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    hello - test

    hello - test:tongue:
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    I am new here.

    Hello friends, I am new here. I want to learn about Hinduism. In my opinion, we don't give time for feeding ourself with dharma gyan because we are addicted to western culture. That's why I am here and it's a wonderful website.
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    Thread deletion

    How can members delete threads that they have created?
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    Life is meserable

    Im 47 years of old my life always have problem i have two kids ,im really scat after looking at my life,never end with so many problem.see astrology it make me more scary and its say you will face alot problem How i can solved this problem. For time being only way that im doing now is go to temple and pray tell all problem it will released my tension.
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    Hi.. I need to share Triplicane Brahmotsavam 2013 Videos. Where and How to share the youtube videos... Kindly Help me...
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    Good day everyone.

    Hello I am new member to this Forum with keen interest in Astrology. This msg is just to say 'Hello' to all. Kind regards VBN21
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    The Editor


    Testing attachments.
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    Hare Krishna Hare Rama

    Dear all Can anyone have mp3 JAPA of Hare Krishana Hare Rama (continuously). If yes please mail me the same at I will be highly thankful for the same. Hare Krishna CS Sandeep Sharma
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    Hello Dear Friends, Im writing this letter to ask for some help about how to get an acupuncture license in Europe (it can be also North of Africa). My Teacher is Korean Buddhist monk and a doctor of acupuncture with licenses from Korea, China and Mongolia. Now he lives in Mongolia but wants to move to Europe or North of Africa. With some good help we have discovered that it is difficult to get a license in France bcs he needs to study French about 3 years and then he needs to study as a doctor there at the university and pass exams and it will take more than 6 years total or even more. We would really love to get some help about any information where it is easier to get an acupuncture license in Europe or North Africa. We understand that Europe includes many countries, that's why you can share any information about any country and we will combine all of this knowledge from you and choose the best one. Thank you very much! Stay in peace.
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    swetha hare krishna

    Goddess sita's child

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    About my sukhra dasha

    Dear Guruji, I have experienced financial loss and ill health during my ketu dasha which would be ending on 13th April, 2011. As per the guidelines given by some astrolgers the next dasha would be shukra dasha. I request you to kindly let me have some indications about my future and any precautions to be taken. I am giving my details as under. Date of Birth: 30.06.1955 Place of Birth: Janardhanapuram (Gudivada) Time of Birth : 4.30 PM Regards Kandala
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    my father diagnosed with advanced Liver cancer is there any medicines avaialable in ayurveda.pls inform me.
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    Nice to be back here!

    Namaskar all, It is nice to see the forum is back. It has been a vade-mecum of spirituality and Hinduism at large, at least for me, as I was so novice about these a few years ago. This forum has been a good platform to share views, discuss substantial things and meet people that had a lot of impact in my life. Still missing so much friends here... I still miss a close friend of mine here, Jndas Ji and so many more learned people...I wish to read more topics from you. Do keep in touch. Kshama
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    Hi, I am new to this forum. I got registered in the site one day ago and since then whenever I try to post anything, it says it will not be visible until Administrator approves it. What is the procedure for getting approval of Administrator. Is it mandatory for every post or only for the first post? Please educate us on procedures and processes of this forum. Thanks & Regards, Krishna
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    A little Intro & Test Message

    Namaste, ya'll... My given name is Reese though I now spell my name "Rij" of course pronounces much the same I have been away from my Sanatana Dharma for some twenty-five-plus-years, aba maiṁ vāpasa ā gayā hūṁ. As for quite the abbreviated "cliffnotes" version of a background: I started out as a harē kr̥ṣṇa in high school and, ironically, much much later after practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa-style yoga for eight-and-half years, had not made any sort of connection with my Hindu past until recently after my former partner and best friend died of renal cell carcinoma. It's wonderful to be here and to have rediscovered this beautiful and rich tradition!
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    Hello Dear Friends, Im writing this letter to ask for some help about how to get an acupuncture license in Europe (it can be also North of Africa). My Teacher is Korean Buddhist monk and a doctor of acupuncture with licenses from Korea, China and Mongolia. Now he lives in Mongolia but wants to move to Europe or North of Africa. With some good help we have discovered that it is difficult to get a license in France bcs he needs to study French about 3 years and then he needs to study as a doctor there at the university and pass exams and it will take more than 6 years total or even more. We would really love to get some help about any information where it is easier to get an acupuncture license in Europe or North Africa. We understand that Europe includes many countries, that's why you can share any information about any country and we will combine all of this knowledge from you and choose the best one. Thank you very much! Stay in peace.
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    Hello everyone

    Hello I am Jack a new member in this forum. I Join this forum to enhance the more knowledge. Regards,
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    Jeevan Mukthi

    I just joined this forum yesterday day/ I have few questions about What happens after death? I have finished reading the Great Bhavat Gita about a month ago. It is quite interesting to read the Gita and felt like everyone should read it and try to understand the teachings of Lord Krishna. Since I know Sanskrit from my childhood, I was able to read both Tamil and Sanskrit versions. I am now coming to my question to learned audiences. One (like me) did not practice the Gayatri Mantra though it was taught to me in my childhood, which I felt at my old age, can I get the Nama Japam from a Guruji and practice it sincerely be able to attain my wishes? Since I missed this great opportunity, I am willing to have a rebirth as very sacred soul like Adi Sankara or St Thiagaraja Swamigal and live like a Sanyasi or Siddha Purusha and learn the Vedas, Upanishads, puranas and slogas etc so that I become deserved soul to reach the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna. Is this a possible wish come true.I need to seek the blessings of learned Guruji. It may look funny to some, but it is my true wish. Thanks for all those who read this post and responses and guidances.
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    Namaste! Greetings all Beloves Sisters and Brothers of the Hindu Dharma path, I would like to state on the very beginning that I am very happy to be here and therefore I feel with all of my heart that it is the wonderful place to maintain the discussions conncerning our path and that Guru is in everyone and I would like to tell that it is by the nature that all of us are spiritual perceptors and I am not afraid to state that I am such being but I am not an egocentric and I am only purely working with myself without telling anyone who he / she shall do to fulfill on the path as well as I will not participate in the paid Hindu courses whcih I've found on the internet and thought that they are free but they are not. I am not throwing around the advanced expert names for the Gods, Worship and other aspects of working and I work with all of the aspects of the Hindu Dharma even sikhsism without being one but just exploring all of them in balance and without dividing as a true Mystic and what is mysticism is everything that leads toward the inner and outer cleansing and this process goes on eternally and is not going to be finished after a couple of some achievements. I am here not to spam but to share with all of you the experiences and discuss over all aspects of our path and everyday existence, I would like to send my sincere words of Loyalty and Love to the Adepts of the Hindu Dharma path as I will continue my progress naturally and without having any so called temples as this is not my aims, I am not a follower neither but I am loving the Hindu Faith truly and faithfully without making other traditions of Hindu Dharma less important and I work with all of them in balance, thank you for spending time and reading the message I left here with the best wishes for all of you on the path of Hindu Dharma. Om Namah Shivaaya.
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    benefits of char maghaz

