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    The Editor


    Testing attachments.
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    Hello Dear Friends, Im writing this letter to ask for some help about how to get an acupuncture license in Europe (it can be also North of Africa). My Teacher is Korean Buddhist monk and a doctor of acupuncture with licenses from Korea, China and Mongolia. Now he lives in Mongolia but wants to move to Europe or North of Africa. With some good help we have discovered that it is difficult to get a license in France bcs he needs to study French about 3 years and then he needs to study as a doctor there at the university and pass exams and it will take more than 6 years total or even more. We would really love to get some help about any information where it is easier to get an acupuncture license in Europe or North Africa. We understand that Europe includes many countries, that's why you can share any information about any country and we will combine all of this knowledge from you and choose the best one. Thank you very much! Stay in peace.
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    About my sukhra dasha

    Dear Guruji, I have experienced financial loss and ill health during my ketu dasha which would be ending on 13th April, 2011. As per the guidelines given by some astrolgers the next dasha would be shukra dasha. I request you to kindly let me have some indications about my future and any precautions to be taken. I am giving my details as under. Date of Birth: 30.06.1955 Place of Birth: Janardhanapuram (Gudivada) Time of Birth : 4.30 PM Regards Kandala
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    Hello everyone

    Hello I am Jack a new member in this forum. I Join this forum to enhance the more knowledge. Regards,
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    Ronni Pinsler

    Divine art/ street paintings.

    I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the drawings one finds on streets and pavements, even in homes . Some with graphic designs, geometric patterns, stars, flowers, triangles etc. They are done with chalk, paint, powder and whatever . They are commonly seen at high holidays like at Taipusam or Timithee. Is there a name for this "street art"? Are there particular designs used for particular reasons. Ive seen fresh flowers offered on top of the drawings. Is there a book I could read to learn more about this? Appreciate any information supplied .
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    Yellow Sapphire

    Hello Dear Experts, I am a new joinee to this forum. Actually, I did not know whom to approach and so am posting my doubts here. Recently, I wore a yellow sapphire of 4.3 Carats and found that whatever Loans I had proceeded for got sanctioned but then I also noticed that there is no improvement in business situation; infact I kind of made losses. Please can anyone of you suggest if this is a good sign and how much time it takes for showing results. Regards, Ary
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    About my career

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have one question to ask my date of birth is 15-01-1985 and timing is 08:50 AM at Latitude: 27° 34' 60 N, Longitude: 81° 35' 60 E My career is not going smooth. I have planned to give UPSC (IAS exams). Will I get success? if not then what profession shall i pick. currently I am an engineer. I am confused a lot. Please some one knowledgeable reply Thanks
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    hi i am new one i am here because i have a problem about my marrige and life can any one help me plz rep:rolleyes2:
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    Weight Loss/ Fat Loss

    Can someone recommend a tried and tested way for weight/fat loss.
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    [INDOLOGY @ ] aay 'mother'

    --- naga_ganesan wrote: > It looks "aay/aayi" is related with the North Indian > word, "baayi" Why not to the Northrn Indian word AI ? Marathi AI 'mother'[thought to be from Skt. AryikA]; Bengali baDAyI [CaNDIdAsa's zrIkRSNakIrtana]'elder mother'[father's older brother's wife]etc. Best wishes, Jogesh Panda Auctions - buy the things you want at great prices http://auctions./
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    Hair fall

    What is the solution provided in vedas for hairfall and hair care?
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    good astrologers in bangalore

    Hi all, Please let me know some good astrologers in bangalore in terms of accuracy and consultation charges. Awaiting for a early and positive reply from you Regards Arun
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    lyrics of Amma's Ananda Janani bhajan

    Can anyone post the lyrics for Amma's bhajan Ananda Janani? I love this bhajan, it lifts me up
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    Have you heard about Naadi astrology???? Naadi Shastra Astrology is a potent extrapolative method. It is different from conventional Astrology or Palmistry. The accurateness of the reading in Astrology and other predictive sciences depends a great deal upon the proficiency of the reader over the subject. These Naadi Predictions handed down directly by the Great Sages of ancient India. Believed to be documented thousands of years ago. These are more than the predictions; essentially, these are documented facts about every individual’s past present and future. These facts come from the sages who had achieved the power to foresee past and future with the help of Naadi leaves
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    Shravana nakshtra and the puranic story. Understanding Shravana nakshatra. Demon King Bali had conquered the three worlds the devtas were no match for this powerful Asur king so they requested Lord Vishnu to help them out .Lord vishnu disguised himself as Vamana small brahmin boy and approached King Bali while he was performing a yagna ,he asked King Bali for three steps of land ,the demon king readily agreed for this but the demon guru shukracharya saw through the design of Lord Vishnu,therefore he tried to dissuade King Bali but could not make him to agree so he blocked the spout of water vessel of King Bali, Vaman the vishnu avataar took out a sharp blade of grass to clear the obstruction. As he poked towards the pot's spout, the blade of the grass destroyed one of Shukracharya's eyes, and this is the reason why Shukracharya is seen to have one eye ever since. With the obstacle successfully removed and the ritual over, it was time for the Vaman to take his 3 strides worth of land. But suddenly, the vaman boy's size started to increase in size until no one could see his head anymore. In one stride, he took both the netherworld/hell and the earth, and in the 2nd stride, he took heaven. Then Vaman avataar of Vishnu Ji turned around towards Bali and asked "Now where do I put my 3rd foot?" Bali offered his own head for the vaman jis third stride. At this Bali was immediately transported into the lowest among the 14 lokas. And Vishnu ji had now restored the earth to humans and the heavens to the gods. Lord Vishnu very pleased with Bali's magnanimity, so he decided to confer upon him the status - of doorkeeper of "the outer-most universe. This story, reveals the nature , functioning and quality of Shravana nakshatra. Vishnu in his Vamana form as the brahmin boy relates to the amiable and innocent front projected by this nakshatra. The natives of this nakshatra are clever in achieving their goals and are very good in execution skills in same way as Vishnu. Shravana borns are known to be very good executors. On the astrological front, Venus/Sukracharya doesn't like to be placed in this nakshatra due to being blinded in one eye by vaman ji ,the natives of this nakshtra also become susceptible to eye injuries and ailments if venus is in any way connected to this nakshatra.
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    mantra for self confidence

