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  1. Sir, can u tell me how every bona fide religion can be linked??? Pranaam
  2. tasmai namo bhagavate vâsudevâya dhîmahi yan-mâyayâ durjayayâ mâm vddanti jagad-gurum(SB. 2.5.12) TRANSLATION I offer my obeisances and meditate upon Lord Krishna [Vâsudeva], the Personality of Godhead, whose invincible potency influences them [the less intelligent class of men] to call me the supreme controller. nârâyana-parâ vedâ devâ nârâyanângajâh nârâyana-parâ lokâ nârâyana-parâ makhâh(SB 2.5.15) TRANSLATION The Vedic literatures are made by and are meant for the Supreme Lord, the demigods are also meant for serving the Lord as parts of His body, the different planets are also meant for the sake of the Lord, and different sacrifices are performed just to please Him. nârâyana-paro yogo nârâyana-param tapah nârâyana-param jn'ânam nârâyana-parâ gatih(SB.2.5.16) TRANSLATION All different types of meditation or mysticism are means for realizing Nârâyana. All austerities are aimed at achieving Nârâyana. Culture of transcendental knowledge is for getting a glimpse of Nârâyana, and ultimately salvation is entering the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:PlaceType w:st="on">kingdom</st1:PlaceType> of <st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Nârâyana</st1:PlaceName></st1:place>. tasyâpi drashthur îs'aya<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> kûtha-sthasyâkhilâtmanah <o:p></o:p> srijyam srjâmi srishtho 'ham <o:p></o:p> îkshayaivâbhicoditah(SB.2.5.17) TRANSLATION<o:p></o:p> Inspired by Him only, I discover what is already created by Him [Nârâyana] under His vision as the all-pervading Supersoul, and I also am created by Him only. Whether Christians accept all these.Not only christians anyone who accept this is a vaishnava otherwise not.Very simple & clear. I dont think there is anything further which needs to be clarified. Pranaam <o:p></o:p>
  3. What a great thread? Full stress have been given to prove Goswami Tulsidas was a mayavadi. Full stress have been given to find faults in his writings. Whether the persons who have previously blasted Tulsidasji(in this thread) can claim themselves as a devotee of Krishna??? I dont think this is what is called bhakti.A pure bhakta sees Krishna everywhere & everything in Krishna then where is the time to find faults. Can anyone give any pramaan from any scripture that a person has a right to find fault in the writings of a Bhakta??? Why all this apradhs peoples are doing??? After reading Gita, Bhagavata etc peoples are doing this type of deeds. Vary sad. Pranaam
  4. Who is that Supreme person? Whether that supreme person is Shreeman Narayana.If that supreme person is Shreeman Narayana then it is Vaishnavism otherwise not. Pranaam
  5. If u have decided to continue in unwanted debate then keep on going. All the best to u. Pranaam
  6. Tirisilex, Why don't you use devta instead of demi god??? Demi god is a very wrong word????? Pranaam,<!-- v3 Arcade --><!-- /v3 Arcade -->........ type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1091766", true); .........>
  7. Respected Cbrahma, As per Padma purana, any one who tries to equate Lord Brahma & Lord Shiva to Lord Narayana is an atheist.Lord Brahma & Lord Shiva are ansh of Lord Naryana. When they cant be equated how can we equate Lord Narayana to Jesus.Hence Christanity is not compatible with Vaishnavism & it will be offence if we try to equate it. Hence there is no point to further continue this debate. Pranaam
  8. Respected Cbrahma, I fully accept with Dark Warrior. I would request you to pls go thru the literature of Sri Sampradaya.It will clear all your doubts. Secondly Christianity can't be equated with Vaishnavism. I dont think Christians worship Shreeman Narayan, the supreme authority.This is the first requirement to become Vaishnava. Even worshippers of Lord Shiva can't be categorised as vaishnava. Hence I would request you not to indulge further in debate.With debate nothing can be achieved.Only thru Bhakti of Shreeman Narayan we can have peace of mind which is recommended by all the scriptures & acharyas. This are my views. I am sorry if i have offended you. Pranaam