    hello, i need detail information upon watermelon(tarbooj)seeds , kharbooja seeds , cucumber (khira) seeds and kakri seeds . for which purpose and which part of body they are benefifcial and for which dosha espacially pitta dosha, and do they also cleans blood???
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    Ronni Pinsler

    Divine art/ street paintings.

    I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the drawings one finds on streets and pavements, even in homes . Some with graphic designs, geometric patterns, stars, flowers, triangles etc. They are done with chalk, paint, powder and whatever . They are commonly seen at high holidays like at Taipusam or Timithee. Is there a name for this "street art"? Are there particular designs used for particular reasons. Ive seen fresh flowers offered on top of the drawings. Is there a book I could read to learn more about this? Appreciate any information supplied .
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    Aparajitha manatram

    Hi Can you guys help me to clear a doubt about Aparajitha manatram ? The mantram which starts with namo devayi mahadevayi is a Tantrik matra or not ? if so how to recite the matra ? is there any rituals to follow the same? Thnx
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    Yellow Sapphire

    Hello Dear Experts, I am a new joinee to this forum. Actually, I did not know whom to approach and so am posting my doubts here. Recently, I wore a yellow sapphire of 4.3 Carats and found that whatever Loans I had proceeded for got sanctioned but then I also noticed that there is no improvement in business situation; infact I kind of made losses. Please can anyone of you suggest if this is a good sign and how much time it takes for showing results. Regards, Ary
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    About my career

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have one question to ask my date of birth is 15-01-1985 and timing is 08:50 AM at Latitude: 27° 34' 60 N, Longitude: 81° 35' 60 E My career is not going smooth. I have planned to give UPSC (IAS exams). Will I get success? if not then what profession shall i pick. currently I am an engineer. I am confused a lot. Please some one knowledgeable reply Thanks
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    just putting my head through the door to say...hello/namaste.....often stumbled across this site and read different articles....so thought it was time to jump aboard. maddas
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    105 yrs datta temple hyderabad

    hi all im new member of this forum im also devotee and recently visisted 105yrs old datta temple in asif nagar
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    is kundli matching necessary???

    Hi all, Iam Saira & iam a member here. I just want to know whether kundli (jataka) matching is mandatory for a happy marriage?? iam half hindu half muslim girl who is abt to get married(no particular boy selected yet). iam more confused bcoz arent there people of other religion who dont practise this matching yet r happy?? plzz help me out. (P.S. : i dont intend to hurt feelings of anyone but i need a solution in my case)
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    hi i am new one i am here because i have a problem about my marrige and life can any one help me plz rep:rolleyes2:
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    About my life.

    I'm getting very much depressed these days. All my friends and colleagues are always when r u getting to be married. Actually my date of birth was 5-11-1987 at 04:23 AM. My parents are searching groom for me. Till now some 5 grooms saw me. Sometimes he rejected me and some times i cannot accept them. But now i want to get marry soon. Or else i have feeling to commit sucide. Because living lonely, always give me thought like this. i know to commit sucide is wrong thing. But i cant able to live in this world. Also get the feeling that i have done wrong in my college life that i have to accept the proposal that came to me. Now i want that boy to contact me. Also i wnat to know whether my marriage is arranged one or love? Please help me to get rid of this thing by giving some solutions. Actually i want to post this topic in jyothish forums. But that forums didnt allow me to post. Though i verified my account i am unable to post.
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    Kerala Pillai's

    Hi can any one tell me what caste Kerala Pillai's belong to? I have heard they are not sudras like Tamil and Marathi Pillay's. Please help because I a brahmin want to marry a pillai and so my family would like to know their caste . Thanks - SK Namboodiri
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    The book titled "The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology" in English in PDF format.
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    flag planting

    im from trinidad and when we do a pooja we tend to plant flags that is dedicated to different gods and godesses. but ive also observed that many people from india do not practice the planting of the flag. i was woindering if any one know of the origion of planting of the flags came from, why dont many hindus from india do not practice this? <!-- im from trinidad and when we do a pooja we tend to plant flags that is dedicated to different gods and godesses. but ive also observed that many people from india do not practice the planting of the flag. i was woindering if any one know of the origion of planting of the flags came from, why dont many hindus from india do not prctice this? --> <!-- / message --> <!-- controls -->
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    The 108 Names of Lord Shiva (Shiva Ashtottarashata Namavali) in PDF format with English translations.
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    Weight Loss/ Fat Loss

    Can someone recommend a tried and tested way for weight/fat loss.
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    The Editor

