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Christ in Vedas

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Christ is not in the Vedas. If you are so attracted to Christ, follow Christianity. Read "Search for Sri Krishna: Reality the Beautiful" by Srila B.R. Sridhar Maharaja for a philosophical discussion of Christianity from the Vedic viewpoint. Or just read the First Sentence of Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja's first book, Srimad Bhagavatam. Plenty to chew on right there. I myself get a warm, tingly feeling walking into a Church during Christmas Season. But not enough to reject Krishna conciousness.

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  • 3 months later...

Its very simple! Christians always claim that Jesus is the only Lord and saviour of the earth . Their aim is to convert all hindus to christians and the finest example is happening all over India.. Hindus respect all religion whereas Christians always claim that hindiusm is a fiction n fake religion. Whatever it may be.. India is the place where Lord Rama and Lord Krishna born.. So we should never let the christians to take away the pride from us.. God is one and one only but the avatars are so many.,.


Mahatama Gandhi said about converting " Religion is like our mother, if you find your friends mother so loving , would you throw your mother and adopt your friends mother as your own mother? "

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  • 4 weeks later...

Christ is the Son of God. His is the divine manifestation of the Absolute Brahman.. to understand Christ, to find Christ in your heart study the Vedas and understand the Upanishads. Understand what Jesus really meant when he said - I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me" .. He didn't mean him as a person, he meant Self - The Atman which is in you and is the path to real salvation. Salvation is not falling prey to the old gimmick that you are all sinners.. salvation is understanding is that the true message of Jesus was that you can achieve Christhood.. Tat Tvam Asi.. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Isha Massiah is mentioned in Bhavishya Purana but not in Vedas.

Now people from west have compared it with Christ.

There is great debate that Christ lived in India after crucifixion, but that is different story.

But It is mentioned in Bhavishya Purana which consists of Stories of Future.

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Dont present jesus as son of krishna..As both of them show different ways...the one u r saying states every incarination to remove someone from this land and propagates that as LOKAKALYANAM...But the one i am saying was born for once and died for our sins. People proclaim Hinduism as their religion, But i accept christ as a way to salvation and not a religion..Hope you understand the real essence and difference..



Thank you

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  • 5 weeks later...

Dear brother,

This is why protestants came out of Roman Catholic system - because the protested against such alterations to the Word of GOD. Their preachers been called father is also against the Word of GOD - Jesus's teachings.


Roman Catholic churches have an altered bible with them which pleases them, but the True Word of GOD always rebuked - what is wrong.


so please don't generalize your words for all.


Translations are many - but the Source of the Word of GOD is only One - "GOD Almighty"

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  • 1 month later...

I say to you that even sri krishna condemened idol worship and he never said to the people to worship him and Even rama didn't call himself god. Hinduism is marching towards darkness by doing idol worship. Sri krishna says one who does sins without his knowledge he is in darkness and one who does sins with his knowledge he is in deep darkness.

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  • 1 month later...


i disagree with just about everything you said,


does that make me disrespectfull to you ?

does my viewpoint somehow become Bad or inappropriate

because it conflicts with your vision ?


you seem to be doin exactly what you are complaining about

others doing, pushing an agenda(your superior and

openminded heart) and dismissing the ones you disagree

with as being closed minded or immovable.


then you say that christian churhc's have changed in their

opinion of other religions, not so say I,

in fact a good case can be made in the exact opposite

view, that christian churhc's have become more intractable and more abusive to other faiths,especially hinduism, we only have to look at someone like chief

justice moore from alabama, the ten commandments guy,

in court when he argued for his monument

he was asked what about other faiths like hinduism,

does the monument seem acceptable to their faith,

he replied He didn't think hinduism WAS a religion.


or we can look at the catholic church and their numerous attempts all over europe recently to discredit and actually ban hindu faiths from even existing, in the U.S. whenever their is a street procession of a religious nature by Hindus

there is usually a contingent of Christians with signs

calling them satanists, devils etc, and chanting slogans

at them to accept christ or go to hell.


