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  1. Respected Thehat, How is your grand father now??? Any improvement in his health! Pranaam<!-- v3 Arcade --><!-- /v3 Arcade -->........ type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1088970", true); .........>
  2. Even I also want to know how far I will go in my spiritual life.Whether I will get Krishna's prema bhakti in my present life????I am not interested in knowing about moksha.My details are DOB: 21/04/1975 Time: 17:15 Place:- Rourkela (Orissa) Pls help me. Pranaam
  3. Respected "GODSEED", You have provided a huge list of pramaan for proving Gaurang mahaprabhu as Shree Krishna. Whether Gaurang Mahaprabhu told to the world that he is Krishna himself hence worship him & chant his name???? He asked to chant Krishna's divine names. Secondly if this is a fact then why great acharyas of other sampradaya have not mentioned in their writings??? Also at many places Lord Krishna himself has told that he is Lord Shiva & there is no difference between him & Shiva.This fact is not considered. Why??? Lord Shiva is treated as a mere demi god. Why stress is to prove Gaurang Mahaprabhu as a supreme personality again & again???? Why not to preach his Sikshashtaka???? Pls forgive my offence. Pranaam
  4. Ramraksha Stotra is very useful for curing major illness. Pls ask him to start reading Bhagavatam or recite at his place. Even a word of Bhagavatam which is heard by a person who is going to die is liberated & gets Krishna's divine abode. This is what I can advisewith my little knowledge. Pranaam
  5. Very true. A true bhakta sees Lord Krishna in every being & everything in Lord Krishna, then where is the point of killing? Pranaam
  6. All incarnations are taken by Lord Narayana/Vishnu only. If He is taking incarnation then how Lord Krishna & Lord Ram can be different?? As per Bhagvatam 22 incarnations are mentioned.Pls read 1st Canto,3rd chapter. quote=harekrsna20]if someone is a devotee of sri ram, after death does he/she go to sri ramji's planet or back to Godhead.
  7. Pls post it. I am eagerly waiting for that saint's charitra.
  8. Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha Srimathyai Godayai Namaha Srimathe Baladhanvi Mahagurave Namaha Srimad Varavara Munaye Namaha Sri Andal's greatness is unparalleled and beyond the ken of speech and writing. Of the three divine consorts namely Sridevi, Bhudevi and Neeladevi, she is the incarnation of Bhudevi and excels the other two due to following reasons. They are worth remembering on this happy day of her birth festival. That is the proper way of paying our tributes to her. 1. Sridevi and Neeladevi are not born in this world without the company of Sriman Narayana. But SriBhudevi incarnated in this world leaving the company of her Lord at Srivaikunta. She was born at Srivilliputtur as the dearest daughter of Sri Vishnuchita or Periyalwar. 2. As she was the incarnation of Bhudevi , she was worried about her children who are lying on her lap, i.e., in this mortal world. So when she was retrieved from the deluge by her Lord Sriman Narayana in the form of an wild boar, she requested Him to tell Her the easiest means of salvation by having recourse to which all Her children could reach Srivaikuntam. The Lord told her "If a man sings songs of devotion and offers garland to Me, I will be pleased to entertain Him to my world". Sri Bhudevi replied "O my dear! My children (mortals) are steeped in the ocean of ignorance. Therefore I will go down to the mortal world and sing devotional songs (pamalai) and offer You flowers of garland (poomalai) on their behalf. If they recite these songs and offer garlands to You, You must certainly bless them with your service, putting an end to their cycle of birth and death, the root cause of all their sufferings". The Lord became speechless on observing the mother's affection. He gladly consented to do so and bade farewell to her. So she came down to this world as Periyalwar's daughter. This kind of motherly affection is not to be seen in the case of the other two spouses namely Sridevi and Neeladevi. 