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    hello - test

    hello - test:tongue:
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    I am new here.

    Hello friends, I am new here. I want to learn about Hinduism. In my opinion, we don't give time for feeding ourself with dharma gyan because we are addicted to western culture. That's why I am here and it's a wonderful website.
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    Thread deletion

    How can members delete threads that they have created?
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    Life is meserable

    Im 47 years of old my life always have problem i have two kids ,im really scat after looking at my life,never end with so many problem.see astrology it make me more scary and its say you will face alot problem How i can solved this problem. For time being only way that im doing now is go to temple and pray tell all problem it will released my tension.
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    Hi.. I need to share Triplicane Brahmotsavam 2013 Videos. Where and How to share the youtube videos... Kindly Help me...
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    Good day everyone.

    Hello I am new member to this Forum with keen interest in Astrology. This msg is just to say 'Hello' to all. Kind regards VBN21
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    The Editor


    Testing attachments.
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    Hare Krishna Hare Rama

    Dear all Can anyone have mp3 JAPA of Hare Krishana Hare Rama (continuously). If yes please mail me the same at I will be highly thankful for the same. Hare Krishna CS Sandeep Sharma
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    Hello Dear Friends, Im writing this letter to ask for some help about how to get an acupuncture license in Europe (it can be also North of Africa). My Teacher is Korean Buddhist monk and a doctor of acupuncture with licenses from Korea, China and Mongolia. Now he lives in Mongolia but wants to move to Europe or North of Africa. With some good help we have discovered that it is difficult to get a license in France bcs he needs to study French about 3 years and then he needs to study as a doctor there at the university and pass exams and it will take more than 6 years total or even more. We would really love to get some help about any information where it is easier to get an acupuncture license in Europe or North Africa. We understand that Europe includes many countries, that's why you can share any information about any country and we will combine all of this knowledge from you and choose the best one. Thank you very much! Stay in peace.
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    swetha hare krishna

    Goddess sita's child

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    About my sukhra dasha

    Dear Guruji, I have experienced financial loss and ill health during my ketu dasha which would be ending on 13th April, 2011. As per the guidelines given by some astrolgers the next dasha would be shukra dasha. I request you to kindly let me have some indications about my future and any precautions to be taken. I am giving my details as under. Date of Birth: 30.06.1955 Place of Birth: Janardhanapuram (Gudivada) Time of Birth : 4.30 PM Regards Kandala
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    my father diagnosed with advanced Liver cancer is there any medicines avaialable in ayurveda.pls inform me.
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    Nice to be back here!

    Namaskar all, It is nice to see the forum is back. It has been a vade-mecum of spirituality and Hinduism at large, at least for me, as I was so novice about these a few years ago. This forum has been a good platform to share views, discuss substantial things and meet people that had a lot of impact in my life. Still missing so much friends here... I still miss a close friend of mine here, Jndas Ji and so many more learned people...I wish to read more topics from you. Do keep in touch. Kshama
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    Hi, I am new to this forum. I got registered in the site one day ago and since then whenever I try to post anything, it says it will not be visible until Administrator approves it. What is the procedure for getting approval of Administrator. Is it mandatory for every post or only for the first post? Please educate us on procedures and processes of this forum. Thanks & Regards, Krishna
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    A little Intro & Test Message