In Israel, the hindu community has been subjected to harrassment, violence, car bombs, and all sorts of

attempts to get them to leave, this is done

by the religious minded rabbinical communities

with influence in the government, who i turn turn a blind

eye to these illegal deeds.


the fact is that maybe some Christians have an open minded vision, but those are the ones who always have had

that,unitarians,episcopalians, and other "liberal"



anyway, just because a historical perspective doesn't

give credence to your belief system doesn't give

you the moral high ground to dismiss it as prejudiced,

and divisive, rather any knowledge that shines light

on "truth" should be welcomed, whether or not it

gives authenticity to your belief or not,

the honest person will let the chips fall where they may, and deal with reality from and openminded truth

seeking view, which you seem to be championing.


i strongly condemn the activities mentioned above, but please be aware the activities in our own country (india) the atrocities against christians. why did you not mention that.

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  • 2 months later...

Jesus in Veda ? are those Christians who claim this are willing to adopt Vedic religion?. If the conversion is a one way traffic - from Hinduism to Christianity, but not in the reverse direction, then the whole interpretation of Christ being in Veda and the like is a mere "Satan preaching Bible". (Satan preaches bible not to create devotion to god - quite the opposit to create devotion to Satan). One should be very wary of such ideas



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  • 3 weeks later...


If we delve deep into the Mahabharata, it is only a story of a war between two families. It remained a story for several centuries. During the Hindu kingdoms of Gupta, Vijayanagar and Mahratta the story aspect of the Mahabharata alone was etched in the minds of the prople. There were no philosophical discourses in temples. Devotees worshiped the idols of gods and goddesses. All Hindu scriptures remained mnemonic and there were no manuscripts, for it was considered sacreligious to produce manuscripts or to print books of the sacred scriptures. A prayer like the Gayatri mantra could be recited only by Brahmins. If a non-Brahmin had accidentally heard the recital by a Brahmin, molten led would be poured into his ears. The Asiatic Society was founded in 1784 by William Jones. While still on board of the frigate Crococlile carrying him from England to India, he prepared a memorandum detailing his plan of study. This included “the laws of the Hindus and Mahomedans; the history of the ancient world; proofs and illustrations of scripture; traditions concerning the deluge; modern politics and geography of Hindusthan; Arithmatic and Geometry and mixed sciences of Asiaticks; Medicine, Chemistry, Surgery and Anatomy of the Indians.” So even before landing in India, Jones was bent upon establishing the fact that ancient Indians were well versed in philosophy, mathematicas, science and medicine. But there were no manuscripts of Hindu scriptures and no original sources about Indian knowledge of science and medicine. The preferred method of Jones and other British scholars was to sit in the company of Sankrit-knowing Brahmins's and other Hindus, and to ask them to recite from memory Hindu scriptures. Scientists say that memory loss begins at the age of 40. How could the old Brahmins recite by heart century-old Scriptures? Recital by Brahmins contained many contemporary ideas. William Jones and other Orientalists syncretised Sanskrit with Classical and Biblical narratives, to establish transcultural correspondences by means of often crude conjectural etymologies. There were Brahmins such as Pundit Ramlochan, Balachandra Siromani, Rajendralala Misra, Bala Sastri of Benares, Radhakanta Sarman who were allowed to produce their own versions of Hindu scriptures. Brahmin scholars could get easy access to Christian scriptures and western literature from Fort William College and Sanskrit College in Calcutta established by the British. Another scholar, Francis Wilford, claimed that he had discovered the relationship among Hindu traditions, the Bible and the ancient British antiquities. Jones and other scholars, in collaboration with Brahmins, produced Sanskrit manuscripts with these fake claims. Krishna’s narration of creation in the Bhagavad Gita and the creation account in the Manu smriti produced by Jones are modified reproduction of the creation account in the Bible. Krishna’s instructions in the Gita are patterned on the book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the Bible. As the modern translation of the Bhagavad Gita indicates, the work is in poetic form and in many places it is metrically exact parallel to Biblical literature. Sir Charles Wilkins translated the Bhagavad Gita into English in 1785, and he had used the Sanskrit manuscript produced by Asiatic Society scholars with so many interpolations and deletions. It was the English translation that gave worldwide publicity for the Bhagavad Gita. Deception and forgeries can be detected in the manuscripts produced by them. In 1788, Wilford, claimed to have found innumerable references to ancient Egypt, its Kings and holy places in Puranas by publishing a long text of baroque complexity in Asiatic Researches. However, Wilford was forced to admit with a humiliating note in the same journal that he had been systematically duped by his head Brahmin Pandit between 1793 and 1805. Probably the modernized version of the Bhagavad Gita was interpolated during this period.

