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  1. What is there not to accept it???? Every quality mentioned is correct.I belong to Sri Sampradaya doesnt mean that I will not accept it. My opinion is that to accept or not is a particular "state of mind" only. Srimad Bhagvatam also describes the qualities of vaishnavas which is universal & applicable to all sampradaya. The problem starts when we start finding fault in others which no scripture is recommending. Pranaam.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Anyway I belong to Sri Sampradaya.
  3. Also prabhuji, my intention was not to disturb you. Will not put any further queries............ Sorry for disturbing you.....
  4. Thanks prabhuji..Chapter is closed Can u give me the link from where I can online download Bhagvatam?? I wanted to download 3rd chapter of 1st Canto. Thanks in advance
  5. Respected Loverofthebhagavata, Very true.... Only God can decide. "Srila Prabhupada was a great acharya.He spread krishna consciousness all over the world.In some places he blasted Ramkrishna paranhans by calling him a fool & rascal,called Goswami Tulsidasji as a mayvadi,Meera bai as not a pure devotee & the list goes on....." If only God can decide then what made him to make such statements. Pls forgive me for any offense.
  6. Respected Indulekhadasiji, That was certainly not the impression.A devotee is a devotee irrespective of a sampradaya. Whether a person is a devotee or not will be decided by whom???? This is my doubt.Pls help me in this matter.
  7. Respected Gokulr, Can u tell me the parampara in which the Gita was recd?? I am very much inetersted in Sri Vaishnava philosophy.Can u tell me any book which will serve my purpose?? Thanks
  8. Long back I have read the article by Narayana Maharaja on Goswami Tulsidas.Thanks for your kind reply. Prabhuji, to which place u belong to???
  9. I am very much interested in reading the Gita bhasya by shri Ramanujacharya.Can anyone help me by giving the information as to where I can get it? At present I am in Delhi. Thanks in advance.
  10. Respected Loverofthebhagavata, In my previous post I asked this question to Shri Indulekhadasiji.I have interacted with many Iskcon devotees when I was in bangalore.Also in this forum I have read many of Iskcon devotees replies also. I have observed that any devotee if he is not belonging to Gaudiya sampradaya will either be a mayavadi or will not be a pure devotee. A devotee is a devotee to whichever sampradaya he/she may belong to.A person should have respect to devotee just as he/she is having respect for Krishna. Pls correct me if I am wrong. Yours Aditya
  11. Thanks a lot. I undertsand your point. I would like to express my views on my query. I take Shikchashtak as my guideline.After reading it I dont think any devotee who is fully absorbed in Krishna bhakti will have a second to think of anything else other than Krishna. As per my knowledge Gaurang Mahaprabhu never blastphamed anyone in his life nor he gave this liberty to others in his preaching.Instead Mahaprabh asked to give respect to others devotion also.Daily I am reading Chaitanya Charitamrita.The kind of love & devotion Mahaprabhu showed to the world is unique in itself.After reading it I dont think blastphaming & Krishna bhakti can go side by side. ShreeKrishna wants a heart with pure love hence where is the question of hatredness. Where in the Bhagvatam or Gita, Lord Krishna has taught to have hatredness???? Where gaurang Mahaprabhu has told to hate other devotion??? Pls forgive me. Yours Aditya
  12. Respected Indulekhadasiji, Thanks for your kind reply. Srila Prabhupada was a great acharya.He spread krishna consciousness all over the world.In some places he blasted Ramkrishna paranhans by calling him a fool & rascal,called Goswami Tulsidasji as a mayvadi,Meera bai as not a pure devotee & the list goes on..... As mentioned in Gita, whatever Mahapurush does common person follows it.This is being followed by all the followers of Srila Prabhpada.Gaurang Mahaprabhu says in the Shikchashtak that a devotee should be humble, forgiving, forbearing, respecting to the devotional feelings of others but not desiring for any personal compliments for himself. With such a humble heart, which is yearning for the love and the vision of his beloved Krishn, the devotee should sing and chant the leelas and the names of Krishn. Now reading the qualities which you have posted above whether it was appropraite on his part??? Pls forgive me for any offense. Yours Aditya