    Namaste, ya'll... My given name is Reese though I now spell my name "Rij" of course pronounces much the same I have been away from my Sanatana Dharma for some twenty-five-plus-years, aba maiṁ vāpasa ā gayā hūṁ. As for quite the abbreviated "cliffnotes" version of a background: I started out as a harē kr̥ṣṇa in high school and, ironically, much much later after practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa-style yoga for eight-and-half years, had not made any sort of connection with my Hindu past until recently after my former partner and best friend died of renal cell carcinoma. It's wonderful to be here and to have rediscovered this beautiful and rich tradition!
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    Hello Dear Friends, Im writing this letter to ask for some help about how to get an acupuncture license in Europe (it can be also North of Africa). My Teacher is Korean Buddhist monk and a doctor of acupuncture with licenses from Korea, China and Mongolia. Now he lives in Mongolia but wants to move to Europe or North of Africa. With some good help we have discovered that it is difficult to get a license in France bcs he needs to study French about 3 years and then he needs to study as a doctor there at the university and pass exams and it will take more than 6 years total or even more. We would really love to get some help about any information where it is easier to get an acupuncture license in Europe or North Africa. We understand that Europe includes many countries, that's why you can share any information about any country and we will combine all of this knowledge from you and choose the best one. Thank you very much! Stay in peace.
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    Hello everyone

    Hello I am Jack a new member in this forum. I Join this forum to enhance the more knowledge. Regards,
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    Jeevan Mukthi

    I just joined this forum yesterday day/ I have few questions about What happens after death? I have finished reading the Great Bhavat Gita about a month ago. It is quite interesting to read the Gita and felt like everyone should read it and try to understand the teachings of Lord Krishna. Since I know Sanskrit from my childhood, I was able to read both Tamil and Sanskrit versions. I am now coming to my question to learned audiences. One (like me) did not practice the Gayatri Mantra though it was taught to me in my childhood, which I felt at my old age, can I get the Nama Japam from a Guruji and practice it sincerely be able to attain my wishes? Since I missed this great opportunity, I am willing to have a rebirth as very sacred soul like Adi Sankara or St Thiagaraja Swamigal and live like a Sanyasi or Siddha Purusha and learn the Vedas, Upanishads, puranas and slogas etc so that I become deserved soul to reach the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna. Is this a possible wish come true.I need to seek the blessings of learned Guruji. It may look funny to some, but it is my true wish. Thanks for all those who read this post and responses and guidances.
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    Namaste! Greetings all Beloves Sisters and Brothers of the Hindu Dharma path, I would like to state on the very beginning that I am very happy to be here and therefore I feel with all of my heart that it is the wonderful place to maintain the discussions conncerning our path and that Guru is in everyone and I would like to tell that it is by the nature that all of us are spiritual perceptors and I am not afraid to state that I am such being but I am not an egocentric and I am only purely working with myself without telling anyone who he / she shall do to fulfill on the path as well as I will not participate in the paid Hindu courses whcih I've found on the internet and thought that they are free but they are not. I am not throwing around the advanced expert names for the Gods, Worship and other aspects of working and I work with all of the aspects of the Hindu Dharma even sikhsism without being one but just exploring all of them in balance and without dividing as a true Mystic and what is mysticism is everything that leads toward the inner and outer cleansing and this process goes on eternally and is not going to be finished after a couple of some achievements. I am here not to spam but to share with all of you the experiences and discuss over all aspects of our path and everyday existence, I would like to send my sincere words of Loyalty and Love to the Adepts of the Hindu Dharma path as I will continue my progress naturally and without having any so called temples as this is not my aims, I am not a follower neither but I am loving the Hindu Faith truly and faithfully without making other traditions of Hindu Dharma less important and I work with all of them in balance, thank you for spending time and reading the message I left here with the best wishes for all of you on the path of Hindu Dharma. Om Namah Shivaaya.
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    benefits of char maghaz

    hello, i need detail information upon watermelon(tarbooj)seeds , kharbooja seeds , cucumber (khira) seeds and kakri seeds . for which purpose and which part of body they are benefifcial and for which dosha espacially pitta dosha, and do they also cleans blood???
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    Ronni Pinsler

    Divine art/ street paintings.