3. This behavior of SriBhudevi (Sri Andal) is reminding us of a mother's benevolent attitude. When her child is afflicted by a severe malady the mother takes a strong dose of medicine. That medicine cures the child when it drinks the mother's milk. All the mortals are suffering from the disease called Samsara (birth and death) for their sake Sri Andal took the medicine namely birth in this world. This proves her unlimited affection for her children. She offered garlands and sang two divine poems Thiruppavai and Nacchiyar Thirumozhi for our sake. The moment we sing these songs or offer flowers to Him, He thinks of His promise to SriBhudevi and keeps up His promise by granting salvation to all of us. In Thiruppavai She made it very clear to us that taking refuge unto the lotus like feet of Narayana is the sole means of salvation. But Acharya Abhimana is much easier and the safest means of salvation. She declared in Nacchiyar Tirumozhi that whenever a man takes refuge unto the lotus like feet of the Lord, he is not sure of reaching the abode of the lord. It is because the Lord is free to act according to His whims and fancies i.e., He is Swatantra. He may look at our sins and may push us down to this world or He may grant us salvation by showering His grace on us out of pity. Thus He may act in either way. But an Acharya is full of the milk of human kindness and will never allow us to be born in this world. He is sure to get us a berth at Srivaikunta by his strong recommendation to lord. So Acharya Abhimana i.e., the Acharaya's unbounded affection alone is the surest and safest means of salvation. This cardinal and very secret principle of our sampradayam which was closely guarded by our Acharayas was first brought to light by Sri Andal, which none other had done. Thus we can go on sketching the unique and distinctive features of Sri Andal. Now our duty is to sing her divine songs in front of Andal and Rangamannar by way of service to them.
  9. Respected Indulekhadasiji, Many many thanks to you.This was my intention of starting this thread.Feeling very great after reading Srila Vrindavan Das thakurji's divine charitra. I request you to pls keep on posting divine charitras of other great devotees also. Pranaam
  10. Respected Indulekhadasiji, Thanks for your nice reply.
  11. Respected Indulekhadasiji, I have read so many times the divine charitra of Thakur Haridasji. He was also a great devotee of Shri Radhakrishna. Daily he use to chant Krishna's divine names & the number use to reach upto 3 lac.What a great devotee?? I have visited his samadhi in Vrindavan where he use to sing devotional song.Sangeet Samrat Tansen was his student. After reading various bhaktas charitra, conclusion drawn is, keep on chanting Krishna's divine names.It is the only refuge in this Kaliyug. Pranaam,
  12. I would advice you for Jagadguru Kripaluji maharaj.He is very well versed in all the scriptures.I hope all your queries would get solved.Listen to his lectures in the evening at 7.30 on Sanskar TV.Make up your mind as to whether he will be able to solve your queries & then approach. Pranaam
  13. I have checked out the link.It was really very nice to read Nityananda prabhu's divine charitra.Bhakta's charitra has to be read again & again.I have to read his divine charitra many times so that my heart gets cleaned up for the premabhakti of Shri RadhaKrishna. Thanks a lot Indulekhadasiji. Pranaam
  14. Very well accepted.There is no doubt in it. It is supported in all the scriptures. Secondly Yudhishthira wanted to know anout Shiva tattva from Shree Bhishma.Shree Bhishma replied that it was beyond his capacity & also Lord Brahma can't describe it.Only Krishna who is original Narayana can explain it. Unfortunately many vaishnavas dont accept it. Pranaam.
  15. Respected Loverofthebhagavat prabhuji, I hope u have read Harivamsh Purana.In this purana Lord Shiva taught all the rishis about Krishna tattva.This happened when Lord Krishna went to Kailash for doing tapa to please Lord Shiva for getting a child. Lord Shiva is the gateway to Vaikunth dham.He should be worshipped first in the morning.By worshipping him all the vaishnavas are worshipped.He is guru's guru.He is very merciful to the fallen souls. This is my opinion.I expressed my views seeing the content of the thread. Pranaam.
