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  1. Dear Ahara Vimaladvaita, I am glad that your anger level is decreasing. May god bless you.
  2. God is epitome of goodness. How could He that is symbol of purity, can turn impure, through actions by people like you, me and others? Are we that powerful? Going to temple, a person needs good intentions, maintain cleanliness i.e. physical and mentally and have utmost faith in Him. About soap. I think in Malaysia, if you have a look in certain parts of town, where there are Indian Shops...i.e. cash and carry departmental stores, Primas, and the likes etc....soaps and detergents that is 100% no animal fat or Vegan is there...normally it is made by Malaysian Indian companies. You have to scout around. Most temples in Malaysia welcome anyone, as long you wear decent clothes and you are having good intentions. This is how I feel. Namaste.
  3. Smaranam Ji, I have read your post. Your feedback really makes people understand the importance of being a vegetarian/vegan. I just hope the efforts by good souls like Theist Ji, you and others in promoting this very blessed way of living does reach out to many people as possible. Namaste.
  4. Dear MikeMalaysia, I understand your source of concern. Since this is quite a delicate issue, I leave it to senior members like Kali_upasaka Ji or any other members that can give their opinions regarding this matter. Namaste.
  5. Kali_upasaka ji and Sambya Ji had given a beautiful yet resonant explanations on purity. I do think there should be no confusions for you now, MikeMalaysia Ji. If at all you feel, that you need to ask more, please be more specific so that Kali_upasaka Ji, Sambya Ji or any other spiritually knowledgeable/spiritually inclined members can give their view that caters your questions well.
  6. Dear Soul300, Perhaps if you provide, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of your father, the astrologers here can analyze the situation thoroughly. May god bless you dad, you and you family. Namaste.
  7. Dear MikeMalaysia, Perhaps if you describe further what is ''impure actions'' as per your understanding, learned members here would get a clear picture of the situation and prescribe purification methods necessary. This step will surely erase misconception that you have, if any. It is very odd to hear people do not enter pooja room or go to temple for months as a consequence of performing certain actions. It is very likely people may come up with suggestions that aren't needed at all, as they are hazy about the real situation. Please pardon for this intrusion in this thread. Namaste.
  8. Respected Theist Ji, I respect your feelings and sentiments. Some things in the world cannot be changed drastically, no matter how we try. The awareness should be from the non-vegans/non-vegetarians. Let them have that awareness, let them change in their own pace. I am all for propagating veganism/vegetarianism. But, change if not from within...it is futile (Referring to non-vegans/non-vegetarians). The only point I was stressing, and I am stressing is, let god judge people from the merits that one possesses. I strongly believe every actions that one takes good or bad, there are consequences soon after it, that too are based on the nature of the actions, respectively. I am very much positive things will change for the better due time, until then I will remain hopeful. Namaste.
  9. Murali Ji, Good to know you are a vegetarian. I am too. The biggest ignorance of all, probably, is...according to me, the persons who thinks they are holier just because of being vegan/vegetarian. I think if we focus on our karmas, treat people equally, serve god in our capacity, and have unwavering bhakti towards god, these traits will help to turn us into a good soul. Namaste.
  10. Rahul Ji, That "capsule whether from a chemist or a doctor" analogy cannot be used in matters pertaining sadhana. The success of one's sadhana depends on several underlying factors. Namaste.
  11. Dear Murali334 Ji, It is nice to read your post. Hindustani Ji is correct about what to do. Apart from that, be useful to the society, refrain hurting people in thoughts, actions and speech and always see the Lord in everything you encounter. Though what I say is not the ticket to moksha, it surely a blessed way to live a life as a Shaivite. Namaste.
  12. Malik_shalini Ji and respected members, Seeing, the extent of the condition Malik_shalini has,I think...it is really important for her to ascertain what causes her the trouble medically. It can be anything. Since her wedding around the corner, I think the problem can to an extent resolved if she is under treatment from a good dermatologist. A very good doctor can see to an extent what is the problem by looking directly at the condition and necessary medical stats or history. Let's not diagnose her condition here. Let her doctor do it. Namaste.
