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  1. Again it is my humble request not to indulge in all these silly topics. No one can gain anything out of it. Rather discuss on Bhakta's charitra from which we all can learn something... Please...... Pranaam Aditya
  2. Let's not start this debate again.Many a times this type of debate have already taken place in this forum.This is my humble request to all. Pranaam
  3. Very true Theistji...... If this happens then it will become a different world.... There will be no time left for hatredness or other sinful activities.... Pranaam
  4. Lord Shiva is the best knower of Brahman. This sloka is from the discourse given by Shree Bhishma to Yudhishithira Pramaan from Bhagavatam..... asyänubhävam bhagavän veda guhyatamam sivah<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> devarsir näradah säksäd bhagavän kapilo nrpa O King, Lord Siva, Närada the sage amongst the demigods, and Kapila, theincarnation of Godhead, all know very confidentially about His glories throughdirect contact. Narada Purana (63.121) says: diksaya guru-murti-sthah sarvanugrahakah sivah Through diksa, Shiva, the giver of all benedictions, is manifested in the form of the guru. om namas te natha bhagavan sivaya guru-rupine Narada Purana (65.58): I offer my respectful obeisances unto Lord Shiva, who has assumed the form of guru. I hope it is clear to you. Pranaam <o:p></o:p>
  5. Nice post Theistji, The same is confirmed by Shree Krishna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita also. This is the true knowledge.Such a self realised being is very rare. Pranaam
  6. good post Sarva Gattah....... Felt sad by seeing the video of police kicking Krishna Devotee.Its Kaliyug.... Pranaam
  7. Respected dark Warrior, There is no need to post your opinion again & again.You have explained many times in a very logical way.As mentioned above, Bhagavad Gita alone is sufficient to prove your point. Anyway, as usual nice post worth reading Pranaam
  8. OM TAT SAT VISHNUH PARAMAM PADAM (Rig Veda) This sloka of Rig Veda cleary tell us that Vishnu is the supreme.Only by reaching to Vaikunth Dham we can get eternal bliss.The same is confirmed in Gita also. Vaishnavanaam Yatha Shambhu (Srimad Bhagavat Mahapurana) In this sloka VedVyas confirmed Lord Shiva to be supreme devotee.Lord Shiva is always immersed in Narayana Bhakti. This is what I have to say. Sorry for offending anyone's feelings. Pranaam
  9. Dear RadhaMukund, i am sorry to say but you have not read the scriptures properly. In Gita Shree Krishna Himself reveals that all the Lokas upto brahma loka are covered under maya & will vanish at the end of pralaya.Only Vaikunth is Nitya & so is Sreeman Narayana.Sreeman Narayan is the only GOD to be worshipped. From the navel of Sreeman Narayana came Brahma, the first living entity. Above all dont even say that Vishnu is a jiva like other devtas. Pranaam
  10. It is not sometimes rather it is every time. I have not seen any one in this forum who is more learned than Dark Warrior.Conceptually he is very strong.This is my opinion. Pranaam
  11. Dark Warrior, You are really very learned person.The way you have explained is amazing. Worth reading many times.
  12. U can get it at Ramkrishna Math.Try there.
  13. Vishnu is the controller of maya where as Shiva & brahma are covered under maya. Only by surrendering to Vishnu we can come out of maya otherwise there is no other way. As far as GOD concept is concerned then Sreeman Narayana is the only GOD.Rest all Devtas are HIS ansh.Lord Shiva is the best among devtas.Lord Shiva is the topmost vaishnava."Vaishnavanam yatha Shambhu" as confirmed by Srimad Bhagavatam. Pranaam
  14. Truth is Sreeman Narayana. Truth is HIS bhakti. Truth is singing of HIS divine lilas. Truth is Christianity is not comaparable to Vaishnavism. Truth is follower of Jesus are not Vaishnavas. This is what I meant by truth. Gaurang Mahaprabhu told the essance of Vedas & other scriptures in 2 lines i.e. Sab Sastra Ved Kahe Sambandh Abhideya Prayojan Krishna, Krishna Bhakti, Krishna Prema. Sambandh-Jiva has got eternal relationship with Krishna/Narayana Abhideya-Bhakti of Narayana is the only path to Moksha/Eternal Bliss Prayojan-Getting Krishna/Narayana divya prem. This is the eternal truth. Pranaam
  15. One thing is clear Dark Warrior.U have given enough evidence to prove your point but still peoples like Cbrahma are not ready to accept it.Actually they are not in a position to reply back to your points.I dont think it is advisable on your part to go further & explain them from Sri Vaishnava point of view.
  16. There is only one path i.e. Bhakti marg There is only one GOD i.e. Sreeman Narayana. Surrendering to Sreeman Narayana with full faith & bhakti is the only way to moksha/eternal bliss.(Vasudeva Paro dharmah) Apart from it there is not other path. If you accept this then nothing is left for argument. Pranaam.
  17. One who accepts Sreeman Narayana as supreme personality & do only HIS bhakti is a vaishanava.A vaishnava doesnt have any disrespect for other devtas as they are ansh of Narayana only.There are other qualities also which is present in a vaishnava.It is described in detail in Bhagavatam. Dark warrior points are very logic & in line with our scriptures & acharyas. Jesus is not a vaishnava.Hence followers of jesus cant be vaishnava.It is very surprising that we are comparing Vaishnavas to christians. Pranaam
  18. Very nicley presented. You are very fortunate to have born in South India.You can read the Divya Prabhandham written in tamil.I am also very much attached but not able to find any source from where i can get all these either in English or Hindi. Any way your posts are worth reading. pranaam
  19. How you can equate christians with Vaishnavas???? Whether any vaishnava sampradaya have accepted it???? A worshipper of Lord Shiva cannot be considered as Vaishnava then how come worshipper of Jesus can be considered as Vaishnava. There are various vaishnava sect but all are worshipping Lord Narayana(Ram,Krishna,Vishnu). Hence stop all this mental speculation. Pranaam
  20. <?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><v:shapetype id=_x0000_t75 stroked="f" filled="f" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" o:preferrelative="t" o:spt="75" coordsize="21600,21600">" Sanatan Dharm is the universal religion of the Upnishads, Gita and the Bhagwatam which Bharatvarsh has introduced for the whole world."</v:shapetype> <v:shapetype stroked="f" filled="f" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" o:preferrelative="t" o:spt="75" coordsize="21600,21600">The religion which eternally exists in God, which is revealed by God, which describes the names, forms, virtues and the abodes of God, and which reveals the true path of God realization for all the souls is called Sanatan Dharm, the universal religion for the whole world. The word dharm is formed from the root word dhryan (dhryan dharne); it means such actions and such spiritual or religious practices that finally result in all-good for a soul.</v:shapetype> <v:shapetype stroked="f" filled="f" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" o:preferrelative="t" o:spt="75" coordsize="21600,21600"></v:shapetype> <v:shapetype stroked="f" filled="f" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" o:preferrelative="t" o:spt="75" coordsize="21600,21600">This abstract I have taken from writings of Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj.</v:shapetype> <v:shapetype stroked="f" filled="f" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" o:preferrelative="t" o:spt="75" coordsize="21600,21600"></v:shapetype> <v:shapetype stroked="f" filled="f" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" o:preferrelative="t" o:spt="75" coordsize="21600,21600">Pranaam</v:shapetype> <v:shapetype stroked="f" filled="f" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" o:preferrelative="t" o:spt="75" coordsize="21600,21600"></v:shapetype>
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