    Simple Sadhna

    In the present age of Kali yuga mantra japa is the yuga dharma, or main process for self realization. It is simple, requires no background qualification, and can be done anywhere at any time. Sit down in a peaceful place and silently chant your mantra. In the beginning start for 10 minutes, and gradually increase. The mind will become fixed and peaceful usually after 30 minutes, and then the more fruitful sadhana will start. Other options for sadhana are puja (worshipping a deity of God), meditation (dhyanam), svadhyaya (self study of scriptures), etc.
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    The book "Science in the Vedas in Telugu" in Telugu in PDF format.
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    Dear Sir/Madam I'm a student of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. I want to join this group for helping the people with whatever knowledge of astrology i've. Plz add me in this group. Regards N
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    Which Carrier Option to Choose

    Dear All i am very much Confused about my carrier ...for Last 4 year my carrier is goin nowhere ,i am still on same position where i was 4 years ago ...This makes me feel very ashamed when i saw the person younger then me are doin very fine and now far ahead of me though we all started from begining...Plz guide me m i into wrong Profeesion ? Cureentely I am into Retail sector In Company Outlet ....I am Also Cosidering to change My Proffesion From Sellin to HR Field ....Is it Right Desicion .......? Some said that i Should Start my Own Business ..Is it Right ...? Plz Plz Plz Guide I am very very Confused Rajneesh 27-01-1981 01:30 AM New Delhi
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    Srimad Bhagavatam Paribhasa-sutra

    Paribhasa-sutra "seed" or "theme" verse of every scripture revealing its topic (SB 1.3.24 - krsnas tu bhagavan svayam)
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    VedAnta-sUtra 2nd adhyAya, 1st . (37)

    anusmRtez ca from remembrance also Memory & recollection both prove things r not momentary.
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    VedAnta-sUtra 1.3.1-43

    "itara parAmarzAt sa iti cet, na, asambhavAt" other one, that is jIva; due to reference; he = jIva; thus if not; because of possibility 82) If it b objected: reference to other as jIva in dahara passage exists, ergo, it means jIva; vaisnavas say no: for it's impossible epithets applied to dahara should =ly apply to jIva too. Chh Up 8.7.3 yields 8 epithets such as free from sin, free from decay... Can these apply to jIva jAgo jIvAtma? Indradev heard from Prajapati of a self free from sin, old-age... So these 8 r applicable to jIva too? VedavyAs goes deeper...
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    VedAnta-sUtra: 4th adhyAya

    dattvA vidyAuSadhaM bhaktAn, niravadyAn karoti yaH | dRk pathaM bhajatu zrImAn, zrI tyAtmA sa hariH svayam || He who gives vidyA tonic to His devotees, making them disease-free, may that Joyous One, Hari Himself, come within my vision's scope. adhyAya/section 4.pAda/part, root 1.sUtra/code 1 4.1.1 AvRttir asakRd upadezAt Repetition repeatedly instructions Practice sAdhana requires repetition because scripture itself repeats instructions. 482 4.1.2 lingAt Due to/from indication And there's indication showing repetition's necessity. 483 4.1.3 Atmeti tupagacchanti grAhayanti ca Supreme Self as but acknowledge apprehend and. But Masters contemplate Brahman & teach it so to their disciples. 484 4.1.4 na pratike na hi Not in symbols not because Brahman is not contemplated as Self in symbols like manas/mind for the symbol is not God. 485 4.1.5 brahma dRStir utkarSAt View of Brahman due to superiority God should be thought of as Brahman, for such meditation is most exalted. 486 4.1.6 AdityAdi matayaz cAnga upapatteH About Sun etc. ideas and in limbs that being proved reasonable Contemplation that Sun etc. (emanates from His Eyes) should be held with regard yo His Limbs due to its reasonableness. 487 4.1.7 AsInaH sambhavAt sitting due to, from possibility God should be meditated upon by devotee in sitting posture. 488 4.1.8 dhyAnAn ca due to concentrated meditation and And because meditation is possible in sitting posture only. 489 4.1.9 Acalatvan cApexa motionlessness indeed referring to And zruti refers to motionlessness as dhyAna condition. 490 4.1.10 smaranti ca They recall (mentioned in SmRti) also SmRtis also teach same (sitting posture meditation requisite) 491 4.1.11 yatraikAgratA tatrAvizeSAt where mind concentration unspecified Whenever mind's one-pointedness occurs, there let meditation be performed. 492
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    these r actual evil spirits. they can posses a place or human body. they give a lot of diseases like extreme physical pain or heart ,body and mind problems if they posses u. they posses only those who hav low planetary position in horoscope charts because of weak aura of them. when they posess u, then u can c people talking rudely, insensitively when the actual people r not doing so.its a kind of illusion which shakini makes u c. If u want it to leave ur body,ask ur family to do hawan n puja on regular basis of a powerful deity.they can make u wander from place to place if they have more control over your mind then u. Doctors if asked why is this happening will say that the person is in depression or is mad.they make u remember bad things which happened with u or can possibly happen with u. If they can talk in your mind then apply gomutra on backside of your ears.drink gomutra ark.drink water plus kaali rai and pili sarso in quantity of at least 3-5.apply gomutra on foot and talwa.
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    Substitute for Emulsifying Wax