    I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the drawings one finds on streets and pavements, even in homes . Some with graphic designs, geometric patterns, stars, flowers, triangles etc. They are done with chalk, paint, powder and whatever . They are commonly seen at high holidays like at Taipusam or Timithee. Is there a name for this "street art"? Are there particular designs used for particular reasons. Ive seen fresh flowers offered on top of the drawings. Is there a book I could read to learn more about this? Appreciate any information supplied .
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    Aparajitha manatram

    Hi Can you guys help me to clear a doubt about Aparajitha manatram ? The mantram which starts with namo devayi mahadevayi is a Tantrik matra or not ? if so how to recite the matra ? is there any rituals to follow the same? Thnx
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    Yellow Sapphire

    Hello Dear Experts, I am a new joinee to this forum. Actually, I did not know whom to approach and so am posting my doubts here. Recently, I wore a yellow sapphire of 4.3 Carats and found that whatever Loans I had proceeded for got sanctioned but then I also noticed that there is no improvement in business situation; infact I kind of made losses. Please can anyone of you suggest if this is a good sign and how much time it takes for showing results. Regards, Ary
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    About my career

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have one question to ask my date of birth is 15-01-1985 and timing is 08:50 AM at Latitude: 27° 34' 60 N, Longitude: 81° 35' 60 E My career is not going smooth. I have planned to give UPSC (IAS exams). Will I get success? if not then what profession shall i pick. currently I am an engineer. I am confused a lot. Please some one knowledgeable reply Thanks
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    just putting my head through the door to say...hello/namaste.....often stumbled across this site and read different articles....so thought it was time to jump aboard. maddas
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    105 yrs datta temple hyderabad

    hi all im new member of this forum im also devotee and recently visisted 105yrs old datta temple in asif nagar
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    is kundli matching necessary???

    Hi all, Iam Saira & iam a member here. I just want to know whether kundli (jataka) matching is mandatory for a happy marriage?? iam half hindu half muslim girl who is abt to get married(no particular boy selected yet). iam more confused bcoz arent there people of other religion who dont practise this matching yet r happy?? plzz help me out. (P.S. : i dont intend to hurt feelings of anyone but i need a solution in my case)
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    hi i am new one i am here because i have a problem about my marrige and life can any one help me plz rep:rolleyes2:
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    About my life.

    I'm getting very much depressed these days. All my friends and colleagues are always when r u getting to be married. Actually my date of birth was 5-11-1987 at 04:23 AM. My parents are searching groom for me. Till now some 5 grooms saw me. Sometimes he rejected me and some times i cannot accept them. But now i want to get marry soon. Or else i have feeling to commit sucide. Because living lonely, always give me thought like this. i know to commit sucide is wrong thing. But i cant able to live in this world. Also get the feeling that i have done wrong in my college life that i have to accept the proposal that came to me. Now i want that boy to contact me. Also i wnat to know whether my marriage is arranged one or love? Please help me to get rid of this thing by giving some solutions. Actually i want to post this topic in jyothish forums. But that forums didnt allow me to post. Though i verified my account i am unable to post.
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    Kerala Pillai's

    Hi can any one tell me what caste Kerala Pillai's belong to? I have heard they are not sudras like Tamil and Marathi Pillay's. Please help because I a brahmin want to marry a pillai and so my family would like to know their caste . Thanks - SK Namboodiri
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    flag planting

    im from trinidad and when we do a pooja we tend to plant flags that is dedicated to different gods and godesses. but ive also observed that many people from india do not practice the planting of the flag. i was woindering if any one know of the origion of planting of the flags came from, why dont many hindus from india do not practice this? <!-- im from trinidad and when we do a pooja we tend to plant flags that is dedicated to different gods and godesses. but ive also observed that many people from india do not practice the planting of the flag. i was woindering if any one know of the origion of planting of the flags came from, why dont many hindus from india do not prctice this? --> <!-- / message --> <!-- controls -->
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    Weight Loss/ Fat Loss

    Can someone recommend a tried and tested way for weight/fat loss.
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    The Editor