  16. Respected Indulekhadasiji, I am very much thankful to you for posting Nityananda prabhu's divine charitra.Sri Vyas Dev ji has written "Mahatamaanam charitam shrotavayam nityameva cha".A person should always read the divine charitra of great souls. I pray to Lord Nityananda to shower his blessings & grant me the divine love of Shri RadhaKrishna. Thanks once again. Pranaam
  17. Respected loverofthebhagavataji, After reading all your posts it can be concluded that lord Shiva is the spureme.But again when we read Srimad Bhagavata & Gita the position is entirely different.There we find Lord Vishnu/Krishna as supreme.It becomes very difficult to reconcile.How a person with very limited knowledge & that too in the age of Kaliyug,will come to a conclusion? In this respect can we treat both as supreme & worship??Lord Vishnu as supreme personality of Godhead & Lord Shiva as supreme vaishnava/guru. With my neglible knowledge this is my interpretation. Pranaam
  18. The picture is from USA New Dwarka.It is Iskcon temple.It is very beautiful. I have attached the same. Pranaam
  19. Respected Indulekhadasiji, Pls post the charitra of Nityananda prabhu.I know only little bit of Nityananda prabhu. Gaurang mahaprabhu use to treat him as his elder brother.Gaurang Mahaprabhu displayed him chtaurbhuj Narayan form.In Navdweep he was staying with Shri Nivasacharya. Pls post in detail about Nityanada Prabhu.U can give the link also. By reading his charitra atleast I will try to derive some bhakti. Dandvat Pranaam
  20. Dandvat Pranaam Indulekhadasiji, As per my view Loverofthebhagavata prabhuji just wanted to stop this discussion from going in a wrong direction.He asked me also not to put such type of queries. Pls dont feel bad.You are most welcome. Waiting for your kind reply.
  21. Very good thread. Vishnu Shastranaam,Bhagvad Gita, Bhagvatam should be recited daily by a vaishnava irrespective of any sampradaya.This is my opinion. I hope all of u would have read "Bhagvatam Mahatmya" from Padma Purana.Specially the Seven day discourse chapter by Sankadi paramhansa to Narada Muni where all the great rishis were present.Sukdev Goswami also came there. When it was completed Lord Krishna with Prahalad maharaj,Bali,Uddhava,Arjun also appeared.The place where all the great rishis,paramhansha, great devotees, & Lord Krishna himself is present,just by remembering it tears comes in the eyes.What will be the divinity of that place?? Its beyond words. Truly any devotee who is reciting Bhagvatam is respectable whatever may be his sampradaya. Pls fogive me for any spelling errors...... Dandvat Pranaam,
  22. "Constructive criticism" is a new word for me.I am not in a position to say what is the difference between fault finding & constructive criticism.Pls help me by explaining it with relevent pramaans from scripture which supports constructive criticism. Pranaam
  23. RITUALS OF VISHNU WORSHIP Describing about the rituals connected with the worship of lord Vishnu, lord Mahaddeva told Parvati– A devotee can worship Lord Vishnu by making his idol. This mode of worship is known as ‘Sthapita’ (installation of an idol). There are also some sacred places related with lord Vishnu which are called ‘Swayam-Vyakata’ (self manifested) like Indradyumna Sarovar, (Kurma sthan), Kashi, Prayag, Dwarka, Naimisharanya, Mathura etc. In all these holy places, Lord Vishnu had manifested himself. A devotee should get up early in the morning and perform ‘aachaman’. He should then chant the holy name of Lord Vishnu. He should take his bath and sit down to worship Lord Vishnu. A devotee should install idols of Laxmi-Narayana on a beautiful pedestal and adorn it with flowers. He should then make offerings of various articles like akshat, fruits, flowers, etc. to the deity. While worshipping, it is most necessary that a devotee followes the rituals as mentioned in the ancient scriptures like Shruti, Smriti, Vedas etc. He should chant the shlokas of Purush-Sukta as well as the cryptic mantra for the accomplishment of ‘Shodashopachar’. He should light a ghee lamp and make offerings of articles like camphor and betel leaves to Lord Vishnu. While making offerings in the sacrificial-fire, chanting of a shloka either from Purushsukta or Shrisukta is madatory. There are some specific days which are considered to be specially auspicious for the worship of lord Vishnu–Amavasya, Saturday, Solar eclipse, lunar eclipse etc. This is from Padma Puaran-Uttarkhand. Hope Mazhar will be satisfied.
  24. Respected Loverofthebhagavata, I started this thread with the intention that I will receive some posts on devotees charitra.Unfortunately I have not recd any such posts.I would request you to pls post any devotees character which u think I will not be aware of. I am having very much interest in reading devotees character.Reading devotees character is equivalent to worshippring Lord Krishna. Pranaam.
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