    i do! My name is Rafael,I'm from Spain but I live in Mexico City,so please forgive my english writing ok? So,about your question,if you don't want to use the emulsifying wax you can use the next ingredients I have used at home before and they work realy so very nice plus as 100% natural ok? So,here we go: light lotion 7% beeswax 1.5% cetearyl alcohol(vegetable base you get it in the US at lotioncrafter or at this other place call ingredients to die for),1.5 estearic acid(also vegetable base from any of the 2 plases I just told you),and 20 to 25% of the oil fase! A nice tip! You most use a thickener like xanthan gum but, add it to the oil fase (not in to the watter fase as most people do, trust me on this, you will just love it, is much easier to mix) and the rest you should know is the watter fase ok? If you want a thicker lotion then you should use: 7% beeswax ,1.5% cetearyl alcohol vegetable base,1.5 estearic acid vegetable base and 30 to 35% of the oils and I forgot,in the last one and in this one about the xanthan gum you just need to add 0.2 to 0.3% of xanthan gum inside the oil fase ok? In this way your lotion will not separate! Now, if you want a much thicker product then we will call it a cream, you will need the same amount of ingredients I told you but in this case you will have to have a 40 to 45% of the oil fase and the rest any watter like rose watter or whatever watter you want ok? Don't use a lot of cetearyl alcohol or estearic acid in your lotions or cream beca use you will get a soapy effect like your cream is not getting absorb in your skin! So at the most you should use 2% of the ingredients I told you ok? No need to use borax when you use what I told you trust me,now, if you check the website of the 2 companies I told you (ingredients to die for and lotioncrafter) they have so so sooooooooo many good natural products aproved by ECOCERT plus these 2 companies tell you the whole list of the ingredients you aré getting from them! Rigth now I am using a nice natural and vegetable emulsifyer 100% natural and vegetable source aproved by ECOCERT and is call OLIVEM 1000 it comes from Italy and is coming from the olives, is for O/W emulsions where you use at the most 25% of oil fase and 75% of watter,altought Olivem 1000 is by itself a self-emulsifying product, you should add as I said 1 to 2% of cetearyl alcohol and estearic acid adding xanthan gum at the most 3% but in the oil fase, if you don't like the idea of using xanthan gum, I recomed the use of gum tragacanth, but in this case, tragacanth is much easier to use than xanthan gum, therefore this one gum tragacanth you can add it in to the watter fase with out any problem at al, it mix very will and very fast! If you have eny questions at all, my mail is: harigana@ hotmail.com Take care and I hope I could help you on this!
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    The book titled "Vargas: A Vedic Approach" in English in PDF format.
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    Of course Ganesha first before any other worship. Otherwise worship of any deity will become useless. after ganesha you can worship any deity. Generally there is no order unless you are initiated to some serious Mantra Vidya - in which case you need to follow the order of that tradition. For example Srividya upasaka will have to first worship ganesha than Bala then the main deity Godess tripura sundari. It can be more elaborate than this simple schema worshipping a host of gods siva, vishnu, sun, Bhairava and so on in an elaborate system of Srichakara worship and there is a definite order. But if you are not a initiate to such system and are a niovice you can worship any deity in any order after Ganesha. Ganesha first is a rule. Magic Flute
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    Almost Every Beej Mantra!

    Lord Shiva Beej Mantra: Mantra: Hroum For realization for Lord Shiv, protection from deadly diseases, immortality, moksh and all round success. Work well in urgent situations. Also creates a strong base for Mahamrutyunjay Sadhana. Mrityunjay: Beej Combo - 4 Mantra: Om Hroum Joom Sah: This is Mrityunjay Mantra, short version of the Mahamrityunjay Mantra with the same effect, but much easier to chant. Everyone knows what the Mahamrityunjay Mantra can do, so I am not going to repeat that. Kuber Beej Mantra – 16 Mantra: Dhham For realization of Lord Kuber, massive monetary gain, wealth, fortune and all round success. Also creates a strong base for other Kuber sadhanas. Tara: Beej Mantra - 13 Mantra: Treem For realization of Goddess Tara, unending monetary gain, unlimited wealth, fortune, fame, happiness, victory and all round success. Also creates a strong base for Tara Mahavidya sadhana. Dhoomavati: Beej Mantra - 11 Mantra: Dhoom For realization of Goddess Dhoomavati, quick elimination of all adversaries, strength, fortune, protection, health, wealth and all round success. Also creates a strong base for Dhoomavati Mahavidya sadhana. Bagalamukhi: Beej Mantra - 12 Mantra: Hleem For realization of Goddess Bagalamukhi, quick elimination of all enemies, fierce power, victory, fame, elimination of tantra badha, nullifying maran proyogs of enemies and all round success. Also creates a strong base for Bagalamukhi Mahavidya sadhana. Durga: Beej Mantra - 4 Mantra: Doom (D as in Durga) For realization for Goddess Durga, power, strength, protection, health, wealth, victory, wisdom, knowledge, elimination of enemies & grave problems, happy married life and all round success. Also creates a strong base for other Durga Sadhanas, Shakti Sadhanas and Mahavidya Sadhanas. Kali: Beej Mantra - 1 Mantra: Kreem For realization for Goddess Kali, health, strength, protection, elimination of enemies, solution of grave problems and all round success. Also creates a strong base for Kali Mahavidya Sadhana. Bhairav - Mahakali: Beej Combo - 2 Mantra: Bhram Kreem Bhram Bhairav is considered Mahakali's gatekeeper and you won't be able to complete Mahakali sadhana successfully unless you have first performed Bhairav sadhana. Bhairav eliminates all obstacles and adversaries; helps and protects you; and leads you to success in any sadhana all through your life. Mahakali grants health, wealth, strength, protection, fortune, happiness, wisdom and success everywhere, everytime. Bhuvaneshwari: Beej Mantra - 5 Mantra: Hreem For realization for Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, getting everything including but not limited to Kundalini Jagran. The best and the most powerful. This also the mantra for Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya Sadhana. Also creates a strong base for all sadhanas. Mahalaxmi: Beej Mantra - 2 Mantra: Shreem For realization for Goddess Mahalaxmi, wealth, material gains, success in business or profession, elimination of ailments & worries, protection, getting a beautiful wife, happy manrried life and all round success. Also creates a strong base for other Mahalaxmi Sadhanas. Mahalaxmi - Ganapati: Beej Combo - 1 Mantra: Shreem Gam Shreem Mahalaxmi grants health, wealth, fame and success while Ganapati eliminates all obstacles and grants wisdom, fortune, success and happiness. This combo increases the overall effect by many folds. Trishakti: Beej Combo - 3 Mantra: Ayeim Shreem Kleem As the name suggests, this is a joint mantra of Mahasaraswati, Mahalaxmi and Mahakali. Everyone knows what these divine powers can grant. Ganapati: Beej Mantra - 7 Mantra: Gam For realization of Lord Ganapati, knowledge, wisdom, protection, fortune, happiness, health, wealth, elimination of all obstacles and all round success. Also creates a strong base for other Ganapati sadhanas. Narsimha: Beej Mantra - 14 Mantra: Kshraum For realization of Lord Narsimha, quick victory over enemies, elimination of enemies, fortune and all round success. Also creates a strong base for other Narsimha sadhanas.
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    Is Swami Raghavendra fake?