    hi, can somebody please help me with some mantra to boost my self confidence. i don't know, i somehow feel that i lack in confidence and i start thinking in my head a lot of things. like if i have to narrate some story to someone i will start thinking what if he doesn't like it, what if he doesn't like my style of narrating and lot of questions like this. and i know there is nothing like that once i start narrating they like it. but still... if someone can help me with my situation i will be great full. thanks.
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    In my life, I have committed many sins. I am a good person, I believe. But sometimes I would turn to other paths because I enjoy extremes... end result, was chaos and burning bridges with relationships. I am doing fine now but it took me a lot to finally get me straight. My girlfriend broke up with me and ran into another relationship to get over me; I lost a year of school; parents have given up on me and considered me the black sheep (when once I was the star child); I gained lots of weight... I finally see myself now and I realized that to get all these things fixed, I need to hold God's hand and allow him to lift me. I have made some lifestyle changes and have started to show true ambition in my work. Please give me advice on a mantra to do where God will help me remove the sins that I have committed. Right now, I am doing the Gayatri mantra (1 rosary) and I am doing a small 10 minutes of simple bhajans. It helps me feel better. I am considering doing Vashikaran for my ex girlfriend because I love her so much and really she has even noticed a change in me. Now I want to learn a mantra where my sins can be omitted. I understand that nothing is a quick fix; I am going to do all these prayers for the rest of my life. If anyone can help me, please help me.
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    People are now speculating some tantric spell possibility. I would like to give a small background of how the spell on a person works and who all will become victims. First and foremost, a person who's chart is strong and the planets are in good position can never become a victim of a tantric spell. So a nadi reader cannot just like that create problems in a person's life. They are not the cosmic dispositioners to cast a spell in a person. Tantric spell affects like anyother bad things and it happens only under the particular bad Dasa-- Bhukthi period per the native's chart. Tantric spell effects are cirumstancial, temporary and another form of our own karma. So first, please remove the fear, a nadi reader cannot create your bad karma. We reap what we sow, nothing else. If your purva punya sthana is good, I bet, you meet N number of nadi readers, even Calcutta tantrics or black magicians, you CAN NEVER be affected by a tantric spell. Even when your planetery positions are not good, tantric spell effects can easily be overcome. It requires just one thing confidence and strength. Confidence in the Divine, strenght in your mind, courage and bravery. With the unyielding faith in the Divine (your personal God ), you can walk in the graveyard at midnight without fear. Faith and devotion are a protecive shield against all accidents, fears, threatenings, black magic etc etc. When your consciousness is elevated and you have noble thoughts and if you are connected to Divine by devotion and faith, then even if planets are not favourable, the tantric cast will bounce upon the one who spelled it. If they spelled death, it is they who will meet with death. The spell is nothing but a evil vibration, accummulation of passion,ego & lust, it is absence of light, it is darkness, it is not an existing entity, it is an illusion. So when knowledge comes, illusion goes away, anything that is absent is not a power, you fill it with presence and defeat it. Hence next time, you visit a nadi reader, he tells you to go to this temple or that temple and do this parihara, challenge him with folded hands,humbleness yet confidence -- "I can overcome whatever evil you have mentioned and get all I aspire for in this life, by a sincere surrender to the Divine who is present everywhere, even in the nearby temple to your centre". You go to nadi for a research and thrill, to study their psychology and infact to find out atleast one genuine nadi reader, thats it. Nothing more than that. They definitely cannot help or harm you. It is in our hands to better our situation. You bow down your head only infront of the Divine to nonone else, if somebody discourage by saying that you are a sinner, deny that vehemently by saying that "I might have been a sinner, but not now, I have started a new life with faith in the divine". Your planets may be afflicted, debilated or in wrong aspects -- you can overcome all these effects by faith and devotion. Hence if at all, you want to appeal anything to Nava Grahas, you ask just one thing -- a faith and devotion in the mind -- unyielding faith, strength of mind, devotion and surrender to the Divine. I have seen certain people's chart -- their Lagna is strong and good, aspected by beneficial planets -- this combination alone gives them the above mentioned positive attitude and inspite of all other negative aspects in the chart, they come out with flying colours. So whatever may be the planetary position in your chart, you can achieve what you want in this life, if you have the help and intervention of the Divine. It is always there my dear friends, so please call upon it. Your past karma will definitely try to hold you back, all the evil vibrations you did for others in enormous births will definitely try to hold you back, but if you fix your mind,thoughts and soul to the Divine, gradually, you will enter the Light and Source Energy. Once you elevate yourself to that level of consciousness, those evil vibrations and reactions of karma cannot enter that region. You will be under the protective shield of the Divine, when the Divine decides to interven, no force in this world can stop it from acting. It requires only one thing from your part -- absolute and unconditional surrender to the Divine. Who is Divine? It is the supramental highest conscious energy that is the source of all this creation. If you dont have a personal God where upon, you can that Divine,where upon you can focus your thoughts and surrender, no problem -- pray like this " Thy supreme will, who manages the Universe, let He protect me, by the supreme Will of Whom the sun shines,the plants grow, the river flows, let He protect me, by the supreme Will of whom I speak now, let that Force hear my aspiration, by the virtue of the Divine, the child earnestly call upon the Supreme Father." So only two things are required when it comes to peaceful and prosperous life -- unconditional surrender,faith to the Divine second and important, you have started to focus and surredner to the highest truth, so when you get answered with prosperity, manhood, beauty, fame, riches, health, children, vehicle, bungalows etc etc. please use them in the service of the Divine. Help the needy with your riches and fame. If you get influence and power as the answer, please use it in the service of the Divine. The Divine wants to act through you, to accomplish certain things in the universe. Hence please allow that flow. Dont arrest that flow by living in a small circle. That is the reason we are suffering now. I ask for riches and I get it. Then I stay within my boundary of family and friends, and use the riches lavishly without a definitve purpose. Slowly it turns into lust and when lust comes, evil or darkness forms around me and I have already started arresting the flow of the Divine. Then slowly you will start feeling tiredness, stress, depression, jealousy and anger because all these are indications that darkness(evil) has formed around you. So dont let that happen, when your aspirations are answered, it means Divine wants to act through you, so you please let it act. You want a beautiful wife and sex life, no problem, aspire for it, you will get a noble woman, you will feel satisfied and happy, you will beget good children, but engage your wife and children in the service of the Divine. So one multiplies into many, in this case, you were good, so your wife and children are becoming good. So the medium of the Divine multiplies by your initial wish -- sexual energy. But in the contrary, when you become lustful and greedy, passionate and restless, you starts covering yourself with darkenss and you tend to misuse your energy with so many illegal ways, and all misery follows. So from next episode, I will write on where to start and begin with, on this process of surrender and devotion -- I will show the method which I follow with Lord Maha Vishnu the all existing primeval Govindha.
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    dream breaking of shivling

    May be its time to look beyond symbols and rituals and go deep............
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    How to Pray