  9. Ramdas was one of the greatest saints of the world. He was the inspirer of Shivaji. He was born of Suryaji Panth and Renuka Bai in Jamb, Maharashtra, in 1608 A.D. His original name was Narain. Ramdas was a contemporary of Sant Tukaram. He was a great devotee of Hanuman and Lord Rama. He had Darshan of Lord Rama even when he was a boy. Lord Rama Himself initiated him. As a boy, Ramdas acquired some knowledge of the Hindu scriptures and developed a liking for meditation and religious study. One day he shut himself in a room and began to meditate on God. When his mother asked him what he was doing, Ramdas replied that he was meditating and praying for the good of the world. His mother was surprised at the precocious religious inclination of the boy and felt happy. When Ramdas was twelve years of age, all arrangements were made for his marriage. He sat in front of the bride. There was a screen between the bridegroom and the bride. When the priests chanted "Sawadhan!' (be alert), Ramdas bolted away from the place and disappeared within the twinkling of an eye. For twelve years Ramdas stayed at Nasik on the banks of the Godavari. He used to get up very early in the morning, go into the Godavari river, and with his body half-immersed in water, recite the sacred Gayatri Mantra till about noon. Then he would go round for alms. He first offered the collected food to his Deity Sri Rama and then took it as Prasad. After resting a while, he used to attend religious discourses in the various temples of Nasik and Panchavati. Ramdas also studied Sanskrit and copied in his own hand the Ramayana of Valmiki. This manuscript is still preserved in the collection of Sri S.S. Dev of Dhubliah. Ramdas did Purascharana of the Rama Mantra of thirteen letters Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram thirteen lakhs of times at Tafali, near Nasik, on the banks of the Godavari. After the Purascharana was over, once again Ramdas had Darshan of Lord Rama. It is said that Ramachandra ordered Ramdas to visit holy places such as Nasik, Haridwar, Kasi, etc. Ramdas sprinkled over a dead body holy water uttering the name of Rama and the dead body was restored to life. Ramdas had to do this, because he had blessed a woman who had just lost her husband. Ramdas was an Advaitin and a Bhakta in one. He had this very noble quality that he never hated any religion or nation. His main object was to spread the Hindu religion throughout India. Ramdas had not visited Pandharpur, as he had not known the existence of this holy place. One day, the tradition says, Lord Panduranga Vittal, in the form of a Brahmin, with a batch of three hundred pilgrims, appeared before Ramdas and asked him whether he had any objection to see Lord Krishna. Ramdas replied in the negative. Panduranga then took Ramdas to Pandharpur, and when the Bhaktas approached the temple, the Brahmin disappeared. Ramdas then knew that it was none other than the Lord that had brought him to that holy place. He entered the temple, and to his great surprise, found Sri Rama standing alone on a brick. Ramdas addressed the Deity thus: "O Lord, what are You doing here alone? Where is Your brother Lakshmana and Your consort Sita Mata? Where is Maruti and where are the monkey hordes?". On hearing these words, the image at once transformed itself into Sri Pandarinath. Ramdas then praised Panduranga for His kindness, prostrated before Him and sang songs of joy for getting His rare Darshan. Ramdas now felt doubly convinced that the several incarnations of the Lord were but His several forms and preached that everyone should respect and worship the One who took care of one and all in the world. Ramdas then worshipped Panduranga to his heart's content and became a frequent visitor and Bhakta of Panduranga Vittal also. In Pandharpur, Ramdas came in contact with Tukaram and other saints of Pandharpur. In his pilgrimages, Ramdas observed and studied the social, political and economic conditions of Indians and their utter helplessness in life. It is said that Sri Rama ordered Ramdas to go to the banks of the Krishna and help the cause of Shivaji, the incarnation of Siva and founder of the Kingdom of Maharashtra. Ramdas came to the Krishna and went about preaching from Mahabaleshwar to Kolhapur. He established eleven principal seats of Maruti which emphasized the importance of physical development. He installed the shrines of Sri Ramachandra at Champavati and introduced Sri Rama Navami Mahotsava and the procession of Sri Rama's chariot. It was at the place called Singanvadi that Shivaji became the disciple of Ramdas. Shivaji placed the sandals of his Guru on the throne and acted as regent of the kingdom under the orders and guidance of his Guru and adopted as ensign the flag of orange colour. There is a beautiful and romantic incident current in the Maharashtra country about Shivaji's adoption of the Gerua flag and his ruling the kingdom in the name of Saint Ramdas. One day Shivaji saw, from the terrace of his palace, his Gurudev Ramdas going about the streets with his begging bowl. Shivaji was surprised and could not understand why his Guru should beg when he himself had already placed all his resources