  13. Dear Rishi Vatsyayan and members of the forum, I do wish any astrologers practicing Vedic Astrology adhere to the codes above to maintain the dignity of this divine science. Namaste.
  14. I am in the same thinking with Amateur Ji. I just feel proud the be amongst many learned people and people of high calibre here. There is so much to learn from many people here. Namaste.
  15. Dear Veenuraj, The key for stress-free life lies in yourself. All the available options to combat stress in this world is useless if you do not want to change. Why wait change happen, change now. Afterall, to an extent, stress is a state-of-mind. You seem educated. That is good. One must remember even the stupidest person in the world can prosper if that is god's will and provided he or she works hard for it. It is common people look down upon someone based on their charts. This is a general view of mine. I think a good astrologer should try to help rather than blasting ruthlessly about a natives shortcomings. May god bless you and all. Namaste.
  16. USR ji saying is true to an extent. I just wish people that really, I mean really understand vedic astrology reply to threads started by members. Sometimes due to lack of understanding in beginners and learners of astrology, the prediction and remedies seems go wrong. This adds bad image to vedic astrology at large. It is not good to give false hopes to people who are suffering. It just adds up to some more sufferings as sometimes, wrong remedies can do bad. This is why, senior astrologers in the forum, if they see something wrong being replied, please highlight it for the sake of easing/preventing the suffering of the thread starter and for the sake of learning by the astrology students. Again this is not a dictation but a gentle plea to all respected members here. Namaste.
  17. Dear Respected Members and respected astrologers, First of all this is a nice thread to read and really serves as a guideline for members to start a thread about their respective questions. I beg to differ with Ayush Ji, pertaining I think any individual has their prerogative to choose whoever they feel they have faith in answering their questions. It is not likely others astrologers were looked down upon, it is just that after reading through others threads and posts in Audarya, they have deducted, these few mentioned people can give satisfactory answers to their questions. It is not about biased perception of other astrologers. One must remember, it is hard for an individual to speak about problems even to their their closed ones, so after thinking hard they managed to write out their problems to someone they don't know. Sometimes they are in immense trouble to a degree one could not even fathom, though what they wrote in threads seems simple. So I think they are not being biased, just they feel they need to get out from the trouble and seeking help from people they deem helpful. May god bless this troubled souls. If the other astrologers feel, the thread is without reply by the chosen astrologers, the other astrologers can, with their freewill to reply. Again it depends on the other astrologers. I just felt to channel my thoughts here. I am sorry if it had offended anyone here, it was not my intention. Namaste.
  18. Respected Members, I have been following this thread for a while. God is epitome of goodness. I think as long as one has bhakti, god will always be there for him/her. Being a vegan or vegetarian is indeed noble, but it doesn't guarantee one will taste liberation. The non-vegetarians should think...if this particular attachment (eating non-vege) is so difficult to overcome, how would they overcome much more adverse difficulties in their quest into spirituality and getting near god? I am sure whatever eating or sexual preference you are, whatever deeds you do, god knows you better. Let the consequence of your actions determined and judged by god. In this precious lifetime, one must look ways to strengthen bhakti. Namaste.
  19. Dear Canyenero, I am not sure about how religious societies work, as I am not a member of any, but I think...religious societies should be applauded for their efforts in preaching the religion. So whatever I am going to say now, is about religious societies in general. I think a religious society is like an electrical current....and the members...are like electrical aplliances...so...in order for the electrical appliance to work...one must switch on the appliance. Weird explanation one may think..... Religious societies, religions, scriptures, way-of-life as said by any religion and rituals are there in this world and all are beautiful...but to understand the beauty....one must switch on the acceptance mode to really benefit from the afore mentioned currents of source available. Not all have the right understanding of religion, though the efforts by religious socities available now are extremely good in propagating awareness, knowledge and the right conduct, a member should have. One must transform oneself to accept and be in the right mode to really understand the objective of the society. I think the key lies within the individual to have transformation. I strongly believe transformation if not from within, is futile. I hope this insignificant effort of mine does answer your questions. If not, I am sure, there will be many knowledgeable members here will point out the right answer for you. Namaste.
