Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge

Lord Vishnu

The following documentary uses scientific analysis to verify what is said in the ancient Vedic scriptures. It also presents information on the Saraswati River’s existence by satellite imagery, carbon dating of the 5,000 year old Kurukshetra battlefield, analysis of the Harappan linguistics, dating of Vedic texts, Dwaraka Island marine archaeology, the early nature of Vedic Mathematics, Vedic cosmology, the myth of the Aryan Invasion, the use of Vedic Mantras, and much more.

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The Ancient Temple of Brahmajinalaya


Lakkundi in Gadag District of Karnataka is a tiny village on the way to Hampi from Hubli. Lakkundi is a place of antiquarian interest with as many as 50 temples, 101 stepped wells and 29 inscriptions, spread over the period of the later Chalukyas, Kalachuris, Seuna and the Hoysalas. A great center of Kalyani Chalukyas art, there are several temples of note here.

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