    Of course you are. Just out of curiosity, how can you follow a religion that tells you that your parents are damned to hell eternally for being born as Iyers? Isn't that a rather cruel god to sentence someone to Hell for all eternity just for practicing a different religion?
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    Nrusimha Jayanthi

    Dear Swamin What an excellent elobaration quoting from several scriptures! Adiyen also enjoyed the speeches of Vaikundavasi Sri U.Ve. Mukkur Lakshminarasimhachariar Swamy during one of " Sri Nrusimha Jayanthi" and also at Brindavan when Swamy was in the midst of " Swathi Yajna' in that holy place. Not only there, but also at Mattapalli twice Dear Swamin, You have kindled adiyen's memory to those times and it is adiyen's misfortune to be here in this world, without meeting/seeing/hearing/ learning from such a Maha Vidwan ( No words to tell )Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam Dasan Uruppattur Soundararajan Srikainkarya--- On Sat, 9/5/09, rangaswamy_m <rangaswamy_m wrote:rangaswamy_m <rangaswamy_m Nrusimha JayanthiOppiliappan Date: Saturday, 9 May, 2009, 3:23 AM Sri: SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha, Dear Bhaktas, For the most sacred occasion of Narasimha Jayanthi, adiyen wishes to share the excerpts from the anubhavam of the pre-eminent Nrusimha Upasakar, Mahavidwan Paramapadavasi Sri Mukkur Lakshminarasimhacha riar Swamin (For further elaboration, adiyen has included additional notes, with due attribution) . "There is no incarnation of Lord Narayana that is greater than the Nrusimha avataram nor is there a deity that is equal to or greater than Bhagavan Nrusimha. The Vedam is replete with His glory. A sampling of Vedic hymns reflecting this fact can be found in the following places: 1. The Purusha Sooktham of the sama vEdam glorifies Bhagavan Nrusimha in the opening anuvakam through the Rk "sa BhUmim sarvathO vruthvA" referring to His omniscient nature. 2. The shanti mantram of the MundakOpanishad glorifies Bhagavan Nrusimha "Bhadram KarNe BishruNuyAma dhevA: Bhadram PashyEmAkshaBhiryaj atrA: SthiraiRangaIsthush TuvAmsastanUBhir vyashema Devahitam YadAyu: (Meaning: Oh Lord! May we be blessed to hear auspicious sounds with our ears. May our eyes behold all things auspicious with our eyes. Praising the Lord with sturdy limbs and bodies may we live the full-life span as ordained by the Lord. 3. Further testimony to vedic glorification of Bhagavan Nrusimha is found in the mantram "svasthina indhrO vruddhasravA : svasthina pooshA vishva vEdhA: , svastinasthArkshyO arishtanEmi: svasthinO bruhaspathir dhaDhAtu" May He, who is the Lord of unbounded knowledge, bless us with prosperity. He who is the sustainer of all; May He, who is the source of all Vedas, bless us with prosperity. May He, who confers the wealth of horses and cows bless us with prosperity. May He, who rules over all elements guarantee our welfare. 4. The taittriya Upanishad glorifies Bhagavan Nrusimha as "BhIshAsmAth vAtha: pavathE BhIshOdhEthi sUrya: BhIshAsmAth agnischEndhrascha mruthyur DhAvathi panchama ithi" Out of fear of the awe-inspiring one (Bhagavan Nrusimha) the wind-God (vAyu) performs his assigned function; Out of fear of Him, the Sun carries out his prescribed duties; Out of fear of Him, agni (Lord of fire), Indra (king of the Devas) and Yama (God of death) perform their respective duties. 5. The Mahanarayana Upanishad glorifies Bhagavan Nrusimha through the mantram "ya AtmadhA baladhA yasya vishva upAsathE prashiSham yasya dhEvA: yasya cChayA amrutam yO mrutyumrutyu: kasmai dhEvAya haviShA viDhEma" He who bestows refuge to those who seek His protection, He who gives strength to experience Himself, He whose divine command is implicitly obeyed by all beings, He to whom gods like Indra are all subservient, He whom immortality follows like a shadow and He who is death to death itself, to that Lord all creatures may we offer the oblation in form of our atman. This mantram is most important in context of performing SharaNagati to the Lotus feet of Bhagavan Nrusimha and contains several layers of inner meanings. Bhagavan Nrusimha is further glorified by the vedam as the three eyed one in the mantram "trayambakam yajAmahE suganDhim pushti varDhanam urvArugamiva banDhanAth mruthyOrmukshIyamAm ruthAth" (We worship the Supreme Lord [bhagavan Nrusimha] of the most auspicious name, who is the bestower of might. May thou free me from death as cucumber from the stalk, and grant me immortality. ) . The thApanIya Upanishad of the atharvana vedam pays its tribute to Bhagavan Nrusimha as the three eyed one, with the left eye denoting the moon, the right eye denoting the sun and the eye in his forehead denoting Agni (fire). Swami Desikan highlights this fact through the kamasikAshtakam salutation "thapanEndhvagni nayana: thApAnapachinOthuna : thApanIya rahasyANAm sAra: kAmAsikA hari:" Dhivya prabandham pays its tribute to Bhagavan Nrusimha as the three-eyed one through the salutation "mukkaNNapirAn" . The thApanIya Upanishad further glorfies Bhagavan Nrusimha as "nithyam Dhanu: kapardhina:" (he whose arms are ever adorned by a bow known as pinakam.Therefore, he begets the name pinAki ). This fact is again confirmed by the vedam Rk "bAhuBhyAm thava DhanvanE". Furthermore, the Mahanarayana Upanishad and the thApanIya Upanishad contain Gayathri mantrams for Bhagavan Nrusimha. Next, the greatness of Bhagavan Nrusimha is highlighted from the mantra ShAstram. The loftiness of the NrusimhAnustup mantram arises from the fact that it is of Vedic origin. It