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone could help me. I had a serious illness and with God's and Guru's Grace I recovered physically enough that my life was not in danger. For that I am eternally grateful. However I still have some minor physical symptoms every day, and emotionally I am very much unhappy as it reminds me of that sad time. For the past 2 years I get up at Brahmamuhurtam to pray and say my Gurumantra which is all-powerful, but obviously I am doing something wrong because I am not getting physically or emotionally better. I tried asking other devotees but one of the other devotees got really offended and told some falsehoods to my Guru and main disciples about how I challenged the effectiveness of the Mantra (which I didn't, I was just talking about my own inability to get results through some fault of my own). So I'm a bit nervous to ask my Guru and His disciples now. I'm not really sure how I can go on through life like this, as I wonder if I will ever get better- some of our saints themselves said that it is difficult to improve spiritually without a healthy body as then the mind is always on the body. Any advice? Thanks, B
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    my father is missing since last 7 days please help me out
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    The Editor

    insearch of guru please help

    One sadhu once told me sad gurus are present everywhere and there is no shortage of gurus. The real shortage is finding sat sishya (true disciple). Everyone is looking for a guru but they are not finding because you must first become a true disciple. Then automatically one of the countless spiritual beings present on this planet will come to you.
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    Pl post your problems as a separate thread

    Dear friends, I have seen lot of you posting your problems in older threads -some even 10 years old and some not related to the topic. Moreover, addressing these problems will be difficult because of the confidentiality of the real name. Hence, I request all of you to post you problems as a new thread and I will try to address them astrologically as per my knowledge and experience. Regards, KGR
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    how is it that we eat carrots?

    In Prabhupadas letters he clearly says carrrots cannot be offered to the deities.Have a read.
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    Mantra Siddhi? What is it?

    Namaste Kali ji, Yes, I would say you are 'chasing mirages' if you attempt to follow all the elaborated performances traditionally expounded. All that rigmarole is totally unnecessary for spiritual awakening. Let us consider the word 'siddhi'. Does it not mean 'perfection?' And perfection of what? Not of thaumaturgic powers, but of the quality of being. Mantra (without any counting) is constantly purifying the mind-stuff. I have been teaching mantra for 45 years and many of my students have experienced samadhi as a result, without any of the traditional claptrap associated. Don't get yourself bogged down by what was done in the past. Kali is right that healing capacities may be realised as a result of mantric practice, but that is a side effect, not the goal. It is not getting siddhis that is the problem (although as he points out there is a danger of ego-inflation as a result), but the mere wanting siddhis is the major obstacle to emancipation, as all want is produced by the ego-sense to begin with. Says the great sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi: “In order to display siddhis, there must be others to recognise them. That means there is no jñana in the one who displays them. Therefore, siddhis are not worth a thought. Jñana alone is to be aimed at and gained.” I rest my case. Warmly, Ramana Baba
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    Marriage Related Questions

    Hi Sir, My name is Megha. My DOB is 29-06-1988. TOB:3:30 P.M (afternoon) POB :Chennapattana(Near Bangalore) Nakshatra:Moola Rashi: Dhanus Lagna :Thula Sir please let me know when will I get married, How will be my married life, From which direction will the guy come from,his profession etc. My parents are trying very hard to get me married and we are unable to find a suitable match yet. Regards Megha
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    Namaste i bought a manokamna prapti yantra few months back , i prayed to it for 41 days and my manokamna was achieved , i did this 3 -4 times and manokamna's were achieved. i stopped praying to the yantra for last 6 months as all my prayers were answered . if i want to start worshiping the manokamna prapti yantra again to fulfill my manokamna , will it still generate the same power or does it stop generating energy if not prayed for daily . Thanks Kind Regards Anjjana
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    where is the link for downloading the above said format even for the member?
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    Dear sir, I would like job in forgien land and this is my biodata: 1. Name :natarajan shankar sivachariar 2, date of birth :19.05.1958 3.present address :25/9bajanai koil 2nd street,choolaimed chennai 600094 4,qualification :qualified priest certified by h.r.c.e. department, govt.of tamilnadu. 5.additional qualification :a.sivacharyar deeksha :b. Able to do kumbabishegam :c.b.com graduate of university of madras1986-1989 6.experience :asst. Priest uchipillayar temple ;trichy. 7.foreign experience :chief priest,sri droupadee amman temple stanley mauritius.dec2003-dec2007 8.known language ;tamil,english,sanskrit 9.visitedcountries :malaysia,mauritius 10.pooja experience :15 years in india o2years in malaysia 04years in mauritius
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    Anger while chanting maha-mantra

    Well it is the most powerful healing mantra and likely to be bringing somethings up to consciousness for cleansing and purification. Just try not to associate the bad feeling of anger with the Mahamantra. Mahamantra is only the medicine making indigestible pains in the mind and heart come to the surface. You won't be able to progress or heal unless some things come to surface where they can be dealt with and digested as learning experience. Everyone has to come to peace within themselves and with the God first if they would experience bliss. What is bound must find release. What is grieved must find it's joy. Anger is often a reaction to something wounded, either pride or the very heart and soul of a being. In any event, our true nature is joyous praise and not these limited reactions and temporary experiences or identity. Don't stop chanting, but keep chanting. Chanting isn't the cause. Chanting is the cure. Haribol.
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    this is so dangerous to invoke kuttichatan............you will still more from kuttichatan than from your enemies..... please dont try to explore these dangerous things please always chant arunachala shiva and that alone is enough to give you shanthi and power
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    Hinduism real Facts

    Whatever you have said about Hinduism is totally rediculus which is completely distored, misinformed and rubbish. Idols worship was there from the ancient times (before Buddha or Jainism came into existence). Before Buddha was born 5 thousand years ago scriptures were written about the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. And the Buddha's arrival is clearly mentioned and also about Lord Kalki which yet to happen. As per the meat eating of Brahmins are concerned, it is clearly mentioned in the scriptures how and when to consume meat. Not by killing. The animal has to die natural death and without disease. Such animal within the specific time the meat can be consumed. But this is not possible in the age of Kali yuga, therefore meat eating is religiously banned for those who worship in the Temple or doing spiritual sadhana. Yagna /homa is a different technique where fire sacrifice is performed. It is not related to cooking as you have mentioned. Many scientific study shows its physical and mataphysical results out of it. It has its own huge explanation which is not sufficent in explaning in this fourm. Because now-a-days you have many instruments to check the vibrations, energy that are generated during the yagna and homa. There are thousands and millions of devotees that are benifted by such rituals. No one can take anybody's GOD. All are one and the same. It is rediculus to say that. Education was given to everyone in the ancient times. King Bhoja Raja had almost all citizens educated and the caste system was not hindarence to the education and well being. During the recent past due to invasion from differnet countries, islamic and so on the social structre was changed. As per your accusation, infact most of the consitution part was analysed and written by Brhamins and Mr. Ambedkar was supervisor who accepted their work. Infact Brahmins have also equally contributed to the developent of the country and society. Great philospher's like Swami Vivekanada and his Guruji Ramakrishna paramahamsa (how is from Brahmin community) helped the whole mankind. As per Lord Parasurama Mr realdemigod has already replied. can you prove Aryan theory?? Yes, it is a theory and not the law. It was Britishers who altered our Glorious history. They just want to say whatever is there in India are from outsider. Also there is no such period in our history called vedic period. Where we use the terms called pre-vedic and post-vedic. The real fact is ancient India where vedas were practised. Brahmin is not a tribe or cooking professional. Those who are in teaching field, invovled in the welfare of the society, give correct guidance to the kings and people are called Brahmins. You have to learn and understand the concept of Hinduism. All those who seek knowledge and enlightenment with pure and strong desire and with full faith, A Great Guru will come to his/her life. That is what needed. The Guru is one who takes away the darkness. I know for sure you are a converted christian who has been misinformed and hatered towards Brahmin community. What you are explaining is full of rubbish. And the history was not properly read. It is unfortunate that you are using this forum to degrade the Great Hinduism.
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    Navarna mantra

