The famous Raj Rajeshwari Tripura Sundari temple in Bastar, Bihar, attracts hundreds of thousands of devotees from across the nation. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Historians say that the temple was built 400 years ago to perform tantric worship and obtain tantric powers.

In this temple there are several deities of Goddess Durga in various avatars like Tripura, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Tara, Kali, Chinnamasta, Shodasi, Matangi, Kamala, Ugrah Tara, Bhuvaneshwari, etc.

The temple looks very beautiful in the daytime, but what is more interesting is what happens at night. This temple has various mystical happenings every night.

From the first day of this temple being built, the royal family and the local people who built the temple were able to hear various sounds at night.

No one could understand those words even though the sound is very clear. Also, they were unable to find the source from where the sounds are coming from.

A team of scientists visited the place and confirmed that after dusk one can hear voices coming from the temple even when there is no human in sight. Locals believe that at midnight one can hear the deities talk to each other and scientists say that it is unknown why words keep echoing in the main temple.

Believe it or not, this mystical phenomenon remains unsolved and no one knows why one can hear sounds coming out of the temple. Maybe it is the Goddess speaking to mankind or something that we may not know yet, but the fact that many devotees stand in long queues to seek blessing from the Goddess is a symbol of ultimate devotion.