is possible to counteract the effect of one veda mantram by the recitation of another. However, the effect of the NrusimhAnushtup mantram cannot be counteracted by uttering any other mantram. Therefore, among mantrams, the NrusimhAnushtup mantram reigns supreme and is thus rightly acclaimed as mantraraja. The NrusimhAnushtup mantram composed of 11 padams contains 32 syllables (aksharams) representing the condensed essence of the Brahma Vidyas, which are Upanishadic prescriptions (Upasanas) for attaining Lord Narayana. Initiation into this mantram by a qualified Acharya, and proper prayOgam of the mantram according to its prescriptions confers the upasaka with the benefit of practicing the prescriptions of the 32 Brahma vidyas. Therefore, it is the favored mantram of mumukshus (those desirous of securing Moksham).. As a result, Bhagavan Nrusimha is known as the mumukshu upAsya daivam. Therefore, the salutation nama: is most befitting for Bhagavan Nrusimha. Swami Desikan describes the significance of the term nama: in the Srimad Rahasyatrayasaram through the salutation "tAram pUrvam". In the tantric form of worship, practiced in KeraLa, Nrusimha Tantrikam reigns supreme. The ithihasas are replete with glorification of Bhagavan Nrusimha. The Ramayana mentions Nrusimha explicitly in four places. (1) When Ravana approaches MarIcha for help in abducting Seetha Piratti, MarIcha says "asamBhavam" (impossible) because Sita Piratti is seated on the lap of Nrusimha (2) Valmiki glorifies Rama entering the cave as "simhO giri guhAshaya:" (3) While offering words of comfort to Sita Piratti, Hanuman conveys the message "Do not worry. Narasimha will be here shortly to rescue you." (4) In the ViBhishaNa sharaNagati, Sugriva enquires of Lord Rama "what if the surrender of ViBhishaNa is a deceitful ploy on the part of the Rakshasas to gain our confidence and kill us while we are caught off guard?. Lord Rama answers this question as "angulyagrENa thAm hanyAm" (Do not worry. If indeed what you say is true, I do not even need my weapons to destroy the asuras. I shall rip them apart with my finger nails. " Swami Desikan discusses this fact quite extensively in the aBhayapradhAna sAram, while treating the ViBhIshaNa sharaNagati. Bhagavan Nrusimha is extensively glorified in the Vishnu sahasranamam of the MahaBharata. It is a commonly held belief that Bhishma was rendering a eulogy for Lord Krishna in this exquisite stotram. However, closer examination will reveal that the Vishnu sahasranamam is a glorification of Bhagavan Nrusimha from start to finish. The first incarnation mentioned in this stotram is Bhagavan Nrusimha through the salutation "nArasimhavapusrImA n kEshava purushottama: " The mane of the lion was beautiful to behold because the man-lion was gentle to His Bhakta, Prahlada, while striking terror in the heart of HiraNyan. Swami Parashara Bhattar in his Vishnu sahasranama Bhashyam elaborates on this namam as "sundara simha:". Swami Desikan describes the compassionate glances of Bhagavan Nrusimha for Prahlada as a nectarine offering of milk in the kamasikAshtakam salutation "sarOja sadhrushA drushA vyathiBhishajyathE vyajyathE". The first stotram of the sahasranamam can be divided into four groups each containing 8 aksharams. The first group of 8 syllables represent the ashtakshara mantram.. The next group of salutations containing 8 aksharams when added to the previous 8 produces 16, which is the number of mantrams in the Purusha Sooktam. The next set of 8 syllables added to this gives 24, the number of aksharams in the sacred Gayathri mantram, which is a pre-requisite for reciting all other veda mantrams. Finally, the 8 aksharams from the last group of salutations when added to 24 produces 32, which is the number of aksharams in theNrusimhAnushtup mantram! The vishNu sahasranamam concludes with the salutation sarva praharaNAyuDha Om nama ithi. Lord Krishna never bore arms during the MahaBharata war. Nor did he adorn himself with weapons while appearing before BhIshma. Therefore, this description does not fit Lord Krishna in the present instance. However, Bhagavan Nrusimha's finger nails have the power from all of His 5 weapons. Therefore, the concluding salutation of the vishNu sahasranamam is most appropriate for Him. These facts conclusively demonstrate that it is Bhagavan Nrusimha that is glorified from start to finish in the VishNu sahasranama stotram. The puraNas extensively glorify the avataram of Bhagavan Nrusimha (i.e., Bhagavata PuraNam and VishNu PurANam). For example the vishNu purANam contains an exquisite gadyam authored by mArkandEya known as the lingAspOtitha Nrusimha Gadyam (linga=difficulties , AspOtitha=shatter) . The Bhagavata purANam glorifies Bhagavan Nrusimha in the seventh skandam. It may be remembered here that this story was narrated by the greatest Brahmavith (knower of Brahman), Shuka Brahmam, who exemplified the Vedam salutation "sarvam Khalvidham Brahma" or its Tamil equivalent "nikkindredallam nedumal avananukku nAm nilayadiyOm" . The listener of this narration too had unparalleled greatness. Parikshith was born due to the munificent grace of Lord Krishna in keeping with the salutation "jAyamanamhi purusha: yam pashyEth madhusUdhana: ". ParIkshith was oblivious to the pangs of hunger, thirst, and sleep while hearing Shuka Brahmam's exposition on the Bhagavatam. The greatness of Parikshith is that he would not be a mute listener. In order to gain a good understanding of the narration, he would ask probing questions to Shuka Brahmam. This form of listening is known as prashNa