    This is the most powerful and popular Mantra. The combination of the three Bijas means it is addressed to the Supreme Deity Chandi as enunciated in Devi Mahatmya. This is also known as Chandi Navakshari. The difference between "Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichche" and "OM AING HREENG KLEEN CHAMUNDAYE VICHCHE" is because of the way the Bija mantras are pronounced in South India and North India. Everyone swears that his pronunciation is correct. This is an ideal mantra for reaching GOD. If you are using it for spiritual advancement, you do not have to bother about pronunciation. MAA is Dayamoyi and Karunamoyi. It is ridiculous to think that MAA will punish you if you mispronounce the Mantra or do not have concentration. This canard has been spread by Pundits who wanted a monopoly of the Mantra Yoga and did not want others to reach GOD. They are/were interested in ensuring that anyone who wants to approach GOD does it only through them after paying a hefty commission. Death is a punishment in the Abrahmic religion. Death is deliverance in Hinduism. About the use of this Mantra for other purposes, all mantras can be used for various purposes. It is not the fault of the Mantra. Nor is it designed for that. For example a hand Gun can be used to protect yourself from harm. It can be also used for murder. It is not the fault of the Gun.
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    Meena Nadi Part -1 and Part 2 Download

    Dear Sreenadh,I have download those from the link you provided.Thank you very much.Khin.--- On Wed, 9/23/09, sreesog <sreesog wrote:sreesog <sreesog Re: Meena Nadi Part -1 and Part 2 Download Links Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 10:55 PM Dear All, For those who found it difficult to download the previous attachments, I am providing here the download links of the scanned pages of Meena Nadi 1) Meena Nadi (Part 1) 2) Meena Nadi (Part 2) I couldn't get the 3rd part, but the scanned pages of Page 18 and 19 from this part is available - 3) Meena-Nadi (Part -3) -Page 18-and-19 only Hope you will enjoy this rare work. Note: Since these are scanned pages of the book, you all may have to take a printout of the same to properly read it.Love and regards,Sreenadh
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    It seems that the 6 ISO images extracted from any of the 6 RAR files (part 1-6) have the same contents inside them:- 5 Folders Acrobat (15676 KB) Fonts (3894 KB) Hasp Driver (19314 KB) Help (10849 KB) Parashara's Light 7 Professional Crack+instructions (2337 KB) 10 Files Autorun.INF (1 KB) FontsInstaller.EXE (2993 KB) Import Old Printouts.EXE (60 KB) Light.PNG (3 KB) New Features in PL7.PDF (4763 KB) PL7.DAT (623 KB) PL7.EXE (2708 KB) PL70.PDF (38515 KB) Readme.TXT (2 KB) Setup.EXE (192854 KB) So what's the use of ( or need for) downloading all of the 6 RAR files?? Or is it happenning with me only?? regards
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    You can`t see any contradiction between Advaita and Dvaita maybe because LOVE is always present in your heart as your guide. Love rejoices in the truth not evil. Since these teachings are good because they are truthful not bad then you see them as one. Again there`s no contradiction here since you know they are simultaneously different( One is good while the other is better).
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    Why making things soo complicated about black magic? i tried it my self and i Guarentee this pls try this- Go to hanuman temple and light ghee lamp in front of the lord and chant - Bajrang baan.
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    Dear Vishwanathji, thanx for the info. but the web address you provided is not working. the link has expired. kindly reload the files. Rahul. l , MK Viswanath <astrologervishy_nair wrote: > > ASTROVISION A KP and Vedic Astro E-Journal Published in Internet Flat # 204B, Block # 1, Janapriya Township, Mallapur, Nacharam PO, > Hyderabad-500 076, India. > Phone: 91-40-2715 2868 --\ ----- > Editor Sub Editor > MK Viswanat Vishnu V. Nair Mob: 9440 346 285 E-Mail: astrologervishy_nair > --\ ---- > 19 March 2008 > Hello: > > We are pleased to announce the release of the 3rd issue of ASTROVISION, a KP and Vedic Astro E-Journal, which is published in the Internet. The file is in PDF format. > > Esteemed members are requested to download it free. > > www.astrouser.com (all the three issues could be downloaded) > > http://www.sendspace.com/file/v9xcre > > Since the file size is quite big, we are unable to upload it to any forum, as of now. > > Members are also requested to consider sending articles in KP / Vedic / Jaimini / Nadi / Western system or in any allied subjects like Palmistry, Numerology, Astronomy, Reikhi, Yoga, Meditation, Mantra & Tantra, Vedic or Lal Kitab remedies, Temples, Mythology, Pooja, or any ancient system, etc. > > Yours truly, > MK Viswanat Editor-ASTROVISION > > > > > Bring your gang together - do your thing. Start your group. > >
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    Kalpa Vriksha/Kalpataru

