and etc. At critical moments, have faith in god, surrender to Him and come what may, be tough. I think, if one is blessed enough, they will surpass all the obstructions in life and lead the life they intended to. This is just my thoughts, it is not my intention to offend anyone. I am sorry if I did. Namaste.
  20. Namaskar, I am not a vaidya nor a doctor, but I have screened slides and studied aplastic anaemia. Well the disease itself needs proper treatment, dietary changes in lifestyles, certain food to avoid etc. I really suggest you go to an ayurvedic practitioner that can offer satisfactory consultation one-to-one. Your conditions need some expert opinion. I really suggest go to your medical doctor. Discuss with him/her your best treatment options. You can always rely upon Ayurveda as a parallel treatment. You should always consult anyone with your medical report intact, so that the doctor or the vaidya knows in what conditon or stages your diease is. I noticed that there is a good medical doctor, who is an ayurvedic practitioner herself and at the same time a medical astrologer. I will give links to her website so that you can contact her. http://astrological-remedies-indianpedi.blogspot.com/ She is also a member of this blessed Audarya Fellowship forum. The link to her member's page is http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/member.php?find=lastposter&t=261618 You can message her to get her consultations. I must stress that, I am not undermining the capabilities of other vaidyas in any ways. I am sorry if I offend any parties. It was and is not my intention. Namaste, may god bless you all.
  21. Respected Shweta Ji, I am not an astrologer and pardon me to intrude your thread. I feel sorry for your troubles. I hope it will vanish soon. Lives suffering and happiness is consequence of past life karma. I am not a scholar nor a guru, but it isn't something that can be reversed or rectified easily by means of astrological remedies. It will take time, maybe tomorrow, maybe years...that also depends on your previous life's karma. Follow the said astrological remedies with faith. Leave the rest to god. I think there is no better remedy than having faith in god. Pray to Him, surrender, let Him take care of you and your family. Always remember, this is a phase of life.....it will become better when god thinks it is due time. Do not lose hope and faith. May god bless you, namaste.
  22. Dear Yakacha, Life is full of ups and downs, all the pain, suffering and hardship faced makes a man wiser and resilient, if only if, the negatives are turned into positives. I am sure you will do well in your life. Always remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Be happy with the present...make your present moment wonderful at your very best, forget the past and move forward. And lastly....have faith in god always, let not the adversities in life makes you lose faith in any ways. Namaste.
  23. Dear Saman, Firstly I am not an astrologer.The key to get out of depression is not really through doctors, medications, astrological remedies, as these all are tools for YOU to discover yourself and making it easier for you to get out from this problem. The key to get out of depression is YOU. If you have the right thinking.....if you have the right attitude, remaining positive at all times....I am sure you will get out of this problem in mere seconds. Work on you flaws (if you have any), solve you problems, do not run from it. You soon will be soon relieved from burden. Suicide adds misery to your soul in next life, add miseries to the ones you love and your family.....and the tag coward will be given to you by many. You want all these? Please help yourself. Think positive....go to psychologists or pyschiatrists, get medical help, do astrological remedies. I am sure you will get out of you problems. And last but not the least. Have faith in god. God will always be there for you, surrender to Him. May god bless you. Namaste.
  24. Dear Yakacha, At 13 (in the case of you), chemical reactions, fluctuation of male hormones and so on bring forth some changes in the body. At this time of life, sexual thoughts do enter. So self-pleasuring and experimenting are very normal. Masturbation medically has major significant effects, though it might leave pyschological problems to some(rare cases) or problems in marriage. I cannot imagine how painful it might be to be tormented by people like that. Reading your experience being spat upon, was painful enough. Looks? What does looks bring to anyone? Any more money? Salvation? Good education? Being good looking is a ticket to attain salvation? Looks means nothing without without self-respect and a leading a respectful life. Be appreciatiave of how god made you. In terms of health....I really would suggest you go to an ayurvedic practitioners, they know how to manage the loss of vital fluid (semen) as loss of it causes energy loss (ayurvedically). They will probably suggest herbs and foods that will build up your ojas. Well .......pull yourself together, make your life worth a living. Be independant. Work hard. Do not worry, respect and all pleasures comes to you by the grace of god. Do not care about what people think about you. Strive for a decent living, cultivate good habits and positive thinking. I am sure you will be better than anyone in your neighbourhood. Suicide???? Well there is no short-cuts in life, I am not sure from which faith you belong, but, the next life too will be full of miseries....and it's like a chain-reaction... So it is wise to work up your flaws and bad habits now in this very life. Why wait...you can be a new man even tomorrow. Have faith in god, I am sure all will be ok. Namaste.
  25. Avinash6 Ji, I am sorry to hear that you are having some kind of heart problem. I do think it is wise that you undergo regular check-ups (most people are do not do this), eat a healthy diet, and do some exercise (as advised by the physician). Take your medicatians diligently too. All these things are vital to control the disease ,if not to cure it. Yes, please do the prescribed astrological remedies with utmost faith. The rest leave it to god. I hope you will be ok. Namaste.
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