    Simple Sadhna

    In the present age of Kali yuga mantra japa is the yuga dharma, or main process for self realization. It is simple, requires no background qualification, and can be done anywhere at any time. Sit down in a peaceful place and silently chant your mantra. In the beginning start for 10 minutes, and gradually increase. The mind will become fixed and peaceful usually after 30 minutes, and then the more fruitful sadhana will start. Other options for sadhana are puja (worshipping a deity of God), meditation (dhyanam), svadhyaya (self study of scriptures), etc.
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    Dear Sir/Madam I'm a student of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. I want to join this group for helping the people with whatever knowledge of astrology i've. Plz add me in this group. Regards N
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    Which Carrier Option to Choose

    Dear All i am very much Confused about my carrier ...for Last 4 year my carrier is goin nowhere ,i am still on same position where i was 4 years ago ...This makes me feel very ashamed when i saw the person younger then me are doin very fine and now far ahead of me though we all started from begining...Plz guide me m i into wrong Profeesion ? Cureentely I am into Retail sector In Company Outlet ....I am Also Cosidering to change My Proffesion From Sellin to HR Field ....Is it Right Desicion .......? Some said that i Should Start my Own Business ..Is it Right ...? Plz Plz Plz Guide I am very very Confused Rajneesh 27-01-1981 01:30 AM New Delhi
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    Srimad Bhagavatam Paribhasa-sutra

    Paribhasa-sutra "seed" or "theme" verse of every scripture revealing its topic (SB 1.3.24 - krsnas tu bhagavan svayam)
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    VedAnta-sUtra 2nd adhyAya, 1st . (37)

    anusmRtez ca from remembrance also Memory & recollection both prove things r not momentary.
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    VedAnta-sUtra 1.3.1-43

    "itara parAmarzAt sa iti cet, na, asambhavAt" other one, that is jIva; due to reference; he = jIva; thus if not; because of possibility 82) If it b objected: reference to other as jIva in dahara passage exists, ergo, it means jIva; vaisnavas say no: for it's impossible epithets applied to dahara should =ly apply to jIva too. Chh Up 8.7.3 yields 8 epithets such as free from sin, free from decay... Can these apply to jIva jAgo jIvAtma? Indradev heard from Prajapati of a self free from sin, old-age... So these 8 r applicable to jIva too? VedavyAs goes deeper...
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    VedAnta-sUtra: 4th adhyAya

    dattvA vidyAuSadhaM bhaktAn, niravadyAn karoti yaH | dRk pathaM bhajatu zrImAn, zrI tyAtmA sa hariH svayam || He who gives vidyA tonic to His devotees, making them disease-free, may that Joyous One, Hari Himself, come within my vision's scope. adhyAya/section 4.pAda/part, root 1.sUtra/code 1 4.1.1 AvRttir asakRd upadezAt Repetition repeatedly instructions Practice sAdhana requires repetition because scripture itself repeats instructions. 482 4.1.2 lingAt Due to/from indication And there's indication showing repetition's necessity. 483 4.1.3 Atmeti tupagacchanti grAhayanti ca Supreme Self as but acknowledge apprehend and. But Masters contemplate Brahman & teach it so to their disciples. 484 4.1.4 na pratike na hi Not in symbols not because Brahman is not contemplated as Self in symbols like manas/mind for the symbol is not God. 485 4.1.5 brahma dRStir utkarSAt View of Brahman due to superiority God should be thought of as Brahman, for such meditation is most exalted. 486 4.1.6 AdityAdi matayaz cAnga upapatteH About Sun etc. ideas and in limbs that being proved reasonable Contemplation that Sun etc. (emanates from His Eyes) should be held with regard yo His Limbs due to its reasonableness. 487 4.1.7 AsInaH sambhavAt sitting due to, from possibility God should be meditated upon by devotee in sitting posture. 488 4.1.8 dhyAnAn ca due to concentrated meditation and And because meditation is possible in sitting posture only. 489 4.1.9 Acalatvan cApexa motionlessness indeed referring to And zruti refers to motionlessness as dhyAna condition. 490 4.1.10 smaranti ca They recall (mentioned in SmRti) also SmRtis also teach same (sitting posture meditation requisite) 491 4.1.11 yatraikAgratA tatrAvizeSAt where mind concentration unspecified Whenever mind's one-pointedness occurs, there let meditation be performed. 492
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    In my life, I have committed many sins. I am a good person, I believe. But sometimes I would turn to other paths because I enjoy extremes... end result, was chaos and burning bridges with relationships. I am doing fine now but it took me a lot to finally get me straight. My girlfriend broke up with me and ran into another relationship to get over me; I lost a year of school; parents have given up on me and considered me the black sheep (when once I was the star child); I gained lots of weight... I finally see myself now and I realized that to get all these things fixed, I need to hold God's hand and allow him to lift me. I have made some lifestyle changes and have started to show true ambition in my work. Please give me advice on a mantra to do where God will help me remove the sins that I have committed. Right now, I am doing the Gayatri mantra (1 rosary) and I am doing a small 10 minutes of simple bhajans. It helps me feel better. I am considering doing Vashikaran for my ex girlfriend because I love her so much and really she has even noticed a change in me. Now I want to learn a mantra where my sins can be omitted. I understand that nothing is a quick fix; I am going to do all these prayers for the rest of my life. If anyone can help me, please help me.
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    apsara sadhana