at the disposal of his Gurudev. However, Sadhus are difficult to understand. Shivaji therefore called for his companion Balaji, wrote a small chit and asked him to give it to Guruji when he came to the palace. About noon, Ramdas came to the palace with his bowl and Balaji prostrated before Gurudev and placed the chit at his feet. Briefly, the chit conveyed that Shivaji had made a gift of his whole kingdom to Gurudev and he humbly solicited his Gurudev's blessing. The Guru smiled and told Balaji that it was alright. Next morning Ramdas called on Shivaji and asked him what he proposed to do with himself as he had disposed of his kingdom. Shivaji prostrated himself before Ramdas and said that he would be very happy and consider himself blessed if he should spend his life in his Gurudev's service. Then Ramdas said, "Take this bowl and let us go on our rounds". So Ramdas and Shivaji went round Satara begging. The people reverently bowed before the pair and gave them alms. The pair returned to the river. Ramdas prepared his simple meals and Shivaji partook of what was left after his Gurudev had finished his meals. Then Shivaji, with a smile, asked his Gurudev what he was going to do with him after reducing him to a beggar. Ramdas knew that the opportunity had come to set up a lofty ideal for the king. Ramdas asked Shivaji to rule the kingdom in his (Ramdas's) name, to take the Gerua Chaddar for his banner and defend its honour with his life, and to think that the kingdom did not belong to himself but treat it as a trust to be ruled justly and well before God. And thus had come the Gerua banner to Shivaji. Ramdas spent several years in visiting holy places of pilgrimage. He erected several Hanuman temples in Maharashtra. When he returned from his pilgrimage, somebody told Ramdas that his mother was pining for him, and that she had lost her eyesight on account of extreme sorrow arising out of his separation. Ramdas immediately went to see his mother. He made prostrations to his mother. His mother was exceedingly pleased to meet her son after an absence of many years. Ramdas touched the eyes of his mother. She got back her lost eyesight through the Yogic power of her son. Ramdas's ways were very peculiar. He appeared to the outside world as a mad man. He had a small bow. He used to have, by his side, a large number of stones with which he pelted every object he saw. To men really interested in his teachings, he gave the Mantra Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram. Ramdas had eleven hundred disciples, of whom three hundred were women. The women disciples were also expert preachers and were virtuous. Ramdas sent his disciples to all parts of India to spread the Hindu religion. His disciples and Mutts in the North directly or indirectly helped Shivaji and his work. Ramdas's organisation in the South, round about Thanjavur, helped Shivaji's son Rajaram to go to Jinji and carry on the Twenty Years' War with Aurangazeb. When Ramdas visited Thanjavur, Venkoji, who was the step-brother of Shivaji, became his disciple. Ramdas appointed Bhimaswami, his direct disciple, as the Mahant of the Thanjavur Mutt. Ramdas generally preferred to live in the forest, where he would say, he had better meditation. In his last days, Ramdas devoted his time partly to literary activities and partly to the systematic building up of his disciples and Mutts, both in the North and in the South. The literary works of Ramdas such as Dasabodh, Manache Shlok (verse addressed to the mind), Karunashtakas (hymns to God) and Ramayana (describing only the conquest of Lanka by Sri Rama and the vanquishing of Ravana) are very popular. It was as a tribute to Ramdas's extraordinary patience and determination in rehabilitating the Hindu religion in India that people named him Samartha (all-powerful) Ramdas, a name which he richly deserved. This great Guru of Maharashtra breathed his last in 1682 at Sajjangad, near Satara, a fortress which was given to him by Shivaji for his residence. Ramdas repeated the Rama Mantra with his last breath. At the time of his departure from the world, a dazzling light emanated from his body and Ramdas was absorbed in the image of Lord Rama. The last instructions of Ramdas to his disciples were: "Do not think much of your bodily wants. Have Satsang with devotees. Keep the image of Lord Rama in your heart. Repeat the name of Lord Rama always. Annihilate lust, greed, anger, hatred and egoism. See Lord Rama in all creatures. Love all. Feel His presence everywhere. Live for Him alone. Serve Him in all beings. Make total and unreserved surrender unto Him.You will always live in Him alone. You will attain immortality and eternal bliss".