  13. Respected Indulekadasiji, I have got another query. Any acharya/bhakta who uses absurd words against anyone can be called bhakta!! Whether he can get krishna's divine love????? As per my understanding any one who is deeply involved in Krishna consciousness can't think of anything other than Krishna.In that particular stae he sees Krishna everywhere hence there is no point of having enemity with anyone. Can I get some feedback on my query. Yours Aditya
  14. Respected All, As per Brahma purana, any one who sees shiva linga or statue of Lord Narayana worshipped with tulsi is relieved from the dosha of bramha hatya. Yours Aditya
  15. Respected Indulekhadasiji, Very nice description of bhaktas qualities.From where you have quoted this qualities??Post any devotees character known to you. Yours Aditya
  16. Respected All, I pay my humble obeisance unto the feet of all the devotees. As per Vyasdev a person should always read the charitra of bhaktas. To initiate I would request all, who are a part of this forum to post the charitra of devotees known to them.In my opinion a devotee is a devotee irrespective of sampradaya,caste,religion etc. A persons unconditional devotion with love brings him/her near to Bhagvan.Bhaktas heart are always filled with love.All of their activities are a kind of message for the human beings. With this intention I would again request to post the charitra of devotees. Yours Aditya
  17. Pls read "no body" instead of "no boy" Sorry for the mistake. Yours Aditya
  18. As per my view both are supreme i.e. Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva. In what sense I have told, I will elaborate it. Lord Vishnu/Narayana is undoubtedly supreme personality. No boy equal or greater. All the scriptures, acharyas, have concluded this. Lord Shiva on other hand is the Supreme devotee of Lord Narayana. It is also confirmed in all the scriptures. In my opinion every person irrespective of sampradaya should pay his/her obeisance to Lord Shiva & then worship Lord Narayana. Below are the quotes which are told by Lord Shiva only.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> ekam sastram devaki-putra-gitam <o:p></o:p> eko devo devaki-putra eva<o:p></o:p> eko mantras tasya namani yani<o:p></o:p> karmapy ekam tasya devasya seva <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> This one shloka is sufficient to validate my both the points. Pls forgive me for any offense
  19. Respected All, What was the conclusion drawn???? Yours Aditya
  20. Respected Akhilji, Also pls chant HareKrishna Maha mantra.Shree Krishna is the only giver of everything. Yours Aditya
  21. Respected Indulekhadasi, I would give suggestion to all those peoples who are not aware of Mahaprabhu to read "Chaitanaya charitamrita" atleast once.All of their doubts will be removed.It will clear all their doubts regarding incarnation & his mission of Krishna Bhakti.I would like to quote a verse from "Ramcharitmanas" i.e.... Jaane binu na hoi parttiti,bin parttiti hoi nahi preeti Meaning- Unless & untill we dont know, faith cant be developed & without having faith, love cant be developed. Hence I would request everybody to read Chaitanaya Charitmrita. Yours Aditya
  22. Respected loverofthebhagavata, I am very much thankful to you for your kind reply. I will further get back to you on the same queries with my views. Due to pressure of work I may take a day or two to get back to you. Yours Aditya
  23. Respected Loverofthebhagavata, Pls reply to my other queries.Jahnava Nitai Das prabhu has replied to my queries. Can u also reply?? Yours Aditya
  24. Respected Indulekhadasi, Pls accept my humble obeisance unto your feet. Regarding Guarang Mahaprabhu’s incarnation I would like to share my views with you. In the previous posters I have read about the various pramaans from various scriptures revealing Mahaprabhu to be an incarnation of Krishna. All these are true. But my understanding is instead of proving Mahaprabhu to be an incarnation of Krishna focus should be on his teachings. Mahaprabhu in his entire lifetime never wrote any Bhashya on any scripture rather gave only Sikshashtaka. His main teaching was to chant Krishna’s name. It is the duty of every human being to follow his footsteps. He was a universal guru who descended on this planet to show the path of Krishna bhakti. On the other hand if you give more emphasis on the incarnation point u will end up giving pramaans only. Only Gaudiya Vaishnavas believes that Mahaprabhu was an incarnation of Krishna. Also in all the Gaudiya Vaishnavas literature more stress was on incarnation point. In many writings of Srila Prabhupada I have read the word “Confirmed Avatar” for Gaurang Mahaprabhu. I am not telling that all these are wrong but in general more focus should be on his teachings. Pls forgive me for any offence. Yours Aditya
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