    hello brothers & sisters.. I took guru diksha on 6th aug 1998.Since then i have been interested in accomplishing apsara sadhanas in particular and all the soundarya sadhanas in general.And i have accomplished two apsara sadhanas, their names i wouldn't like to disclose. The most interesting thing is that whenever i think of doing apsara sadhana, i completely loose to the thoughts of that particular apsara, thinking that she is always with me and wacthing me. So whatever i do i remember her. Due to so much indulgence in her thoughts it is impossiple for that divine beauty to ignore my silent calls and my silent love. so....even before i start with the ritual,i usually get alot of presadhana experiences like, whenever i am alone and remembering her a strange and unmentioned perfume would fill the place and sometimes she would come in dreams, but the most remarkable thing is that she walks past me though invisible,'cos i can hear the tinkles of her anklets. i have a six year experience in apsara sadhanas, and i can shatter all myths that i somtimes come across when going through this group regarding sadhanas of apsaras, yakshinis and kinnaris. it is my suggestion that every man and woman should accomplish apsara sadhanas and yakshini sadhanas before starting with any other sadhana. you all should remember that this special sadhana is very important, even important than brahm sadhana. after all how can a person appreciate the beauty of god at a initial stage without witnessing and apreciating the beauty in its ultimate form that is found only in an apsara. so brother without a second thought accopmlish this sadhana at all cost.interested folks can mail me personally also i would like to know their experiences , who are accomplished in these sadhanas. jai sadgurudev
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    7 years and no job.

    Personal Details: BD: 11/07/1950 Time: Between 7:12 and 7:14 AM (at that date, Daylight Savings TIme was not used) Location: Lattitude Longitude 33.333737 44.416416 What steps (besides looking for work) should I take? Yagyas? Homams? Some form of Tapas?
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    We can understand your stress. We have been healing many people with all kinds of Psychic attacks and results have been good. Kindly contact us, we are healers and we have no charges, we will try to help you in the best possible way and also teach you how to protect yourself from such negative energies
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    The Editor

    Valampuri Sangu

    Please see the seller sold the previous one for $170, and now this one is $500 (you can see the selling history). These things are all scams. Don't fall for them. All the sites that sell rudrakshas, shankhas, etc., prey on the beliefs of uninformed people. For example, rudrakshas are not at all rare. You can buy a good rudraksha bead for 5 rs., but the websites will sell them for thousands of rupees claiming they are super rare, empowered, etc. It is all fraud. These valampuri shankhas are the same. Parad Shivalingas are the same. Crystal shivalingas are the same. There is no real value in them. If you know the wholesale supplier you can get them for nothing, and then these websites raise the prices thousands of times and sell them to people who are unaware.
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    Substitute for Emulsifying Wax