  10. Respected Worriedsoul, I am not an astrologer but I know that a person who recites "RAM RAKSH STOTRA" daily will have a very long life. Also major illness can be cured. U can also start the same.By the way today is Hanuman Jayanti hence start from today itself. Pranaam
  11. I think this thread should be stopped here only. There have been enough debate on the topic.I would request Loverofthebhagavataji, Dark Warriorji & theistji not to indulge further in debate.Lets have peace of mind. Pranaam
  12. I appreciate your reply.A pure devotee doesn't have enemity with anyone becoz he sees his Lord everywhere.But even then Todar Mal was his close friend. I would request you to pls read Goswamiji's biography. Sorry to say but my query has not been answered. Pranaam
  13. In the biography of Goswami Tulsidasji it is mentioned that he was a very close friend of Todar Mal. Todar Mal was a finanace minister in Akbars Darbar.Whether this Todar Mal(Akbar's finance minister) was Tulsidasji's friend???? Hope I will get some clarification on my query Pranaam
  14. Respected Loverofthebhagavataji, Very nice post about Kabirdasji maharaj. Reading bhakta's divine character is very essential. The fact is "a bhakta is a bhakta" irrespective of any sampradaya. Pranaam.
  15. Narayan Kavach from Srimad Bhagavatam is the last resort from all the evil effects.Pls recite it daily in the morning. Also you can recite sloka no 36, 11th chapter fo Gita. Have full faith in Sriman Narayana. Pranaam
  16. Dear Sanskruti, I would advise you to pls listen the discourse of Jagatguru Kripaluji Maharaj (fifth mool jagat guru) on Sanskar TV at 7.30 pm(Indian time).You yourself will come to know why Krishna attracts so much. Lord Krishna is the most beautiful incarnation of Lord Narayana.The word Krishna means one who attracts.In Krishna Lilla, Lord Narayana has displayed all his transcedental qualities which was not displayed in other avtaars.Also start reading Bhagavatam where you will find in detail about Krishna Lilla. Above all do satsang which will clear all your doubts.It will lead you to Krishna bhakti. Pranaam
  17. Sorry for the late reply. I have read the link provided by you.It was very nice. One devotee character I liked very much i.e Pundarik Vidyanidhi. Appearance wise he was looking like a materialistic but was an exalted devotee. Mahaprabhu himslef went to meet him. I was inspired a lot after reading his charitra. Hope you would have definitely read his divine charitra. Prannam
  18. I would request Loverofthebhagavataji & dark warriorji to have peace of mind & don't fight with each other. The thread started with the topic"Why Krishna only" Ekam sastram devaki-putra-gitam Eko devo devaki-putra eva Eko mantras tasya namani yani Karmapy ekam tasya devasya seva(Gita Mahtmya-5) That shastra which speak of Devaki putra is the only shastra,Only one God i.e Lord Narayana/Krishna,Only one mantra i.e chanting Divine names of Lord Narayana,Only one work i.e seva of Lord Narayana & his divine bhaktaas. This he conclusion of all the scriptures & all acharyas. This verse was told by Lord Shiva himself hence there should not be any question of authenticity also. Pranaam
  19. Respected Tackleberry, Pls read Chaitanya Charitamrita(CC).It would clear your doubts.CC is vey authentic.Mahaprabhuji has really showed his original Krishna swaroop to many devotess like Advaitacharya,Shree Gadadhar,Shree Nityanand,Thakur Haridasji etc... You yourself pray to Gaurang Mahaprabhu with pure heart & may be he himself would remove all your doubts. Pranaam.
