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  1. Dear Devotees, I have read somewhere the below mentioned lines which Gaurang Mahaprabhu has told. SAB SHASTRA VED KAHE SAMBANDH ABHIDEYA PRAYOJAN<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> KRISHNA, KRISHNA BHAKTI, KRISHNA PREM……………<o:p></o:p> As per my opinion Mahaprabhu has disclosed the essence of all the Vedas, shastra, purana etc etc.. in this 2 line. Shree Krishna is the only with whom our relationship(Sambandh) is real & eternal rest all are temporary. Shree Krishna is the only who is to be worshipped with pure heart & mind. The bhakti should be unconditional. To get Shree Krishna prem should be the sole objective. I would request if any one knows the complete statement, which I have written. I would be very glad & thankful. Yours Aditya
  2. Although Lord Chaitanya was widely renowned as a scholar in his youth, he left only eight verses, called Sikshashtaka. These eight verses clearly reveal his mission and precepts. These supremely valuable prayers are translated herein. 1. Glory to the Sri Krishna Sankirtana, which cleanses the heart of all the dust accumulated for years and extinguishes the fire of conditional life, of repeated birth and death. This Sankirtana movement is the prime benediction for humanity at large because it spreads the rays of the benediction moon. It is the life of all transcendental knowledge. It increases the ocean of transcendental bliss, and it enables us to fully taste the nectar for which we are always anxious. 2. O my Lord, Your holy name alone can render all benediction to living beings, and thus You have hundreds and millions of names like Krishna and Govinda. In these transcendental names You have invested all Your transcendental energies. There are not even hard and fast rules for chanting these names. O my Lord, out of kindness You enable us to easily approach You by Your holy names, but I am so unfortunate that I have no attraction for them. 3. One should chant the holy name of the Lord in a humble state of mind, thinking oneself lower than the straw in the street; one should be more tolerant than a tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige and should be ready to offer all respect to others. In such a state of mind one can chant the holy name of the Lord constantly. 4. O Almighty Lord, I have no desire to accumulate wealth, nor do I desire beautiful women, nor do I want any number of followers. I only want Your causeless devotional service birth after birth. 5. O son of Maharaja Nanda (Krishna), I am Your eternal servitor, yet somehow or other I have fallen into the ocean of birth and death. Please pick me up from this ocean of death and place me as one of the atoms at Your lotus feet. 6. O my Lord, when will my eyes be decorated with tears of love flowing constantly when I chant Your holy name? When will my voice choke up, and when will the hairs of my body stand on end at the recitation of Your name? 7. O Govinda! Feeling Your separation, I am considering a moment to be like twelve years or more. Tears are flowing from my eyes like torrents of rain, and I am feeling all vacant in the world in Your absence. 8. I know no one but Krishna as my Lord, and He shall remain so even if He handles me roughly by His embrace or makes me brokenhearted by not being present before me. He is completely free to do anything and everything, for He is always my worshipful Lord unconditionally I hope this will help a lot to all the devotees. Yours Aditya
  3. Respected Jahnava Nitai Das prabhu, Pls accept my humble obesiance unto your feet. I am very much thankful to you for giving me detailed reply.At present I am too busy with office work hence will revert back to your replies in a short time.Prabhu to which place you belong to.I am in delhi.If we can meet in person will be of great help to me.I would like to have satsang & krishan sankirtan with you.Pls give me an opportunity of your association. Yours Aditya
  4. Respected Suchandra/Loverofthebhagavata I have got certain querys reagrding Iskcon which I hope u will be able to slove.......<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> 1) In "Bhagvad Gita As It Is" srila prabhupada has mentioned the guru paramapara in which the gita is received. It starts with Krishna then Brahma, Narad, Vedvyas & so on......ending with Prabhupada himself. But when we read 4th chapter Krishna is telling that He fist told to surya, from surya to manu,manu to ikshavaku & then to rajrishis...but got destroyed with the passage of time. Again the same yog vidya was told but this time to Arjun.My question is whether the guru parampara mentioned is authentic & if yes then where is the name of Arjun????<o:p></o:p> 2) Whether in Bhagvad gita anywhere the word “Sampradaya” is mentioned??? Pls give the relevant slokas, not the purport of Srila prabhupada.<o:p></o:p> 3) To develop Krishna consciousness whether attachment to sampradays is necessary or pure bhakti is necessary???? 4) To which Samparaday Bhaktaraj Prahalad, gopikas, Ambrish,Vibhishan etc…… were belonging to??Pls give the relevant sloka from Bhagvatam or any other purana/Ithihaas.<o:p></o:p> 5) I have heard many a times that there is a classification of puranas???Pls give the classification of puranas with the relevant sloka??? <o:p></o:p> 5) Sri Bhagvatam Third canto…..Srila prabhupdas has copied from gita press edition. Sril prabhupada use to comment on gita press as full of mayavad philosophy then why he copied mayavadi phiolosophy?????<o:p></o:p> I will highly appreciate if u take out your valuable time & reply to my queries.<o:p></o:p> Yours <o:p></o:p> Aditya<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p>
  5. Dear Loverofthebhagavata, I truly accept whatever u have written.The ultimate aim is to continoulsy chant harinaam with full devotion.Nothing can be achieved by debating. haribol
  6. Respected Suchandra Prabhu, Pls accept my humble obesiance unto your feet. I think u are associated to Iskcon.There are certain issues regarding Iskcon which I hope u will be able to solve.Can I get your consent before I put forward my questions.Also I would request you not to take me on negative side.These are simply my doubts which I want to get clear from you.I will put forward my queries tmrw. Yours Adityas
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