    VERY WELL SAID RICHARD I couldnt stop laughing but its true this tree is not on earth its in haven, thats the reason in mathura this tree is in form of shilla[stone] thats what I just saw on aajtaak channel on dharm topic in india. patel Richard Shaw Brown <rsbj66sacred-objects Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 12:04:10 PM Re: Kalpa Vriksha/Kalpataru If someone thinks they have a Kalpataru tree it is very easy to test.You simply wish for a million tons of gold, and if the tree is realthen, POOF! The gold will appear. It's a simple test for kalpa-vriksha.sacred-objects, "bhagvatjee" <bhagvatjee@ ...>wrote:>> Dear All> Jaya Siyaa Raam> I think people are misinterpreting Kalp Vriksh with the trees which > are famous for fulfilling wish. In fact, first of all a Kalp Vriksh > cannot be on Prithvi, real Paarijaat Vriksh or plant is also such a > tree. What we call Paarijaat plant is just named after the original > tree. WHY, because Paariaat's flowers never wilt away - so ask > yourself, if your Paarijaat flower is wilting or not? If yes, it is > not a real Paarijaat tree.> > In the same way, in this world, there are many places, trees, > mountains etc which are famous for fulfilling wish. Kalp Vrikash is > not like a tree which sometimes fulfills wish while at other times > does not. Has anybody seen such a tree which fulfills every single > person's every single wish all the time? If yes, then it is real Kalp > Taru. Indra cannot afford such a Kalp Taru which at one time fulfills > his wish, while at other times does not.> > Just imagine, if such a tree had existed in this world, why many > would have suffered?> > Hope this satisfis the anxious people.> With regards> Sushma> > > > sacred-objects, rashmi patel > <rashmihpatel@ > wrote:> >> > Respected gurujanos,> > Just today on aajtaak channel on dharm topic they where discusing > on this tree kalpvrukhs they showned> > in MATHURA where krisna had showned this tree to radhaji which now > is in form on black stone & so> > people where praying that stone [shilla] pouring milk & says you > can fullfill your wishes here, so in MATHURA > > this KALPVRUKHS tree is in form of shilla.> > Also in RANCHI where this tree is still alive the city people now > wonts to cut the sacred tree because they have to widen the roads so > really NO ONE wonts to object on this tree so I dont know whether > they really think this is such> > a sacred tree??? or no one beleave that this tree as kalpvrukhs > tree.> > so BHAGVATJEE may be right??? I now got same fillings on this tree > in ranchi.> > thanks> > patel> > > > > > > > > > ____________ _________ _________ __> > bhagvatjee <bhagvatjee@ >> > sacred-objects> > Tuesday, January 27, 2009 6:37:48 PM> > Re: Kalpa Vriksha/Kalpataru> > > > > > Dear Gupte Ji> > Jaya Siyaa Raam> > Thanks very much for writing so much about Kalp Taru. In fact I > have > > never thought that Kalp Taru can be present on Earth also, because > as > > it came out of the churning of the ocean, it was taken by Indra and > > he planted i his Nandan Van garden. How it can be on Prithvi?> > > > Net it fulfilles wishes - now do these trees which yu have > mentioned > > fulfill people's wishes? If this happens on Earth, nothing is > > impossible for anybody here. So I doubt it whether those trees are > > Kalp Taru. One can name any tree any name but I doubt that those > > trees can fulfill people's wish.> > > > If you find such a tree, let me also know.> > Thanks anyways,> > Wih regards> > Sushma> > > > sacred-objects, "h. r. gupte" <hrgupte@ > > > wrote:> > >> > > Kalpataru, the divine tree of life being guarded by mythical > > creatures> > > Kinnara and Kinnari, flying Apsara and Devata. 8th century Pawon> > > temple, Java, Indonesia.> > > > > > Kalpavriksha is a mythological, wish-fulfilling divine tree that > is > > a> > > common trope in Sanskrit literature from the earliest sources > > onwards> > > – see Rig Veda (1.75; 17.26). Along with the kamadhenu, or> > > 'wish-giving cow', the kalpavriksha originated during the Samudra> > > manthan or "churning of the milk ocean", and the King of the gods,> > > Indra returned with it to his paradise. While there is no attested> > > Sanskrit source conclusively identifying this mythological tree > with> > > any real, known tree kalpavriksha can figuratively refer to a > source> > > of bounty.> > > > > > Different trees are referred to as the Kalpa Vriksha.> > > * According to the Padma_Purana, this tree is the 'Parijat' -> > > Night-flowering_ Jasmine.> > > * At Joshimath in Uttaranchal, which commemorates the residence of> > > Adiguru Shankaracharya, there is a large, ancient bodhi tree known> > > locally as the kalpavriksha. This tree is the Pipal / Peepal > tree -> > > Sacred_Fig.> > > * Some persons refer to the Banyan tree as the Kalpavriksha.> > > * Some parts of India, especially coastal areas call the Coconut > > tree> > > as Kalpavriksha or kalpataru because of its ability to amply > provide> > > for human needs.> > > > > > > > > Kalpavriksha : It is a very rare species. Probably only five> > > kalpavrikshas can be found in India out of which four are in > Ranchi > > in> > > the Doranda area. Its botanical name is Adansonia Digitata. It is > of> > > the baobab family and so it is also commonly called the Baobab > tree.> > > > > > > > > There are few Kalpa vikshas are at Ranchi...> > > http://www.ranchi. com/ look for kalpataru in links> > > also> > > http://good- times.webshots. com/photo/ 2645935480101638 362zwEWMM> > > > > > Anyone to contribute more on the subject???> > > > > > If it is Baobab then in Pune can also boast to have one > > kalpataru... .> > > the said Baobab tree is in main Abhinav chowk.On the crossing of> > > Bajirao chowk and Tilak road opposit to Cilai showroom.> > >> >>
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    daas ka daas

    The Swaminarayan Faith

    Jai Swaminarayan,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> First of all which question have I not answered please restate as I clearly feel that I have answered every single one of your points. I Clearly stated that the Satsangi Jivan in the 4th Prakran clearly states that that Acharya should give Bhagvati Diskha to the new tyagi. I states this earlier. You need to read my post carefully.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> The Acharyas today have not failed. Please could you name the acharyas that have failed and please state which way they have failed. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> If the Acharya does not follow his dharma then he is excommunicated. I’ve stated that before and I state it again for your sake. Even we all believe this much as Shriji Maharaj has stated so in the Satsangi Jivan and Desh Vibhaag lekh. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> You think there is no Acharya? Well why not? That’s a foolish thing to say as Shriji Maharaj Himself has stated that the Acharya, true Saint, Scriptures and His Murtis which have been installed by Him or invoked by the Dharmvanshi Acharya will remain till the moon and sun shine-‘Yaavat Surya chandra divakale’. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> So you are wrong once again. To state that you do not believe in the existence of the Acharyas is wrong. This even Gunatitanand swami states is wrong to do. Like I quoted from Swamis vato above. Also what faults do you find with Amdavad Acharya Kaushalendraprasad or Vadtal Acharya Rakeshprasadji Maharaj? They have not yet done one thing which is devoid of their Acharya dharmas. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> If you think Nishkulanand swami was correct then why not follow him? You also do not follow Nishkulanand Swamis words as stated earlier this means that you do not care for his word in the Nishkulanand Kavya. You just accept that BAPS saints are clearly shown in the Sikshapatri Bhashya and other scriptures as not following the ways of the Swaminarayan Tyagis rules. First of all you fail against the 4th Prakran of the Satsangi jivan, which states that the Acharya should give diksha to the one who requires to be a Sadhu. Their will never be a case where one has to leave the Satsang at all. Also the Vachnamrut is the Yog Shastra of the Sampraday. The Dharm shastras is the Satsangi Jivan. The Vachnamrut also does not state the four types of Mukts. You need to read the Purshottam Prakash. Maybe they don have it in BAPS because they do not agree with it. So I cant blame you. It clearly shows that the Acharyas give Moksh. This is the fourth way to get moksh. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> By the way I wasn’t comparing ISLAM and BAPS. Please do re read my post carefully. My point was not how great Islam is or how people follow it. My point was that just because so many people follow it does not mean that it is the right way. As you state that many are following BAPS so God must be with it. HAHA. If this was the case then the Swaminarayan Sampraday established by Bhagwan Swaminarayan (*note not BAPS) has over 5.5 million followers and is growing still. BAPS have a little more than 1.7 million. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Another thing I wanted to add was that in Gunatitanand swamis Vato, swami in Vaat 171 states that “the avatars of God previously have never established a tradition of female enunciates and look today there are thousands of female renunciates and today and in the future will give moksh to many”. So where are these female renunciates in BAPS? <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p>
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    I got possessed by Mataji