  20. Dark Warrior, I have reposted my reply... First of all "Demi-god" is a very wrong word.It should be devtaa instead of demi-god. Secondly why every time questions on supremacy is being asked???? Whether considering Lord Narayana as supreme is sufficient to attain Vaikunth Dham???? Whether our purpose of getting Krishna's prema bhati will be attained??? Read the conversation between Yudhisithira & Shree Bhishma in Mahabharata. Shree Bhishma adviced Yudhisithira to ask Lord Krishna who is Lord Narayana himself, to describe about shiva tattva. Shree Bhishma was not capable & neither Lord Brahma is capable too. Read HariHar stotra recited by Markendaya rishi on the advice of Lord Brahma in Harivansh Purana. By this fact whether it is not clear that Lord Shiva is not a so called "Demi-god".If Lord Shiva is just an ordinary Jivattama then Shree Bhishmaji would have told the same fact to Yudhisithra.Remember Shri Bhishma is one among the 12 Bhagvat acharyas.His statement are more authoriative. Lord Narayana is Lord Shiva hence dont try to differentiate. Many great acharyas/rishis have explained in their writings but still we are debating on this silly point.Lord Narayan himself have revealed this fact then where is the confusion??? "A person has a right to be wrong in froming the opinion but a person has no right to be wrong regarding the facts." Pranaam
  21. Any person who sees shiva linga or Lord Narayana's murti worshipped with tulsi, is freed from the dosha of Brahma hatya..... Brahma purana. Hence Tulasi is very much offered to Lord Shiva Pranaam
  22. First of all "Demi-god" is a very wrong word.It should be devtaa instead of demi-god. Secondly why every time questions on supremacy is being asked???? Whether csonsidering Lord Narayana as supreme is sufficient to attain Vaikunth Dham???? Whether our purpose of getting Krishna's prema bhati will be attained??? Read the conversation between Yudhisithira & Shree Bhishma in Mahabharata. Shree Bhishma adviced Yudhisithira to ask Lord Krishna who is Lord Narayana himself, to describe about shiva tattva. Shree Bhishma was not capable & neither Lord Brahma is capable too. Read HariHar stotra recited by Markendaya rishi on the advice of Lord Brahma in Harivansh Purana. By this fact whether it is not clear that Lord Shiva is not a so called "Demi-god" Lord Narayana is Lord Shiva hence dont try to differentiate. Many great acharyas/rishis have explained in their writings but still we are debating on this silly point.Lord Narayan himself have revealed this fact then where is the confusion??? Pranaam
  23. Thanks for your advise. Made a mistake by putting such query. Better to chant Krishna's divine names. Pranaam
  24. Very well accepted.Very few peoples would have been reading CC.I am interseted, you are interested in reading CC but third person may not be. Hence to prove him about supremacy it become difficult. Every sampradaya have their own literatures hence they are not interested in other sampradayas literature.Due to this only debate on supremacy arises.Our aim is not to indulge in debate but to talk about krishna's leela & the divine characters of his bhaktas. Pranaam
  25. Respected Godseedji, Thanks for a detailed reply. Daily I am reading CC & I also accept whatever writtem by you.In this thread only u can read my previous posts about Gaurang Mahaprabhu. but its not fair to question ShreeChaitanyajee's Bhagavattä I am not questoning Mahaprabhuji's Bhagavatta which is very much clear from my previous posts In the previous posts of this thread you would have seen that many persons are challenging his supremacy. It is in this context only I have written that instead of proving his supremacy stress should be on his teachings. ShreeKripälujee Mahäräj of Shreedhäma Varashänä (www.jkp.net) also confirms HIM as ShreeKrshna HIMSELF, so when the fifth müla Jagadguru I doubt whether Gaudiya vaishnavas accept it.This I am telling after reading various posts in this forum itself. Anyway my intention was to stop others from challenging Mahaprabhu's supremacy. Pranaam
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