    i do! My name is Rafael,I'm from Spain but I live in Mexico City,so please forgive my english writing ok? So,about your question,if you don't want to use the emulsifying wax you can use the next ingredients I have used at home before and they work realy so very nice plus as 100% natural ok? So,here we go: light lotion 7% beeswax 1.5% cetearyl alcohol(vegetable base you get it in the US at lotioncrafter or at this other place call ingredients to die for),1.5 estearic acid(also vegetable base from any of the 2 plases I just told you),and 20 to 25% of the oil fase! A nice tip! You most use a thickener like xanthan gum but, add it to the oil fase (not in to the watter fase as most people do, trust me on this, you will just love it, is much easier to mix) and the rest you should know is the watter fase ok? If you want a thicker lotion then you should use: 7% beeswax ,1.5% cetearyl alcohol vegetable base,1.5 estearic acid vegetable base and 30 to 35% of the oils and I forgot,in the last one and in this one about the xanthan gum you just need to add 0.2 to 0.3% of xanthan gum inside the oil fase ok? In this way your lotion will not separate! Now, if you want a much thicker product then we will call it a cream, you will need the same amount of ingredients I told you but in this case you will have to have a 40 to 45% of the oil fase and the rest any watter like rose watter or whatever watter you want ok? Don't use a lot of cetearyl alcohol or estearic acid in your lotions or cream beca use you will get a soapy effect like your cream is not getting absorb in your skin! So at the most you should use 2% of the ingredients I told you ok? No need to use borax when you use what I told you trust me,now, if you check the website of the 2 companies I told you (ingredients to die for and lotioncrafter) they have so so sooooooooo many good natural products aproved by ECOCERT plus these 2 companies tell you the whole list of the ingredients you aré getting from them! Rigth now I am using a nice natural and vegetable emulsifyer 100% natural and vegetable source aproved by ECOCERT and is call OLIVEM 1000 it comes from Italy and is coming from the olives, is for O/W emulsions where you use at the most 25% of oil fase and 75% of watter,altought Olivem 1000 is by itself a self-emulsifying product, you should add as I said 1 to 2% of cetearyl alcohol and estearic acid adding xanthan gum at the most 3% but in the oil fase, if you don't like the idea of using xanthan gum, I recomed the use of gum tragacanth, but in this case, tragacanth is much easier to use than xanthan gum, therefore this one gum tragacanth you can add it in to the watter fase with out any problem at al, it mix very will and very fast! If you have eny questions at all, my mail is: harigana@ hotmail.com Take care and I hope I could help you on this!
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    What is indrajal

