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  1. Ramayan is lord Ram's leela even Nasa found proof of lord Ram's bridge.
  2. In my opinion Lord Ram has shown that mankind cant escape his own destiny. Even Lord Ram who knew all had to go through so much trouble. Live in the forest for 14 years fight a war etc. Jai sri ram, jai hanuman
  3. If that's what they think of Krishna then fine I say. To Krishna it would not mean a thing. He loves every living soul. To only us it seems like a big deal.
  4. One of my questions is, even with all these religious societys, some time's I wonder does does it effect any one. What worth all the preaching when it goes through one ear and out the other. I am not an athiest but you still see the usuall.:confused:
  5. Planets do effect us but if you have god's mercy and protection, the planets are nothing. So basically I am not saying its all nonsense but there is a higher power.
  6. Personally I think the qualaty of a good wife is someone who excepts you for who you are. Even if you have got a chronic illness, or have not got a fancy car or job. Basically she should love you, and you should love her. The biggest thing understand each other.
  7. I'm afraid I disagree with Ayodha how could Hitler reach enlightenment when he killed so many people. God does not just look at your diet, even though he was a vegetarian what was the point when he killed so many people. To me there is no difference between Jesus and Krishna.
  8. If anybody is a devotee of Krishna and is a vegan ( not that there is anything wrong with it) and says drinking milk and eating other dairy products is a sin, then think what lord Krishna did always eating butter, drinking milk etc. There is a difference between killing a cow and millking it. It does not feel any pain when getting milked but imagine if you were in that situation about to be some ones meal.
  9. For around ten years I did not eat onion and garlic and suddenly one day started. Before I started I use to suffer severe colds, asthma, hayfever and alerges. From my experience even if it is thamsic or rajsic and it is helping you take it. I found it helped built my immunity like anything. Hing I did not find that effective.
  10. Just because people do a barbeque does not mean they are lustfull. It's part of their culture. In the same way lot of Indians could do it but you never know they might be non-veg. These days you can get soy dogs hot dogs made from soy. One thing you cant just finger that only people who are non-veg are lustfull and bad. I know so many veg people are not that nice.
  11. It has been proven to be a myth that egg's can increase your cholestrol. Similarly people can say cheese, milk and yoghurt should not be taken. All these things come from an animal, so we could say its not good to eat.
  12. From what I've heard it's because Krishna is the only one true god. But in the Ramayan Ram and Shiv are like best friends when ram made the shiv linga he called that place Rameshweram.
  13. If in Iskcon it is ok to offend each other then I dont think Krishna's message is getting through. Krishna did not say Chant and dance and offend. I know so many religous communitys never heard its ok to offend other devotees.
  14. Not true. Why would Hanuman lie to Sita when he is as loved as Ram's brother Bharat. Ram and Hanuman are one
  15. It was not ignorant and cruel like Krishna Ram is an avatar of vishnu so what ever he did had a good reason you could say that bird got liberated. In the Ramayan all the demons who got killed by Ram got liberated. Just like Krishna Ram Bliss personified and so merciful he was even prepared to forgive Ravan if he surrenderd.
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