    hi. ive seen mataji possessing people many many times, and i have full faith in them. its truly a miracle. im a strong devotee of mataji but i kind of want to find out from you what this feels like? i know this is the wrong kind of question to ask but how does possession work? is it that you get possessed because of your strong faith in maa or what? Jai Ambe
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    The Wives of Krishna

    Krishna had 16,108 wives. Rukmini was his first wife. Then he married Satyabhama and Jamvanti. In total, he had 8 main wives. The 16,100 wives he married afterwards were girls he rescued from Jarasantha who desired him as their husband. Don't forget that he is the Supreme Lord. It is his promise to us that in whatever form we worship him, he will reciprocate in that manner. Therefore, all those women that he married were simply having their love for him reciprocated in the manner they chose. Also, because he is the Supreme Lord, he was able to satisfy each and every one of them. None of his wives ever felt neglected or unloved. He gave each wife 10 sons and 1 daughter. There is the story where Narad wondered about how the Lord was able to satisfy each one of his wives. It seemed impossible for even if he spent one day with each of them in turn, it would be years and years before he got back round to the first wife. So Narad visited Krishna in Dwarka. First he went to Rukmini's house and saw the Lord there, just rising from his sleep. Narad thought that if Krishna was in Rukmini's palace, how were all his other wives feeling? So he then went to Satyabhama's house and saw Krishna there, getting ready for his morning meditation. Narad wondered how Krishna had arrived there so fast so he then went to Jamvanti's house and saw Krishna there, about to go for a bath. Narad went to the next wife and saw Krishna performing pooja. Narad went to the next and saw Krishna eating breakfast. Narad went to the next house and saw Krishna giving charity to the Brahmanas. Narad went to the next house and saw Krishna playing with his children. Narad went to the next house and saw Krishna meeting with ministers. In each house, each wife was with Krishna and Krishna was making them happy. Narad then realised that he should never have doubted Krishna. The Supreme Lord can make everyone happy because he is the only one with the power to love everyone in the way they want to be loved. Others may tell us that they love us but we never really believe them. But Krishna, who we cannot see with our material eyes, loves us and we know it, even if he never tells us. That's the power of Krishna's prema.
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    Jahnava Nitai Das

    How to read minds?

