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  1. Dear Sasi Sekaran and USR, Thanks for your explanation. Would you please delve further and give an analysis of what is there in store. As far as the node affliction goes even in my chart the AK mars is afflicted by the nodes, so does it mean that in all charts when the AK is afflicted by nodes we are to expect fatal diseases. I would be obliged if you can provide some further insight regarding the condition and its future and also the marriage prospects. Regards, WS.
  2. Hi USR, it all started with trying to find the lifespan for my sis. She has a autoimmune disease, where your body fights against you ( i want to avoid mentioning the name) but luckily its in the initial stages, and it can be controlled but not cured. And it also reduces your lifespan considerably by starting to affecting all the organs in your body in later stages. In trying to calculate for her, i calculated mine as well for an example. Now It worries me as well cos I smoke quite much. I am gving details for her to get a good snapshot overall (01/19/83)/Mumbai/12:10 PM, she is to get married yet, i am married. Pls share your thoughts, WS
  3. Hi USR, Since Jaimini has the simplest techniques to assess life span, and due to some reason I was overall worried about the life span of mine and my sister. So i had calculated it using the jaimini technique, we both fall in the alpa ayu category. I will tell you how i approached it, in my case the set of (Ascendant[vir] + Lo of 8th Sign[vir]) falls under Madhya Ayu category. Next set (Asc[vir] + Moon[lib]) falls under Alpa Ayuu, and the third set (Asc [vir] + Hora [lib]) falls again under Alpa Ayu. When you have 2 of the 3 sets pointing to one category then we can take that as an answer. If all 3 sets are in different category then we have to rely only on the hora + asc cateory* (only caveat is that if moon is in 7th or Asc then use only Asc + Moon) Astrology has been a hobby and I dont know Jaimini sutras much as I never went in depth into it, as other branches like KP and Ashtakvarga interested me more. But due to simplicity for lifespan calculation I used Jaimini in my case. Please share your opinion on the same, and you observations with Jaimini Lifespan technique. Regards, WS
  4. There is a good chance that you may join him between the period from 28th Apr to 30 Jun 08. Also there are good chance that you both may settle there for a long time/ or away from you native place. Job prosepects dont look bad but wont be smooth and with breaks in between.
  5. Hello Friends, I was going through Jaimini and found that as per the lifespan section, I would have a short life >32 yrs. How many of you have experimented with jaimini lifespan and found it correct. And also do you people see anything peculiar in my chart about demise of a sibling younger to me (one of my sister has a terminal illness in initial stage and can complicate in future). Appreciate your thoughts and time. 7/09/78 (dd/mm/yy) Place: Mumbai. 18.55 N, 72.54 E Time:7:45 am. Thanks,
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