mathi. In the seventh skandam, ParIkshith enquires of Shuka Brahmam "sama: priya: suhruth Brahman BhUthAnAm Bhagavan svayam indhrasyArThE katham dhaIthyAn avaDhIth viShamOyathA" (Oh kind-hearted Brahman, you say that the Lord is impartial. He is equally fond of all beings. However in closer examination of your narrative, it seems as though the Lord repeatedly incarnates to favour Indhra and destroy his enemies, the asuras. Does this not mean that the Lord dislikes the asuras?) Shuka Brahman was extremely pleased at this question raised by ParIkshith and his reply in the verse "apapruShtan thvayA rajan lOkAnAm hitha kAmyayA yathra Bhagavata mAhAthmyam Bhagavad Bhakthi varDhanam" indicates this ("Oh king your question is going to result in the well being of the entire universe. It seems as though your love for Bhagavatas exceeds even that of Bhagavan). To precisely demonstrate the Lord's impartiality towards all and specifically demonstrate the Lord's love for Prahlada, who was born in the asura clan, Shuka Brahmam narrated the Vaibhavam of Bhagavan Nrusimha. Therefore if ParIkshith's questions were in the manner of "Evam vEdha", Shuka Brahmam's replies were in the manner of "brahmavAdhinO vadhanthi". It is instructive to understand the reason for Bhagavan Nrusimha's AvirBhavam from the pillar. Was this intended to rescue Prahlada from HiraNyan? Sri Mukkur Swami avers most definitely not? To drive home his point Sri Mukku Swam observes that "Was Prahlada not protected when he was poisoned or bitten by snakes or thrown into the flames or trampled upon by elephants? Then why did Bhagavan Nrusimha incarnate as He did and when He did? Sri Mukkur Swamin answers this by stating that the incarnation of Bhagavan Nrusimha was solely to uphold the words of his Bhagavata-Prahlada (tasmAth sthAmbena dhrushyathE- Indeed He is seen in the pillar) and subsequently the conditions of Brahma's boon to HiraNyan and rishi Narada-who dissuaded Indra from killing Kayadhu, the wife of HiraNyan, when HiraNyan was engaged in penance. Testimony in support of this fact can be found in the Bhagavatam salutation "satyam viDhAthum nijabhruthya BhAshitham vyApthim cha BhUthEShvakhilEshu chAthmana: Adhrushyatha athyAdhBhutha rUpamudhvahan sthambhE sabhAyAm na mrugam na mAnusham", the tribute from Periya Azhwar "andhiyampOdhil arivuruvAgi ariya azhithavanE" , and Andal's tiruppavai tribute "yAm vandha kAryam arAyandhu aruLElO rembAvai" The essence of the puranic tributes is consummately captured in the Nrusimha Karavalambam Stotram composed by H.H. the 44th Azhagiyasingar (Mukkur Azhagiyasingar) of Ahobila Matham-which is verily the condensed essence of the Nrusimha Vaibhavam. Each verse of this magnificent stothram ends with "lakshminrusimha mamadEhi karAvalambam" . For example the verse "sandhIpithAgni vinipAthitha dhAithyadimba samrakshaNAya vinivarthitha vahni shakthE. BhakthAyadhAru parikalpitha padhmathalpa lakshmInrusimha mamadehi karavalambam" (When the child Prahlada was thrown into the scorching flames, the grace of Bhagavan Nrusimha transformed the fire into a bed of lotus petals). The verse "prahlAdhanAsha parichOdhita sarpajAtha chUdamaNipravaradha ntha vinAsha hEthO smruthyA thavaIvanavivEdha thanum suBhaktha: lakshmInrusimha mamadEhi karAvalambam" illustrates the fact that when poisonous serpents were let loose to sting Prahlada, the grace of Lord Narayana caused Prahlada to appear like Garuda, which scared the daylights out of the serpents. It is particularly instructive to recall Swami Desikan's tribute in the Garuda dandakam in this context "nagEndhra pIdAshruNI BhavabhAsvannaKhash rENayE". Another verse in the Karavalamba StOtram of importance on a puraNic note is "sUthadhidhattha vishapAnasamAnakAla nAmAmruthEna paripAlitha dhaIthyaputhra prahlAdhadEha parirakshaNa jAgarUka lakshmInrusimha mamadEhi karAvalambam" (When HiraNyan ordered his wife to feed Prahlada with poison [kArkOtaka sarpa visham], Prahlada gladly partook of this offering. This is saluted in the Bhagavata puraNam as "anukUlE jagannAtham visham pathyam BhavEn mama" [Oh Mother! Do not cry or feel sad. You carry out the orders of my father. The Lord of the Universe, who is helpful to me, will transform this offering into nutritious food.]. Finally, the verse "shaIlAgraBhAga pathamAna hiraNyadimba samrakshaNAya mrudhuBhUtha DharADhinAtha dhAithyEndhra puthra hrudhayAsana mangalAnga lakshmInrusimha mamadEhikarAvalamba m" (The VishNu puraNam summarizes this as : HiraNyan ordered that Prahlada be thrown down from a cliff. As the child fell, he did not for a moment think of the impending death as a result of his fall. Instead, he clutched hard at his heart out of concern that Lord Narayana, who is seated therein, would come to harm due to the fall. Bhumidevi, greatly moved by this sight reasons to herself "This child is least concerned about his impending doom. Instead his focus is the well being of my husband [Lord Narayana], who is seated in his heart. Should I not therefore, make his landing gentle?" Accordingly, Bhumidevi transformed herself into an extremely soft patch to facilitate a smooth landing for Prahlada.). The puraNic anuBhavam is eloquently saluted in simple Sanskrit by H.H. the 44th Azhagiyasingar. The Agamas too are replete with glorification of Bhagavan Nrusimha. The Ahribudhnya samhitha, an important text of the PancharAthra Agama discusses all aspects of iconography, consecration and sacrifices for Bhagavan Nrusimha and outlines the procedure for His worship. The Mantrarajapada stOtram appearing in the Ahirbudhnya Samhita is an