    Thank you for writing with your question. Mind reading is not something taught, but something which automatically comes by expanding one's consciousness. There are several methods for expanding one's consciousness, but the simplest and most effective method is through meditation and mantra upasana. As one advances in meditation, one's mind is purified of various mental contaminations which limit our focus and concentration. Slowly one's mind becomes open to subtle channels of thought. At that point, one is able to experience the mental platform as one would normally experience the physical realm. Such experiences are not possible unless one takes up a very serious sadhana of meditation and mantra upasana. If you are interested in this I will provide you with more detailed instructions. Yours in service, Jahnava Nitai Das, Bhaktivedanta Ashram [This message has been edited by jndas (edited 08-29-2001).]
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    Om Namassivaaya Namaste friends, Swamiji's Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa is shown below: Birthdata: 18th July 1935, 19:00 (IST), 79 E 26' 00", 10 N 42' 00" Vimsottari Dasa - Tribhagi variation (started from Moon): Maha Dasas: Mars: 1933-07-29 (18:46:51) - 1935-11-29 (8:45:43) Rah: 1935-11-29 (8:45:43) - 1941-11-28 (21:43:07) Jup: 1941-11-28 (21:43:07) - 1947-03-27 (20:58:34) Sat: 1947-03-27 (20:58:34) - 1953-07-29 (21:42:17) Merc: 1953-07-29 (21:42:17) - 1959-03-27 (22:57:31) Ket: 1959-03-27 (22:57:31) - 1961-07-29 (22:52:18) Ven: 1961-07-29 (22:52:18) - 1968-03-27 (6:18:12) Sun: 1968-03-27 (6:18:12) - 1970-03-27 (18:42:37) Moon: 1970-03-27 (18:42:37) - 1973-07-30 (0:42:09) Mars: 1973-07-30 (0:42:09) - 1975-11-29 (15:00:12) Rah: 1975-11-29 (15:00:12) - 1981-11-29 (3:49:46) Jup: 1981-11-29 (3:49:46) - 1987-03-28 (3:12:11) Sat: 1987-03-28 (3:12:11) - 1993-07-30 (3:40:33) Merc: 1993-07-30 (3:40:33) - 1999-03-28 (5:07:12) Ket: 1999-03-28 (5:07:12) - 2001-07-30 (4:49:15) Ven: 2001-07-30 (4:49:15) - 2008-03-27 (12:24:53) <<<< Sun: 2008-03-27 (12:24:53) - 2010-03-28 (0:48:37) Moon: 2010-03-28 (0:48:37) - 2013-07-30 (6:47:52) Mars: 2013-07-30 (6:47:52) - 2015-11-29 (21:09:05) Rah: 2015-11-29 (21:09:05) - 2021-11-29 (10:09:21) Jup: 2021-11-29 (10:09:21) - 2027-03-28 (9:25:47) Sat: 2027-03-28 (9:25:47) - 2033-07-30 (9:36:14) Merc: 2033-07-30 (9:36:14) - 2039-03-28 (11:16:50) Ket: 2039-03-28 (11:16:50) - 2041-07-30 (10:51:44) Ven: 2041-07-30 (10:51:44) - 2048-03-27 (18:39:14) Sun: 2048-03-27 (18:39:14) - 2050-03-28 (6:59:28) Moon: 2050-03-28 (6:59:28) - 2053-07-30 (12:43:47) While Vimsottari dasa covers 120 deg of zodiac, Tribhagi variation covers the entire 360 deg. It is most useful to see when various planets, upagrahas and sahamas give their results. You basically divide Vimsottari dasa into 3 cycles of 40 years each, to get Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa. Each dasa corresponds to a star and you cover all the 27 stars (i.e. 360 deg). The first Venus dasa during 1961-1968 corresponds to Bharani star. The second Venus dasa running during 2001-2008 corresponds to Poorva Phalguni star (13Le20-26Le40). Of the 6 years and 8 months of this Venus dasa (one-third of 20 years), about 3 years 3.5 months are over. So 49.4% of the dasa is over. In terms of the longitude range of the star, this corresponds to 13Le20+6 deg 35 min = 19Le55. Please notice that the natal bandhana sahama is at 19Le14 (and there may be a little bit of error)!!! You can see that Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa works nicely in conjunction with sahamas. I illustrated the same thing earlier once in another context. In fact, this technique works in Tithi Pravesha charts too, in addition to the natal chart. For example, his 2004 annual Tithi Pravesha chart is cast on 3rd August 2004 at 9:03:55 am (IST). In this chart, bandhana sahama is around 8 deg in Gemini, i.e. at the beginning of Ardra nakshatra. Moon is in Satabhishak. If you find Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa (compressed to the year), you will get: Vimsottari Dasa - Tribhagi variation (started from Moon): Maha Dasas: Rah: 2004-07-17 (17:01:25) - 2004-08-03 (15:32:52) Jup: 2004-08-03 (15:32:52) - 2004-08-20 (7:58:33) Sat: 2004-08-20 (7:58:33) - 2004-09-07 (10:00:35) Merc: 2004-09-07 (10:00:35) - 2004-09-24 (3:48:25) Ket: 2004-09-24 (3:48:25) - 2004-09-30 (18:09:36) Ven: 2004-09-30 (18:09:36) - 2004-10-20 (16:39:55) Sun: 2004-10-20 (16:39:55) - 2004-10-26 (8:24:39) Moon: 2004-10-26 (8:24:39) - 2004-11-06 (0:28:43) Mars: 2004-11-06 (0:28:43) - 2004-11-12 (20:03:26) Rah: 2004-11-12 (20:03:26) - 2004-11-30 (8:33:13) <<< Jup: 2004-11-30 (8:33:13) - 2004-12-15 (16:52:14) Sat: 2004-12-15 (16:52:14) - 2005-01-04 (11:25:21) Merc: 2005-01-04 (11:25:21) - 2005-01-20 (3:56:34) Ket: 2005-01-20 (3:56:34) - 2005-01-27 (20:33:11) Ven: 2005-01-27 (20:33:11) - 2005-02-15 (17:13:33) Sun: 2005-02-15 (17:13:33) - 2005-02-22 (6:38:12) Moon: 2005-02-22 (6:38:12) - 2005-03-04 (10:19:40) Mars: 2005-03-04 (10:19:40) - 2005-03-10 (14:46:39) Rah: 2005-03-10 (14:46:39) - 2005-03-29 (1:41:32) Jup: 2005-03-29 (1:41:32) - 2005-04-13 (1:30:51) Sat: 2005-04-13 (1:30:51) - 2005-05-01 (22:54:39) Merc: 2005-05-01 (22:54:39) - 2005-05-19 (6:36:54) Ket: 2005-05-19 (6:36:54) - 2005-05-25 (20:17:55) Ven: 2005-05-25 (20:17:55) - 2005-06-14 (18:08:36) Sun: 2005-06-14 (18:08:36) - 2005-06-20 (16:02:27) Moon: 2005-06-20 (16:02:27) - 2005-06-29 (11:30:09) Mars: 2005-06-29 (11:30:09) - 2005-07-06 (17:40:11) Bandhana sahama of the annual TP chart is at the beginning of Ardra. The first Rahu dasa at the beginning of the year is of satabhishak. The second Rahu dasa during Nov 12-Nov 30 is that of Ardra. The result of bandhana sahama is given at the beginning of Ardra's Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa!!!! Isn't it cool that Tribhagi Vimsottari dasa used in conjunction with bandhana sahama results in a perfect timing in both natal and annual TP charts?! I think it is!! When we use the techniques as they are supposed to be used, Jyotish is like a precision science. But we often end up using techniques in our own way. We should strive to find out the correct meaning and use of each technique. May Jupiter's light shine on us, Narasimha PS: Swamiji ran Saturn-Rahu antardasa as per lagna Vimsottari dasa until recently. Unfortunately, Saturn and Rahu have a papa kartari on lagna. While Chandra Vimsottari dasa shows the attitude and reaction of the mind, lagna Vimsottari dasa shows the actions and application of intelligence. Intelligent astrologers can judge this for themselves.
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    Do Vaishnavas ever pray to Lord Ganesha?

    Evidence? In original Sanskrit, chapter and verse please. Ditto So anyone who disagrees with you is a stupid ignorant fanatic? Well. I see no evidence that Shiva, Durga, Kartikeya, Ganesha, etc are "all forms of Narayana." Have you any shAstric evidence to support this conclusion? I doubt it. None of the Vaishnava vedAntins worship these anya-devatas as forms of nArAyaNa. No surprise there, since no such concept that these are "all forms of Narayana" is found in shruti. Viveka (discrimination) is a virtue. One should know what is worthy of worship and what is not, and what one can worship for what purpose and so on. If one should not discriminate, then what worship becomes too outrageous? Is Pedophile Sai Baba of Puttaparthi another form of nArAyaNa? What about Osama Bin Laden? What if I worship Gandhi as another form of nArAyaNa? Is it ok? If not, does this make you a stupid, ignorant fanatic?
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    Do Vaishnavas ever pray to Lord Ganesha?

    Sree Krishna Himself prayed to Lord Ganesha to remove the obstacles in marrying Satyabhama. Sree Rama invariably prayed to Lord Ganesha all the time before He started the war with Ravana. All Indian Vaishnavities (Except stupid ignorant fanatics) pray and pay respects to all important forms of Lord like Shiva-Durga, Karthikeya-Valli-Devayani, Ganesha and all forms of Narayana... NO Discrimination as its like disrespecting Sreeman Narayana Himself. Raghavan
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    I have a question about chastity of the girl who is not married. It is known that men can have many wifes but women can have only 1 husband (Drupadi and couple other examples are exceptions we not touching). Most people get married and most guys (at least speaking for myself) I wouldn't think about getting married on a girl which "had" someone else before the marriage. Someone may not care. I can't speak from ladies prespective what they prefer... But according vedic injunctions is there any injunctions about men taking the women who is not virgin... ??? I understand that many of us were not born in "vaishnava brahmin families" with packa parents and etc... but in vaishnava association - is there any special rules about marriage which says its ok to marry not virgin girls....? I know the cases then devotee boy and girl like each other and etc... but boy finds out that girl is not "pure" (by asking questions not by other ways) and relationship breaks off. Any one has more input on this?
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    Clarification on Beej Mantras, Tantrik shat karm