  20. Dear Ahara Vimaladvaita, You have answered your own question, if you look carefully, that is...you need to control or remove the anger. Find out the source of anger. From your post you are not just surrounded by bad energies...you are probably one of the emitter of bad energy by saying parents are bad. You have to think about it. I am amazed you can do yoga and meditation. Whatever it is, pray to god to help you overcome this anger problem and at the same time do try to find ways how to maintain the calmer side of you. Namaste.
  21. Respected Members, I do not know whether this is the right channel to convey thoughts on the matter pertaining superiority of gods. I think there are many more substantial issues regarding Hinduism that can be discussed here. Bickering, arguments, so-called discussions and proof making-proof debating posts, to me, appears as an eyesore. It just reflects how disunited we Hindus are. I am not bothered much about people from other faiths attacking verbally on Hinduism. I believe, their lack of understanding about our culture, norms and religion makes them behave in that manner.What saddens me is Hindus, as we are all part of the same religion, a creation of the absolute truth, why can't we just focus on strenghtening our unity instead of dividing ourselves? I wish the moderators would promptly identify and delete any thread that is a potential never ending chain of futile arguments. We Hindus should set an example to followers of other faiths, that we can lead a life full of unity, tolerance and positivity even whilst being among followers various faiths that are avail in the world. I believe ahimsa paramo dharma. Be it in thoughts, speech and action. If anyone feels that I have crossed my limits and offended their feelings, I apologize for my behaviour. Namaste.
  22. Dear Arulselvan, I think it is wise to get a consultation from a doctor. Follow the doctor's advise. Fatty liver can be to due intake of alcohol for a long time (heavy drinkers) and few other things that brings forth the changes on the liver. As for your tryglycerides...again you should see a doctor. After total cholesterol blood check, the doctor would assess your condition and what is the best treatment for you. Modification of your diet, physical activity and few more suggestions is very much likely to be told by your doctor. Again PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR, as these conditions if taken care early the better you would be. Namaste.
  23. Arjun Ji, I do not know, but why not? There might be swamis here. There are many well-learned people, be it academically and/or spiritually, here in this very forum. Sometimes even a beggar on the street can impart valuable wisdom. Knowledge though vast, it fails to make the learned noticeable through the naked eyes. Namaste.
  24. Respected members, As said by Amlesh Ji, it is indeed hard to find fine ladies but in my opinion, it is extremely hard to find a good man nowadays too. People seldom ask themselves whether do they really deserve a good wife or husband as they think, it is their prerogative to choose an ideal spouse,without even seeing the enormous flaws they have in themselves. Marriage should be entered with utmost sincerity and after given utmost thought so that each of the individual fit to perform duties as a wedded couple. If one of them seem unfit, it justs adds up the bad image of marriage has, in this modern time. Namaste.
  25. Arjun ji, Rituals or any religious activities in Hinduism has its own significance. Sometimes, people that are inquisitive to know the underlying significance of any rituals tend to ask the wrong kind of people. This leads to confusion and many more. So I suggest, if you have some questions about some ritual, ask any reputed swamis or people that are well-versed in what they are doing. I just feel sorry for people who finds rituals restricting their freedom. How misinformed and confused they are, may god help them soon. What progress does this so-called craving for freedom people get in terms of making a positive mark on their spiritual side? Only time gets wasted for futile things... People often forget why they are born, they prioritize things that won't help them to gain anything to attain liberation. In every birth there is death. We would never know when our time is up. So...it is wise to use the time we have wisely, to get the right information from the right people and embark on our spiritual journey. Namaste.
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