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  1. By god grace i am blessed with Baby Girl ,i request the modereartos,Learned Souls Kindly read her Horoscope and if there is Dosha in her horoscope then do let me know . Her Details are Kahvya 4-SEP-2010 11:23 AM NEW DELHI
  2. Dear All Respected guruji of this forum ,by god grace a angel arrived at our home .Kindly advice and analysis her horoscope . Her Details are 4-SEP-2010 11:23 AM NEWDELHI
  3. I bow head to all estimeed Guru ji here , Kindly through light on this this combination which going to happen in next month when Shani ,Mangal,And venus will be in Virgo . is it a good combination or bad .what kind of effect it will have on children born in under this yoga
  4. Hi All I got married last year and now me and my wife decided to parent of sweet children .Learned astrologers please tell me when will we have Babies ? Will everything will be ok or we have doshas which need to be rectify timely . Rajneesh 27-01-1981 01:30 AM NEw delhi Poonam 27-02-1983 04:00 AM New Delhi Waiting for kind reply
  5. Dear All By God Grace i am buying new Bike ,Kindely Sugest me Best Murhutha And A good Num Combination for my bike ,I will be very thankfull to u .. Rajneesh 27-01-1981 01:30 AM NEW DELHI
  6. Dear All I am Giving my sis details ,Renowed Astrologers Learners ,Kindely Guide As my Father And Mother are very concerned about sis marriage .. Plz guide when will she got married and how her married life would be Vandana 25-DEC-1985 12:45 PM New Delhi
  7. Last Month I lost Job and now lookin to setup my own Business as a Property Dealer in Partnership .. Learned Souls i want ur guidence in 2 Matters 1. Is property dealership is ok for me according to my kundli 2.Does partnership is good for me ? Birthdetails Rajneesh 27-01-1981 01:30 AM New Delhi
  8. Webyogi Ji ,I started Your sugested Remedies FROM Today. I started Giving Roti To Black Cow and Gur (No Channa No Ghee)...Hope By God GRACE i will be able to Complete It in period sugested by you
  9. Webyogi ji thnax a lot for remediy i have started it from today ,,,, thanx a lot
  10. ok webyogi i will start giving roti and gur to black cow ....does i need to offer ghee too ...?
  11. Webyogi Ji Here is The Link http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic astrology-jyotisha/450244-poor-health.html
  12. Well i am unable to find the Link which is more then 2 month now ,, ,but u told me that due to shani and Jupiter ...i am facing this problem and for that u sugested me to feed Black Cow .
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