    JAI GURUDEV For past few days, I've been posting various mantras including those on Shanti, Vashikaran and Stambhan. All those mantras are taken from books written by our guruji, Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali and various issues of MTYV. They are NOT created by me and do not involve the criminal side of my brain. Recently, there were many posts asking whehther this stuff works, whether one can get simple methods to solve general problems, whether one can have true faith without getting a feel of these things etc. In Feb. 96 issue of MTYV on page 25, there is a good article called 'Mantra Shakti' written by Sh. Vikas Sharma of Kathmandu which explains how mantras work. Sh. Sharma explains that mantras primarily effect our body, mind and senses. Eg. reciting any Mahakali beej mantra (kram, kreem, krom) rapidly increases Synovial level in our brain whose function is to prevent situations like shock and phobia. Likewise, Mahamrityunjay mantra prolongs life by hyperactivating our immune system; Beesa yantra reduces stress and tension; and Shri Yantra increases concentration by many folds. After reading that article, I got the idea to compile a few beej mantras to help those who are new, have not taken any diksha or don't have enough time for long sadhanas. I also wanted to create awareness and interest for mantras. My personal experience tells that, if chanted correctly, beej mantras can work wonderfully and would eventually, create faith for both guruji and mantras. So, I compiled a lot of them and started posting as and when I got time. I am not sure whether that was a good idea. I would not post the rest unless asked to do so. About shat karms. I agree, due to a lot of misuse, they are considered evil. Then again, they were also created by Lord Shiv along with other mantras and tantras. What I posted, were just beej mantras, not actual proyogs. As I have written in each post, merely chanting them won't work but would surely create a favourable environment. Like, if you chant Vashikaran beej mantra, you won't be able to enslave anyone; but, you would have better control over your own senses. Moreover, chanting beej mantras for Vashikaran, Stambhan, Vidweshan, Uchchatan and Maran would surely protect you if someone else is trying them on you. Therefore, I posted them. Not thinking myself as powerful; but, simply to create awareness and to help. That's all. For me, tantra is a better way of life and everything related to it is knowlegde not a tool to harm anyone. Last year, a friend had posted a message saying that difference of opinion is a very, very healthy thing. I would love to rephrase that again with an addition that difference of opinion and criticism should be used constructively and never as a weapon for personal revenge. Thanks for reading and sorry, if I have somehow hurt someone's feelings. Good luck... Ashish...
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    Has anyone seen Lord Narayana?

    > Rohit Iyer <iyer_rohit > Has anyone seen Lord Narayana? > Dear friends I am becoming more and more devoted to > Lord Narayana. You are indeed very fortunate. My salutations to you. > I want to know if anyone has seen the > supreme lord? I am sure your delightful question will elicit a large number of equally delightful answers from the learned and scholarly members of this group. adiyen would like to share what little I know with my very limited knowledge. Yes, countless trillions of nitya and muktha jivatmas have seen and are seeing Bhagavan Narayana perpetually. The Veda says 'tad vishnoh paramam padam sadaa pashyanthi surayah' - the Seers always see the Supreme Pada of Vishnu. Given here is a very partial list of the fortunate ones who have seen the Lord. The list is somewhat chronologically ordered: 1) Lord Brahma 2) Lord Siva 3) The Sanakadhi Rishis, namely, Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara 4) The 12 Rishi sons of Brahma, namely, Vasishta, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha etc. 5) The Prajapathis such as Kasyapa, Kardama, Daksha etc. 6) Swayambhuva Manu and Satarupa, the first human beings in this Kalpa. 7) The Bhakti-oriented Maharishis such as Narada, Sandilya etc. 8) The Bhagavathothamas such as Prahlada, Dhruva etc. 9) The Asuras such as Hiranyakasipu, Hiranyaksha, etc. 10) The fortunate ones who lived with the Avatharas such as Vasudeva, Devaki, Dasaratha, Kousalya, Nanda, Yashoda, etc. 11) The bhaktas who served the Avatharas such as Guha, Sugriva, Vibeeshana, Hanuman, Arjuna, Uddhava, Daruka, Kuchela, Akrura, Vidura, Bhishma etc. 12) Parasara, Vyasa's father, who gave us the Puranarathna - Vishnupurana 13) Vyasa who gave us the Vedas, the Brahma Sutra, the Satvika Puranas such as Bhagavatha Purana, the Mahabharatha with the 2 gems, the Bhagavad Gita and the Vishnu Sahasranama 14) Vyasa's son, Sukabrahma, who narrated the Bhagavatha Purana 15) The 12 Alvars such as Nammalvar, Periyalvar, Andal etc. who constitute our very breath 16) The great Acharyas of our sampradaya such as Sri Natha Muni, Sri Yamuna Muni, Sri Kanchipurna, Sri Ramanuja, Sri Kuresha, Sri Vedanta Desika, Sri Manavala Mamuni etc. 17) The Acharyas and Vishnu-bhaktas of other sampradayas said to have directly seen the Lord such as Sri Sankara, Sri Padmapadha etc. (Advaita) Sri Madhva, Sri Vyasaraya, Sri Raghavendra etc. (Dvaita) Sri Nimbarka etc. (Dvaitadvaita) Sri Vishnuswami, Sri Vallabha etc. (Suddhadvaita) Sri Chaitanya etc. (Achintya Bheda-bheda) 18) The Vittaladasas such as Thukaram, Namadeva, Ghora Khumba, Choka Mela, Janabai, Chakkubai etc. who served Rukmini and Krishna at Pandaripuram. 19) The Ramadasas such as Bhadrachala Ramadas, Samartha Ramadas and the recent Thyagaraja Swami. 20) And countless billions of other unsung souls. > I would like to know what this > experience is like. Enlightened sages such as Sri Ramanuja spend their whole lifetimes teaching us, ignorant ones, what this experience is like. Like children who prattle their parents' speech, adiyen can only prattle the sacred utterances of those Narayana-Lovers as the answer to your question - 'Unsurpassable Bliss', 'Supreme Endless Love', 'Soul- melting', 'Unsatiating Nectar', 'The Peace that passeth understanding', 'Unending Happiness', 'The Supreme State of Vishnu', 'The True Nature' etc. adiyen begs the pardon of vaishnavas for trying to describe this state, being wholly unqualified to even talk of this Blessed State. > Also I have heard that as one progresses on the > spiritual path one can have visions of the other > Lokas, Devas etc. Has anyone had this vision? Several of the abovesaid mahatmas have had such visions. But they mention that on seeing Sriman Narayana, there is nothing else in the totality of existence that is worth seeing. Besides on seeing Narayana, the totality of existence is seen since Narayana is the Self of the totality of existence. > If anyone has had this experience please let me know > what it was like. adiyen would humbly beg you to approach an Acharyan who would kindly lead you to that Consummate Experience. > Thanks, > rohit dasan, P.Srinivasan
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