Friendship Explained in the Mahabharata by Ashwatthama


After the death of Dushasana, at the hands of Bhima, Ashwathama, approached Duryodhana, and pleaded him to make peace with the Pandavas . His logic was that by becoming friends with the Pandavas both parties could live happily as he thought that the Pandavas would certainly forego the war on becoming friends. To convince Duryodhana, he explained the four kinds of friends.

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Mahabharat Historian Gets Research Reins


A retired history professor who has written articles arguing that stories from the Ramayan and the Mahabharat are truthful accounts of events that took place has been named chief of the ICHR, the government agency to promote historical research. Yellapragada Sudershan Rao, whose interests include Vedic literature, Sanatana Dharma and Bharatiya Sanskriti, set the tone for his three-year tenure after taking charge on Saturday.

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