elaboration of the individual padams of the NrusimhAnushtup mantram. The opening verse of this stotram contains the blessed NrusimhAnushtup mantram. Verses 2-5 describe the svarUpam of Bhagavan Nrusimha. In verse 6 Ahirbudhnyan is blessed with the darshana SouBhAgyam of Bhagavan Nrusimha. Verses 7-10 describe the elevated protection afforded by Bhagavan Nrusimha. The formal SharaNagati of Ahirbudhnyan is discussed in verses 11 and 12, while verse 13 summaizes the benefits of reciting this magnificent stotram (Phalashruthi) . An elaboration of the individual verses of this stotram can be found in adiyen's postings on the Malolan net between September and November 1998. Swami Desikan repeatedly refers to verses 11 and 12 of this stotram in Srimad Rahasya trayasAram and glorifies Ahirbudhnyan as sarvajnyan (all knowing one). The Azhwars too shower great tributes in their outpourings on Bhagavan Nrusimha: 1. For example PeriyAzhwar maps the entire mantrarajapada Stotram into Tamil in his glorification of Bhagavan Nrusimha 2. Tirumangai Azhwar sings his glory in the singavElkundram verses 3. Swami NammAzhwar, who is an avowed lover of Lord Krishna, desires to see none other than Bhagavan Nrusimha even in Srivaikuntam (en singapirAn perumai) In seeking the hand of Lord Krishna, Rukmini conveys her appeal in the form of 7 verses in the Srimad Bhagavatam. Significantly not once in these verses does She mention Lord Krishna by name. Instead Rukmini employs the salutation "kAlE Nrusimha". This is because She is apprehensive of Lord Krishna's propensity for uttering innovative lies. Sri Andal attests to this fact in the Brindavana Pasuram through the salutation 'mAlAy pirandhanambiyE mAlE.sheyummanALanE eLApoygaL uraippanE ingaipOhakandIrE. " Again while describing the Laaja Homam of Her wedding ceremony, Sri Andal refers to Bhagavan Nrusimha in the vAraNam Ayiram verse as "Arimukhan Achyuthan" (The lion faced one who does not slip from His position, namely, rushing to the rescue of those who have sought refuge in Him). Andal again refers to Bhagavan Nrusimha in the tiruppAvai salutation "yAm vandha kAryam". From these references it is clear that the Lord sought after by Sri Devi (Rukmini Thayar) and by BhU Devi (Since Andal is an Amsham of BhUmi piratti) is Bhagavan Nrusimha. Furthermore, Prapanna Jana Kootasthar, Swami NammAzhwar desires to behold none other than SingapirAn in Srivaikuntam. These facts are sufficient to establish that Lord Nrusimha is the supreme Lord. Swami Desikan seeks the bountiful blessings of Bhagavan Nrusimha through the kamasikAshtakam verse "thvayi rakshathi rakshakaI: kimanyaI: thvayichArakshathir akshakaI: kimanyaI: ithinischithaDhI: shrayAminithyAm nruharE vEgavathI thatAshrayamthvAm" (When You have decided to protect someone, where is the need for other protectors? If you have decided not to protect someone, of what use are other protectors? Resolving thus, I surrender unto You Oh Bhagavan Nrusimha, who has taken residence on the banks of the Vegavathi river). Again Swami Desikan and Andal declare their preference for Andal by instructing us to utter the name of Hari (which denotes Simham) 7 times while waking up in the morning. Prakritham Srimad Azhagiyasingar noted in his upanyasam "Lord Ranganatha is revered as periya perumal due to his worship by Lord Rama. However, Bhagavan Nrusimha, who was worshipped by Lord Rama as well as by Lord Srinivasa is celebrated as Periya Periya Perumal." H.H. Srimad InjimEdu Azhagiyasingar would unfailingly mention in his upanyasams that "Ranganatha is no doubt great! However he suffers from one fault. Lord Rama worshipped Him (saha pathnyA vishalAksha ranganathamupAsathu ) and the next day was banished to the forest. On the other hand behold the greatness of Bhagavan Nrusimha! Upon worshipping Him Rama was re-united with Sita Piratti and regained his kingdom. Bhagavan Nrusimha was also worshipped by the nomad Srinivasa, who roamed the forest. As a result, He became nithya Sri and stands on top of the Venkatachalam Hill" This eulogy needs to be understood in the context of nahi-nindha nyAyam. More precisely, to illustrate the greatness of a person, he is compared to someone of similar caliber and then it is demonstrated that the former tops the latter. However, this is in no way belittling or derogatory to the latter. The worship of Bhagavan Nrusimha by Lord Srinivasa is eloquently documented in the Venkatachala mahAthmyam. Specifically, at the time of his wedding to Padmavathi Thayar Srinivasa was seated in the altar ready to perform the wedding rites. Agni personally undertook the preparation of food for the occasion. When the food was ready for offering as naivedyam, Brahma had a question "Who should the food be offered to when Bhagavan Himself was present?" Lord Srinivasa answered this as "ahObila nrusimhAya pUjAm kruthvA yathA viDhi" Finally, we note that Bhadram is the name of Bhagavan Nrusimha, while Bhadra is the name for Thayar. The Bhadram (protection) afforded jointly by Bhagavan Nrusimha and Thayar is that of unfailing coming to the rescue of those who surrender to His Lotus Feet (sharaNagata rakshakathvam) . Consequently, Prapannas are assured of the benefit of Moksham at the end of their earthly existence. This is referred to in the Mantrarajapada stOtram salutation "shriyAcha BhadhrayAjuShta: yastham Bhadram namAmyaham" svAthi samBhavAn tiruvadigaLE SharaNam, Namo Narayana, SriMuralidhara Dasan Now surf faster and smarter ! Check out the new Firefox 3 - Edition * Click here!
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