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  1. Hi can any one tell me what caste Kerala Pillai's belong to? I have heard they are not sudras like Tamil and Marathi Pillay's. Please help because I a brahmin want to marry a pillai and so my family would like to know their caste . Thanks - SK Namboodiri
  2. i am sorry i cant tell u who exactly the present kalki avatr is but as per the hindu scriptures the lord will be born during an time of destruction.we have seen the direct actin day before independence, 1960 war the vietnam war , the sept 11 incident, the iraq war and even more the world wars all which occured in this century. so i conclude , as per my astrological calculations, that kalki has been born and is still a child so searching for him on the web will be irrelevant. moreover yes it is true that the new avatar is in South India at the end of the kali yuga for the betterment of the people of the world and the kaliyuga has indeed ended.
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