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  • 4 months later...

Useless thread......prajapati is lord bramha who is the son of shri krishna....is there any word jesus in vedas

...wat a stupid thinking... ....this thread ahould b deleted...


All these condusions r cuz of iskcon who spreads hinduism in foreign countries .. these foreign people try to connect jesus with hinduism so that they can assume jesus as krishna..... how tactful they r !!! And also stupid.....


Krishna is the heart of Hinduism .. no one can seperate lord krishna from our eternal vedic hindu dharma....

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i will tell the truth..


1) Who is Jesus ? Is there any evidence that he existed ? The answer is no. V have many proofs that lord krishna existed in hinduism .. one of many dvarka which is the residence of lord krishna found in arabic sea ......


2) now que.is made this bible.. was it jesus ? No... some wicked people came to india . They learned our hindus vedas gita bhagvatam etc. And they derived ideas from vedas in their creation k.own as bible..so there r some similarities .....eg... in vedas how creation of world expands... lord krishna made lord bramha prajapati . N from him first manu appeared k ow as swayambhu manu... and from him and his wife creation of mankind goes on increasing....


In bible they cosidered two persons male and female ( i dont k.ow the names ) from them creation goes on increasing.


All Bible is a imaginations ... they want to use it according to their needs under the shelter of religion....


Then wats the conclusion ... bible itself is a manmade .....so crist described in it is also an imagination not the reality...




Only hinduism is real dharma cuz it speaks about supreme truth lord krishna

bible is a fake and jesus has no existence.

Hare krishna

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  • 1 month later...

Jesus' message is absolutely vedic. Jesus followed in the steps of all previous divine incarnations. Seem that He is the latest and best.


Jesus provided a simple path through which one can have an ego-less life while absolutely serving one's own dharma while living in heaven on earth and elsewhere. However Jesus' instruction for achieving this life style is very corrupted in main stream and/or traditional Christianity.


Fact is this is achieved when one is led into all of ones activities by precisely what Jesus' Spirit has in mind for one to pray for, say and do, as discerned within one's own heart or spirit. What the Spirit of Jesus has in mind for one to pray for, say and do is always in line with the ideas, beliefs, interests, needs, desires and aspiration which are the fabric of one's own preexisting spirit and the will of God.


To serve one's own dharma is to express and materialize the ideas, beliefs, interests, needs, desires and aspiration, that are the fabric of one's own spirit, in absolute God given endorsement, freedom, liberty and justification. This delivers one into heaven on earth. This is to be 'in Christ'. By being led by the Spirit of Jesus which is also called the Spirit of Truth, one achieves this ego-less and sin-free life. This is a life in Christ and it has nothing to do with the Ten Commandments and the behavioral guidelines in the Bible.


I am in Christ.

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  • 1 month later...


I do not understand why christians and muslims go so far to prove something that is OBVIOUSLY FALSE.


I cannot understand how a verse in praise of Lord VISNU(Lord Krishna) can be twisted to mean something else regarding jesus. Only an idiot would do somethinf like that. The whole post is clearly made by mentally ill person.


sAntAkAram bhujagasayanam padmanAbham suresam

visvAdhAram gagana-sadrsam meghavarnam subhAngam,

Laksmi-kAntam subhaganayanam yogaviddhyAnagamyam

vande Visnum bhavabhayaharam sarvalokaikanatham


How can one translate as john or tom whatever verse.


what you said is true

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  • 2 months later...

Dear All,


Pl. remember the Holy Bible Starts with " In the beginning there was ONE WORD. That WORD was with the GOD and that itself a GOD".


What is that WORD?Is it represent Christ or is it the Hindu Peeja Mantra "OM"? pl. clarify.




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