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    my given name is reese.
    was away from sanatana dharma for 25+ years , aba maiṁ vāpasa ā gayā hūm̐...
    began as a harē kr̥ṣṇa in high school. ironically, though having had practiced ashtanga yoga for the past 8-1/2 yrs., did not make connection with hindu past until recently due to traumatic experience with death of close personal friend.
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    first coast florida
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    ashtanga languages numerology astrology the sciences art tarot traveling COFFEE & !firetrucks!
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    i am a special ed science and language arts teacher
  1. Namaste, ya'll... My given name is Reese though I now spell my name "Rij" of course pronounces much the same I have been away from my Sanatana Dharma for some twenty-five-plus-years, aba maiṁ vāpasa ā gayā hūṁ. As for quite the abbreviated "cliffnotes" version of a background: I started out as a harē kr̥ṣṇa in high school and, ironically, much much later after practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa-style yoga for eight-and-half years, had not made any sort of connection with my Hindu past until recently after my former partner and best friend died of renal cell carcinoma. It's wonderful to be here and to have rediscovered this beautiful and rich tradition!
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