    Indrajal is like black magic. It is exactly what the name says it is. It is a jal (a net) that is made by Indra, and the purpose of the jal (net) is to conquer someones body. Many people use it to controls someone's or a family's mind to make them do something; however, it will eventually kill. Indra is a demigod who received a boon (or a vardaan) that no other demigod can compete with his power, and Indrajaal is that power. If someone has indrajaal done on them, than praying to other demigods (ex Shiva, Kartikay, Ganesh) or demigodess (ex Durga, Kali, saraswaati) will not help, in fact it would make it worsen; even if you will play kirtans (gospel songs) about demigods. Usually along with Indrajal demigods are also prayed to help in destroying some ones life such as Shiva or Kaali. Tamagon or Cigaratte and alcohol are offered and sometimes meat is also offered. Indrajaals power is increased when other demigodes are praised. However, even though the jaal is unbreakable by the demigods, it not above God himself. The only way to relief the symptoms of jaal is to pray everyday to God (not demigods). For every type of illness their is a certain medication. Prayers directly to God is done by praising avtar of Ram, Krishna, Vishnu. but the most effective way to pray to alleviate indra jals effect is praying to Narsingh. Narsingh is an Avatar of Vishnu. It is really important that you know this form of god because this form will be able to help the most if you have indra jal done. He is mentioned in the Vishnu Puran and his appearance is in the story of Holika. Hiranyakashipu, the father of Prahlad was mad at his sun for praying to Vishnu and not to him. Hiranyakashipu had a boon from Bramha that no man or animal can kill him, no tantra or mantra could kill him. he could not be killed during the day or at might, he could not be killed in air or the ground. He thought he was god. So when his son strongly disagreed, he tried various methods to kill him; however, Vishnu always saved him.In the last scene of this story, Hiranyakashipu asked his son, Pralad, where is your god that you praise so dearly. Pralad relied he is in everywhere. Hiranyakashipu ask so is he in that pillar. Then, Vishnu took the form on Narsingh (half man and half lion; neither a man or an animal) and came out of the pillar. Narsingh was very angry. He grabed Hiranyakashipu and placed him on his lap (neither on the ground or the air). He stood in the doorway (neither inside or outside). He used his hands which had sharp nails and pierced Hiranyakashipu's abdomen ( No Tantra or Mantra), and he killed him. He was so so so angry. He was so angry that no demigod even dared to greet him or welcome him with a garland. So Narsingh took hiranskups guts and wore it around his neck. Later Pralad was able to calm Narsingh. When Indra jaal is hurting the body, or making you say wrong and hate ful things, or if you feel like you are possed (indrajal can make it look this way), remembering how angry Narsingh was during this incident will help. One of the most important mantra so say is Narsingh Kavach everyday. I have heard that Indrajal can be taken off. however, if a person takes it off, it will almost always NOT work, because no demigod has the power to overcome indra jal. and if removed, it will go back to the person who started it, and he will start the prayer again and this time Indra jaal will comeback much stronger. However, women who usually call durga matas on them can help depending on the type of indra jaal started. If there is no aid, then you will have to become a complete vegetarian who doesnt eat eggs or other meats and you will have to say Narsingh Kavach everyday and wear the Narsingh Kaavach on your body (Wearing the Narsingh Kavach on the body requires you to be very pure). Just one more thing to add: If someone does Indra jal to you, and in an effort to protect yourself, you have the indra jal taken off and sent back to where it came from, then this means that you are also doing indra jal and you will have the bad karma for that. I know it sounds wrong and unfair, but its true.
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    Yes it is there the purest form of veera sadhana of Gandharvaraja Vidya...
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    You can`t see any contradiction between Advaita and Dvaita maybe because LOVE is always present in your heart as your guide. Love rejoices in the truth not evil. Since these teachings are good because they are truthful not bad then you see them as one. Again there`s no contradiction here since you know they are simultaneously different( One is good while the other is better).
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    I have a question about chastity of the girl who is not married. It is known that men can have many wifes but women can have only 1 husband (Drupadi and couple other examples are exceptions we not touching). Most people get married and most guys (at least speaking for myself) I wouldn't think about getting married on a girl which "had" someone else before the marriage. Someone may not care. I can't speak from ladies prespective what they prefer... But according vedic injunctions is there any injunctions about men taking the women who is not virgin... ??? I understand that many of us were not born in "vaishnava brahmin families" with packa parents and etc... but in vaishnava association - is there any special rules about marriage which says its ok to marry not virgin girls....? I know the cases then devotee boy and girl like each other and etc... but boy finds out that girl is not "pure" (by asking questions not by other ways) and relationship breaks off. Any one has more input on this?
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    Swaminarayan Mantra?

    Sorry Abhishek but you have derived an incorrect meaning. For SWAMINARAYAN to mean SWAMI+NARAYAN as in two nouns it is wrong for sanskrit grammar. SWAMI acts as an adjective to the noun NARAYAN so that NARAYAN (as in God) the SWAMI (master/lord) of all. It is not two distinct entities, for if it were then the name would be SWAMINARAYANAU Your theory is therefore flawed and incorrect. Kind Regards, Harivansh Pandit

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